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How to Get Through Spiritual Ascension Symptoms While Keeping Your Sanity

9 Remedies For Spiritual Awakening & Integration Symptoms

Remedies for Ascension Symptoms Ascension is the process of increasing in frequency. It happens as you clear and release layers of blockages, to bring more of your Divine light and presence into physical form.

As a part of the spiritual ascension process your aura expands, your chakras open and evolve, and dormant DNA becomes activated. Progress on your ascension path allows you to experience the higher vibrational realms of multi-dimensional consciousness.

Increased spiritual perception, awakened psychic and spiritual abilities, awakened compassion for humanity, the Earth and all beings, and a greater alignment with Divine synchronicity are all symptoms of ascension and spiritual awakening.

There are however some ascension symptoms that can cause real discomfort. Challenges, emotional struggles, and mental and physical pain may occur as you walk the ascension path of transforming dense and lower vibrations into a high vibrational crystalline light form.

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The Alchemical Changes During Ascension

Ascension is an alchemical process that is experienced on every level of mind, body, and spirit. When you are on a spiritual ascension path, any area of your life in which you are still engaged in the old paradigm or dense energy, comes up for review in some way.

Things that no longer serve your highest and greatest good will crumble, fall away and dissolve to make way for what will ultimately serve you in the highest possible vibration for your life.

Relationships, jobs, hobbies, habits, beliefs, living arrangements, diet, patterns, belief systems, and more may change, fall away, or be transformed into a higher vibrational manifestation which more fully serves your soul growth and ascension path.

Let go or be pushed.

This may sound harsh, unfair, and rash, but it really has some truth for those who are ascending.

When you hold onto the old… You’re setting yourself up for challenging changes and transitions.

When you go with the flow, trust in the process of life, allow and surrender your spiritual ascension path to unfold and change you in every way according to Divine will, you will experience incredible soul growth and immense blessings on your ascension path and in your life.

The changes you will go through on your ascension path will not always be easy. Spiritual growth and ascension although incredibly positive, may have chaotic, uncomfortable, and challenging symptoms that appear on the path.

But don’t worry!

The challenging symptoms are temporary and the positive benefits will far outweigh any hardship you experience on your ascension path. Ultimately, the fully ascended state is one of vibrant health, radiant joy, divine love, blissful serenity, peace, abundance, awareness, and oneness.

But at the time of challenge, and midst the experience of spiritual ascension symptoms… You may feel completely overwhelmed and immensely challenged.

Here are common ascension symptoms many people are currently experiencing.

Discomfort, aches, and pains


Bursts of energy running through you

Sudden Shifts in moods

Unusual sleep patterns

Intense Dreams

Heightened sensitivity and more common ascension symptoms.

Here are some tips to help you make it through any spiritual awakening and ascension symptoms you may be experiencing while maintaining your sanity.

9 Remedies for Spiritual Ascension Symptoms

1. Release and Let Go

Do you ever feel stuck, weighed down by past experiences, tied up in attachments to other people, things or situations, or held back from realizing your true capabilities? There is a secret to breaking free from these invisible blockages … It's called Letting Go!

Letting Go is an invaluable tool. Its something we all do naturally at times in our lives, and yet, when consciously claimed as an active spiritual practice, Letting Go becomes even more powerful.

Learn How to Let Go Here:

how to let goWalking an ascension path is not an easy journey… It can get really hard when you are being physically, emotionally, and spiritually being transformed at a rapid pace, while your mind is attempting to hold on to the past. Sometimes the best way through a spritual ascension symptom is to surrender the outcome to the Divine.

Be willing to release and let go of everything from the past (including thoughts and beliefs) which are no longer serving and positively influencing your life.

Another powerful way of letting go is to change your perspective and attitude as to what is happening in your life. Look for the silver lining in situations, and focus on the things which are flowing, evolving and improving in your life rather than dwelling on what is hard, challenging and painful.

Letting go and shifting your perspective not only helps to get you through ascension symptoms and challenges but will serve to invite a positive flow of blessings into your life so you can more fully enjoy your ascension path and spiritual awakening journey.

Learn more about Letting Go… Click Here! 

2. Keep Calm and Breathe

breatheWhatever you are going through, suffering is optional. By breathing, and being fully present in the moment, you’re able to transcend suffering and allow whatever is happening to just be.

A simple breathing meditation I really like which will help you to quiet your mind is this. Take a deep breath in, and pause halfway through for one second, before completing your deep in breath. Pause again before beginning to slowly exhale half way. Pause. Complete your exhale breath and pause before breathing in half way again.

This really works to quiet your mind and bring you into the present, because by focusing on your breathing, and consciously pausing half way through each in and out breath your mind has to focus. In doing this this you can pause the ego mind, pause any thoughts which are spiraling, and be present, and centered in the moment. When you are present and aware…

You’re in alignment with peace, healing, and you give the opportunity for creative solutions and a way through to appear.

Learn a powerful heart breathing technique here!

3. Salt Bath or Spiritual Shower

salt bath Taking a salt bath is a wonderful way to relax and keep calm. It also has a powerful effect on cleansing your aura and realigning you with your authentic energy and vibration.

Imagine that each drop of water in your tub is filled with Divine light. As you submerge yourself to soak, feel your worries, stresses, pain, and negativity in any form dissolving into the light of the Divine.

If you don’t have a bath tub, a shower will work great too…

Try using a salt scrub in the shower, or just imagine a waterfall of light pouring down around you as you shower, which is completely cleansing your being and restoring your Divine, authentic vibration. A salt bath or shower is a wonderful ascension tool for restoring health, vitality, and re-aligning your vibration with love.

Click here for my favorite salt bath recipe!

Or learn more about how to take a Spiritual Shower here!

4. Crystals

Healing CrystalsSometimes we all need a little help shifting our vibration. Crystals, who are actually ascending too, carry a consistent and powerful vibration, which can help you to do just this.

Crystals all have different properties, and with a bit of research, or stopping in a good crystal shop and seeing which stones you’re intuitively drawn to, you can select the crystals which will most serve you on your spiritual ascension path.

Benefits of Crystals

With benefits ranging from deepening your meditation, increasing dream awareness, offering protection, grounding, raising your vibration, promoting creativity, psychic development or healing, crystals are wonderful resources for getting through whatever ascension symptoms may pop up on your path.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I have written more on crystals here.

5. Essential Oils

essential oil and angels Return to balance. This is key on the ascension journey, and essential oils are a powerful resource to do just this.

Sacred frankincense, lavender, and the Thieves and Believe blends from Young Living are the oils I have found to re-balance me quickly and effectively.

Like crystals, each essential oil has different properties and can help restore balance, or bring healing in a different way.

Try a variety of pure essential oils to see what works best for you, and follow your intuition as to which oils are right for you…

To learn more about how you can raise, and maintain a high vibration with essential oils… Click here!

6. Guided Meditations

spiritual awakening Meditation is an invaluable tool to return to on the path of spiritual awakening, but it can be a nightmare when you’re first learning to meditate, and struggling to quiet your mind.

This is where guided meditations come in!

Guided channeled meditations carry an incredible energy, as well as offering the channeled portion for your mind to focus on so your spirit can lift.

Experience this now as Archangel Michael connects to restore your energy body and help you awaken your crystalline light!

For a boost in getting through any spiritual ascension symptom, start listening to channeled meditations on a daily basis to cleanse and elevate your energy, open your heart and restore your authentic vibration with Divine love.

Learn how you can get an ongoing series of my newest channeled meditations and teachings inside the Angel Solution Membership here!


7. Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides

invoke angels Asking the angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides of the light to help you through symptoms of spiritual awakening can have a powerful and sometimes immediate effect. Remember to ask for help! Highly evolved spiritual beings honor your free will and will rarely interfere without your permission.

So when you are feeling challenged, ask your angels to cleanse and uplift your energy. Angels are also powerful allies who can offer you an energetic boost, powerful protection, guidance on a new perspective, and wisdom to guide you through any challenge and further on your path of ascension.

To learn how to receive angelic guidance… Click Here! 

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8. Light Tools

waterfall of divine light Working with light tools goes hand in hand with working with guides, angels and ascended masters, as these powerful spiritual beings will often connect you with light tools that can help.

Call in Saint Germaines Violet flame to transmute negativity, El Moryas column of light for protection, Archangel Metatrons Cube for cleansing and awakening, Archangel Uriel's divine torch to light the highest and best path before you, Archangel Raphael's emerald green healing light, or Archangel Michael’s sword of light to cut away all that no longer serves.

I also love working with a pink rose light of compassion to surrounding my entire being, along with orbs of light, and orbs of angel energy healing which are also incredibly powerful… Simply asking for Divine light to surround, cleanse, and uplift your being is a perfect way to begin working with a powerful light tool if this is new to you.

You can also ask your team of guides and angels to show and align you with the light tools that will most serve you, as there are many, many more that are always available for you to use.

To learn how to invoke a light shield… Click Here! 

Or, check out my post on invoking a Waterfall of Divine Light! 

Or dive into the bliss and peace of your awakened heart light here!

9. Nature

Th Grounding energy e Earth is ascending along with you and can help you. Feeling off?

Surround yourself with the natural world!

Meditating with trees, walking in the forest or with your toes in the sand are swift and effective ways to ground and center your energy.

If you live in the city, visit the park and sit under the tree you're most drawn to, stop by the botanical gardens if there is one near you, or just keep house plants, or work with crystals. Wherever you live, the natural world is present… Find it, and the energy of Gaia will support you on your spiritual ascension path, and you are able to support her on hers.

Grounding exercises are also hugely valuable.

Click here to learn more about why grounding is so important on an ascension path!


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Keep going. Sometimes the only way out is through. Breathe your way through challenges, and ask God and the angels to show you your very next step. Take it, and then ask for guidance as to your next step and it too will appear. One step at a time, you will continue to progress on your path of ascension and awakening. Keep going!

Whenever you're ready for the next step …

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With infinite blessings of love, light, joy, and vibrant well-being,

Melanie Beckler

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