Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Releasing Limiting BeliefsArchangel Metatron on Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Beloved, I am here; I am Archangel Metatron here and happy to be of service. You have asked how you can release limiting beliefs. Know that this is a very important topic for many to understand at this time.

For as physical beings, from the time of childhood you have accepted certain “truths”, and you have learned the way the world works from your parents, your peers, your schooling and the media.

You created your framework for the world through learning what you believe to be true, but indeed there are much higher levels of truth and expanded levels of awareness opening up to you should you choose to replace your now outdated knowledge.

Understand that you are able to attract into your life anything that you desire; yet you carry within you limiting patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that are getting in your way. On one hand you affirm to yourself that you are abundant, and this is true, but unless you let go of the aspect of yourself that believes in scarcity, you cannot fully step into and allow the abundance into your life.

There is good news, however, no matter how much muck we will call it that you have accumulated, no matter how many limiting thought patterns and beliefs you have come to believe as truth, these can all be undone and replaced with divine truth. How is this done you are wondering; it is accomplished through love.

Allow yourself now to be surrounded by the light of love. Imagine a big warm blanket of light being placed over you now, feel the warmth, the truth, and the happiness. We anchor this light upon you now. With this blanket of love over you, no more limiting thoughts can be placed upon you unknowingly, the scarcity and fear that is projected by your society and world will now bounce off, this blanket is un penetratable from the outside, but it will allow out, the thoughts that no longer serve you.

As you go along in your everyday life, closely pay attention to your feelings, and ask your self often how do I feel. You have become accustomed to simply accepting however you are feeling as truth, and I tell you now that you are fully responsible for how you feel. If you feel sad, or down, this is simply your universal guidance letting you know that you are out of line with the truth of the universe, when you are feeling down it is because you are placing limiting thoughts on yourself, and this is simply unnecessary. So begin to ask yourself how you are feeling and if the answer is joyful, happy, and alive, you are on track, continue doing what you are doing and stay in joy, remember this feeling so you can return to it.

Now, if when you ask yourself how you are feeling you find the answer is lousy, sad, or angry you will know that it is time to call upon my assistance. Simply ask Archangel Metatron, I am experiencing limiting beliefs, please take them from me. By simply asking this you will feel a lightening of your energy, and know that I am indeed there with you. Also, consciously surrounding yourself with the blanket of light once again, when the light makes contact with your body, envision all your limiting thoughts and patterns being pulled out of you, extracted and dissolved.

Darkness cannot exist in the same space as light, so imagine the light expanding and filling your body, poring into you through your chakras, your skin, and your energetic fields. You are filled with light and where there is light darkness cannot remain, allow your energy to lift, being to remember a happy memory, or create a story of what happiness looks like to you now. Know that abundance is your truth, and unconditional love is your very nature, your being.

Your energy will continue to lift and now envision this blanket of light merging with your aura, like a protective shield. You are protected, and now when any thought patterns that are limiting (and you will know they are limiting because they take you out of your joy) remember that you are surrounded in a blanket of light, acknowledge this shield and it will once again activate, removing the limiting, and making room for the love, the abundance and your truth.

I, Archangel Metatron,  am here for you as are your own angels and guides to assist you in removing your blockages and tapping into your truth. Your joy and happiness, aliveness, brings us much joy. We are always ready to help so call upon us. Know, that you are ready to embrace change, to remove the limiting thoughts and allow light to enter your body. I love you

Archangel Metatron channeled by Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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  1. I am changing my employment, location, kids schools, the lot. Yesterday i had fear and called on Archangel Metatron to lift me and realign me to Source. I was lifted like i went up in an elevator. I am full of gratitude and joy 😅

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