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"Angel energy healing is very healing and uplifting, leaving you feeling positive, cleansed and aligned with your inner self and with the divine, aligning more fully with your authentic path and purpose." ~ Paula

"I have just been guided to you and your work Melanie and it has already changes so much in my body, soul and spirit in subtle ways, beyond words, explanations and analysis. Simply being and being happy." ~ Delphine

"Thank you Melanie for assisting me in releasing an immense amount of pain, and allowing me a chance to do the same for someone else in the future. Blessings and Love." ~ Budra

"Dearest Melanie, I am so grateful for the light and love that you have brought into my physical existence through your angel channeling, thank you so much for the generosity of your spirit! My life is changed and purposeful now, thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love and light." ~ Tracey

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