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Tune into the guidance and messages of your angels right here and now with a free Angel Card Reading using the online version of the Ask Angels Oracle Cards.

If you're new to connecting with your guides and angels, or you're new to accessing your intuition, you may want to start by reading our short guide on How to Do An Angel Card Reading in 7 Simple Steps.

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Before you start your angel card reading, call upon your angels to surround and connect with you, think of the question you have for the angels and choose a card… Notice the thoughts, or feelings you have in response to the angel card you draw, and read the description to connect with the guidance of your angels available to you now. 

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DIY Angel Readings In 7 Simple Steps

How to Do An Angel Card Reading ~ In 7 Simple Steps

How to Do An Angel Card Reading~ In 7 Simple Steps

1. Ask Your Angels to Connect

Angel Card Reading Invocation The best way to start off an angel card reading is by calling in your angels. To do this, take a moment to simply focus your awareness within.

Quiet your mind, breathe and then think or say something like:

“I now invite my angels of healing, love and light to please enter into this time and space.

Thank you for protecting me and assisting me in tuning into your presence, healing, love and frequency…

I ask that you connect with me through this angel card reading and help me to tune into your message and guidance that will most serve according to Divine will for the highest and greatest good.”

2. Ask A Question to Focus Your Reading

Think of a question you have for the angels and focus on it. Your angels can hear your thoughts so you don’t need to speak your question out loud, though you can if you want to.

Rather than asking yes/ no questions, ask for guidance, insight and information from your angels.

You can also simply ask your angels “what guidance do you have for me now?”

3. Shuffle Your Angel Cards

Focus loosely on the question you have for your angels as you now shuffle your cards in the way that is most comfortable for you. Angel Card Reading Tip

As you shuffle the cards, imagine light flowing in and all around them…

Imagine that you're actually shuffling light into your angel card reading. Trust that your angels will guide you to choose the right card and will connect with you through this angel card reading.

4. Choose a Card

Choose a card. Whichever card you choose is perfect as there is no wrong way to choose. The angels will guide you to select the right card, so don't worry too much about how to select your cards. You can look for cards which seem to stick out a bit as you shuffle, or you can randomly choose a card.

5. Notice Your First Intuitive Impressions

Once you choose an angel card, look at it! Notice the card image and title, and pay attention to any immediate insight as to its deeper meaning in relation to your question.

Clear your mind, focus within and open your heart to tune into the love, presence and direct guidance of your angels available for you now.

6. Read the Expanded Message in the Guidebook

Next, read the expanded card description in the corresponding guidebook for clarity.

However, be sure to honor your own intuition as to the exact interpretation in response to your question, as you will often receive additional insight directly from your angels.

7.    Take Your Angel Card Readings to the Next Level

Quiet your mind, open your heart, and tune into the direct messages from your angels in response to the angel card you drew…

Use your intuition to tune into real messages from your angels, without needing your guidebook at all!

Learn exactly how to do this last step in the comprehensive Intuitive Angel Card Readings Video Course:

Enjoy Giving Yourself Angel Card Readings at Home with the Printed Ask Angels Oracle Cards

Experience your angels in a fun and powerful way through Angel Card Readings with the print version of the Ask Angels Oracle Cards! Ask Angels Oracle Cards

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Through working with these Oracle cards you will connect with the love, frequency and messages of the angels…

Raise your vibration, receive angel messages, and bring greater joy and love into your life!

For many, Angel Cards are a great way to begin to tune into the power of divination and to start receiving direct, timely insight from your angels.

Whether you are new to working with your angels and angel messages or if you are a seasoned card reader, there is great benefit working with angel cards.

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Angel Readings are a fun and positive way to connect with the guidance, love, and support of your angels.

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Just ask your angels for a message that you need now, or for help with a situation and pull a card… You will be directed to a message that will serve you on your path at this very moment.

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