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Heart Awakening – Illuminate Your Heart Light!

Heart Awakening With Light from the Divine

Today, I want to share with you one of the most important aspects of your ascension path – and of opening your heart so you can tune into the higher angelic realms of light, love, and divine wisdom.

This key part of the ascension path is called heart awakening, heart illumination, or quite simply opening your heart.

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Heart Awakening What Is “Heart Awakening”?

When I talk about heart illumination, awakening, or opening… I’m talking about your heart center that is at the center of your being.

All parallel multidimensional aspects of your self are united in the present through your heart center.

Your heart center is at the center of your multidimensional self.

Your heart center is also the open doorway for you to tune into the higher vibrational realms, to raise your vibration, tune into the angels, and tune into an incredibly expanded state of consciousness.

You Have Everything You Need to Awaken Your Heart!

Right here and now, you already have everything you need to awaken your heart and tune into the angelic realm. Tuning into the higher realms isn’t about lifting up and out of your body to enter into some other realm. It’s so easy to think that the answers lie in the external world, but really, they’re within your open heart.

Tuning into the higher realms isn’t about lifting up and out of your body to enter into some other realm. It’s so easy to think that the answers lie in the external world, but really, they’re within your open heart.

So how do you open your heart to raise your vibration and connect with your angels?

Get ready to dive in and experience heart illumination!

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The Technique of Heart Illumination



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Heart Illumination with the Angels

To support you in this process, you’ll want to invite the assistance of each of your highest and most loving possible guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters.

Here’s an example intention for you to use:

“Angels, guides, and Ascended Masters who can most serve, I invite you forward now to support me in fully awakening my heart light. Help me to open my heart and to illuminate my heart light to the highest vibrational level possible now. I ask this, according to Divine Will, for the highest and greatest good. And so it is.”

Now, focus your awareness on your heart center, the area in the center of your chest.

Focus your awareness inside of your heart and imagine this energy center glowing with golden crystalline light. Imagine this golden energy expanding out in every direction from your heart.

Your awakened heart is a multidimensional torus of light expanding out.

Enter into the energy of your heart center, tune into the energy of your heart light, and with assistance from your guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters, let your heart be illuminated with the highest crystalline light.

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Ask your higher self now to help you step up the vibration of your physical body, so that you can experience and embody more of your heart illumination now.

Know that this is the mastery path – living life with an open heart.

Living with your heart open means living life connected to your heart energy center. Letting light grow and expand around you to strengthen your aura and to establish your ascension column of light.

This ascension column connects you to the infinite light of the divine above you and to the crystalline light of the earth below your feet.

The light then flows around you in a torus of light, a multidimensional light body with your awakened heart at the center, glowing vibrantly with golden crystalline light.

Golden Heart Light Awakening

Heart Awakening & Illumination You may be confused – why am I saying that your heart center is glowing with golden crystalline light rather than green or pink which you may have seen in some of the traditional chakra diagrams?

I say this because golden energy is in alignment with the highest divine blueprint for the ascending humanity.

This is what your ascended self-embodies and this is what you can embody now, letting your heart light glow with the highest vibration of golden crystalline consciousness. Bring this healing light of consciousness into your every cell, into your body, mind and spirit.

Tune into the light of your heart, and as you inhale, imagine it glowing bigger, brighter and more vibrantly.

As you exhale, imagine this golden energy circulating through your body, circulating through every cell, through your mind, body and spirit.

Inhale, glow brighter, exhale, and let this light flow through your being.


Heart Illumination Is So Powerful to Do!

You’re activating your heart light, awakening your higher heart center, and awakening the golden crystalline light of your heart. Learn more about how to open your heart in my Ultimate Guide to Heart Opening here! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Finally, I love hearing from you! Comment below and share your experience tuning into this brilliant light of your heart using this process!

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. Thank you so much for inspiring message of illuminating my heart. All your messages are awesome. Thanks for your service. Much Love

  2. Hello Melanie:
    my name is Bill I have been following you and Miles for sometime.
    Just letting you know I was able to raise my vibration with this short direction thank you. I will surely continue this simple practice.

  3. Am Austin by name please I really do need your help for so long now I have been paying for someone’s else karmic dept and now the Angels has decided to turn things around for me….Because according to the revelation I got the heavens has a lot of good things in stock for even right my the day I was born and they said in my previous life I have done so many good deeds which as generated me a lot of karmic rewards….But,it seems like someone else stole my destiny and exchanged my good karmic rewards and imposed his own karmic dept on me so,as a result of that for almost forty years of my existence now I have been suffering and struggling without any result…So now as for the reaction I got just recently the Angels and especially my guardian angel has decided to intervene on my behalf so they said I will need to perform the ritual rain of luck,wealth and love so that the karmic dept will forever return to the owner and my life can now return with wealth, luck,happiness and love just as I was created or made to be at the beginning…. So,I beg you to help me perform Thais ritual because I want a better life and don’t want to be under the influence of any negative vibrations or someone’s else karmic dept forever…. I want my life back I want to be very wealthy,have luck,happiness and good relationship I know this service am requesting from you is a very big task it will involve money but at the moment am so broke that I can hardly feed sometimes I even go to bed with an empty stomach that is for you to know what am talking about….Surely if you can do this for me and rescue me from this wicked malicious person and once my life changes I promise to pay you back and be your friend forever so I beg you to find a place in your heart to help me out because there is no time left to waste the heavens wants to change my story even now as I speak to you but the only thing stopping them to do so is that rituals I told you of….Hope to hear from you have a nice and memorable day.
    Yours Austin.

  4. I am enjoying reading what you have to say. I have been nudged for a while now to connect to my higher self. Your insight and knowledge is perfect. 💖

  5. Hi Melanie, My guide said your name to me this morning. I’ve been busy and haven’t been reading your emails. I knew I had better read whatever I got from you today and I was directed to this which is exactly what I’ve been prompted to give more emphasis to. Thank you for sharing and Godspeed to you sister 🙂

  6. Hi Melanie,
    I am so happy to have found you
    And your website! I’ve known for sometime about my angels and asking them for help but sometimes I get sucked into fear and anxiety based thoughts and I know this lowers my vibrations and I forget to ask my angels for help..thank you for reminding me that the angels are there for me and thru them I can raise my vibrations and live a happier more fulfilled life..when I listen to you I definitely can feel your good vibrations
    Thank you for sharing your gift and knowledge with me

  7. thank you Melanie I got the MP3 Angel message. I have started reading lets see. Pray for me.
    Bye for now
    mrs p. guha

  8. Thank you for this meditation! I also listened to your Ascension Meditation today. I have felt a need to connect to my spirit guides and angels lately. I have known that they are there and that they help me, but I don’t know who they are. I have heard them call my name, so I know I will soon know their names.
    thank you so much!

  9. Thank you so much for teaching. This is a first time that I realized my heart is powerless and need golden light and that is our human blue print’
    s state! After the first try of this meditation, I came to notice about my heart is poweless. So what I need is divine nutrition…I am very lucky to see such a great teacher. Melanie, You look like a golden light itself and your eyes are amazingly beautiful! Thank you again!

  10. This was an amazing and powerful meditation, I experienced like a ‘flying’ sensation, and whorls of energy balls.
    Thank you Melanie, for all that you are. Blessings, Jane (New Zealand)

    1. Melanie this is amazing , I’m instantly lifted energy wise and tingling all over . I’m
      Meditating 15 each day without fail so I CAN move forward this year . This feels special

  11. Awesome!I did felt that energy I just have to feel more my heart chakra on my spine.I have many problems in that area and I am doing anything and everything to help myself.

  12. Thank you Melanie, I found my whole chest opening up in golden light and love and filling my whole body. I could feel my crown chakra tingling as my energy rose. Namaste❤️

    1. Thank you. I am still struggling to see the light .I think it is because i had tromma done to me amy daughters boyfriend was very cruel wantted to hurt my daughter and took it out on me by smashing all the windows in the house with me in the house it really bad. And three days later i was walking to work at 11 pm fell flat on my face smash my teeth out but im begining to feel like someone was doing it to take me out but anyway not able to see the light when i meditation. I feel and see only gray or black is there anyway i can bring back the light to me. I really enjoy listening to you have such awsome and valuable information. Thank you for what you do . God bless you

  13. God bless you dear Melanie. After I followed your Heart Illumination exercises I could feel more mental alertness, and the feeling that some type of healing was happening. I will keep doing these exercises.
    Thank you for sharing

  14. I found this heart awakening exercise very powerful. It has left me feeling at peace. I have some health issues and I feel calmer and a little ‘better’ . Thanks for sharing. It is my intention to do this exercise daily. It’s hard for me to describe the sense of peace that I am experiencing after doing this exercise. Thank you , thank you , thank you .

  15. Thank You Melanie. Your videos are all very inspiring. I did find myself visualising the golden energy around my heart, My favourite meditation of yours is the Waterfall of Light with rainbow colours. I listen to this every morning. Thank you once again. xx

  16. anyway I had cleared a lot of childhood trauma this morning, but it always takes a while to get it gone. Although I go to my heart center a lot, I was stuck and lost. Seeing your email was just what I needed. Thank you Melianie.

  17. God bless you, Melanie for your emails and angels’ messages. I read them all and I try my best in following their advice. Always grateful to you.

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