Metatrons Cube

Can You Activate And Invoke The Healing Power Of Metatron’s Cube?

Most people know that Archangel Raphael is the Archangel who oversees healing… However, did you know that Archangel Metatron could be a huge ally on your healing journey as well?

The Purpose of Metatron's Cube and Sacred Geometry

Metatrons CubeWhen I first started working with Archangel Metatron… I quickly noticed geometric shapes and blocks of colored light spiraling around me. I later realized that Metatron's cube and these sacred geometric shapes of light were powerful tools used by Metatron to facilitate healing, energy balancing, and spiritual growth.

Archangel Metatron, Teacher of Spiritual Light and Power

I now know that Archangel Metatron is a high-level spiritual being, who serves according to Divine will and who teaches those who are ready how to access their spiritual light and power.

A natural part of accessing spiritual power for the highest and greatest good is first healing and clearing away any lower vibrational energies, thoughts, and patterns you are still carrying.

Metatron’s Cube and Chakra Healing

Metatron's cube is one of the tools Metatron uses to clear away lower vibrational energies, balance and activate chakras, raise your vibration, and much, much more.

Metatron's cube is a combination of sacred geometric shapes like the platonic solids, the tree of life and the flower of life. When called upon Metatron may use these shapes merged into one, or individually depending on what will most serve.

When you call upon Metatron for healing and spiritual assistance, do not be surprised if you notice geometric light spiraling around your energy, and through your physical body.

To facilitate healing, Metatron rotates these spiritual forms, including Metatron's cube through your chakras, and through all levels of your being.

As Metatron’s cube and other geometric light forms spiral through your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies they work to clear and release dense energy, toxins, and negativity in any form.

Metatron’s cube and sacred geometric light forms are one of the main ways he delivers healing assistance, though he has many more tools and gifts to share as well.

platonic solids

Metatron and The Akashic Record

Part of Metatron’s service includes recording every choice (past, present, and future) in the book of life or Akashic record… For this reason, his healing assistance works powerfully across the lines of time, as he can assist you in identifying and healing past live hurts and blockages tied to present obstacles.

Metatron is also a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher of Universal Truth, esoteric wisdom and high vibrational living.

As I mentioned, Metatron’s powerful healing energy often appears in sacred geometric light formations. The sacred geometric light forms broadcast by Metatron's cube will dance and spiral through your energetic field as they do their work.


metatrons cube

So How Do You Invoke the Healing of Metatron?

Aligning with the healing light of Metatron is really quite simple… And starts with asking!

Try it now!

How to Heal Yourself With Help From Metatron:

Take a deep breath, and relax your mind and body.

Focus your awareness within, and ask Metatron to assist you in clearing your chakras and healing your entire being.

Once you ask, there is really nothing specific you need to do, but I recommend focusing within and staying in a relaxed and meditative state to tune into the light work of Metatron.

Visualize light all around you.

Metatron's presence is that of brilliant light.

You may also be able to notice Metatron's cube appearing above your head, and gently rotating downward through your being.

As Metatron's cube spirals down along your spinal column, feel dense energy, toxins and blockages releasing and your vibration naturally elevating as a result.

Just relax and allow the healing light, and sacred geometric forms of Metatron to work their magic.

There’s nothing specific you need to do, see, or experience for this to work…

Ask for help, be willing to receive, and trust that your intention is incredibly powerful for aligning you with the healing light and power of Archangel Metatron.

Trust your intuition. Thank Metatron for his assistance, and know that he is happy to help whenever called upon, so be sure to call on Metatron often, and repeat this simple process as needed.

Melanie Beckler

8 thoughts on “Can You Activate And Invoke The Healing Power Of Metatron’s Cube?”

  1. Hi Melanie Beckler,

    Someone assigned Archangel Metatron to me because I was in need of help. I also had confirmation from other mediums that he was there with me without even asking them. Amazing.

    How can I assign Archangel Metatron to someone else in need of help? I understand how to call for him for yourself on the details on this page but how would you assign one to someone else’s entire life that needs protecting and is necessary to do so?


  2. Comment Thank You Melaine am very happy to have archangel Metatron, I enjoy him, Pls Let me know more about how to communicate with him. GRATITUDE, LOVE AND LIGHT

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