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Archangel Metatron Channeling with Archangel Metatron

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I ask that we be surrounded with light, with 100 thousand angels, the ascended masters, master teachers and each of our own highest, most loving possible guides and angels. Please come in and connect with us now in our own unique way. I ask that the highest possible channeling guide for this evening with a message or a meditation on the full moon, please come in, connect and channel through me now.

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Indeed, I am Archangel Metatron, and I greet you in light, in spirit, in unity. For indeed, you are the same energy as I, as angels, and there is a large part of you existing now in spirit, in the angelic realm, in light.

And you are, indeed, living in a powerful time for you to fully realign with your light, to fully channel your divine blueprint in this here and now. To align with your highest self, bringing your full light, well-being, and all your many gifts into the physical, into creation, into existence. And you do this with your trust, with your willingness, and through opening your heart, surrendering to the light and the power of the Divine that you find therein.

As you breathe in now, imagine your in-breath fanning the flame of light within your heart, encouraging it, kindling it and helping it to grow. Your heart light is shining brightly within your physical body, but is extending beyond your physical body now.

Breathe in and let the light of your heart grow and expand out to fill your entire aura, to fill the room in which you sit. Imagine now even more light flowing in through your crown, meeting with the light of your heart and expanding even more with assistance from your angels.

Continue this visualization. Consciously breathe in, feeling the flame of your heart chakra grow. And as you breathe out, allow this light, this heart-centered energy, to expand through your entire body, out into the room, into the world, as light, as blessing; breathing in light and breathing out your love and blessing.

Indeed, the time is now—the time is now for you to shine. The time is now for you to allow your gifts, your spirit, and your purpose to come into the center stage. There is no more waiting or wondering or doubting. No more fearing, only acting, trusting, and flowing with the universe, with light, with consciousness.

Drop inward into your heart, into your inner world of peace, calm now, realizing that within this calm, collected present state, you are limited not. You have available to you all of your spiritual power. The wisdom, the light, the strength of your soul is waiting within for you to align with now.

Open your heart, calm your mind and return to full knowing that you are consciousness, you are all that is. You are everything and everyone and everywhere. And as you breathe out, allow the blessing and the light of your heart and of your spirit to expand outward, to flow out and into the world, blessing your physical body, your physical location, blessing all that is.
And now, allow your awareness to realize, to remember, to notice what fear or doubt or hesitation you’re holding onto and why.

You have unlimited light, infinite potential, and a vast supply of spiritual energy to share with the world.
What holds you back?

What thought or belief or idea prevents you from running with what you know? What keeps you from fully living and sharing your inner light and wisdom?
Feel this. Do not run from the fear or doubt, but let it come up from deep within. Let it come to the surface, and now let it go.
As if a breeze of angelic order flows through this room now, any fear, uncertainty, doubt—is lifting it up and out of this room and into the light. Your angels assist in releasing it and returning it to oneness.

Within you where this was, relax and feel the void where fear was and feel the void where doubt was, re-filling now with the pure vibration of unconditional love, trust, wisdom, peace, relaxation, and power.

You are infinitely powerful when you are in spirit, powerful and able to create change in your reality and in your life.

Unlimited blessings await you in vibrational escrow. You understand this, yes. But understand now that as you surrender, as you release the needs and worries and thoughts of your mind and surrender to the full power of your heart and your spirit, and flow with this light, share this light and love and well-being with all whom you encounter. Now is the time.

And beloved being of light, angelic, spiritual, pure essence that you are, trust that as you kindle this in you, as you allow your true inner light to shine, it becomes more powerful, more enjoyable to you, more playful. We do not wish for you to be serious and sit around and talk about the way things must be. But rather, connected to spirit, let your creativity lay the path, let light and creative essence, your spiritual essence, determine your path. And when you follow this path laid before you, you cannot help but experience joy and love and bliss.

This is why you are here now: to empower yourself with your full spiritual nature, to leave behind the doubts, the fears, the suggestions and limitations of your ego. Give these to us. Give these to your angels. And as you do, you are able to reconnect with the angelic being you truly are, you essentially are, the being you were before you chose to be physical, and the being that you still are that still awaits you in the spiritual realm, awaits your full connection.

Remember, your open heart, your center, your power will guide you to your highest good. With your heart open and your mind calm, there is no need to suffer. You suffer when you are attached to the lies, the fears, and the doubts of mind.

Surrender these constructs of mind to spirit, when you surrender and accept that you are spirit and power and grace and love, and let this flow through you, let this be your identity—not the name you are given at birth or the personality characteristics you believe to have taken on, but spirit, truth, vibration, light, energy.

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This is what you are. Tuning in to this, your energy, your vibration from your heart, allows it to grow. As your vibration becomes larger, becomes more vibrant, becomes more powerful, the struggles and challenges of your everyday waking life will no longer shake you. You will be able to accept with compassion and love, and understand the perfect nature, the divine nature of your every experience, meeting challenge and meeting joy with the same energy, the same love, the same conscious truth that is your essence, your core, is you.

You are light, you are energy, you are frequency, you are love.

Let your energy lift, become illuminated, be weighed down no more. Let go of fear, let go of doubt and worry. Embrace your whole nature, your divinity. And know that you are safe in doing this. You are supported. Your soul yearns for your full connection. Your angels applaud and rejoice every time you drop into this portal, your open heart.

Open and allow your full wonder to shine through. This is our deepest wish for you in this now: to let your light shine, not for our benefit, but for the benefit of your life and your worlds. For as each of you awaken and shine and share this love with others whom you encounter, it will spread, it will multiply, ripple throughout conscious existence, bringing you the peace, the authentic connection, the happiness and the knowing that you are well, that all is well in this now, in every now.

Open your heart and dive in deep within you, inside your inner world, your inner being and notice all the light therein. There may still be some struggle, last ditch efforts of an ego mind trying to control you. Set your mind aside, imagine your thoughts drifting away into the clouds, and connect with your light and with love.
We angels love you infinitely beyond your comprehension. Feel this now. As we wrap you in light, in love, feel our embrace and our blessing. Use this energy as confidence, as courage, and your doubt and fear and worry will melt away. No more do they serve you, and so, no more do they restrict you. Let go and flow with light, flow with your spirit always guiding, always urging you. Follow your heart.

You know what is next. Trust in this. Take your next step and know that, as you do, the next will appear. You are guided, you are so loved. You are blessed, lifted, illuminated. Carry this much light every day, carry this much light in the grocery store and as you drive your car. Know it is true that all whom you encounter when you are in a space of open heart will automatically receive your healing and your blessing. And as you send love and healing and blessings into your world, you receive the benefits of these tenfold.

You are the way. You are the truth. You are the light. These words have been said about many sages, masters, teachers from Buddha to Christ. And we say to you now, “You are the one. There is no other, other than you, who can bring our world, earth into the next paradigm.”

And so, trust that this has always been awaiting you, and as you walk this path of open heart, connected to spirit and your light and your power, take control of the reality you experience that you are infinitely supported and blessed in doing so. And truly in doing so, you infinitely support and bless those around you. There is no way to help another, other than to help yourself. Become the master in physical form, the master of light, of spirit, of love, responding to everything, everything with love.

Notice your heart within your core glowing brightly, illuminated, shining, and allow one final release of all that no longer serves you that has been. The old stories that no longer need to be repeated—let these go. And if you are ready, when you are ready, step forward in your mind and in your heart. Step forward into the light, into awakening, into being conscious, being aware and be and know that you are so loved.

Indeed, you are loved, and you are the one and now is the time. Open and know that all angels rejoice. We celebrate. We applaud your courage and your light, and say unto you, “Keep going, keep trusting. Follow the urges of your soul and heart and let your highest path, your highest possible state of being, your full light, full vibration, full spiritual essence, let it come to be.”

If not now, when? Now is the time and you are the one. And we—I, Archangel Metatron and the many beings of light and angels present here and now—we give you our full blessing. Accept this and carry this light unto the world, knowing that you are loved, you are supported and that a lifetime of happiness, connection, balance, cocreation awaits. Trust and open your heart, breathe and know you are so blessed.

I am Metatron, and I leave you now with my blessing of love, of well-being and of hope. Goodbye for now.

Thank you for reading this beautiful channeled message by Archangel Metatron.

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Melanie Beckler


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