Archangel Uriel – Invoke the Angel of Wisdom, Illumination, And Light

Archangel Uriel~ Archangel of the Sun and Light

Archangel Uriel - Archangel of the Sun and Divine Light Archangel Uriel is a spiritual being of immense light and power, with an incredibly high vibrational frequency.

Uriel is the Archangel of Wisdom, Illumination, Light and of the Sun.

I'll never forget the first time I channeled Archangel Uriel…

It was like my crown chakra exploded open to even conceive of a being with such an incredible light and radiance.

And then when Uriel connected it was like I had been completely transformed into pure Divine light.

Now that I've learned more about Archangel Uriel, I know this really isn't far from the truth because Uriel radiates the purest light of the Divine at all times, and is committed to helping humanity to reach the highest level of illumination.

Archangel Uriel Is The Archangel of Illumination

In many senses Archangel Uriel is the Archangel of illumination and is humanity's link to the spiritual realms and Uriel can show you how to find your inner power, raise your vibration and accelerate your shift and into the higher realms of consciousness.

archangel urielArchangel Uriel can also help you to learn to listen to your body's inner wisdom, along with opening your channels to directly receive divine guidance.

Heal Every Aspect of Your Life

Additionally things like the realm of ideas, creativity, insights, judgment, magic, alchemy, astrology, universal consciousness, divine order, the distribution of power, the cosmic universal flow and the Earth's environment are all within Uriel's rule.

Really, Archangel Uriel can help you to heal every aspect of your life by purifying your mental and emotional understanding…

And transforming lower vibrational energies into an awakened and enlightened spiritual understanding.

Uriel is a spiritual being who unconditionally serves humanity by sharing the light and striving to bring about illumination for all souls.

Uriel is bringing forth her powerful message and frequency at this time because humanity has expressed a willingness to embrace a Shift in Consciousness.

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Notice I called Uriel a she?

Really like all Archangels Uriel is neither male nor female… But can choose to express as either. While I always perceive certain Archangels like Michael and Raphael as being male, for me, Uriel largely appears with feminine qualities, energy and characteristics.

Ready to Progress on Your Spiritual Path of Awakening?

Uriel is ready and willing to assist you in anchoring yourself in light and love that is so strong it can withstand any negativity.

Invocation to Connect with Archangel Uriel

Here is a simple visualization to connect with Archangel Uriel and bring the light and frequency of this powerful Archangel into your life:

Close your eyes, relax and breathe.

Archangel Uriel Invocation Imagine you're surrounded with the most brilliant golden light you can even conceive of, and that's it spiraling and flowing all around your entire being.

Take a few minutes to just bask in the incredible energy of Divine light and presence all around you.

When you're ready…

Think or say: Archangel Uriel, thank you for stepping forward and helping me to know and experience your Divine light and presence now.

Breathe, release expectation, open your heart, focus within..

And enjoy!

Archangel Uriel is really incredibly helpful in so many different areas of your life.

Uriel is brilliant for overcoming challenges, moving beyond frustrations, and with the assistance and loving guidance of Archangel Uriel you can turn your worst disappointments into your greatest blessings.

Ask Uriel to help you to release once and for all anything blocking you from your Divine Light and true purpose.

And then with an open heart and mind begin to step into the full light of your highest authentic soul truth.

Archangel Uriel Prayer

Use This Prayer to Connect with Uriel to Lift Your Vibration and Share It with the World

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Archangel Uriel Prayer This angel prayer helps to tune you into the light, wisdom, incredible frequency, and guidance of Archangel Uriel. It allows him to step forward and guide you in order to tune into the incredible Arc Angelic energy.

Begin by shifting your awareness inside, breathe deeply, and close your eyes. Invite Archangel Uriel to step forward with the following prayer:

Uriel Prayer

“Uriel, please enter into this present time and space. Connect with me energetically, lifting my vibration and surrounding me with light and love.

Help support me in raising my vibration and expanding my consciousness beyond the lower levels of fear, doubt and ego. Help me to shine brightly with my highest authentic truth. Flow light into my present point in time so that it fills my heart chakra, my ascension column, and light body.

Help me to bring light and love into every cell and particle of my being, so that I shine with divine presence and reflect the full light and truth of the divine spiritual being I am.

Help me to embody the light of my higher self, the higher light of the divine, the higher light of presence, truth and love, so that I confidently and graciously stand in this truth. Allow this light to ripple out far beyond me, allowing me to become a light in the darkness and way-shower for others.

Help me to retain this high vibration so that I can effortlessly let go of lower habits, thoughts, and beliefs that are weighing me down. Help me in each and every moment to return to my authentic truth, and to stand in my power as an awakened spiritual being.

Thank you, Archangel Uriel, for your specific guidance, love, and healing frequency. Illuminate my body, mind and spirit on every level. Flow light into every cell, help me to shine with my full divine light and potential, according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is.”

Focus on Your Heart

When you invite Archangel Uriel into your space through prayer or invocation, focus on your heart. Let your heart open, your light expand, and your entire being be filled with the light of the Arc Angelic realm. Archangel Uriel will answer when you ask. He has a tremendous vibration, love, and light of illumination to share.

Make This Archangel Uriel Prayer Your Own

I hope this prayer is helpful for you. Take it, reword it, and make it your own. Please know that you can simplify it as well. Just think or say, “Archangel Uriel, fill me with light. Help me to shine brighter, help me raise above fear and density, to stand in my authentic truth; to stand in divine light and love. And so it is.”

Then, open your heart. Let your light expand – because the brighter you shine, the more vibrationally aligned you become with the Archangels. When this happens, you can clearly, powerfully, and profoundly tune into their guidance and presence.

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Have you had any angelic experiences with Archangel Uriel? I'd love to hear about them…

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  1. I’m at a point in my life where I am at a crossroads and need to make a decision. However, it’s been extremely difficult to know what the “right thing” to do is. I have already had profound experiences with Archangels Michael and Raphael, so I was aware of the real power of the Archangels.

    When I centered myself and asked, “who can help me with the decision”, I immediately knew I would need to seek help from an Archangel, and right after this realization, Archangel Uriel’s name came to my mind (I had heard of her before but never connected to her before), and I trusted that message. I felt vibrations all throughout my being. When I researched Archangel Uriel, I was surprised that they were depicted as masculine, because to me, their energy was very feminine. I came straight to Ask Angels to read about Archangel Uriel, and was amazed to read that I wasn’t wrong about feeling them as feminine, and that Archangel Uriel is the one to go to in order to seek wisdom needed for decision making and moving forward. I have hope now that I will be able to know the truth by working with Her. I am so grateful.

  2. I had quite an unusual experience many years ago. I was going through severe post partum depression. I tried to overcome my depression by pushing myself out the door whenever I could. I took a course at a local store on spirituality. I was sitting next to a woman who loved Angels. She told me when I went home before I went to sleep to meditate on my Angels name. I did but I kept on getting the name Uriel. I thought to myself that can’t be real. URIEL sounds like Urine. I thought that is crazy. Months went by and I saw a beautiful book in a window of a store that had Angels names. I was quite shocked to learn the Uriel was the name of an Archangel. I heard of Michael, Raphael and Gabriel but not this angel. I believe Archangel Uriel was there to guide and help me. I started reading the Kabbalah and opening myself up to Astrology. Changed my whole outlook on life. To me I see Uriel as a male angel representing knowledge, truth and strength. 😇

  3. I asked who my archangel was and I got Uriel. I knew nothing about him so I googled him and found he was the perfect guide for me on my spiritual journey. I felt the connection and thanked him. As I was going to bed I saw orbs at the corners of my eyes. First left then the right eye. I thanked him for the orbs. As I got under my covers I saw a bright white blanket with golden threads woven in patterns come over me. Then my hands started burning with energy. My hand chakras opened for healing! I could imagine my guides say she is ready for this!

  4. I work in multi specialty clinic and was apalled how a few montjs ago a patient who wasnt mine stopped to tell me i have an Archangel Uriel looking over me. I find it amazing a total stranger, not even my patient took, took the time to stop and tell me I had an Archangel! I have been so impressed since!

  5. What started my inquiry was a visual ..An Angel in a Red cloak. So I looked up what I experienced and in several other sites it always references Red associated with Uriel with the exception of your description…??? I have no doubt my life has been touched by Archangel Uriel often. and now with this additional knowledge, I am grateful for the Lords blessing and that I have Uriel and a strong guardian angel with me.

  6. Please help me Archangel I’m in need of financial help I feel like I have nothing to live for I lost my dad and he was my saviour. Please give me your guidance

  7. The name Uriel in response to my question “who is my guardian angel?”. What does this mean, for it was unexpected?

    1. In Ancient times, humans were given Guardian Angels to guide the individual, who did not at that particular time have a waking consciousness as humans have today. Humans may rely on their Higher Self for guidance now, since they are indwelling sentient beings with the creative fiat within them. As above, so below.

  8. Is uriel gaurdian angel of september. I was born on 03/09/2003 so when googled found so many fake then found zuriel which is uriel soo…

  9. thanks so much for this question is this,I want to know the name of an angel that appeared to me sometimes ago He wore white cloth,knee down inside a big round moon and the moon was so pure and place his two hands on the center of his chest just as you post here and he message me.please could be the name of this angel?thanks

  10. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do. I seem to have a strong connection with Archangel Uriel. The first time I asked the Archangels for help I asked who had helped me, all I got was the name Uriel in my mind. This surprised me and confirmed my imagination wasn’t putting the name in my head as I knew nothing about Uriel and was certainly not the name I would have come up with myself. I have since heard his name whispered into my ear or heard it in my mind many times, sometimes. Archangel Uriel always projects as masculine to me but I know others that Uriel projects as feminine to.

  11. A woman who claims to read angel cards and speak with angels told me that my guardian angel is Uriel but I have heard it is very rare for a person to actually have an archangel as a guardian. How can I find out for sure?

    1. Well, we all have many allies of spirit. Archangels do guard and guide us, and can do that with multiple people at the same time and in different levels, but not necessarily refer to personal guardian angels, which are other angels that are really most close to their guarded individuals. Anyway, that means your spirit works closely with that archangel and he/she/they guide/guard you as well.

  12. I love Uriel. I don’t how I know him, but I know that I do, and I’m trying to get closer to him. Thank you for the meditation ;-).

  13. Today I did an Akashic Records reading for myself (via a Linda Howe book, and the exercise Explore the Space Between Lifetimes). I asked the question, “Is there a particular individual helping me?”. I saw a woman glowing in front of me in a golden white light. The light was almost all white and very intense. She said her name was Archangel Uriel. After the reading I went online to find all the information I could about her. Summit Lighthouse has some very good information that made so much sense to me in relation to my reading. On their site and others, she is usually described as male. Finding this website’s contents was validating because I was definitely in the presence of female energy.

    1. Yes, male, this embodiment. Uriel is also known as Kelly, and made an appearance on Christmas with a present to Humanity, from the Galaxy. An announcement is expected to be made at some point.

  14. Thank you Melanie for this beautiful meditation. I felt such peace afterwards and saw amongst other things so many different, beautiful flowers!! Am so grateful for how you share your gift with such an open heart. Blessings to you.

  15. I met with two friends today to share a Thanksgiving meal and warm company. Linda is a Shaman and Maryanne an empath/psychic.
    During the our time together we talked of many things and shared photos of those we love, etc.
    I have been going through a very painful and challenging period in my life. When she looked at a picture of my husband she began to speak as if she was my husband. Sharing things that she would not know. She stated that the room was full of guardians and angels advising me through her to help ease my pain.
    She described my home, a home she has never seen and told me to place a chair by the window, place something yellow in my visual field and meditate/pray to archangel Uriel. I was to this every morning and journal my thoughts everyday until my painful words eased and eventually turned to giggles. Once this happened i was to burn these pages. Uriel stated that i needed to grieve and let go of a husband that hurt me terribly. I am suppose to pray to Uriel everyday and was hoping you could help me with a prayer that would be meaningful.
    None of us knew who Uriel was. When we did a search we discovered he assists with letting go of anxiety and negative relationships with wisdom/guidance. Yellow also represents Archangel Uriel as well as the gemstone Amber. She also stated tbat i have a very large guardian, not sure what this represents.
    Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.
    Best Regards,

  16. Well didn’t know humans was summoning angels & making pacts with them (asking for their energy & help). Thank you for the info. First time seeing this stuff for angels; I known about the demon ones. This world show is fun. Full of use for stuff you never could get your hands on bye bye

  17. Hi… I really admire you.
    I name my son to arch uriel, he born in August 16,2016 at 3:16pm.. I admire so much archangel uriel.. Please give me more story about Arch Uriel. Thanks and God bless

      1. Thank you Melanie for clearing up the he/she of Angels. As always I love your guided prayers.

    1. You’re right Peter… Ultimately angels are spiritual beings, who are gender-less, though they do sometimes appear as either male or female depending on their purpose and who they are connecting with…

  18. This massage I got today from the Angel cards? Uriel”? Brought back the calmness in me,the hope I wanted…to get reed of all the bad energy in me that was driving me insane and follen into depression…know I feel very Came in me.thanks you sow much.I am not big with words.but truly I thank you.may the Angels help you more in knowledge to bring people into understanding the message off love ❤ off forgiveness,for hope,for peace,and farming the mind body and spirit.with respect always..Helen

  19. Your meditations have been a great inspiration in my life.Thank you for bringing to us this amazing oportunity to connecte with the Divine and the Angelic Realm.

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