20 Easy Practices For Sacral Chakra Healing You Can Do Now...
Sacral Chakra Healing

20 Methods For Sacral Chakra Healing!

Healing Your Sacral ChakraHealing Your Sacral Chakra

Have you ever encountered someone who was naturally friendly and open without being pushy or nosy at the same time?  Chances are, you’ve met someone with a balanced sacral chakra!

People whose sacral chakras are balanced are normally wonderful to be around.  They are open to life and to everything happening around them and they convey an inner joy and radiance that is contagious.

Where Is the Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra is the second of your seven major chakras within your physical body.  Located in the lower abdomen and lower back area of your body (roughly three inches below your naval), the Sacral Chakra is connected to life energy and vitality.  It’s the seat of your sexuality, emotions, and your creativity.

When open and balanced, the sacral chakra provides the energy needed for recreation, creation, and procreation.

What Happens If It’s Out of Balance?

The first sign that your Sacral Chakra is out of balance is a general lack of vitality.

Perhaps you find yourself struggling with work, working hard without getting much accomplished, or just feeling like life is nothing more than a grind?

Your ability to spontaneously feel joy or to be playful has a way of vanishing when the Sacral Chakra is weakened, closed or imbalanced as well.

Another sure sign of a blocked sacral chakra is when the people in your life complain that you aren’t expressing yourself, especially your emotional self. If you’ve been the victim of sexual or emotional abuse in your recent or distance past it’s likely that this chakra is blocked and needs some attention.

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This isn't the only way the sacral chakra gets blocked though… And not listening to your intuition or honoring your soul and creative self can cause blockages as well.

Additional symptoms of imbalance include trust issues, reacting in emotionally volatile ways, guilt surrounding sexual issues, feeling timid or withdrawn, hypersensitivity to your environment.

Typically, a blocked sacral chakra causes you to feel disconnected to other people or even respond in cold and unfeeling ways.

What Does A Balanced Sacral Chakra Look Like?

As your emotional center, symptoms of a balanced sacral chakra include having an abundance of energy, strongly perceived intuition, compassion for other beings, an appetite for life, and emotional stability.

With your sacral chakra in balance you’ll find life changes are easy to navigate, your creativity is running on full power, and your sexual/erotic life is healthy and fulfilling.  Life flows easily and you are eager for what is coming next, you enjoy all sensory experiences and find beauty all around you.

I want to remind you that chakras are constantly opening and closely, it’s part of their nature.  If you experience something negative that sticks with you for the afternoon, one or more of your chakras are likely to close in response.

Normally, as you release the negativity and move on, the chakras open again.  But when one or more of your energy centers is chronically blocked, it can create dis-ease, disease, and general disruptions in your physical, emotional, or spiritual body.

Chakra healing focuses on restoring balance and freeing blockages in order to allow the chakras to healthily moderate your energy once again.

One chakra out of balance can impact your entire being… So really, while you can focus on specific chakras, there is great benefit in balancing them all!

Here are 20 ways to bring sacral chakra healing into your life now.

    1. 20 Methods For Sacral Chakra Healing! Make room in your schedule for doing something creative and spontaneous.
    2. Get as much exposure as you can to bodies of water. Take a salt bath at home, dangle your feet in a lake, swim in the ocean, or hike along a river. Water is the element associated with the sacral chakra and exposure to it can help to achieve balance.
    3. Turn on the music and dance, dance, dance. Dancing around is a great way to get energy flowing throughout your entire body. If you’re shy, dance at home, if not head out with some friends and dance the night away.
    4. If you’re able, sit outside at night, either by a body of water or under the light of the moon. Proximity to both will bring healing healthy energy into your body.
    5. Tone up your abs and lower body with a yoga or Pilates practice (or any physical activity of your choosing). When energy gets blocked within the body, you begin to store it in your tissue.  Taking care of yourself is the perfect way to eliminate tension pain caused from a blocked chakra.
    6. Use an affirmation specifically tailored to your second chakra. Some great examples are, ‘I am balance,’ ‘Pleasure is sacred to me,’ ‘The universe is full of joy and beauty.’
    7. Make art. Find a creative outlet that you’ve neglected or always wanted to try and take a class or just start on your own. Don’t censor and don’t judge, just let creative energy flow out of you.
    8. Work on being mindful of which emotions arise in specific situations. If this is difficult, just give yourself permission to observe.  Over time you can consider ways to change negative emotional habits into positive ones.
    9. Visualize sending healing orange energy to areas of the body where you feel pain or blockage. Orange is the color associated with your sacral chakra and using this color sends high vibration energy and joy to your affected areas.
    10. Keep citrine, orange calcite, carnelian, and other orange stones in your home, purse, or pocket. You can also work with moonstone due to its close connects with both water and the moon.
    11. Balance all of your chakras and restore your energy body. When one chakra is imbalanced, you can be sure that all the others are being impacted. Working on them as a system will bring faster and more lasting benefits.
    12. Eat foods like melons, oranges, coconuts, and other sweet fruits. Remember to drink plenty of water for optimal health.
    13. Let go of negative emotions and memories that you might be carrying. This can be through a visualization where you forgive others or yourself, asking your angels for help, and surrendering challenging past emotions to the Divine.
    14. Surround yourself with physical things that bring you a sense of happiness or joy. Consider art, color, flowers, gifts from others, mementos.  Make time to notice these things and try to connect to the original feeling of joy that they brought to you.
    15. Essential oils that help to heal the sacral chakra include ylang ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, orange, xaing mao, jasmine, juniper and geranium. Use them on your body, as fragrance for your home or office, or during healing bodywork like crystal healing or Reiki.
    16. Meditate while using visualization. Picture an orange lotus or orange orb of light in the area of your second chakra and hold the image there for at least five minutes. Remember to breathe!
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    17. If you find you are unable to trust, particularly a spouse or romantic partner, spend time communicating openly about how you’re feeling. Start small with someone who is close to you. Intentionally build up to deeper sharing and connection.
    18. Keep a journal using writing prompts aimed at healing your sacral chakra. Start with, ‘What is my self-image?’ ‘Do I over indulge or under indulge in life?’ ‘In what situations am I ruled by my emotions?”
    19. Leave work early one day and don’t do anything to fill that free time. Just relax, be spontaneous, and follow your bliss.
    20. Do hip-opening yoga poses. Your hips are a major spot for storing tension. When this happens, the sacral chakra is directly impacted. Try holding pigeon, bound angle, or cow pose for 5-10 minutes each.

The balance point for the second chakra comes from learning to trust your intuition while at the same time not allowing yourself to be ruled by every emotion you have. It’s so easy to close yourself off from others and from your life, but that only creates blockages within.

Unblocking energy takes practice, patience, and intention. Use these practices regularly and you’ll soon notice a difference in how you feel.

You can also get help healing and unblocking your chakras with help from the angels.

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With love and light,

Melanie Beckler


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