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Cleanse Your Energy with a Salt Bath

Spiritually Cleanse with A Salt Bath

salt bath

Throughout normal day-to-day life, you will encounter a wide variety of people and places, all of which have unique energetic signatures.

You too have a unique energy signature, and it is constantly interacting with all of the other energies around you.

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Some of these vibrational energies are fine light and positive, and when you encounter them, you feel uplifted, refreshed, and inspired. However, much of what you will encounter is really quite dense, and carries with it a low vibration that if absorbed and not addressed can build up in your energy and seriously weigh you down.

Have you ever felt like you were carrying the ‘weight of the world on your shoulders’…? Energetically speaking this is a very real phenomenon.  There is plenty of negativity in the world out there, and in a moment of letting your shield of love and joy down, it’s easy to take on these lower vibrations (especially if you’re energetically sensitive).

The good news is your energy body is able to naturally shake off some of the dense energy of the world you encounter… But when you encounter particularly heavy or consistently low vibrations, they may linger in your energy field, and build up over time. This is what creates that tired, heavy or uncomfortable feeling. Dense energy in your aura will also lead to increased stress, emotional rollercoasters, and even health challenges… And much more.
Although you may try, it’s impossible to completely avoid everything which may negatively impact your energy body. Your aura is not only affected by external factors either as your own negative thoughts, lower vibrational emotions, and limiting beliefs all play a role in the clarity of your aura and the energy body which surrounds you.

Plus, with today’s busy lifestyles and a wide plethora of environmental toxins, it makes it even more challenging for the energy body to just “shake things off’ and rebalance.

This is why regularly cleansing your aura and energy body is so important.

An easy and relaxing solution for cleansing your energy body is to take a salt bath!

Salt baths are a simple and yet incredibly powerful way to cleanse your physical body, relax and let go of stress, release toxins, boost your circulation, relieve aches and pains, AND cleanse and uplift your aura.

So how exactly does this work?

Here Is My Favorite Salt Bath Recipe:

Learn my favorite salt bath recipe for energy clearing. A great way to cleanse your energy and raise your vibration fast! #saltbath Fill your bathtub with water, making sure it is a warm and comfortable temperature.

Add about 2 handfuls of a high quality unprocessed sea salt. I like to use Pink Himalayan salt that is naturally full of beneficial minerals, but any pure unrefined salt is perfect.

When you add the salt in, envision light pouring into the bath tub as well transforming the water into it’s highest possible vibration (like liquid light) to completely cleanse and uplift your being.

Next add two drops of lavender and two drops of frankincense essential oil. If you don’t yet have essential oils you can skip this step…  But by adding the pure high quality essential oils, your bath will support you in relaxing more deeply and lifting your vibration even higher.

I also like to add a few crystals into the water… Again, this isn’t a requirement, but it will further boost the power of your salt bath if you do.

You can also light a few candles if you would like, put on some relaxing music, or play a guided meditation to further enhance the atmosphere.

Before you get in to your salt bath, take a moment and set the intention to release all negativity stored in your mind, body, and spirit into the light.

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Submerge yourself completely in the salt water and soak for about 20-30 minutes, feeling good about taking this time just for you to relax and recharge. If it’s challenging for you to submerge your head under the water, you may want to bring a cup with you to pour the water over your head.

As you soak you may naturally find yourself thinking about things that are bothering you… This is completely normal, and you may have emotions rise to the surface too.

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Imagine all that is weighing you down is being drawn out of your mind, body and spirit… And released into the light.

Relax, breathe, and enjoy the warm soothing water as it goes to work to cleanse your mind, body and spirit.

When you’re finished with your bath… You can rinse off the salt with a quick shower, or just towel off. I’ve done both and it really doesn’t matter which way you go.

Take a final moment to visualize a shield of light all around you, and then just enjoy feeling cleansed, uplifted, and lighter in vibration.

This type of ritual bath is best used about once a week… But shielding with light and love is something I recommend every day.


Melanie Beckler

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