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Ascended Masters Meditation

ascended masters

Guided Meditation with the Ascended Masters

Relax, Breathe, and Listen to tune into the Love of the Divine in this guided Ascended Masters meditation channeled by Melanie and set to the beautiful meditative music of Thaddeus.

There is an 8 minute guided channeled meditation and then 22 minutes of additional Thaddeus music at the end for you to continue your meditation and expand your connection with the Divine and with the Ascended Masters.

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Read this Meditation transcribed below:

At this time I ask that we be surrounded with our highest, best, most loving possible guides, angels, and ascended masters, and with divine white light. Surround us, uplift us, and assist us in tuning into that which will most serve. Will the highest, best, most loving possible channeling guide or guides, please come in, connect, and channel through me now.
~ Melanie

Connect with the Ascended Masters in this 8 Minute Meditation Beloved one, we greet you here and now, outside of time and space, in this very moment in which divine light, love, and enlightened frequency is available in increased supply.

Understand that as you  individually and collectively continue to advance in the direction of embodying your divine spirit within the physical realm support is available in increased supply. Light codes and vibrations, crystalline energy of the Divine is downloaded into your world as is the case here and now.

And so, dearest one, let yourself focus within, breathe, and relax. Let go and become aware of the circle of ascended beings of the light. We merge our energy together now to speak these words.

We connect with you now consciously and energetically to uplift you in energy, love, well-being, to assist you in releasing the old, the outdated, and the past. We are here to assist you in tuning in to the fresh, new supply of light pouring onto your planet at this time.

Breathe. At this time, direct from Source and the Divine, light streams into this present moment. Light streams into each of the ascended masters who surround you now. In through the crown, throughout the being, out through the heart, and hands, flowing this light to you, translated into the manner which will most serve you now in your evolutionary path on your journey of seeking the truth of who you are and seeking the truth of All That Is.

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Experience the energy, love, healing, and enlightened perspective we broadcast your way now, allowing this light in through the bottom of your feet below you, through your crown at the top of your head above.

Light flowing throughout your being, healing, and replenishing your energy body. This light flowing around you, a golden white taurus of light spiraling around you, filling out your vibration, opening you to your full and magnificent potential that is present here and now.

To link, to become one, to live as the full embodiment, as the Christ light that you are. To align with your inner genius, your inner avatar and guru and Buddha. For you are one with the ascended beings you know and love.

You are one with All That Is and All That Is opens before you and shines upon you now, bestowing the direct blessings of the divine, of healing, of grace, of compassion, of authentic being, of life.

Love, bestowed upon you now, divine love, forgiveness.

Energy in this time and space, filling each of the ascended beings who stand in the circle around you, filling you in their midst, in the center with light. Become aware of all who will participate in this meditation, in this process. Around the world lights shining brightly.

Become aware and notice that they are not separate from you, but rather one with all who will hear these words, with the voice which speaks these words, with the consciousness which dictates these words, and with the divine.

You are one with All. Containing the essence and light of this oneness. Imagine grounding this light, these codes of the divine, these new frequencies of joy and well-being and conscious co-creation.

Grounding the divine qualities of the light into your physical being, into your present time, into your present space, into this very moment here and now grounding to earth light from the divine, flowing down through the ascended beings, through you, connecting to earth and looping back, reconnecting to the divine, and to All That Is.

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This divine flow, this circle of love and healing, benefits you and benefits all.

For as long as you like, sit in this ascended space, in this energy of divine love, claiming the healing light for yourself, and creating a ripple of awakened consciousness, of divine presence, of enlightened living throughout All.

Channeled with love and gratitude, 

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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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