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Angel ReadingAre You Curious What An Angel Reading Is Like?

Take a look into this one question email angel reading Sherry had with Sheelagh to get an idea of what her email readings are like… Plus there may be something in this angel reading for you! 🙂

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I feel I am on the right path for my life work but I would like to have greater clarity on my life purpose.  What actions would be most effective for me to make more efficient progress on my divine life purpose?
Melanie and Sheelagh, I love your work.  I am so grateful for your love and guidance.  Thank you!!!
Love and light to you!  ~Sherry

Sample Angel Reading

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The Archangel Coming Forward to assist you at this moment is Archangel Ariel – she is the archangel of courage and also of elementals and animals, she also brings many positive messages to you about your life at this time.

When we connect to your Energy Sherry I am shown what a kind and thoughtful person you are, I am shown that you have had lifetimes in healing many times over and it is
innately normal for you to nurture those around you.  However, I;m shown some of these life times left you feeling that this is all you could do and that it wasn't spiritual for you to be abundant or to have a sense of achievement  – this is why Ariel is coming forward for you now to help you release this.

She tells you that serving others and serving the light is what we are ALL created for, however when we don't value our contribution to others or see it as the gift it is' we can feel put upon and resentful because other people don't ‘see' or uphold the value of our gift to them.  She says that when we feel undervalued or not validated – we are actually disallowing the Universe to flow more divine energy through our crown to enhance our gift and also our ability to get and receive all manner of abundance and help also connection.

She says that you do have a strong intuitive gift, you also have a block where it has felt as though you arent recognised as being the powerful lightworker that you are, and there are also limiting beliefs at play to do with ‘struggle' and having to ‘prove' your self worthy in order to receive recognition and make progress along your path.

Ariel steps forward and reassures you that you Are making progress, yet when we see our steps as not being fast enough our pathway can constrict and our ability to make
headway can lessen.  In truth the only thing you need to do is accept right where you are and not to allow your self to feel frustrated with what you view as a lack of clear guidance.

She says that all things are revealed in their own time, and our purpose is not something which can be acheived if it is not discovered for ones self it is not that any great secret is being kept from you it is that its your mission to discover these secrets joyfully yourself.

Ariel speaks of prosperity coming to you, she speaks of your ability to counsel people and to advise people as an equal, she says you get tired easily and have felt frustrated that others do not
understand the gift you are giving to them she says you do need to step back and value what you offer without feeling you should give more she says value is at the heart of all things, and when you value the clarity you have this is when she is able to flow more your way.

Your intention is to learn all you can and make your life as abundant and as spiritual as it can be, however you are also tying this up with ‘markers' of Finance and also wanting
signposts of progress to be made clear to you, she says your connection to the ethereal realms is real and unique but it is not ‘achieved' in a greater way when a material or factual promotion or job offer comes in, it is there alongside everything you do and everything you focus on all of the time, your purpose is not your job she says gently but directly to you

Your Purpose is to enjoy where you are right now without demanding more proof, she says your finances will improve if you can give thanks for all the blessings you have
she says the frustration that you feel is only slowing your progress ‘dear' and she says that all good things will come to you in their own time that you will not be denied that which is ear marked for you.

Ariel mentions an ability to connect with peoples heart chakra and says that training in this field would incorporate counselling or healing or teaching people to better empower themselves.  She mentions that this training is an ‘addition' to how ever you earn your living at this time and that you need to show the Universe that you are prepared to put into the recipe for your future success and to enjoy each step of the adventure.

She says we are in a Retrograde right now so please choose to look back over past success rather than to focus on the achievment you don't feel you have made she says the Moon is a powerful influence in your life and she does not want you to sink into disillusionment she asks you to be honest with your self now about what steps You can take personally to show the Universe you are truly ready to embrace positive change.

I am shown study I am shown commitment and I am shown decisions to do with directions to proceed in being taken between now and July I am also shown
old feelings surfacing in a relationship and needing to come back to your heart centre and remember why you love them in the first place being needed.

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I am also being told to tell you honestly ‘Remember who you are and What you are – a magical eternal being not bound by the effects or choices of others, however you must disengage in frustration because others are not doing what you ‘need' them to do or decide but rather to take the accountable choice of becoming responsible for all the energy you feel and send out into the ether and therefore the magical positive choices that can rebound to wards you when you do this'.

Her final message is one of trust she says that trusting that what is right for you will flow to you – will allow the graceful energy of gratitude for what ‘is' to flow from you
and the response will be outcomes that are far more beneficial than the oh so human eye can perceive at this time'.

I leave you with this for now she says , and in a sparkle of blue energy she has stepped back.

Hope this brings you peace.

All our love
Sheelagh and Ariel

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  1. Oh how I thank you my loving angels,I just lost my fiancee less than two months ago,My mind,my heart,my emotions are so torn and confused,I know you have given me the strength to move on,but i’ve only been moving on through negative energy,I need to change this,and I know I will in a matter of time,I now have a Guardian angel that looks over me,and that is my beloved soul mate,I need all the love and light I can possibly receive,Thank you,Many blessings.

  2. If someone says that i am clairvoyant at the senior level,but i have not yet developed my gift,but i need someone to help me do that.What do i do??

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