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Pure Essential Oils

pure essential oilsEssential oils are concentrated, aromatic liquids extracted from various plants. They contain the essence of the plant, including its healing and protecting properties. These properties, specific to each essential oil, make the oils incredibly helpful for promoting natural healing for mind, body, and spirit.

You’ll be amazed at the wide array of benefits essential oils can offer you! From cleansing the energy in your home, to improving your mental focus, or tuning into the realms of spirit, the effects and power in essential oils are seemingly endless!

Here's Just a Few Ways You Can Use Essential Oils!

Essential Oils to Connect With Angels 

Essential Oil for Protection

Raise Your Vibration with Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Meditation

Essential Oils as a Spiritual Practice

Chakra Balancing Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Dreaming

Choosing Essential Oils

I love essential oils, but honestly, all essential oils are not all created equal.

Each step in the creation process important in order to ensure a pure, high-quality essential oil. From farming and sourcing the plants, flowers, and herbs, to actually distilling the essential oils and then bottling and storing the final product, you want to be sure you’re buying essential oils from a company which has the highest standards for purity and quality.

Many essential oils on the market have added synthetic ingredients, or the oil is extracted using chemical processes. While these oils may still smell nice, their healing, well-being, and vibrational properties are significantly diminished if not eliminated entirely.

Why I Use Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils are the oils I personally use and recommend. They are therapeutic-grade oils that are pure, unaltered and never diluted or cut in any way. While there are other essential oil companies that claim the same purity, I personally love that Young Living essential oils are created from Seed to Seal.

Young Living’s Seed to seal Guarantee is their way of saying they are directly involved in the farming, sourcing, low-temperature chemical free distilling, bottling, storing and shipping. Their high level of care in each step of the process ensures the highest quality product.

Young Living also has the largest variety of essential oils, with over 300 therapeutic-grade oils to choose from. Whatever your health, wellness, spiritual, mental or emotional goal, Young Living has an oil which will help. They also have a huge product catalog with natural products to help you transform your home into a more balanced, harmonious, and environmentally friendly home.

Essential OilsTo get started using Young Living Essential Oils, I recommend starting off with their 10 most popular oils, which you can purchase at a significant discount through their Premium Starter Kit.

The Everyday Essential Oils In the Kit Are:

Thieves, Melaleuca, Frankincense, Lemon, Stress Away, Peppermint, Pan Away, Lavender, Joy, and Purification… Plus a Bonus Citrus Fresh Essential Oil and more!

You’ll also get a quality home diffuser which is an air purifier, diffuser, and humidifier in one. The diffuser is an amazing addition to your day-to-day life, as well as a way to help elevate your mind to a place of focus, prayer, reflection, and meditation.

The diffuser can help you to transform any space into a healing spa or meditative atmosphere.

Plus when you order the premium starter kit you will effectively be a wholesale customer so you can get 24% off your future purchases. You can also earn back your investment in high-quality essential oils if you would like to share them and refer others to Young Living.

Try them out for yourself and enjoy the healing, well-being, and high vibrational properties of these pure essential oils.

Click Here to Order Your Premium Starter Kit Now!

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With gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

Talk About It:

Unique2 says February 20, 2017

Hi Melanie, just watched your video. I really enjoyed it. Will you please instruct me as to how to use the essential oils and what I need? Also will you send free oil and message according to my needs? Thank you.

    Melanie Beckler says July 2, 2017

    I recommend the Premium Starter Kit to get going… Check out to learn more about the uses of each of the oils included in this kit. Its a great selection to get you started.

alisa knight says February 18, 2016

Melanie Beckler please send me some esse essential oils free thank you I love ask Angels.

    Melanie Beckler says July 2, 2017

    hehe… Sorry not giving away free oils.

    They’re well worth the investment though.

Sj says February 22, 2015

Is there an essential oil that will help with conceiving? ❤️

Patriciad says February 15, 2015

I have the anniversary edition diffuser and it is wonderful. It was a gift and I will soon need more oils. Due to the cost,I tried some another brand oil, although nice definitely a major difference. Love and Light Patty

    Melanie Beckler says July 2, 2017

    I’ve tried other brands as well and really love the quality as well as the Seed to Seal committment Young Living offers…

Joanie says January 30, 2015

I have had my wholesale with young living products for some time now they are wonderful I love it there used for so many things.

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