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Breathe and Release

how to let goAs you progress upon your spiritual and ascension path you will naturally change and grow. With growth and by discovering more about who you authentically are and what you desire out of your life experience, you may become aware of specific changes you need to make in order to stay in resonance with the brilliance of your spiritual being.

Just because something served you at one point in time, doesn't mean that it will always be right for you, or that it is actually serving you now. With increased awareness you may begin to notice certain habits, relationships, routines, goals, and beliefs which are actually holding you back. When you notice things you've been doing aren't serving you anymore, and actually may be seriously limiting your growth, healing, and continued expansion, it may be time to let them go.

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How do you let go?

Letting go is simple, and yet for many people it is far from easy. It's fairly common to want to hold onto the people, beliefs, and things in your life, even upon realizing they do not serve.

But why? If you know something is hurting you, limiting you, or draining you, why is letting go of it so difficult?
The simple answer is this: You do the things you do for a reason.

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Do you have addictions or bad habits you keep returning to even though you know they're not serving?
Are you having trouble walking away from a toxic relationship? Do you have patterns of thought or beliefs you know are holding you back but you just can't seem to let them go?

There is a reason you picked up the habit in the first place… But why? And why is it do hard to let bad habits go?
Let's face it, our world is fairly out of balance. So within the busyness, chaos, duality and superficiality of the 3D physical world, many people are suffering from a feeling of lack. A feeling of inner emptiness, like something is missing, that is inevitably attempted to be filled with all sorts of attachments.

Some people respond to this feeling of inner emptiness with food, others with drugs or alcohol, others with constant TV, by clinging to a relationship, getting addicted to social media, shopping, constantly checking the smart phone, or all sorts of other attachments to things within the 3D world.
In reality, none of these things can fill a feeling of emptiness within… But this doesn't stop us from trying!

Are you Ready to Let Go?

To create a positive change in your life, awareness and honesty with yourself are key. Get real, and take an honest look at your patterns, attachments and habits!

Does eating a bunch of junk food really help you to feel less empty?

Are you really enjoying checking your email every minute? Is that extra pair of shoes actually going to fill the feeling of lack you're tuning into, and how will you feel when you have the shoes but have no money left in your bank account?

Was your relationship with your ex a healthy one? If your mind is constantly replaying all the wonderful times you had with your ex, you're going to naturally think getting back together is a good idea. Get real! There's a reason you broke up… What is it?

I'm all about focusing on the positives in life and in other people, but when it comes to letting go of something or someone, be honest with yourself. Of course you're going to miss someone when you replay only positive memories. To let go of your ex, re frame your mind to remember how things really were when you were together. Highlight the fights, and how you felt leading up to breaking up… Be radically honest. This will help you to let go.
If you have an addiction to buying shoes and you're thinking about spending your last dollars on yet another pair, take a minute to tune into the underlying feeling. Why are you really wanting to make the purchase? Where does that feeling of lack coming from and will shoes, food, alcohol, etc, really fill the void?

Be Radically Honest With Yourself

Burst your own bubble with a little reality check, and it will make it much easier for you to let go.

Take a good hard honest look at your patterns, habits, and tendencies to see if they're actually bringing you happiness.

As humans we really are good at deceiving ourselves at times, and convincing ourselves we need something, or that something is serving us, when it reality this is really far from the truth.

Get real about whatever it is you're attached to, and when you do notice it's not serving you, or making you happy, make a choice to let it go.
When you decide to let something go, whatever it is, you'll be tested. You'll be faced with the same feeling of emptiness and you may think for a moment, maybe I will text my ex, flip through my phone, eat another bag or chips, buy another pair of shoes, etc…

Instead, when you get the urge to reach towards whatever it is you've been attached to (and really it could be anything) choose to take a seat, relax your entire being, and focus on your breathing first.

Relax your body, mind, and spirit and just breathe.

Tune into your habit, or attachment and imagine you're letting it go. Imagine divine light is all around you, and practice breathing it in.
Breathe light into the places where you feel empty, unsettled, or unhappy. Be present with however you are feeling in the moment, nurture yourself by being present with your feeling, being completely present in the here and now and just breathe.

Nurturing yourself in this way with your breath, and with the light of the Divine will bring you so much more peace and fulfillment than whatever you were about to reach for could.

Let Go

Once you've released attachment (imagining handing it over to the angels helps too), and focused on your breath, and you still want that cookie, go ahead, but release first before each one you have and after awhile you will find the breathing and releasing was more rewarding than the extra cookie anyway.

Divine love and light are the qualities we're really looking for when we develop addictions and bad habits and once we surround and fill ourselves with divine love and light, creating positive, fulfilling habits comes much more naturally.

Keep returning to love, to present moment awareness, and to being fully aware of each and every breath. This present moment mindfulness is a powerful foundation for release and for creating lasting positive change in all areas of your life.

As you fill yourself with more light, love, and awareness, that nagging feeling of emptiness goes away, and when it returns, you can just refocus on the love and light of the divine present within each and every moment.

If you're still wanting to return to that addictive behavior, but you know it's not healthy and actually hurting you, work to re frame your mind around it. Remember all the negative consequences you've experienced from this action in the past, highlight these in your mind, and make a mental note that you're going to have more of them if you keep engaging in a destructive action.

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To let go, be honest, be willing to relax and enter into the present moment, and tune into the light of the divine, and the unconditional love which is present all around you.

Breathe your way through challenging emotions and feelings of emptiness. Your addictions were only short term solutions. Tuning into divine love and light in the present moment will help you to clear your energy, ground in the present and move on.

When you get real, get honest, and get present, letting go is easy… It happens in an instant.

Just be, breathe, and let it go. When you do let go, you pave the pathway for healing, progression, and illumination in your life. You'll find new habits which do fulfill, inspire, and improve your life. Take it one step at a time, be radically honest with yourself, and keep returning to the present moment where you can relax, breathe, and tune into the love and light of the divine.

Keep in mind your angels are always willing to help as well! Just ask!

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