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2015 angel messages The Angels On 2015 and how this helps you!

2014 has been a year of change, transformation and recognition. The angels have told me that centuries and lifetimes worth of habits and old frequencies were coming up to be cleared and released and for many of us this meant facing old fears, old patterns and our very belief systems being challenged.

For some of you, relationships reached breaking point, and you will have been asked to choose your own happiness and strength, for others career came up and you are feeling an urge to expand or leave where you are, in all subjects it has been out with what was, and choosing what is new.

The angels ask you to have clear goals next year, and to be aware that you Can receive all of the help you need, if you ask and if you allow them to help you. There will be times when you feel your prayers are not being heard, and this is if you are expecting them to do it ‘for’ you.

The angels remind you that we each have a spiritual team, a guide, a guardian angel, a magical being, masters and archangels also walk with us, and we can call on them to assist us at any time. They also remind you that if you are scared, or worried that you will fail, you cannot fly!

In order for change to happen sometimes we have to let go of what we feel keeps us safe, this may mean a period of change of uncertainty and of rebuilding, this may mean walking through your fears, facing what you dread and then realizing it was nothing but a mirage after all.

It may mean letting people, situations and perspectives go that are holding you where you are, it may mean putting your head above the parapet and ‘risking’ failure, and deciding that ‘success’ is important enough for you to commit to it, and take those steps one by one.

Michael – is asking you to intend clearly, he shares that when you ‘intend’ and you really ‘carry this’ with you that your energy signature becomes far more positive and higher thus allowing changes to come to you effortlessly and easily.

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Gabriel – is asking you to ask her to help you see clearly what you do have that is a blessing now, to learn to live in gratitude for what is rather than bemoaning what is not here yet, she says the Universe hears what you feel, and thinks this is what you are inviting. She asks you to help to communicate with the team you have – invite them to make clear the best and easiest course of action and to help you define and know what ‘next step’ will guide you forward. She also says we all have stories that tell us we cannot dare go for that job, or seek that lover, or start that business, and this keeps us in a cycle, it is time to be brave ask for assistance and take the guidance at hand to invest in yourself and your life.

Uriel is asking you to connect with the earth daily, to understand when you are grounded and connected to mother nature, you will sense and know, see and hear the guidance that is right for you on all subjects that you ask for help with. He also mentions clearing your space, your aura your chakras and the energy in your home to allow and make room for fresh energy to flow in

Jophiel is asking you to belive in yourself and your ability to do more, be more and have more love joy fun and bliss in your life. She says although you have had experiences where you were challenged, have felt defensive, were hurt, they have all gone and in this moment you are asked to believe it can all change, ‘ask me to help you beleive in miracles for magic is the very nature of reality’

Raphael asks you to engage him to help your body and your soul feel healed. Ask him to come to the grocery store with you and find healthy nourishing foods and beverages which will heal your body. Ask him to heal you deeply as you sleep, bringing balance, and ease into your body and life. Ask him to heal any hurt or rejection you have felt, and so to be ready for what is to come

All of the Angels are available to you at all times, and if you want to learn to see, hear and connect with them we recommend our stand alone spiritual development sessions to help you understand, clear and unlock Your personal gift……they want to work with you and are asking you to commit to your own growth, you are beautiful and inspirational and you deserve to hear this direct from them!

Here at ask angels we thank you for being you – exactly the way you are. Without your light in the world, it would not be the same. You are loved, and you are supported and we wish you a peaceful Christmas and a expansive new year.

With love and peace

Sheelagh and the angels

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. I am truely grateful for the angel messages, they have allowed me to work on my personal growth and development which in turn benefits the whole. I have felt so connected to the spirit world and shed many tears as healing takes place. love and light

  2. Thank you so much.I really feel so connected spiritually.For so long my Hubby and I believed in the angels. Now I can finally connect.What a splendid job.

  3. I just want to say thank yu very much as well..Yu have no idea of how I was looking for an site what can help me with my life purpose. .I know I am an earth angel, but sometimes we need assistance as well and to keep us focus..This life choices I made was very hard but if I did not made them then I would not be able to understand others in their pain..

    All these hardships did not make me hard, but I have to work through some issues with myself because it tends to make me bitter and that is the last thing I need on my plate.

    I want to know what is my life purpose? I know that I am in the correct carreer for this because I am sure that I am an healing angel as well..Thank yu for your excellent work..Have an blessed day with family and friends..Fransie

  4. Thankyou I needed this nudge and reminder to also ask for other Angels assistance and not totally rely on Michael alot, God bless love,light and Angel blessings xxx

  5. Thank You!!! I’d like to ask if I can translate this message in French and Italian, and send the translation to You for Your usage. These messages are very lovely, sorry if I propose this on a comment, but I feel that maybe some people that isn’t familiar with English would like to have these blessings too. Thanks again.

  6. Yes thank you for telling me what is going on. I have been in this process for three years. And i have been struggling with the change lately. I have been working on changing the stuff that no longer works and get rid of what dont work. I am working on finding me. And i appreciate the help my Angels all of you. I know i holler for Michael a lot but i like how others step in. Thank you all.

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