Archangel Metatron Angel Message

Preparing for 12-21-10 | Angel Message from Metatron

December 2010 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Solstice | Angel Message

Archangel Metatron Angel Message

The astrological alignment we are experiencing now, and will feel on 12-21-2010, is very similar to what will occur on December 21, 2012… This is, a powerful Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Solstice and direct alignment with the center of the Galaxy! The energy will be strong, and it will challenge you to become more of you are as an authentic spiritual being. Unfortunately this is not an easy process… but it is why you chose to be living here on Earth now. There is tremendous spiritual growth opportunity available to you now, take advantage of this opportunity!

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Connect with the channeled light and guidance of Archangel Metatron, with this special free channeled message, to help you prepare for the powerful energetic opening of the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Solstice 2010. This energy will continue to build and accelerate as we move into 2011, this can be an incredible blessing… or huge shake up and challenge for you depending on your steps and course of action now!

Wishing you an incredible now and always!

Melanie |Ask Angels

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