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 Spiritual Gifts


Aura Cleansing 101 Course

The energetic field around you is constantly influenced by your thoughts, emotions, and the environments you encounter. Your aura shapes your experiences, but it's vulnerable to negativity. In this course you learn powerful and essential techniques to purify your energy, enhancing positivity & well-being. Prepare to elevate your state as you embark on a new chapter of vibrant, flourishing living.

  • Unlock the Healing Power of the Violet Flame: Discover the ancient practice that can help you release and heal past trauma.
  • The Energy Reset Button: Learn 3 powerful practices to quickly shift your state and return to a place of sustained joy, no matter the external circumstances.
  • Detoxify Your Energy Field: Discover effective techniques to overcome energetic residue from toxic social media interactions and negative workplace experiences.
  • Cut Energetic Cords: Free yourself from draining attachments with powerful energy clearing techniques.

Success Stories:

"I am noticing a change in my energy and life. I call angels sometimes and they always come and help me. In a few minutes I feel much better. My life is easier now than it was few months ago. Some positive changes happened and I have more faith now than before. I am progressing. I am so grateful for this! And I am so grateful to you as well With love”

~Danijela, Aura Cleansing student

Aura Cleansing


The Art of Conscious Awakening Course 

Dive deep into The Art of Awakening, bringing together ancient wisdom and spiritual insights that have transformed thousands of lives around the world. Discover the sacred teachings that have ignited accelerated spiritual growth in countless lives, empowering them to embrace their true essence and highest potential.

The Art of Conscious Awakening
  • Discover Unshakable Inner Peace - Learn to release attachments and cultivate lasting peace and contentment, even during life's challenges … so you can respond to situations with clarity and wisdom, rather than impulsive reactions.
  • Connect with Higher Spiritual Realities - Expand your consciousness and develop your energy centers to directly and lovingly experience your divine connection to the infinite Source.
  • Embrace Higher Vibrational States - Consistently experience high vibrational states such as love, contentment, peace, acceptance, and joy by allowing creative life force energy to flow through you.

Success Stories:

“Love the Art of Conscious Awakening Course, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to ascend even higher. I'm grateful for all the new things I've been learning. Thank you, Melanie, for creating this amazing, unique course that is a special compilation of everything that you've learned from various gurus and spiritual leaders around the world.”

~Brenda, Art of Conscious Awakening Student

The Art of Conscious Awakening


Intuitive Angel Card Reader Course

Discover how to unlock your intuition using Oracle Cards so you can start receiving direct messages from your angels to improve your life in a very real way.
  • Deepen Your Connection with Spirit: Feel the unwavering, unconditional love and support from your angels, every moment of every day.
  • Empower Your Decisions: With 24/7 access to angelic guidance, bid farewell to doubts.
    Every choice becomes purpose-driven, leading you closer to your highest potential.
  • Embrace Your True Power: Recognize the divinity within you. You’re not just having a human experience; you're a spiritual being experiencing the physical realm.

Success Stories:

“Since starting this class, I have grown and shifted in so many unexpected ways... I can clearly distinguish when my angles are nudging me to say something, and I have been feeling many validations throughout my readings, such as chills and tingles. I'm also empathetic and can feel people's emotion or situation with these readings, unlike ever before.”

~Courtney, Intuitive Angel Card Reader Course Student

Daily Angel Card Reading


Learning to Channel

Imagine accessing a proven way to unlock your psychic abilities, access Divine guidance, and discover spiritual truths for yourself! The Learning to Channel Course is a proven method to unlock your psychic abilities. Learn to channel directly from Melanie's channeling mentor: Betsy Morgan Coffman.

  • Open your innate psychic gifts as a channel, medium, medical intuitive, clairvoyant, or energy healer.
  • Take a quantum leap forward from where you are right now.
  • See deeper into the spiritual meanings of situations, and even predict the future.
  • Learn how to trust your heart and intuition so you can stop doubting yourself.

Success Stories:

“I have spent years of my life wanting to become psychic. I’ve been to channeling teachers all over the world; and I have never learned as much as I have
learned with Betsy-Morgan in this course.”

~RT, Leaning to Channel Student

Soul Contracts


Angel Energy Healing Course

Imagine being able to tap into one of the most powerful forces in the universe—angelic healing energy.
In this course you will learn through to flow Angel Energy Healing light for yourself, and to heal and uplift others.
  • Unlock healing abilities far more easily than you ever thought possible … so you confidently perform powerful energy healing on yourself and others.
  • Learn how to serve others with distance energy healing … so you can uplift, inspire, and support the healing of others, even from thousands of miles away!
  • Discover how to remove the negative energies that permeate your surroundings after arguments, complaints, breakups, and illnesses … so your environment feels lighter, happier, and more inviting!

Success Stories:

“I just finished the 3rd meditation in the Angel Energy Healing class, and it literally had me in tears it was so powerful. I've been a Reiki Master for years, as well as a massage therapist, and nothing has touched my heart so deeply ... this course is enhancing all that work. Thank you and angel blessings!”

~ Eileen, Angel Energy Healing Student

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