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Sacred Geometry – Uncover The Secret Script of the Universe

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry - What You Need to Know and How to Use It Sacred Geometry refers to the universal patterns and geometric symbols that make up the underlying pattern behind everything in creation.

Sacred Geometry can be seen as the “hidden script” of creation and the Spiritual Divine blueprint for everything manifest into existence.

In other words, sacred geometry is the Divine pattern of the universe that makes up all of existence.

Although it may not seem like it at times, everything in the physical universe has a divine order and significance. In many ancient mystery schools and spiritual traditions everything in physical reality is described as being a thought form in the Mind of God.

Through this lens the original sacred geometric shape is a sphere representing the oneness of Source/ God with All That Is.

A sphere is then both the simplest sacred geometric form, and its also the Divine container that all of the other sacred geometric patterns, or thought forms from the mind of God are contained within.

The many varied individual sacred geometric patterns that are behind everything in creation are individual thought forms in the Mind of God, that together create reality. They are all contained within the greater sphere, or oneness of the Source of All.

vesica piscis As a Sphere of Creation replicates (as can be seen in the mitosis of a cell), the sacred geometric form of the Vesica Piscis is created. This sacred geometry is in itself a thought form in the Mind of God that is both an individual pattern, as well as being contained within the greater Oneness of the Source of All That Is.

In other words, the Universe, and the Earth, each began with a seed of life, a thought form from the mind of God, and an individual spark of creation. Within each seed of creation, lies a vibration that exists in each and every living thing here. By tuning into the Divine within an individual sacred geometric pattern, we have a link and access to the sacred geometry of the whole, the Source of All, the One.

Honestly, tuning into this sacred geometric hidden script behind creation can be a bit mind blowing but by beginning to see the underlying patterns that make up creation unlocks so much magic.

The Language of The Universe

Sacred Geometry- Uncover the Secret Script of the Universe With awareness, we can begin to see the sacred geometric patterns in everything. They are the underlying language of the Universe.

From the way the leaves grow out of the stems of a tree, to the way the ocean meets the shore, or how a seashell forms, or a plant grows … The natural world is all created according to the underlying Divine blueprint and according to the sacred geometric, mathematical code of physical reality.

The Fibbonacci sequence is the mathematical understanding of the how the physical universe is created. Like a cell, when multiplied, it forms the basis of other geometrical patterns to be created.

Awareness of how nature is Divinely designed can help us stay tuned in to the underlying harmony, divinity, and song woven throughout everything in the Universe.

Sacred Geometry is like the original blueprint, the script for all of life and how it is divinely constructed and organized. It is the mathematics of the universe, which forms consciousness and matter.

Sacred Geometry Blueprint For Awakening

Sacred Geometry Blueprint Sacred Geometry contains the Divine blueprint for your awakening.

By attuning to the symbols, you can open to the transmission of Divine Mind and directly link to Source Consciousness…

This empowers you to receive the Divine Love, blessings and light codes inherent in all of creation.

The new ”Sacred Geometry Blueprint with Archangel Metatron” is channeled by Melanie Beckler, and offers you a beautiful meditative journey you'll LOVE returning to time and time again.

As you listen you will be walked through a powerful process of harmonizing with Sacred Geometric Blueprint of Source.

You will uncover how you can co-create with the sacred geometry energy of Love to reveal and tap into the power of your unlimited multi-dimensional truth.

You will receive Divine assistance in embodying the clearest reflection of your Divine individuality…

And restoring the template of your Sacred Geometric Light Body in Physical Form.

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The Connection Between Sacred Geometry and Nature

Exploring the Connection between Sacred Geometry and Nature

One of the most natural and beautiful places to begin connecting with Sacred Geometry is in nature.

The sacred geometry in nature is so perfect, and in such alignment with Source, that it is the most natural place to receive the sacred geometric codes of awakening.

The essence of Nature is in harmony with the flow of the universe. When you look at the stillness of the trees, or even the static nature of a stone, there is a subtle vibration moving at its own speed in ways that our naked eyes don’t see.

While you can read everything you need to know in books, or online about Sacred Geometry, I honestly believe one of the best ways to tune into its power is by simply taking a walk in nature with awareness. Look deeply into nature to see how the trees move, understand the life cycle of flowers, and notice the flying patterns of pollinators!

With awareness, nature holds endless inspiration and a direct access point and link the Divine, the Source of All.

Are you able to see some of the underlying Divine patterns in nature and how they resemble shapes and geometrical patterns?

This can easily be seen in the intricately beautiful spiral shape of a sea shell, or the spiral grown pattern of a fern. It can be witnessed in the way birds fly in unison. Or, the way trees grow, yet their roots deepen, interlinking and connecting with one another.

Everything that grows naturally in nature, stems from a vibration of sound and creation that needs to be expressed itself in the physical. The wisdom of earth, the seed of life, the flower of life all have a way of restoring us to our true Divine core.

When you take a closer look, you may begin to see the sacred geometry in everything! It’s in the spirals in pine cones. The seed patterns and the way a sunflowers grow. The perfect shapes of a spider making its cobwebs, or the hexagonal structure and hive of the working bees.

It’s quite honestly… Magic!

Grounding With The Earth’s Planetary Grid!

Go outside in nature! Notice how the plants speak to your senses, and how the sounds calm and uplift your vibration. The grounding and meditative qualities of spending time in nature is another way of connecting to the sacred geometry of Creation.

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It restores, repairs, and cleanse your energy body so you may raise your vibration. And when you raise your vibration, you open up the channels to receiving divine wisdom, insight, love and guidance from your angels, spirit guides, and Higher self!

Nature not only grounds you through your Root chakra, but connects you to the Infinite above through the Crown chakra. Nature is the most natural path to reconnect with spirit! It’s Spirit’s gift to us, and with awareness, openness and presence we are each able to tune in to the many blessings that are available to us each in the present moment now.

To connect with the sacred geometrical structure of nature is to connect with our sacred existence in geometric form! Its vibrational quality evokes joy, beauty, awe, peace…these are all states that put you back in your flow, in alignment with your Divine Self, our intuitive knowing of your I AM core, and the source, Oneness, that is within us all.

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4 Sacred Geometry Symbols To Infuse Your Life With!

Sacred Geometry is so pleasing to the eye simply because the vibration behind it emanates the universal oneness with all that is. Here are some of the common sacred geometry forms that you will commonly see on clothes, necklaces, art, crystals, and online when exploring spirituality and consciousness.

seed of life

Sacred Geometry: Seed of Life

Seed of Life The Seed of Life is a sacred geometrical symbol with 7 circles, 6 of them overlapping one another forming a beautiful geometrical pattern of a blooming flower. The seed of life is a commonly used mandala that represents Creation. The number 7 is significant, and in religious texts it represents the 7 days of Creation. 7 also connects to the main chakra centers we have in our body that unify our mind, body and spirit. In numerology, the number 7 is the seeker.

Meditating on the Seed of life, gazing into it, drawing it, wearing it, and connecting with this sacred symbol allows you to spark ideas, to embrace new beginnings, and to keep searching for your divine truth!

The seed of life represents elevating your consciousness by seeing the sacredness in all things. Through divine love, and divine timing, all things bloom.

Visualize the seed of life to elevate your vibration, and balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Sacred Geometry: Flower of Life

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometrical symbol that branches out from the seed of life! While the Seed of Life has 7 circles, the flower of life has 19 circles. 19 is a number that carries an innate centering quality, which can give you insight into the energetic quality of the Flower of Life form.

The Flower of Life is a beautiful and intricate sacred geometrical pattern where each circle overlaps one another and creates petal shapes, hence the name “Flower of Life”.

Like water molecules, the sacred geometrical outline that keeps this form together is a hexagon.

Historically, the Flower of Life symbol has been found throughout history across different cultures and religions. In Egypt, the symbol is carved into several temples such as in the temple of Osiris. In Beijing, China, the Flower of Life is spotted with the Chinese Guardian Lion statues at the Forbidden Palace. It is found in temples across the Middle East, and also in the art sketches of Leonardo DaVinci.

The Flower of Life is one of the most popular sacred geometrical designs because it is a vibrational reminder of the co-creation of the universe! As awakened souls, we can use the flower of life as a visual to remember our own circle of light, and how we overlap and reunite with the multidimensional aspects of ourselves.

Sacred Geometry: Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra The Sri Yantra has been an amazing spiritual visualization tool to meditate on, heal, and to purify one’s mind and heart.

Its energy activates the path of spiritual liberation, balancing the sacred masculine and feminine energies within. Tibetan Buddhist monks in India learn the sacred art of making Sri Yantras out of fine grains of sand only to destroy it and pour the sand into nature.

Two things come to mind with this practice! It represents the impermanence and transient nature of life, and also, that this practice of creating art with sacred geometry such as Sri Yantra, has a powerful vibrational energy, that even if it’s physically destroyed, the practice can transform, harmonize, and raise the vibrational grid of the planet!

Sri Yantra and Third Eye Opening

It’s not uncommon for people to open their third eye when incorporating Sri Yantra in their meditative practice. Imagine what this can do for you. Sri Yantra is a great way to connect with the Divine Mind because it knows the art of letting go, of detachment and allowing the movement of energy to restoring and balancing the energies of creation.

Sacred Geometry: Metatron’s Cube

Metatrons Cube Metatron’s cube is so powerful because it vibrates and contains all the platonic solids of sacred geometry which make up the building blocks of life. The word platonic, comes from the philosopher Plato, because he is the one earlier philosophers to discover sacred geometry, believing that these shapes also resemble the God, the Spirit, the Heavenly realms that we have access to here on Earth.

He linked the four elements with these geometrical patterns:

  • Tetrahedron and Fire: Passion and Drive
  • Cube and Earth: Grounding and Instinct
  • Octahedron and Air: Thoughts and Information
  • Icosahedron and Water: Emotions and Intuition

Looking closely, you can see almost every geometrical shape that exists. This gives us a better look at how the physical world, and the connection to our Oneness, and the vantage point of the Divine Mind where we can see the tree of life come together. Nothing is truly separate, and we can always find parallels, patterns, and similarities that connect the physical with the spiritual.

What’s even more fascinating, is how you can actually use sacred geometry as a healing tool to rise above the status quo of the collective consciousness and heal distortion and densities within physical manifestation through simply accessing the higher states of your Divine truth and consciousness.

Archangel Metatron and Sacred Geometry

Archangel Metatron and Sacred Geometry - Whats the Connection? Archangel Metatron is known to be one of the angels of life. This means he oversees lifeforce and the crystallization of Divine Mind into physical and spiritual reality. This naturally involves templates of sacred geometry.

When working with individuals, Metatron will use sacred geometry forms of light to clear distortion and harmonize energy restoring balance in our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

His spiritual toolbox of healing tools works directly to clear lower vibrational energies, so that you may reconnect with your Divine Mind and Spiritual Power!

Do you want to see how Sacred Geometry can help you on your spiritual path?

Connect with Metatron in the new Sacred Geometry Blueprint Sessions.

As you listen you will uncover how you can co-create with the sacred geometry energy of love to reveal and tap into the power of your unlimited multi-dimensional truth.

Metatron will connect with you directly through the Sacred Geometry form known as Metatron’s Cube to clear any densities, programming and balance your energies.

When you work with Metatron’s Cube by visualizing above your head, you can feel his cube spiraling and working through your energy body and spinning your chakras. His Cube is the sacred geometry of 13 spheres. It is also known as the Star Merkaba of Light and is so powerfully cleansing whenever you feel out of alignment. Metatron’s Cube is available to you, and can instantly begin working from your crown chakra to your root chakra when you call on him for support.

You can also use a simple intention or prayer to invoke Metatron's presence.

“I now call upon Archangel Metatron, to help me bring balance between my Ego self and Divine self so that I may receive the Highest Divine light available to me now.”

Archangel Metatron is a powerful ally whom you can connect with to help restore your vibrational resonance with your highest divine self. Quiet your mind, and allow your heart to open and your vibration to raise to tune into his powerful energy and presence.

Connecting To Metatron’s Sacred Geometrical Tools

Connecting with Metatron will help to open the pathway to elevating your consciousness, removing limiting beliefs within your psyche, and awakening your light body. It is not uncommon for Archangel Metatron to use several sacred geometric tools to support your healing.

Geometric shapes such as a cube, stars, and sacred 3D geometric shapes like the merkaba, are all connected to Metatron’s power to integrate polarizing energies into perfect balance. Visualizing or sensing their essence being worked through your energy body can help you raise your vibration, balance your thoughts, and create structure in your life!

In the Sacred Geometry Blueprint Sessions with Archangel Metatron you will:

☀️Experience the Sacred Geometry of the spiral which reminds you of your ever-evolving journey in life and empowers you to lift upward in a Divine Spiral into the next level of Higher Light.

☀️Activate the Merkaba, the sacred geometric structure of your crystalline light body.

☀️Attune to the geometric pattern of Divine perfection..

☀️Co-create with the sacred geometry energy of love to reveal and tap into the power of your unlimited multi-dimensional truth.

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Ideas On How To Use Sacred Geometry As A Spiritual Practice!

Ideas on How To Use Sacred Geometry As A Spiritual Practice! Sacred Geometry is all around us, and is literally the blueprint for how the Divine crystallizes into phsyical form.

Sacred Geometry can clearly be seen and witnessed in nature who is so abundantly presenting endless opportunities and sacred spaces for us to reconnect with the power of the infinite.

Here are some ideas on things to do to use sacred geometry to elevate your vibration and open the sacred portals of your divine light.

Align Your Energies And Balance Your Chakras

  • Chakra symbols have all kinds of sacred geometrical shapes. Every chakra symbol and its associated color has a vibration that represents an energy. Meditate on the Chakra symbols to tune into the harmonized coherent energies of each of the chakra centers.
  • Clear your mind of all worries and insecurities! Rest the palm of your hand draw your attention to the symbol of each chakra. Notice the colors and let it light up and spin in your chakra points.
  • Make some mandala and sacred geometry art and use it as a meditation to awaken and connect with your body’s energy. There’s no right or wrong way to do it! The symbols are fueled with intention already on a multidimensional level. You just simply need to be open to receiving it.

Restore Your Energies And Get out in Nature!

  • Nature is so grounding is because its in sync with the Earth’s Planetary Grid, the Flower of Life and of creation! Use this as your ally for your spiritual journey, allowing the energy energy to circulate through your chakras and embracing the support of Mother Earth’s sacred geometric form.
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  • Drink and find fresh spring water from the source! Fresh water is likely to retain its sacred geometric form, helping you restore your natural authentic vibration that is connected to the earth. Its crystalline structure is in sync with the planetary grid before it is filtered and transported through the pipes.
  • Meditate with flowers and count the flower petals. Notice the sacred geometrical patterns of flowers, how the leaves are arranged. Notice the symmetry as they all link back to the flower of life. You might see spirals, hearts, circles, and how each one of them contains an uplifting vibrational essence.
  • You will find it easier to connect your angels and spirit guides when you are walking through a garden and smelling the roses simply because they raise and elevate your vibration to a frequency where you are receptive to the divine messages for you!

Set Your Intentions

  • Meditate by gazing into a sacred geometry symbol to see what is revealed to you.
  • Use sacred geometry as a visual tool to set your intentions that heal and lift your vibration. Use it to clear your mind, tune into your heart, and align with your will center for what you asking the Universe to co-create with your reality. The sacred symbol can be a practice to recharge your intentions.
  • Work with crystals and ask them for assistance. Crystals are Divine consciousness crystallized into physical form and there structure is a perfect sacred geometrical  manifestation! Like nature, they each have specific light frequencies that can help to bring you back into alignment with your true Divine Blueprint!
  • Make a crystal grid with geometric patterns that feel good to you as you focus on the power of your intention!
  • Listen to the Sacred Geometry Blueprint Sessions channeled with Archangel Metatron!

    With love, light, and gratitude,

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