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Understanding Crystal, Rainbow, and Indigo “Star Children”

Star Children- The New Energy Kids on Earth!

As the Earth and Humanity continue to ascend into higher vibrational frequencies of love and light, entirely new possibilities are revealed, and the actual pace of the ascension process is accelerated. A beautiful example of this can be seen in the Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, and Indigo Children, who are otherwise known as Star Children, or New Kids!

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The New Kids (who aren't all kids anymore) are souls who are born into the physical realm while retaining many Divine qualities of light. They are children of the new energy who have unique characteristics and qualities.

An easy way of looking at this phenomenon is that star children are being born with more of their Divine and spiritual technologies intact. They are coming into the earth plane with higher vibrational frequencies which serve to support them in their life missions of further elevating the vibrational frequency of humanity and of the planet.

Why Is This Happening?

Star Children

As humanity continues to ascend into living in alignment with love, the new kids are able to begin their life journey at a higher vibrational frequency. In other words they're able to be born while retaining more of their spiritual connection. This connection and elevated frequency of Divine love and light manifests through the star children as characteristics, skills, and attributes which will help them in fulfilling their unique purposes on Earth. Purposes which are aligned with helping Earth and humanity to move out of the old paradigm of greed, control, fear, competition and stress, and into the new paradigm of love, manifestation, integrity, peace and cooperation.

Crystal, rainbow and indigo children are spiritual beings from the higher planes and dimensions of existence, and they're here to help usher in an even high vibrational frequency.

The New Kids are helping to elevate the vibration of Earth, and further progress the ascension of humanity and to do so they each have specific Divine attributes which shine through them, and they're often categorized, labeled, and grouped accordingly.

You may have read about indigo children as being sensitive, strong willed, and intuitive innovators, they are “the paradigm busters” of the new kids. The crystal children (sometimes called starseeds) are typically quiet, empathic, deeply spiritual and closely connected to nature, they are “the open hearted healers”. Rainbow children come in spiritually gifted, incredibly connected, free from karma, and they're excited to teach about the realms of spirit from an early age, they are “the spiritual avatars”…

These labels of the new energy kids aren't “incorrect”. As humans, we naturally want to classify, label and categorize, and you can find tons of lists and quizzes to help you identify the energy type of you or your children. These labels can help parents to understand their sensitive children and their unique needs, and can help children to understand why they feel different or feel like outsiders compared to many of their peers.

As someone who was a super sensitive, empathic and psychic child myself, I personally felt relieved when I learned about the characteristics of the crystal children and immediately resonated with this soul group…

But I also feel that the labels can be restrictive, and they really only scratch the surface of what is possible for the new kids to manifest when they step into their highest possible vibration. I think it would be wise for us to remember that a huge purpose for the children of the new energy is to help us all to live outside of the box… Not to try to fit them into the many boxes we as a society have created.

New Energy Available to All

Star Children I think it's hugely important to point out that there is no exclusion here, or some kind of magic that is available to crystal and indigo children that other children or adults cannot access.

The new kids are simply lightworkers who have been born with more of their light intact, and the beautiful opportunity in this, which I haven't seen many people talking about… Is that once a new characteristic, trait, and frequency is experienced by ANYONE on the planet it can be experienced by ALL.

The very traits that the new children are being born with, are immediately accessible by everyone who is willing to let go of the old paradigm and ascend into a new experience of living in alignment with the Divine and with love.

The rainbow, indigo and crystal children are being born more and more aware of their connection to the Divine and awareness of their oneness with all. They're generally more intuitive, sensitive, telepathic, spiritual and compassionate beings… And through their being-ness, these traits become more easily accessible by all.

As a collective, the purpose of the new kids is to awaken mass consciousness, bringing light, love, frequency, and positive change to the main stream so that everyone can remember the truth of who they are. The new kids are by example and through energy showing how we can all return to the experience of oneness with each other and with the Divine and spiritual realms.

The exciting thing about the new kids, is not just that they're here to help on the planet, and that they have the energy and qualities to REALLY help… But that the very energy which empowers their light work on the planet is now available to everyone who is willing to let go of the old and with an open heart step into the new paradigm.

The simple presence of the high vibrational indigo, rainbow and crystal children on Earth empowers others to elevate into these higher frequencies.

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Plus as the new energy kids grow up (as many already have), they they step into their power as leaders, healers, teachers, and scientists who have the potential to create huge changes on Earth both directly through their work, and indirectly through living in alignment with the realms of spirit and through consciousness.

Through their energy, actions, and simply being here now, the indigo, rainbow, and crystal children are empowering the growth and ascension of all.

With many blessings of love, light, and gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler

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P.S. Was this article helpful? Do you have a “new energy kid” or are you a crystal, rainbow, or indigo? I love hearing from you… Be sure to leave a comment below or on facebook!

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