Heart Meditation

Heart Meditation

Heart Meditation A channeled meditation with the Angels recorded just for you!

Through the power of love and an open heart you have everything you need to access the infinite love, guidance, and wisdom of the angelic and spiritual realms.

I am happy to share with you this free Heart Meditation with the Angels of the Light. Connect with the love and vibration of your Angels, and Master Guides and Teachers. Relax, and breathe as you listen to this powerful meditation with Saint Germaine and Archangel Metatron.

Simply click the play button or link below to listen or right click (ctrl click mac, press and hold tablet) to download to your computer.

Heart Meditation with the Angels of the Light

Wishing you incredible blessings of light and well being on your path!


Melanie Beckler

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P.S. Love truly is the most powerful force in The Universe and offers you the key to unlocking the secrets of the Law of Attraction, manifestation and living a joy filled, fulfilled life.

As you fill yourself up with love energy with these love meditations, you will be able to overflow your love and light to the world and you will also attract more love and light into your life because like-attracts-like.

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Remember that taking time to meditate daily is the best way to get more from your meditation practice and to experience more spiritual growth, more quickly!

Have a blessed day!

37 thoughts on “Heart Meditation”

  1. Jim Torry Barlien Tempel

    Hi Melanie !
    How do I find my Angels ? My Problem is Love and Financial
    and I really needs Angels Device and all my Angels now

    Sincerely Your friend

    Jim Torry Barlien Tempel

  2. Hy I was in a dark whole then an angel was singing then i was encircled by a dragon like creature and lifted out into a burst of light which ingulfed everything setting me free, was very uplifting and enlightening. Very cool.

    Thank you and Blessing to you

  3. Thank you for this loving meditation. I’m currently in the “zone,” and feel embraced, content, and I do feel as if I’m in a higher vibrational level. My body seems to be humming, tingling, and heating up. I’m so relaxed, yet energetic. I want to keep hold of this feeling. Again, I lovingly thank you!

  4. Thank you for this beautiful meditation! I have always had a problem shutting my brain off. I ask you all my Beautiful Angels to help me just listen and think of you!

    Thank you Melanie

    Blessings..Love & Light

  5. Catherine howard

    Thank you so much. I’ve been on a journey with this meditation how wonderful the picture in my mind and heart ,wonderful, again thank you.xx

  6. Thank you Melanie, it was a peaceful and beautiful meditation. I felt angels light and the love during meditation. It was so real ja wonderful. 🙂

  7. I am so depressed because of the way things are going with me, things are not working smoothly, is rising and falling in my carrier.

  8. Thank you Melaine,

    I recently lost my love of my life and he was very spiritual. Since he passed I have experienced some profound things. I know the way now and your meditation has allowed me to connect , and last nìght I experienced the most beautifuĺ eye opener listening to your meditation. I can’t wait to connect again.

  9. Thank you Melanie for your love and light! I appreciate all you do to help in spreading love and light to this earth realm. Namaste


  11. Merci j’en avais besoin car autant que j’aimes médite mon corp était tellement fatigué que j’avais oublié le plaisir et le bien-être que ça me procure merci encore

  12. Thank you for this wonderful message. I enjoyed it. I felt like an angel was sitting right beside me listening too.

  13. Hi Melanie thank you so much for your bkessings. I find it curious that you are in South Dakota too as as I was born there. Is there a place I can go to compensate you? Thank you again. So beautiful. After I listen I am heavy with slerp. ♥

  14. Melanie: thank you very much for this beautiful meditation.

    I want to purchase some of your others but I think I need to wait until I buy a tablet. At present I am working from an I Pad and there are some limits, I think. I know that I will love all your other meditations. Your voice is relaxing and soothing.

  15. Thankyou so much Melanie I am getting there slowly with the help from my Angels. I feel so close but yet so far, I will never give up I can see the light and I know its going to happen for me soon. Thankyou for the meditation and your help I am very grateful.

    With love xxx

  16. How can I find out which angels are looking after me and how can I connect with them. I feel I am on a mission now to find out. Please help.

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