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Top 5 Types of Angel Communication You May Be Experiencing

How Do Angels Communicate?

5 Types of Angel Communication You May Be Experiencing Aware of it yet or not, you have angels, who are higher spiritual beings supporting you and guiding you.

But are your angels communicating with you?

Are you already receiving guidance, and support from your guardian angels, or from the archangels without being aware of it?

To help answer these questions, and more, let’s look at the top five forms of angel communication.

Some of these might be a little bit different than you would expect.



Angel Communication Through Packed Thoughtforms

Packed thoughtforms are the frequency transmissions and higher consciousness thought transmissions from angels who are highly evolved spiritual beings. This by the way, is the highest way that angels talk to you, and the most complete way of receiving their guidance and frequency transmission.

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To receive guidance through a packed thoughtform and frequency transmission from an angel, it takes centering your awareness within, tuning into the Divine Light Core at the center of your being, and elevating your awareness up.

You’re able to elevate your consciousness up into a higher state of Divine-Mind, and Divine Consciousness, where you're able to then perceive at the level of the quantum field, and the level of the infinite- where infinite possibility resides.

From this place of awareness of your connection to the Infinite, and to All That Is, you’re then able to receive divine downloads from your angels, whether that's Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael or even your personal guardian angel.

The key to understanding packed thoughtforms is this: A packed thoughtform contains multitudes of information. It's likened to how in a near death experience, someone can see their entire life flash before their eyes in a matter of moments. In less than a second, through a packed thoughtform so much can be communicated with you about your destiny, your soul mission and purpose, and about the big picture of what's happening in your life., and the next steps you can take to align with your highest timeline.

Don’t worry if you don’t yet feel like you’re open to this packed-thoughtform level of communication. Most people aren’t.

Downloads From Spirit

Another way of looking at Packed Thoughtforms, is as “Downloads from Spirit” in which angels will transmit entire concepts, ideas or blocks of thought that you receive as downloads.

The angels use this method of communication when the information being communicated is just too much to be given telepathically with a few words, symbols, or pictures. Downloads of information from the angels will help you to understand illustrate the big picture, and receive large bulks of information or entirely new concepts.

If you do receive information in this way, you will quickly receive a full and complete picture…

Downloads from the angels work in a similar way to when you download an entire book or audio course from the internet. All the information is compiled together, you download it all quickly at once, and then there is some sort of process for sorting through it, and uncovering what all you have received.

People who are creative or spiritually advanced will often receive information from the angels in this way so they can get a glimpse of the big picture or concept, and then uncover and fill in all the details of the download for themselves.

But what happens if you're not entirely open to this higher refined state of divine consciousness?

That's when these other ways that angels talk to you come into play.

Angel Communication Through Thoughtforms

The second way angels talk to humans is through our normal thoughtforms.

When this happens you may become aware that you’re receiving an angel message through words.

Alternately, you may be receiving an angelic message through your thoughts, and yet remain completely unaware that your thoughts originate from a higher spiritual being and are not from your own consciousness.

This could also be called telepathic communication, where you receive the angels messages directly in your mind.

You may receive a message as a stream of thought alongside your own, as a word or concept spelled out in your mind, or an inner voice. You may also receive mental images or symbols representing what your angels want to communicate with you.

Telepathic communication most often occurs through short bursts of information, when your angels have a specific message to communicate with you. You may also receive a telepathic confirmation in the form of a yes-no answer, that often appears in response to a question or specific situation.

Its important to point out that telepathic communication from angels is usually heard from within your head, not in an external audible way. Also, when a telepathic messages comes through from an angel, it will always be loving and helpful, even at times when the message offers a warning or a recommendation for you to change your course. So if you receive any fear or judgement based messages, know that these are not from your angels as this is not how angelic beings communicate.

The key to be able to tell the difference is awareness and discernment.

Ask yourself in the moment: “Where did that thought come from?”

The message may come in through your own internal voice. For this reason alone, a lot of people are already getting clear angelic communication, but they're pushing it away or they're doubting that it comes from an angel because it's coming in a way that is incredibly simlar to their standard internal dialogue.

Sometimes angelic guidance will show up in a thought form in a voice that is not your own. But I just want you to know that it does happen both ways.

When you have that aha, when you have a brilliant idea, when you have a profound thought that seems to come out of thin air, but that offers clear guidance or loving support for you… This may have come from angels.

When it happens, ask: “Where did that thought come from?”

Check in with your heart center, your inner guidance and your intuition.

Now that you know this is one of the ways that guardian angels and archangels talk to you, you can be more aware of it.

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Angel Communication Through Feeling

The third way that angels may talk to you is through feeling.

When your angels are speaking to you, but you’re ignoring it, or you’re not hearing the messages… They may back up the message with an immense feeling of love, peace, and blessing that signifies that your angels are with you.

Feeling alerts you to the presence of angels, or you have receive a gut feeling that guides you.

For example: You may just get the feeling that something's not right about the course of action you were planning to take, or you may get the feeling that you really need to do something.

People often use phrases like: “I just feel like I should move to this place, or I just feel like I should call this person” when their angels have been communicating in this way.

For many people, the feeling sense comes through more as a deep sense of knowing.

Like like a deep feeling of knowing truth.

It may be hard to put into words the guidance you receive form the angels in this way… But that doesn’t make it any less effective or powerful.

Inner feeling and knowing often acts as a sort of validation, but it can also be used be the angels to relay entire concepts, ideas, or insight into your very best next steps at this time.

Angel Communication Through Impulses to Action

The fourth way that angels talk to you is through impulses to action. This form of guidance unfolds through your receiving an impulse to take some action, that you're not even aware of at the level of your conscious-mind. Perhaps you don’t even have a feeling about whether you should do it or not… There’s just an impulse to act.

This could be a sudden strong desire to quit drinking, to eat healthy, to go see a friend that you haven't thought about for a while, or to take some other action.

This could be something big, or it could be seemingly insignificant, like to go clean your bathroom.

Angels communicate through triggering an impulse for you to take some sort of action that deep down you know is beneficial for you to do, even if your conscious-mind doesn't understand the reason why.

The guidance is coming through your unconscious-mind by triggering this impulse to action, even though you're not consciously aware of it.

One of the keys here is to have discernment and to start monitoring yourself to increase your present moment awareness.

Self-awareness is a prerequisite to realizing whether the thoughts, feelings and impulses to action you receive are your own, or if they’re coming in externally from a higher spiritual beings.

There is incredible power in being aware in the present moment as to whether an impulse to action you have is something that's coming from your soul, and your inner guidance. Is it coming from a higher spiritual being? Or is the impulse to action coming from your lower ego-mind and from societal conditioning?

When you stop taking the actions that are inspired from the lower ego-mind and from past conditioning and fear, you can start taking the actions that are guided by angels and guided by your soul. This opens you up to experiencing tremendous growth in leveling up your life, raising your vibration, and aligning with the highest possibilities for your life.

Interestingly this level of communication from angels can also unfold through your dreams and meditation.

During times of sleep and meditation your conscious ego-mind lets down it’s guard, allowing you to tap into higher consciousness. As a result communication with angels, loved ones and spirit guides becomes possible.

Through dream and meditative communication, you may receive guidance from your angels in a number of ways…

All channeled through your subtle psychic senses.

Receiving clear telepathic messages, feeling the love and presence of your angles, seeing imagery, or receiving downloads are all possible within a dream or meditation space.

Angel Communication Through A Sign

When your angels are attempting to communicate you through the above 4-ways, but you’re ignoring the guidance, or just not getting the message, they will then likely then reach out to you with signs.

Signs from the angels can really be anything that catches your attention, and makes you think about the presence of angels, or spiritual beings in your life. Anything that you see that's out of the ordinary or that makes you think: “Whoa that’s weird” … or “That’s interesting” or “What a coincidence” may be an angel sign.

Common angel signs include things like:

  • Finding feathers
  • Finding coins
  • Seeing angel numbers like 1234, 333, or 555.
  • Seeing rainbows
  • Flashes of Light
  • Symbolic pictures
  • Clouds that look like an angel
  • Pictures of guardian angels
  • Seeing names like: “Gabriel, or Michael”
  • Noticing the time change to 11:11, 1:11, or 4:44

Angel Signs can also be less commonly talked about and understood. Like overhearing someone talking about something that reminds you about an action you wanted to take, or seeing a little glimmer of light that appears on the path before you and makes you think: “Wow, I'm walking on highest path…” Things like this can sometimes be even more powerful than the signs that are more commonly understood and talked about.

You can learn more about the top signs from angels here.

Honestly, anything that makes you think of your angels, or reminds you of a positive action you’ve been meaning to take can be a signal of the angels. I always like to say: coincidences have the angel's energy all over them!

When you do receive a sign, the main purpose is to alert you to the angel's presence so you can then tune into the underlying message and communication that is there for you as well.

When some sort of signal, omen, or synchronicity appears … Remember that you can use it to shift your perspective and begin to view the world in a way that's more in alignment with the highest divine truth of you.

Because ultimately what the angels desire for you is to live your most vibrant life, by being of service in the world in a way that you love and enjoy, that benefits others and brings true joy and fulfillment for you in your life.

The more you're able to stay aware, to be centered, to be grounded and open in the moment, the more you can receive the angelic communication that is available for you.

What About The 4 -Clairs?

At this point you may be wondering… Why I've not talked about the 4-Clairs as a way angel's communicate.

If you're not wondering that… Or if you don't actually know what I'm even talking about …

The 4 C’s, or 4-Clairs are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance or in other words, psychic seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing.

If you want to learn more about the 4 C’s… You can do so here.

The 4 C's are more like HOW you perceive and receive angel communication. They are the subtle psychic senses you can develop to help angel communication to become more clearly defined for you.

A Visual Look at Angelic Communication!

5 Ways Angels Communicate

Be Open to Angelic Communication

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Open your heart, quiet your mental chatter, and just be present and aware in the moment. This simple process will help you to be receptive to any additional information, guidance, or messages your angels may be trying to communicate with you.

Whether you’re receiving insight and messages all the time, or not at all yet, your angels are communicating with you.

Pay attention, invite the angel's assistance into your experience, and ask them to help you become more receptive to them.

With a quiet-mind and an open heart the angelic realm is accessible to you!

If you’d like further help opening…

Check out the my Intuitive Angel Card Readings Course! 

With love and gratitude,

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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. I want to say that I am so happy today for finding your website because my life has changed my prayers have been answered God has made a miracle for me I learned what the number 22 means after 3 years of seeing it every day and asking God what it meant I thought I was losing my mind I was very angry and cryed all the time because why was I going through this on top of everything else. I finally got the answer to why and I am very grateful and I an thankful.

  2. In 2005, on a very hot mid 90’s day, when I was blinded by the bright sun at around 11 am when I left to walk my dog in the park (even though she had a doggy door at home to go to the bathroom) I still decided to give her a quick walk. After just getting to the park, my dog pulled me over to a tree and was sniffing the root of tree.

    No one else was in this huge park. Suddenly an angel (male sounding voice) told me in my left ear twice – “Get back, get back” to warn me against a diamond back rattlesnake curled up at base of tree which I had not seen at all, had no clue it was there. The snake’s russ-reddish-brown pattern coloring had camouflaged itself with the gnarley tree root and I failed to notice it. My dog was sniffing its’ tail.

    After the angel warned me to get back, I didn’t Go back far enough (I was stunned), the angel said again firmly – “Get back, get back.” I did and the snake slithered away. Neither I nor my dog got struck.

    An Angel saved our lives. I am privileged to have had that happen to me.

  3. After few days meditation with Reiki & called Archangel Micheal, one day my wife got 3nos 1Rupee coin
    in front of main door. what does it mean pls. help.

  4. This was a really really helpful article. Made it so much clearer what to maybe expect…I’ve been trying to figure out what angel communication would “look like” for so long! Thx

  5. Beautiful and very informative….thank you so much , Melanie! 🙂 Your email and this article is going to really help me to learn about different types of communication – and most importantly – to let go of expectations! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Thank you very much Ms. Beckler for this info. I have experienced much of this & it is getting stronger. So comforting to read this & know I am not going crazy. Totally love your Michael meditation. Thanks. Kat

  7. When there’s certain people who enter, I get a Ring on my fingers. I don’t wear Jewellery. Bad Vibes???. Then I can feel the passing on my back. Warm as a Cuddle. I recently Lost my Son. Stoney please tell We Miss Him. Please and Thank you. I need to learn more to help understand. Instead of Guessing. Device Love&Harmony.

  8. Lately angles are constenly on my mind I will be talking,watching TV, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing I get images of angles in my mind. I fell comfortable and warm inside. My mom and have be in thought also. They both have passed. This has been I first time this has happened. So we will see where it takes me. I thank you for the information you give it helps a lot. Love and warm light sent your way.

  9. I’ve been kind of floating along without a clear sense of direction. Somethings stand out for me and captivate my attention for a bit yet not much has found focus as yet. I feel a strong inclination to spread the love and reduce my own suffering through compassionate action. I’ve traveled through many dark places in my life’s journey and yet in my darkest hour the angels have traveled there to be with me. I know that wherever I may find myself to be that is where I should be and those that surround me fill the void where sometimes only angels dare to go. I found this website through the physical manifestation of pain; for what reason I do not know. It was as if a needle was pricked upon my skin when I glanced upon links to here.

  10. My Godmother regularly will send a bird to me. This is a daily occurrence, I suppose because of my last name. She was a constant in my life until her passing about six years ago. Only one month later, the bird began to come. It started with a robin and since I moved it is a sparrow!

  11. Ive a crystal perfume jar full of feathers that get put in my path on a regular basis..also just lately the lights especially the spots in my kitchen flicker and I feel so calm and open to what I feel xx

  12. im being told that iv got someone or something holding me back how do i cope with this with out paying a lot of money. as i dont have that sort of cash

  13. Dear Jan
    My sister passed over to spirit 2013. I can imagine how you feel.
    What I would like to say is don’t think you have lost her. Even though it may feel like it at times.keep this in your heart that you haven’t lost her. Because you haven’t.
    you’re signs will come

  14. I lost my mother Janetta Rice Nov 2013, we were very very close she lived with me for 30 plus yrs she went thru breast cancer and stage 4 lung cancer among other illnesses. I have been praying for a sign from her to tell me she’s ok, but nothing unless I’m missing the signs, I miss her treably. Any suggestions?

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