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What Are Angel Readings?

Angel Readings are a type of psychic or intuitive reading where you or a reader tunes into information, love, guidance, and frequency from the angelic realm.

There are many different types of angel readings…

From intuitive readings, psychic readings, angel card readings, mediumship readings, numerology readings, clairvoyant readings, empathic readings, aura readings, astrology readings, channeled readings, tarot readings, rune readings and even more…

Really, any type of intuitive or psychic reading in which the angels are called upon and leveraged for their guidance, energy and light can be considered an angel reading.

Angel Readings can be useful to help answer life’s tough questions or to tune into guidance and new perspectives at times of transition, uncertainty, or to simply tune into general guidance and what your angels most want you to know now.

The guidance of the angels is always available to all who call upon it…

But angels are incredibly high vibrational spiritual beings, and so there is a process of learning to tune into their guidance.

For this reason, there are varying degrees of skill and accuracy among all types of psychic and angel readers.

Discernment With Angel Readings

When receiving any type of intuitive reading it’s incredibly important to practice discernment.

Discernment is quite simply good judgment. It’s important to use discernment when selecting an angel reader you resonate with and who you feel is clear, of the light and deeply connected with the angels.

It’s also then important to use your good judgement in terms of the information you receive. Do you resonate with it? Is it helpful? Is it uplifting? If not… You can choose to simply let it go.

Even the most accurate psychics are sometimes wrong. This is because the future is not set in stone and even the clearest angel readers and psychics are reading through their perspective… Which may in certain cases be different from yours.

This being said, readings can be immensely helpful…

They can help you to tune into what you don’t know you don’t know, and uncover new possibilities, lateral moves and often times support and validation.

One additional characteristic of Angel Readings that is different from other types of Psychic Readings is that they are healing!

A real and true angel reading will connect you with the angels. You will feel uplifted, loved and safe and the guidance from the angels will come through in a positive, heartfelt way.

Even if angels have “bad news” or a “warning” to share with you it will never be fear based, and rather will always be delivered with light and immense love.

Whether you know it now or not… You have angels!

The great thing about angel readings, is that they can help to validate this fact for you.

At all times and all places there are angels with you, ready willing and able to help you, support you and guide you in your life… It simply takes asking for their help, being willing to receive it, and then quieting your mind, opening your heart and tuning into the love and guidance of the angels.

You can learn to connect with your angels directly, but I understand that sometimes it helps connecting with someone else through a private, one on one reading.

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