New Angel Course Teaches You to Receive Angelic Guidance

How to Receive Angelic Guidance- Angel Course

angelic guidance Learn How You Can Receive Angelic Guidance!

Angels are incredibly pure, high vibrational spiritual beings of love and light who are here to help you realize and align with your soul's true purpose.

For most people, they can't clearly hear or recognize the guidance and nudges from their team of guides and angels because there is a process of uplifting in vibration, and energetic clearing required before seeing, hearing, and receiving angelic guidance.

This powerful new angel course will help you to clear your energetic being, and lift in the energy of Divine light so you can learn to receive guidance directly from your angels.

You will learn practical skills that will teach you how to tune into angelic guidance time and time again.  The more you practice these skills, the more easily and clearly you will be able to tune into divine angelic guidance in your life.

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This brand new angel course contains the following components:

4 Minute Video Intro

How to Receive Angelic Guidance 13 Page .PDF Course eBook
Five .MP3 Audio Components channeled with Archangel Michael and set to the beautiful meditative music of Thaddeus.

1. Guardian Angel Meditation, 22:35 Min .MP3
2. Cleanse and Meet Your Angelic Team, 33:15 Min .MP3
3.Receive Angelic Guidance Guided Meditation, 25:42 Min .MP3
4. Automatic Writing, 9:59 Min .MP3
5. Receive Guidance, 8 Min Guided .MP3 Meditation with 20 Additional Minutes of Meditation Music afterward.

BONUS~ Return to Light Meditation with Archangel Muriel

Upon completion of this course, you will not only have direct experiences connecting with your angels for guidance, but you will have the tools you need to gain this direct guidance from your guides and angels for the rest of your life.

Imagine being able to ask your team of angels if going to a specific event is in your best interest, or what steps to take next towards accomplishing your purpose… And receiving a clear answer.

What would your life be like if you could write out a question for your angels and receive a specific and concise answer from your angels instantly?

This is exactly what you will learn in this Receiving Guidance From Your Angels course.

And as always, you have my 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.  If you buy the course and don't absolutely love it, you can simply send me an email and request a refund for any reason.  I'll happily refund your money and you can even keep the course!!!

There is no risk and you have everything to gain… Click the button below to checkout and get started, today.

The How to Receive Angelic Guidance Course is Available for $97


About the Author Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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Katrina says September 6, 2016

guidance comes at a price. oddly the guidance I need is for financial trouble. not the usual kind where you have done something to put yourself in a position to be broke. I have a great job but its part time it is a job I know I have been guided into but I am not making enough to make ends meet I live very frugal and have choose not to have the things others do like cable and entertainment nights out or even going out to dinner. I have removed most of the things from my life that others feel are part of daily life yet I cannot make my paycheck cover my needs. today my only phone shut down my vehicle is broken and I can only afford part of the parts and my other vehicle needs 600 worth of work. I borrow a vehicle to go to work and thankfully I only work 2 miles from home. I have asked for guidance and am quite clearly too dumb to see it or living a fantasy life thinking there is help beyond what I can do for myself. So sadly if connecting with my guides cost money I guess that leaves me out. Thank you for the free services and meditations you offer. I realize that people have to make a living so I cannot condemn you for charging for these things. I just hope that soon I too can find the answer that will help me live in a worry free life one that allows me to stop wondering where the next meal will come from or how I will fix my car or how I will get to work. I just need to feel the peace I used to when I had my life more in order. When my pay check covered my food my needs and a little fun. When there was enough to cover a broken vehicle when I just knew it would be ok because somehow I have stopped having that feeling that it will all work out It is like I lost a important part to the puzzle and have been looking everywhere to find it.

Paula says August 9, 2016

I would like to let any and all know that it is true that if you stay positive, even in the face of our daily trials and tribulations, we can in fact ask our guides, angels etc who have chosen to be by our sides for help in any aspect we need. It has to be a constant positive.Don’t let your guard down. Negative sits and waits to creep in and take over. I have chosen to send the negative away. After about six months now, I am simply happy. Even on the days when things are not so wonderful.
Staying positive is healthy and it also brings good karma. As sure as I am sitting here typing this, knowing the glass is half full brings good our way. Kindness goes a long way also. Listen with your heart. Trust what you hear. It is real easy to go through life focusing on negative these days but why spend life in a dark ugly place when you have the power to to be happy. Change what you focus on or focus on it a different way. All you have to do is know that were all in this together and its important to try. You are loved.

linda says July 17, 2016

I have a problem, my sister and her daughter have held a deep resentment towards myself and son. my son is going though cancer, my sister wished me financial hardship for my request of emotional support from her. since this conformation i have experience bad luck every week. will the angels stop her from sending this negative force to us and shield us from her anger.

    Kaytee says September 11, 2016

    I would recommend visualization. Ask Archangel Michael to assist you as you cut the negative ties to your sister. It can be cut with scissors, swords, any way you visualize it. Do not let her have power over you by allowing those negative ties to persist. There is more on the subject on the internet. This is what my mother has told me to do, so I am a little new, btu I am sure you can find more about this. It’s supposed to be very simple. I hope that helps.

      unknown unseen unheard says October 6, 2016


      greetings and blessings

      For reasons unknown i want to reply to here goes.

      If people had ability to control other lives through words… everyone would have had their way long ago.. yes is created through negative words… but it depends on you how to shield absorb or reflect that energy.. the question is how.. i would explain in a simple example.. there is a plug and a socket .. the plug fits in the socket… imagine the negative word to be the plug.. you are providing the socket.. so STOP being one….

      The pain of seeing a loved one going through such suffering just provides one such socket.. it is the thoughts that create and attract … and at this time .. your thoughts may be..fertile.. for such …

      i would suggest you to look at all the positives that happen. celebrate each moment with your son.. may be his bicycle ride. May be a meal you have with him .. a joke or problem he shares… Make a note in a diary of all the moments you share with him.. and trust me..and be GRATEFUL for every moment that you share… have FAITH.. ..and GRACE may follow..

      stop focusing on all what your sister has said.. or anyone has said and see what POSITIVE You have,, and what POSITIVE you can share with your son.

      If you believe in angels and God .. evoke arch angel Raphael to help him heal…and be patient… Perhaps light a T-light ( taking care of the fire hazards in and around you!!)…
      invoke the healing power of GOD and it only comes from WITHIN.

      My healing thoughts and prayers always with you and your son….!!

    Sa says April 15, 2017


    I read your post and I just wanted to say that even though she wished you bad luck, be like water and let if flow past you and away from you. Do not hang on to her words with belief that it is true, instead let it flow past you and then only send love to her from your heart so that intent from her does not affect you.
    Pray daily for forgiveness to what she said and ask for the negative to turn into positive.

    I hope things get better for your family. God Bless you.

Suzette Plenty Hawk says April 5, 2016

Thank you so much i always love to here about whaat experience you have gone throgh in life because. To me its a real an you experience the ugly world an what it has to give us or offer because your traveled it see it with your eyes thats what i like about it you an your trial an tribulations you go through. Thank you very much.

Karen says November 2, 2015

I love Alex help him to come home from the sea please thank you

phillipa neal says July 24, 2015

At this point I am not in a place where I can recieve this info. I am in work release have been in prison. But have been reading all your emails and study all about feathers of all sorts I would love to become way more active in all you have to offer but will be out in august. Maybe the Lord will bless me to where I can be finacially stable someday. I love you. And thanks for what I do recieve its great.GOD BLESS YOU FOR WHAT I DO GET. It helps

    Anne says July 29, 2016

    I send you healing Reiki ?

Victoria says May 24, 2015

Thank you.

patrick says April 14, 2015

Thanks for giving so selflessly. .. I have been helped again and again. I’m looking forward to doing the angel course in the future! I really loved your article on how angels communicate. Affirming and uplifting!

Gabriel Ekiti says April 1, 2015

i love this but things have not work well yet

Debby Vantassel says March 31, 2015

New at this can’t figure a lot of this out

nadine says March 26, 2015

I deeply believe in angels and the power of numbers, I for some reason have to say 1 to 10, then 3 2 1, 3 2, 1 -I don’t know why my other numbers r 5 6, and 13. 13 worries me but keeps coming up!

Niin Ayikwei says February 24, 2015

May The Almighty God bless u for the wonderful works u are doing to people connect themselves to the spiritual powers that will help them. My problem is that I dont have the means to buy your product online. It will my desire that u will send it for me for free, this is because u already sent me a power meditation which I downloaded an It has been very helpful to me. God bless u

DoreenRichard says February 23, 2015

You have a beautiful uplifting site with many helpful items! What I have has helped immensely! I hope in the future you will have a big discount on this course as I am on disability and can’t afford much. I would feel blessed to be able to get this course! Bless you!

NicoleStrychaz says January 28, 2015

I am new to spiritual guidance and have been struggling to figure out which voice is my ego and which voice is not. I just did the first meditation from this course and received such great information! I was able to write down a few positive statements that really helped me with a problem I’ve been struggling with. I am grateful for this course and can’t wait to do the next ones and continue connecting with my guides – Nicole @mindovermessy

Beverly says November 2, 2014

Do these mp 3 come throughur phone ?

Fabiola says November 2, 2014

Grazie cara Melanie dei tuoi pensieri…

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