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The Healing and Transformative Power of a Spiritual Shower

Spiritual Showers

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I love when inspiration hits. And it’s a funny bit of common knowledge that lots of us have our most inspirational ideas in the shower!

This isn’t just your imagination. Water has incredible spiritual and healing properties that promote clearing and therefore allow those sparks to manifest and come into your conscious.

Water is also a powerful way to cleanse your aura, and here's why.

The Spiritual Properties of Water

The Power of Negative Ions

Water is made up of negative ions. This is especially true when it comes to moving water like oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and showers. When we, humans, come into contact with negative ions, we naturally experience reduced stress, a heightened sense of bliss and increased energy.

Soothing Emotions 

Symbolically, water represents your emotions and the unconscious mind. Therefore just the sound of running water can promote a meditative state as water works to smooth and soothe emotions.  This relaxed state then opens you to great guidance from the higher realms, and insight into your own unconscious.

Water Holds Energy 

Because water is magnetically attractive, it can hold energy. This means that it will hold and carry your intentions and prayers.

The Healing Power of Water

Water has always been used in spiritual and religious rituals because of its deep power to heal. This about places like Lourdes, France where documented healings have occurred after a bath there.  Perhaps you’ve had the experience of soaking in natural hot springs or a cooling pool at the bottom of a waterfall?

Cleansing Negativity

In addition to washing away tangible dirt and grime, water can also wash you of negative energy. It absorbs what you carry easily and effectively, and helps wash away lower vibrations and energies you may have come in contact with.

The next time you come across a natural body of water, take a minute to splash some water on your face, arms, or feet and visualize the water refreshing and clearing your aura. The same works even if you’re not outside.  If you feel your stress rising, splash water on your face and imagine the stress (or any other negative emotion) being washed down the drain.

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How Water Helps You to Receive Guidance

Spiritual Showers- The Healing and Transformative Power When you’re faced with a challenge or a difficult decision and you’d like some clarity, and even guidance from your angels, one of the simplest things you can do is to boost your intuition with the power of water.

A great way to do this is to take a shower or a bath (if you take a bath, it’s important to leave the water running as moving water has more electrical charge and negative ions).

If you have access to a safe river, beach, waterfall, or natural hot springs, these are also great places for this practice.

Once you’re in the water (or next to a body of water in nature), hold your challenge or question in your mind and send the question to your angels.  This release of the question and the outcome is important as it frees your mind to receive the answer, and doing so can be as simple as thinking or saying: “Angels please help me with _____________.”

Next, pay attention to feelings, spontaneous thoughts, visions, or voices that arise within you, as these are common ways in which the guidance of your angels will appear.

Try to maintain a state of awareness and remain present, rather than struggling or trying to force anything to happen.

If and when you feel guidance coming in some way, but you're not sure about the meaning, simply ask the question, “What does this mean?” or “Angels, can you please explain this to me further?”

If things still don’t make sense to you, that’s ok.  Just remember what the message was.  Maybe write it down (after the shower!) and continue to reflect on what the guidance from your angels means.

Also, as the situation in your life unfolds further, the meaning of the message is likely to become clearer over time, and as you continue to receive additional guidance, signs, and symbols from the angels.

Psychic Cleansing Showers

There are showers you take to clean your body, and then there are showers you take to clean your aura.  This second kind of shower is often called a Psychic Shower and generally speaking, they’re best taken in the evenings.

This is because you naturally and unknowingly collect negative energies (energy from other people) all day long, everywhere you go.  It’s a good idea to remove any negativity before going to bed each night.  This is a general preventative measure that will help prevent disease or dis-ease that occurs from long term build-up and a clogged and stagnant aura.

A psychic shower before bed will help you to relax, sleep better, and wake up feeling more refreshed.

7 Steps To Cleanse Your Energy With A Psychic Shower

Taking a psychic shower is easy, and it feels great!

1. Begin by getting in the shower.

2. As you stand in the stream of water, visualize yourself surrounded with light.

3. Allow your energy to ground to the earth, by visualizing your energy flowing down, grounding you to the light at the core of the Earth.

4. Next, visualize your aura and allow yourself to see any negative and foreign energy – perhaps dark spots or particles that are being held in your energy. With awareness, you can begin to let these things go.

5. Visualize any negativity, density, and foreign energy, rinsing away from you, and washing down the drain with the water.

6. When you are finished, visualize your aura, and energy body as clear and vibrant, giving thanks to Mother Earth and Mother Ocean for supporting you in cleansing your energy and releasing any lower vibrations or negativity into the light.

7. Turn off the shower, dry off, and enjoy feeling lighter, brighter and energetically clearer than you were before!

A slight variation of this technique is invoking a waterfall of light as you shower, to cleanse and release negativity in all forms from your body, mind. A waterfall of light can actually be used any time, whether you're in the shower or not.

Cleansing Bath

If the idea of a cleansing bath is more appealing to you than a shower, feel free to use the tub when you do the practice above.  Remember to keep the faucet running while you do. You can also scoop up water into your hands, or into a glass or jar and pour it over your head with the intention to cleanse your energy and release all negativity into the light.

If you don’t have a tub, you can use a pitcher or large jar filled with warm water to make an herbal infusion. Place petals or herbs of your choosing into the jar and allow it to steep for an hour.  You can also prepare this in the morning before work in order to use at night.  When you’re ready for your psychic bath, slowly pour the infusion over all parts of you, visualizing the healing and restorative aspects of the water and herb washing your aura clean.

Alternately, a salt bath is a wonderful way to cleanse your energy and tap into the spiritual properties of water.

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Earth Showers

An Earth Shower is a type of psychic shower which is considered by many to be the purest method to return negative energy to Mother Earth for transformation.

To use this method, you simply have to bath in a body of natural water.  Oceans are the most powerful body of water to do this in thanks to the synchronized tides that carry Earth energy out.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to live near the ocean however, and you can just as easily use a creek, river, lake, waterfall, or natural hot spring to cleanse your energy and tap into the power of taking an Earth Shower.

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Either immerse yourself fully or dip as much of your body into the water as you can. Imagine that the water washes away any energy which does not belong to you. Visualize the water carrying the unwanted energy back to the Earth for transformation, and to be released into the light.

 Crystal Cleansing Shower

Crystals are powerful tools that attract and absorb energies.  Use something like a clear quartz, citrine, a lemurian seed crystal or amethyst while in the shower in order to help absorb unwanted energies. Don't use selenite, as it can dissolve in water!

Just hold the crystal in your hand, and gently rub the crystal across your skin or wave it around your aura.

Visualize energy being attracted to the crystal and being absorbed by it, and then released into the light.

When you’re finished, you'll want to cleanse your crystal too by placing it in a bowl of sea salt, or tapping into other ways of cleansing crystals, which you can learn more about here:

Click here to learn more about Healing Crystals. 

Why And How Water Brings You Fresh Ideas

Remember, that the spiritual properties of water don't just clear your energy and take negative, dense or stagnant energy away; water can also bring you energy.

Water can heighten your creativity, intuition, and bring you fresh ideas.

If you’re feeling stuck, or your mood is low, try jumping in the shower or bath, going for a swim, or just splashing water on your face.

As you do, keep an intention clear in your mind to be open to receive new and invigorating energy from the spiritual properties of water.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what finds its way to you through the spiritual properties of water.


With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. Hi! This article is wonderful. I love taking showers to clear my thoughts and I usually find solution to my problems while in the shower. Now I know why! I have a swimming pool at home and for most parts it is not being used. I actually have thought of removing it but after reading your article I may want to keep it. can you suggest ideas on how I can turn my swimming pool into a cleansing pool? I live far from the sea or ocean or river.

  2. Hi, ididnt know were to post this but I was so excited I just wanted to share,
    For the first time I called upon archangel Michael,
    I asked politely for him to come and finally release me from all the negative chains connected me still to my past.
    I never thought anything would actually happen
    I actually started to feel a kind of tingling sensation over my entire body wich lasted at least a good minute I actually couldn’t help smiling when I felt this happening it was so pleasant and I actually felt a little lighter,i sat there for a few minutes taking in what had just happened and still smiling I thanked him..
    Melanie it is through your belief and love that always comes through in your messages that made me think finally what have I got to lose, I am so glad I did it, Thankyou so so much for everything
    With love sasha

  3. Thank you very much for this powerful message I could never understand why I am so much more relaxed in and near water I am an Aquarius birthsign and Amethyst is my birth stone After reading this I now understand a lot more Bless you Pat

  4. Enjoy your cruise across the Atlantic Ocean and have good time in London, you will not be too far away from where I am. I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean many times by air so I can share your feelings and experience.
    With many Blessings, Love, Light and Gratitude
    Dr Oswald Ndanga

  5. Hello Melanie Iam one of your avid reader Now I realize why everytime I see waterfalls even in pictures I fall in love with it symbolizes Energy as you described it thank you

  6. Wonderful and amazing content to get connected with this divine energy ,looking forward for more and more ,luv the world of angels

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