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7 Minute Heart Chakra Healing – Unblock Your Heart Chakra Now

Healing Your Heart Chakra with 21 Easy Practices

Healing Your Heart Chakra- 21 Ways What is the Heart Chakra?

Your heart chakra is the spiritual center of your entire chakra system, it’s also the portal through which you can connect with your soul light, and the love and guidance of the angelic realm.

The heart chakra is the central balance point of your chakra system and your multidimensional being..

Where the Divine Meets Material

Your heart chakra is what keeps you in perfect balance between Spirit and Matter. It is your internal guidance system which guides you to stay in perfect sync on your highest path of love where you’re open to the incredible blessings of infinite possibility.

The beautiful function of the heart chakra is to balance the upper and lower chakras, and to align you with perfect balance and harmony. When it is functioning at a healthy, optimal level, you open up pathways for authentic connection, unconditional love and peace.

Energy Center for Unconditional Love

Your heart chakra is the energy center where your vibrant light radiates and unconditional love, compassion, and connection can flow through. It’s what allows you to give and receive love, and is the inner portal to the realms of peace and Divine connection. Keeping your heart open and balanced is an important practice, to living a balanced, wholesome life, while connecting with others in a joyful way.

Open your heart, and be willing to invite higher light frequencies to clear and renew your heart chakra. Heart chakra healing frees up more energy in your body for healing, abundance, and connection to occur.

It is your heart which keeps you balanced, allowing you to walk your spiritual path while never losing sight of the importance of being grounded and connected to the physical world.

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Where is the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is located in the exact middle of the seven major chakras within your psychic body; three above, three below.

Physically, the heart chakra energy center is found in the center of the chest, slightly above the level of your physical heart. When you feel into this energy space, you may notice a flow of warm, energy emanating love from within. When you quiet your mind, and open your heart, you can tune into your connection to your angels, spirit guide, and ascended masters here to assist and help.

The lower three of the seven major chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus) are connected to your physical body and the material world.  The upper three (throat, third eye, and crown) are connected to your emotional body and the spirit world.

What does the Heart Chakra Do?

The heart chakra connects you to the infinite and reminds you through presence and higher awareness of your oneness with all that is at the deepest core and highest truth.

As the spiritual center of the chakra system, its keywords or themes include healing, compassion, relationships, connection, and love. Heart chakra healing is connected on all levels (emotional, mental, physical), your ability to love freely and openly, and your ability to properly process your emotions.

Heart Chakra Healing Opens Your Spiritual Gifts

The heart chakra’s role is to connect you with your innate soul qualities, so that you can access higher spiritual knowledge, your soul’s gifts and abilities. When your heart chakra is balanced, you are grounded in your truth, and operating from your Highest divine self.

Heart chakra healing allows you to live with an open heart, from the perspective of the Divine Mind. You are more rooted in compassion because you see the higher light in others reflected back to you, mirroring and remembering the oneness with all that is.

Why You Should Balance Your Heart Chakra

Balancing your heart chakra aligns you to your passion, purpose, and possibilities that are available to you in the Highest divine timeline. Being connected to the core of your heart, allows you to walk the path of the heart, moving in flow with love and life. It empowers you to walk with discernment, moving through the physical, material world while expanding your awareness to the higher light.

When you tune into your heart, you also open heart chakra healing. Your heart chakra is the energy center which connects you to the portal of the divine realms. Here, you can access infinite healing from the Divine, from the Angels. Focus on your heart, open your heart, and enter in.

What are the Symptoms of a Blocked Heart Chakra?

A common sign of a blocked heart chakra is often a feeling of disconnection with emotions, soul light, intimacy and relationships. When you have a blocked heart chakra, there is more to explore when it comes to forgiveness, compassion, and healing yourself so that you can shine and integrate your most loving, vibrant Divine self.

Other common signs of heart chakra blockage include

  • shyness
  • lack of empathy and codependency
  • needing validation for fulfillment
  • jealousy and judgement
  • low self-esteem
  • being critical or controlling
  • suspiciousness or feeling possessive
  • being afraid to let go of emotional hurt
  • defensiveness and distrust.

Past-dwelling is also a sign that your heart chakra is blocked. Dwelling on the past usually stems from these main places.

Relationship Issues

If you regularly experience problematic or draining relationships, or find you have a difficult time connecting to people in a meaningful way, then it’s possible that your heart chakra is blocked.

These patterns are often an indication that you are not connected to your soul light light. It is often a call for you to reconnect with your heart, and move back to presence. Clearing your mind from the dramas of the old, the fears of the future, so that you may sense into the truth of your inner wisdom.

Learning to come home to your heart chakra really means tapping into a state of presence and an open heart. It’s embodying a deeper well of compassion and acceptance, that which does not judge, react, or project onto present situations. Instead, seeing through the eyes of the heart, staying on track to your center path of awakening.

Healing Begins with Forgiveness

If you struggle with forgiveness (of yourself or others), if you have an emotional wound that never seems to heal, if you’ve gone through a recent break-up or other hardship, or if you regularly feel lonely despite having caring people in your life, these are signs of a blocked heart chakra.

You could have a tendency toward insincerity and expecting to be rewarded for giving love. It is also a common culture to be taught that love comes with conditions and expectations which may have been modeled by family, society, and movies. Understanding this facet of the human condition, allows you to step out of this dynamic and make choices that come from your heart center and the present moment.

Processing this and releasing fears tied to imaginary obligations is what will help you invite more unconditionally loving relationships into your life.

Fear of Intimacy

If you fear a loss of independence if you give love, or a fear of commitment, or a constant guarding against being hurt in love, these are clear signs that you are leading less with your heart and more with your mind. In intimate relationships, you are either emotionally unavailable or attracting emotionally unavailable people.

These are signals your unconscious is protecting you from getting hurt again and being vulnerable. The more you energy that is brought from the past, the less space you are able to anchor in the present moment, and the infinite possibilities that invite in higher streams of love, light, and divine truth.

When you are aware of this, you can then focus on becoming safe with the ideas of being loved and loving, supported and supportive, inviting more connection and letting love in.

Keep in mind that opening the heart chakra also removes karmic obstacles that remain unresolved until you become aware of its pattern and its lesson. Oftentimes, chronic hardship, disappointments, resentments, and challenging relationships are there because you have a soul history.

These experiences are there to help you become more conscious of your unique soul journey purpose.

Heart Chakra Healing – Essential for Spiritual Growth and Progress

The counter to a blocked chakra is a healthy heart chakra – which is essential for spiritual growth, and progress on your ascension path. Love and intuition originate from a deep place in your heart.

To grow spiritually and create positive changes in your life is really about opening your heart and connecting deeper to your inner current of joy, love, and peace that is available to you. To walk towards your ascension path, is to return your mind to love and gratitude. To positively shift your state by knowing that you have the choice to think, feel, and act differently from the past situations that hold you back.

The Doorway To Higher Divine Love

The heart chakra is the doorway to accessing higher energies of divine love. It is an invitation to end suffering, and experience the peace, connection, and love that is readily available to you.

  • Know that not only are your relationships supported on the physical plane, but an open heart chakra moves you toward the understanding that you are not separate from the parts of you (physical, emotional, spiritual), or the Divine.
  • Your heart is the sacred portal for healing to occur.
  • It is love that wraps you with acceptance, peace, calm, and hope. Anchoring in Divine Love is opening the doors to light, and letting go of disappointments, suffering, and tension, and anger so that you can activate your authentic true self. The one that remembers your connection to light, and All That Is.

Signs of A Healthy Heart Chakra
If you are usually compassionate, feel emotionally fulfilled, and enjoy loving deeply, these are signs of a healthy heart chakra.

You easily maintain intimate relationships but also have healthy personal boundaries. You are trusting, forgiving, nonjudgmental, kind, and often radiate a peace and calmness that others perceive (if only unconsciously!).You have a strong connection with nature, you get along with most members of your family, you’re reliable, people find themselves opening up to you, and you feel a sincere gratitude for everything that enters your life – even the challenging things.

It is here that your energy begins to shift toward the spirit realm. Opening this chakra not only helps you to dissolve the myth of separation, but it awakens you to the universal love surrounding and filling you.

Unlock Your Heart Chakra With Awareness

Emotional pain and life stressors that aren’t processed and fully released can be stuck in the heart chakra. A way to process this is by becoming aware of your heart chakra through meditation, journalling and self-care practices that support your heart chakra healing. Become aware of your negative thoughts and patterns that are not serving you, in order to release them. Ask your guides, ascended masters, and angels for divine support.

Heal Your Heart Chakra

Here are 21 ways to bring Heart Chakra Healing into your Life Now.

By repairing and empowering heart chakra healing with the help of spiritual tools and awareness, you are restructuring the energetic pathways that are linked to these emotional states. Remember, these emotional states do not define you, but they do influence your energy field and contribute to your wellbeing and abilities to connect on a deeper level. Working with the heart chakra will help you raise your consciousness and awareness, and also help you manifest more abundance, connection, and love in life.

Self-Care Routines to Open Your Heart Chakra Fast

  • Be open to your emotions. Whether you scream into a pillow, have a long heart to heart with a friend, or write them in a journal.  Be honest and let your emotions out.  Holding them in, or worse, repressing them, leads to more pain than verbalizing them in a safe environment.
  • Acceptance of life as it is, as it is happening, is a powerful spiritual tool. Acceptance for yourself and where you are is the most compassionate loving thing you can do.
  • Work on letting go of those things that no longer serve you. This can be scary and requires some dedication and focus, but letting go of what you don’t need frees up space for the Divine to move in.
  • Express gratitude whenever you can. Gratitude is what interrupts your mind chatter, and reminds you to see the positive aspects of your life.
  • Use essential oils like geranium, rose, or bergamot. Use them in an infuser in your home or work space, or dab some on your pulse points.
  • Practice self-care on a regular basis. Whether it’s paying attention to and pampering your physical self or taking a day of rest, focus on you and give yourself love in many different ways.
  • Use a daily affirmation such as, ‘I am filled with courage,’ or ‘My heart is full,’ or ‘I feel love all around me.’
  • Journal using some of the following prompts, ‘What does being kind to myself look like?’ ‘Can I commit to being aware of when I am unkind to myself?’ ‘Can I see that I am worthy of love?’ ‘Can I see how many people have these same thoughts and feels and so feel empathy for all of us?’

Practice Authentic Relating with Others

  • Simply put, give love. Find a way to express your love of the people in your life. Whether it’s with a physical touch, words of gratitude, being of service, spending quality time with someone, or some other means that feels good to you.
  • Make a list of everyone in your life who has loved you.
  • Commit to a random act of kindness every day for one week.
  • Reconnect with an old friend and tell him or her what they meant to you.
  • Practice forgiveness. If you are holding on to past hurts, acknowledge that now is the time to release them.  This may mean that you seek professional counseling or that you go deep within to touch and hold the wounded parts of you.  Whatever approach you use, remember that letting go paves the way for new growth and opportunities.
  • Practice listening to others. Spend five minutes being completely present for someone else.  Don’t worry about giving advice, just bring your whole self to the experience.
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Yoga Practices to Open Your Heart Chakra

  • Practice asanas that open your heart. Asanas are yoga postures that help you balance the mind, body and spirit. Heart chakra healing- yoga postures include eagle, camel, wheel, and any backbends.
  • Use the bija mantra, ‘YAM,’ associated with the heart chakra. Bija mantras are repeated tones that you say during mindfulness meditations, and are commonly used before or after a yoga practice. In yogic philosophy, YAM is the sound vibration that works with the opening the heart chakra. Repeat it to yourself any time you feel you are closing down.
  • Meditate on your heart center. Imagine each inhale and exhale as a green color and imagine the color spreading throughout your entire body as you breathe. Imagine this green breath removing negativity from your heart as you exhale.
  • The color associated with the fourth chakra is green. Get out in nature, and let the green vibration fill you and heal you.
  • If you have jewelry or clothes that are green, wear them with the intention that you are making inspired changes the material realm, to influence and inspire change within your emotional and spiritual realm.
  • Visualize a deep green light filling your heart center. You can even visualize the wheel or sphere of the chakra freely rotating in a sea of green light.  Hold the visualization for 5-10 minutes.
  • Practice loving yourself. Take note of harsh thoughts and feelings that your mind directs at you.  Notice them, acknowledge them, and then let them go.  You can build up to replacing them with kind and loving thoughts and feelings.
  • Sing, hum, or chant. It doesn’t matter where or what, just be sure to sing with your authentic self.

Balancing Your Entire Energy Body?

When one chakra is out of balance it's usually a sign that your entire energetic being could use some cleansing and balancing, because all your chakras work together!

For a complete chakra balancing meditation, click here! 

With love and light,

Melanie Beckler



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