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Discover Your Souls True Purpose~ Orion Channeled Message by Melanie

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Greetings dear one. Indeed, I am Orion and I am pleased to connect with you now to assist you in tuning into the light of awareness present upon the planet at this time. To assist you in manifesting the highest qualities of divine feminine and divine masculine, united through the light of awareness and love, manifesting as the highest expression of your truth.

Understand at this powerful new beginning, that new pathways and possibilities are present for you. Doors are opening before you now, inviting you to step forward, into living authentically true, authentically you inspired and alive.

Be not afraid to step into the unknown, for within the realm of what is unknown much will be revealed to you. When you listen with your heart, to the inner guidance of your soul and let this guide you forward, letting this intuitive voice nudge you in the right direction, you will be led in the direction of your ultimate becoming. In this you are able to learn to live by your own truth.

Allow this truth to be present, to live your life your way, according to divine design, according to your true soul’s calling with awareness and presence and a willingness to question, to seek the truth, and to ask yourself, “Why?”

Like a detective you are able to uncover all that you authentically are. Not another, not anyone else, but your true soul’s purpose, passion, and desired expression here in the physical. And so let yourself solve the mystery of who you really are, embarking upon new pathways, exploring new potential possibilities, and along this road question why you are drawn to this path, why you are doing this, why you want this?…

And if your calling is truly from your heart, urging you to enjoy the goodness of life, the beauty of your inner being manifesting through the highest possible potentials of the feminine energy, love, imagination, wisdom, compassion, and masculine energies, confidence, certainty, freedom, prosperity, forward movement, these two sides of the coin integrated within you, whatever your outward gender expression, you are masculine and feminine.

Just as within mother earth, masculine and feminine energies are held. Within you, these two polar opposites, light and dark, male and female, are able to unite through the lens of love to assist you in expressing your truth, your truth that is needed to return balance upon the earth.

Compassion and love for earth are needed, are powerful now in turning the tables, in shifting what has been manifesting within this realm, in shifting the possibility for challenges, for humanity in the future, love for the earth in this now made possible through self love of all that you are. Turn the page on what others think you should be and want you to be, by asking yourself, “Why? Is this my heart’s true calling?”

Respond to your heart’s call to live inspired, to live love, to live the truth, the fullness, the richness, the vibrant beauty of who you really are, spiritual being in physical form, living love, living truth, honoring you by loving all that you are and in the present moment letting the light and love of the divine fill you, filling you up, lifting your energy, cleansing your slate, and stepping forward, embarking, beginning to seek and discover the truth, fullness, and richness of who you are.

Balanced, aware, awake, alive, spiritual being in physical form experiencing the beauty and magic and mystery of this time, solving the mystery of what you really want, of who you really are, and of how your soul is able to manifest most vibrantly in this realm, alive and filled with love, with purpose and meaning, for your highest good and for the well being of all.

At this time I flow light frequency your way. Codes of ascension, light of awareness, high vibrational energies to uplift you now.

Breathe and elevate with this light. Relax and ascend your vibration. Relax, breathe, and feel yourself becoming lighter, brighter, more present and more aware, more closely aligned to the authentic truth of who you are, a powerful beloved, magnificent, spiritual being.

When you allow your inner spiritual truth to come to the fore, when you allow yourself to authentically shine, this entire realm, universe, consciousness is infused with the blessings of your true heart’s calling.

Each being on earth has passions which serve, intermix, intertwine, and carry collectively consciousness forward into the fifth, seventh, ninth dimensions and beyond. New technology, new advancement, new conscious experience, new possibility, a new frontier is opening for you to explore in the realm of spirit, of consciousness, and all that you need to seek, to learn, to grow within this realm of spirit is within you.

Alow yourself to let go of thought, open your heart and your mind, and enter in, imagining white light of the divine all around, for it is present with you always and with awareness the light increases in frequency, lifting you up so that you may directly experience the spiritual realms to be inspired and reminded.

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For in your voyage of discovery, you are not seeking what is all new. You are remembering the truths of the soul light and journey you have experienced, the facets of skill and desire and potential that you are drawn to, areas of study, of growth, and of love which excite you, which enliven you are meant to be. Let yourself confidently move in the direction of your dreams, releasing fear into the light, letting go of doubt, handing it over to your guides and angels, returning ever in the present moment to love, compassion, imagination, wisdom, confidence, certainty, freedom, and forward movement.
Take your next step knowing that you are guided, supported, and loved by a team of guides and angels beyond the veil, by the entire universe who is conspiring with you to help you reach your goals, to live your truth, your authentic truth, your real expression, the real you.

For you are beautiful, you are essential, you are needed to complete the transition for humanity, out of fear and into vibrant living, radiant well being, unconditional love.

Know that you are loved as you now breathe and ground these high vibrational energies you have tuned into now into your body and into the earth flowing all of this love from the divine into the earth and as this light flows down, let it take with it any foreign energies, negativity, doubts, fears, or uncertainties in your energetic field, emotions, mind, body, spirit, grounding with all this light of the divine into the light at the core of the earth. Releasing all which no longer serves.

And now, once again, the light flowing up, uniting with your open heart with the light from above, from the divine, which continues to flow down. Your heart open, ready to guide and lead you in the direction of your true heart’s desire, the real you, the authentic truth, the spiritual being empowered and present in physical form.

The time is now to move forward, to embark upon your new voyage of discovery, of living your authentic truth. I, Orion, leave you with my blessing. Goodbye for now.

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