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Unconditional LoveYour ability to connect with inner peace and
Angels through meditation is a powerful way to offer your light,
hope, love and compassion for Humanity and Mother Earth.

These meditations will help you relax into the now moment,
and you will enjoy the peace and tranquility of your
inner light and true inner connection to love.

Remember that there are Angels all around you waiting to
help in magical ways! All you have to do is connect
through your open heart and ask!

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Metatron's Guided Meditation transcribed for you here:

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“Indeed I am here, I am Archangel Metatron and I invite you to relax into your inner being. Relax into this very moment, relax moving away from your mind and down, into your heart. Relax into the window of your heart to connect with consciousness, stillness, with the inner calm. Relax and breathe into this peace.

Breathe in and open your heart, allow its light to shine and grow and as you breathe out allow the light to emanate throughout your body, your spirit, your aura and your mind. Breathe in and relax.
Just be, relax and allow. You are in a time now of increase after increase in light and vibration on your planet and to joyously navigate these changes, accept the now, what is, with your heart. Introducing your thoughts, circumstances, your beliefs once again to consciousness through your heart.

Breathe into your heart, to the mirror of consciousness of your inner being your thoughts, your experience, breathe love into your interactions and encounters.

Allow any tension and chaos and struggle to be lifted now from your body and from your energy. Density spiraling away from your physical, mental and spiritual form. Ascending, lifting, illuminating and finally returning to the light. And now allow that light, source, consciousness to flow from within your open heart and all around you into all objects and sounds.

Embrace your inner calm, the still calm void within. Relax into your heart. Enter within, into your full joy, full power, full spirit and yes, in opening to this feeling, there are areas where dense energy and vibration, experience remain. Become aware and allow light to flow within.

As more light becomes held in your being and present on the planet, these blockages will naturally release. You also do have the choice and opportunity to be proactive in your healing and ascension approach, consciously raising your vibration, tuning into your heart and into this conscious light and energetic spiritual being that you are noticing now. Becoming aware of your subtle energy and where in your field there is a block or density or cord, or past experience allowing density to still remain. Simply tune into your heart, and in this space release into the light. As you do this, allow your light to raise. Now from within the window of your heart, from within this still and calm connected place, allow your full light to shine.

Now is your time, to shine, to believe, to trust, to open to all that you are. And through your calm, alert and powerful inner presence, you allow healing and light to shine around your Earth and beyond. You are the link, the one, the way. From within your heart and your window to consciousness here and now you are connected to all, realize this. Experience. And flow Love through this connection.

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You are so dearly loved, you are illuminated. And you are loved beyond words.
~Blessings of laughter, hope and a life joyously lived.

Archangel Metatron

Thank you for reading this beautiful channeled message by Archangel Metatron.

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Melanie Beckler

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