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Journey Through The Elements And Awaken Your Psychic Senses

Awaken Your Psychic Senses Awaken Your Psychic Senses With Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel connects in this powerful new angel message. All of the magic of the universe is available to you, when you open to experience the Divine love, light and magic!

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Breathe and Relax as you listen. You will be assisted by your spirit guides, angels and by the Earth elements to open to your gifts and develop your intuition and psychic ability.

Normally, Full Moon Guided Meditations are sold for $9-$11 each, but after recording this elemental meditation, I realized it was more important to get this message out to as many people as possible, and so I have decided to offer this angel message for free!

Instead of charging for this meditation, all I am asking is that you share this page, however you see fit…. On facebook, twitter, pinterest, or email to your friends and family who may be interested or could use some uplifting… Share the love, it's all I ask! 🙂

The more people who take the time to meditate, and connect with their personal power… The more light energy we are able to anchor into the present time and space.

As humanity, we are all One. We are part of One Earth, and as we each anchor each of our Divine light energy into the present moment, we all contribute to the ascension process on Earth here and now.

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This message is also available in text, keep reading below to access the transcribed version of this meditation. 

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Greetings dear one. Indeed, I am Archangel Raziel and I greet you in this present time and space with many angels, with light, with divine healing frequency of love, of wisdom, of intuition, and magic in this present time.

I invite you to be calm, to breathe, and to relax. Begin to tune into your intuitive power, your ability to perceive, know, and experience with all your senses beyond the realm of the physical and into the realm of the divine, of angels, and of spirit.

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And so breathe deeply now into your lower abdomen, letting your lower abdomen fill up with the light of the divine that is all around you. Breathe in and breathe out.

As you exhale, let go of any tension, worry, or struggle, any energy which is not yours. Breathe in the divine light that is all around you and as you breathe out feel yourself relaxing deeply, entering fully into this present space and time, becoming aware, and becoming present.

Focus on your breath and as you take in another deep breath through your nose now breathe air into your lower abdomen, filling yourself up with light of the divine.

And now as you exhale, tune in to your energetic field, which is infused with the divine light all around you. Imagine your energy as a sort of hourglass shape, receiving with open arms, the light of the divine, intuitive guidance, infinite wisdom, well being, healing, and love, which flows down into your being from above. Imagine the middle of your hourglass energetic form strong, stable, and present. Your core of energy filled with light, helping you to increase your awareness, to be fully present at this time, and then flowing out and down, grounding you to the earth. Light flowing down to the core of earth where you are able to feel your oneness with the divine through earth with all that is.

As you now continue to breathe and relax, imagine and visualize yourself as a tree. A tree which is connected to you, which you are fond of.

Psychic Senses Visualize and imagine that you are this tree, firmly rooted to the earth below, strong and solid in your core, and reaching upward with your branches into the light. Imagine reaching upwards into the sky, up towards the divine realm and the light of the divine, up into the heavens, and into intuition. The light of all that is shines down upon you now.

Imagine that through your branches, through the branches of the tree that you are one with now, you are absorbing the light of the divine, and you are channeling it down into your core, your tree trunk, your center.

As this light of the divine flows down, feel it now ground to the earth below you, flowing down through roots beneath the surface, all the way to the core where you meet an incredible light, the light at the core of the earth. Be present, aware, and one with this light.
Feel the light begin to flow up through your roots, up, up through the tree trunk, out into your branches, up through the branches and into the light of the divine above.

Once again, let the light from the divine above you flow down through the branches, through your tree trunk, and down through the roots to the core of the earth.

The light you find here at the core of the earth flows up through the layers of earth, through your roots, up through your tree trunk, up through your branches, reaching up. Flowing up above your branches, up above into the light, and into a sort of energetic electric storm, magnetic energy of the divine, your intuitive power, your psychic ability, your knowing of the magic of the universe, of all that is. Now let this energy flow down into your branches, drawing into your being, drawing into your core, into the tree trunk, into your center, flowing down through your roots, grounding to the earth and to all that is.

Breathe and relax as you prepare to journey through the elements, to awaken your psychic senses and your ability to see, hear, sense, know, and feel, and understand in the realms of spirit beyond the veil. You have the ability to perceive beyond the physical realm with your subtle senses, with your divine senses, with your psychic receptors.

At this time we call upon the element of water.

Tune into water. Experience connecting with water. In your own way, in whatever sense is strongest for you now, experience water. Diving in to the water, feeling the water flowing around you, seeing yourself connecting with water, smelling water, perceiving and understanding that you are in water, hearing the water around your being now, which soothes, cools, balances, heals, and purifies your mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

Breathe and notice how you are experiencing the water element, not judging or overanalyzing. Just being aware of the sense in which you experience the element of water now.

Thank you water.

We now call upon the element of air in the form of wind.

Experience air with your psychic senses now. Feel the wind on your face, smell the breeze, see yourself experiencing the element of wind, know and be aware of the air that is all around you. Experience air with your psychic sense that is strongest for you now.

Be aware and observe, connecting with the air. Breathe in the air all around you, bringing rejuvenation to your being, healing from the element of air for your mind, body, and spirit. Experience the air with your senses beyond the physical, being aware if you see, sense, feel, know, hear or simply understand the presence of air with you now.

Thank you air.

We now call upon the element of fire and invite you to experience fire with whatever senses are strongest for you now, in whatever way is most natural for you at this time. See the glow and dance of the flames before you. Feel the warmth and heat, know you are in the presence of the element of fire. Smell the smoke and experience connecting with this element now.

Fire, which burns away tension, density, and negativity which no longer serve. Fire, which heats and warms and provides, which destroys that which is no longer needed. Experience this element with whatever psychic sense is strongest for you now.

Thank you fire.

We now call upon the earth element and invite you to experience a connection with earth. In whatever psychic sense is strongest for you now, feel the coolness of the earth beneath your feet. Know that you are connecting with earth, see the soil, the trees, the plants. Hear the sounds of the earth which you are a part of, experience your oneness with earth, grounding to earth, centering your being, helping you to retain your presence.

Experience earth in whatever way is most natural for you now, for you are one with earth and with all.

Thank you earth.

Breathe, relax, and know that as you allow your subtle sense, which is most natural for you to develop, to translate divine light into a manner in which you can understand, your other psychic senses are naturally strengthened. All your psychic senses will play a supportive role in helping you to experience the full wisdom and magic and oneness of the universe and of the divine light and guidance available to you beyond the veil, beyond the physical realm and interwoven into every moment, present at all times.

As you work with the elements, quieting your mind, opening your heart, and being aware, your gift, your skill, your ability to perceive in the realms of spirit will be made known unto you.

Breathe and relax and return to the visualization that you are a tree. Become one with the tree spirit now. Your branches reaching up into the heavens, reaching for divine intelligence and light and wisdom, aligning with the light, channeling the divine light down into your center, into your strong, present trunk, and grounding down through your roots into the earth, flowing light from the divine down through your branches, through your tree trunk, extending down through roots beneath the ground, down past rocks through layers of earth until you’ve reached the core where divine light is contained therein.

Let the light at the core of the earth flow up through your roots, through the trunk of your core, up into your branches, up into the light above you, up into the magnetic, electric storm of divine magic, of intuition, of psychic power.

Now let this, your psychic ability, your intuition, flow down in through your branches reaching up above. Let this energy flow down into your center, into your core, into your tree trunk. Stable, present, strong, and grounding to the earth, flowing energy down through your roots, balancing you in this present moment at this present time.

And so it is.

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Breathe, for when you focus upon your breath, you become present and aware and from within your awareness the treasures of the divine are revealed.

Your unique gifts and ability to perceive in the realms of spirit are made known. Continue to work with the elements, with your tree totem, and with the light, for all the magic of the universe, of the realms of spirit, and of the divine are available to you when you go within and when you open to experience this divine love, light, and magic that exists beyond the veil of illusion within this present time.

Beloved one, I am Archangel Raziel and you are so dearly loved. With a final surge of divine light, you are blessed, lifted, and attuned to the intuitive power and gifts which are your birthright, for the magic of the divine is meant to be known, enjoyed, and experienced in your own life.

Look for magic, look for miracles, look for blessings, and they will appear in increased frequency. You are loved and you are blessed and so it is. Goodbye for now.

~Archangel Raziel channeled by Melanie Beckler

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