Grounding, Connecting with Your Higher Self and Guardian Angel

Grounding and EarthingArchangel Metatron on Grounding, Guardian Angels and Connecting With Your Higher Self

Greetings and know that I am here with you now. I am Archangel Metatron. And I invite you now through this guided exercise, to raise your own frequency and expand your awareness to connect with me and to connect with your inner guidance, your Higher Self.

And so we begin. You may sit or stand, whatever is comfortable for you. But ensure your feet are planted firmly into the ground. Feel the ground   beneath your feet, beneath the pads of your feet, your toes and your heels. And now take a deep breath in, and as you drop your consciousness into your heart, visualize your energy shooting downward, out through the bottom of your feet and into the earth, into Gaia, your earth mother. Visualize these roots jutting down through the soil, intertwining with the roots of trees and plants and past insects and creatures. Down, down, grounding you into the earth. Until your roots reach the core, the center, the heart of Mother Earth, and allow yourself to be grounded to her now. And now visualize a white light that originates inside of you, inside of your Divine Being, your Divine Spark. And allow this spark to grow, to envelope your whole being and shoot out through the top of your crown chakra and into the center of the universe. White light grounding you into universal knowing, and universal truth. And so you are grounded into the Earth. And you are grounded into the Heavens. And now your roots, and the white light meet and join together in your heart chakra. Allow your awareness to be focused in your heart. And allow your heart to open, knowing you are safe and knowing you are grounded. Pull your awareness inward. Look inward. Look inward. Notice your vibration increase. And look inward more. And now at this time we ask for your Higher Self, your Highest Self, to connect with you now from within your open heart. Surrounded by the frequency of love and of light, drop deeper and feel your Higher Self connect with you now.

Beloved being of light – do you have a message for us at this time? You may receive a picture, a word, or just a feeling of love. However you experience your Higher Self, let it be OK and trust that you are connected now. Feel the expansiveness of your energy. Notice that you are still aware and that you are still connected with your physical body, as it is grounded into the earth. But notice you are also aware of the higher dimensions, the lighter dimensions, lifting you and urging you to look deeper, look within, and trust the inner guidance you receive. And now from within your heart, and connected to your highest guide, your divine self, divine light, call upon your guardian angel to connect with you now. Feel the energy of this magnificent being. Move into your awareness, and into your aura. However you experience this is fine. Trust in the experience. And now beloved guardian angel, do you have a message that you wish to bring? And allow yourself to experience this guidance of your guardian angel now. Allow your heart to remain open, and know that you are grounded into the earth, grounded into the heavens. You are surrounded and you are protected, and now we ask your beloved guardian angel, what you most need to know at this time. And what is your next step in accomplishing your highest good? And we thank your guardian angel for the loving, wise and gentle guidance. And now beloved guardian angel, do you have a gift which you wish to give before you go? And notice you are now aware of the gift your angel is giving you. And if it feels right, allow this gift to be placed into your aura, so you may connect with it and call upon it often, using its strength to accomplish your purpose. And now we thank your guardian angel, and say goodbye knowing that this connection cannot be broken.   And by simply thinking the words guardian angel, they will be with you once more.

And now we return to your awareness and connection with your Higher Self. And we thank this beautiful and magnificent being. And you're reminded that you are this beautiful and magnificent being. Beloved Higher Self, we ask you to make your messages known. To help this individual to hear your guidance, your nudges. And now we thank you.

Now allow yourself to return your focus into your physical body. Notice that you are still grounded into the Earth, your feet firmly attached to the floor. Roots connecting into the center of Gaia. And notice from your crown, there is still a white light radiating upwards into the heavens, and grounding you into the universal cosmos. These two powerful energies are centered and meet in your heart, which is open now. And now when you are ready, you may move around, stretch, and allow yourself to come back into your physical body and know that you are supported in carrying out the desires of your Higher Self. Your guardian angel is still with you, and will always answer whenever you desire. Go now, and follow your joy. Good bye for now.

Archangel Metatron channeled by Melanie Beckler

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