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Invoking a Waterfall of Light to Cleanse Your Energy!

Energy Cleansing With A Waterfall of Divine Light

Regularly cleansing your energy is important for maintaining a high vibration, staying in alignment with love and joy, and for manifesting more of what you want to create and experience in your life.

Waterfall of Light Like it or not, there are all sorts of negative and dense energies that you will naturally come in constant with on a daily basis. And as a vibrational being, it’s normal for you to take on some of these lower vibrational energies you encounter.

So if your goal is staying in love, raising your vibration, and manifesting blessings in your life this can be completely counter productive.

This is why learning to cleanse your energy is so important, especially if you’re energetically sensitive, or if you're focused on progressing on your spiritual or ascension path.

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The good news is cleansing your energy and uplifting your vibration can also be really simple.

In the video below, I outline, and actually walk you through the process of invoking a waterfall of Divine light to cleanse your energy and uplift your vibration right now.

Essentially, you’ll call in your angels, and with their help, invoke a waterfall of Divine light flow around you, cleansing and uplifting your energy completely, and filling your mind, body, and spirit with the highest vibration of Divine light and love…

This process works instantly to dissolve all that is not love into the light and to effortlessly help you to shine brighter, raise your vibration, and infuse your energy with more love, right now.

The good thing about invoking the waterfall of light to cleanse your energy, is that you can do it anytime anywhere, and you have an entire team of angels to support you and make sure it works!

This video is only three minutes long, but the effect can completely shift your energy and point of attraction immediately.

Light is that powerful!

Once you learn this process it’s something you can do on your own any time you like!

But rather than just talking more about the process… Why not experience the waterfall of light now?

Just click play on the video below to experience cleansing your energy with the waterfall of divine light now!

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With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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