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soul mate healingHeal Your Chakras to Heal Your Relationships

By Clairvoyant Angel Reader, Sheelagh Maria 

Did you know that everything outside of our bodies and aura is a direct reflection of where we are emotionally, spiritually and mentally? So if your auric energy is dull and imbalanced and if your chakras are blocked or unbalanced you may experience circumstances and outcomes that are not in line with what is truly meant for you, especially in your relationships.

For example, lets say that communication in your relationship has been a problem, if no matter what you do the two of you can’t see eye to eye, or if the walls have come down, it may be that your Sacral or Orange chakra is imbalanced. There may even be negative cords between you meaning that the old energies are simply ‘swapped’ and not healed.

Money and fear around having enough, spending wisely and what the other contributes is also a major issue with relationships, especially where ‘other’ children, families and ex partners are concerned and can really play havoc with your sense of balance peace and calm.

The angels share that by working with your OWN root chakra, balancing it, nourishing it and removing any cords you are in turn assisting your partner having enough energy enough stamina and also enough responsibility to see where changes should be made.

A beautiful way to work with the root chakra is to eat red food, especially anything grown from the earth, or better still ‘in’ it, also red flowers red apples red candles and spending time in nature Ground our energy and allow us to feel that in this moment This one, everything is good.

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Fear energy circulates and spreads just as any virus if left unchecked it can weaken and rumple what was clear and calm, and our fear energy can reside in Any chakra, so asking Archangel Michael to cleanse All fear energy from our auras, chakras and also energy bodies assists us in seeing what is ‘real;’ right here right now and seeing what is imagined, and projected. Michael reminds you that when we project about any circumstance good or bad we actively create it and invite it and so with fear its like throwing a set of problems over yourself in advance.

To cleanse your fear – especially if you have grounds for it in the past, get some white candles and sea salt and lavender oil and enjoy a long soak in your bath and ask Michael to purify and energise all of your energy and to allow only the positives to remain, ask him to show you what is true right here right now and to remind you that all is potential and all is beginning again in the next moment.

Heart Ache and Heart Break

If your heart is literally hurting or the one you love has abdicated – there are still remedies to soothe and restore the flow, Michael asks you to spend time in nature gently just allowing yourself to ‘be’ this literally takes away the hurt for a while and fresh Universal energy replaces it allowing healing to happen.

Asking archangel Michael to work with you and your partner whilst you are sleep and give you both a ‘class’ in relationship work and healing means that when you are asleep your spirits will meet up and although not all may be resolved you are likely to wake with a greater understanding or knowing of what is right for you both at this time.

If your heart is aching, get some green candles, and some pink rose quartz and just keep them nearby – allowing yourself to know that when you love yourself, the one who is right for you will also feel that love for you (and its okay to feel vulnerable this is also a gift of self love) and realise and release what is not needed – when we love ourselves rather than blaming anyone else (yes even the other party if there is one) we shout to the Universe that we are loveable and solutions healing and even reconciliation is possible though do bear in mind free will is always upheld.

Asking archangel Gabriel to help your partner consider your feelings is also a useful tool it does not mean they will agree but it will mean they have clarity and act from a place of calmness rather than reaction, it may be that a bit of space is all thats needed.

Right now the angels are reminding you that You are what is important and asking the angels to help cleanse and balance your chakras will allow you to feel comforted and supported, when you feel in touch with your own truth, then the Universe can respond in loving and unlimited ways.

If you would like a Soul mate healing session, take advantage of the remote healing offer and enjoy peace, comfort and new beginnings and allow the angels to support you to be all that and therefore receive all that you truly are.

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About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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