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Walking Meditation ~ A Powerfully Grounding Spiritual Practice

Energize Your Body and Clear Your Mind Through Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation A walking meditation is a powerful spiritual practice for grounding yourself in the here and now, becoming fully present in your body, and meditating while on the go.

Really, meditation in any form is incredibly helpful and supportive for you on your spiritual path.

There are so many different ways to meditate… So it's really about finding the ways that work for you, whether that is a concentrative meditation, an open and relaxed awareness meditation, a contemplative meditation or a guided meditation…

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But even if you’re already regularly meditating, a walking meditation is a great addition…

And if you still find meditation to be a struggle? Maybe you have trouble sitting still, or you’ve just experienced something that has you really frustrated or fired up…

A walking meditation may be just what you’ve been searching for!



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How to Do A Walking Meditation

Walking meditation doesn’t require that you be at a beautiful beach or anything like that. You can use walking meditation in a park, through a city, or even just around your block.

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The main difference between this meditative walk and walking normally lies in your intention.

It’s super simple: essentially, just start your walk with the intention to have it be a walking meditation. Take a moment of stillness at the beginning of your walk to set this intention and to focus your awareness within.

Then, focus on your heart and focus on your body sensations.

Really feel your feet against the ground, feel the air on your skin, feel the warmth and sunlight on your skin or the coolness of the air around you. Become aware of your body and become totally aware of your surroundings in the present moment.

One Step At A Time…

Walking Meditation Take your first step with awareness and with focus. Take your next step, continuing to be completely mindful, present, and centered with each step you take.

As you take one step after another, feel the earth below your feet, feel the sensations in your feet, hands, and body as you continue to walk.

Breathe and really feel into your body. Expand your awareness to become fully aware of your surroundings, and the sounds, smells, colors, lights and shapes that are all around.

Continue to breathe, and mindfully walk as you now practice opening your heart with love to the natural world around you.

Consciously expand to experience All That Is… All of existence.

One step after another, breathe, enjoy, and become fully aware in the present moment.

Breathe in and be aware that you’re breathing in.

Exhale and be aware that you’re exhaling.

Feel the earth below your feet, feel the air around you…

Be mindful, and enjoy the beautiful moment that you are in right here and right now.

Give This A Try And Let Me Know How It Goes!

Your walking meditation doesn’t have to be long. Just take one step after another with presence and your heart open.

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You will feel so centered and grounded as a result!

Another great variation of a walking meditation is to listen to a guided meditation, or even better a guided angel meditation while walking!

Add the guided meditation, on your phone, put in some headphones and head out on a walk while you listen. As you’re listening to the guided meditation, allow yourself to relax, and with each and every step return your awareness to the present moment that is right here and now.

Have you tried a walking meditation before? Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know.

If you haven’t, give it a go!

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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