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Experience All That You Are~ With Archangel Muriel

archangel murielConnect with the inspiring message and healing frequency of Archangel Muriel, and with your team of guides and angels of love who can most serve you now, in this new angel message channeled by Melanie Beckler.

Archangel Muriel connects to assist you in clearing your energetic field of fear so that you can Experience All That You Are on the path of love, the master path to activating your full authentic potential and ability to translate Divine frequencies into thought, expression, and physical form.

Love awakens your ability to know and to experience the higher vibrational frequencies. To live with awareness, and empowered through love, you are able to experience the full extent of the Authentic Spiritual Being that you are.

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With love, 

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At this time I invite you to join me in taking a deep, relaxing breath and now beginning to focus within. Quiet your mind, open your heart, and now feel your energy ground flowing down out the bottom of your feet, down through the layers of earth, down to the core of earth where you are able to connect with an incredible light therein.

Feel, see, experience this light at the core of the earth and know that you are one with it, you are a part of it, you are one with earth, with the light at the core of the earth, and with all that is. Breathe and relax as this light now begins to flow upwards, flowing up through your feet in through your body, up your spinal column, up out the top of your head. Go up with it, up into the light, to connect directly with divine frequency, with unconditional love, with the higher vibrations of the realms of spirit.

Lift and now feel your connection to the divine and to all that is. Feel your oneness with all that is. And from this space I now invite the highest, best, most loving possible channeling guide. Please come in with the healing frequency and message. I invite the highest, best, most loving channeling guide, please come in, connect, and channel through me now.

Greetings beloved one. I, Archangel Muriel, am present with you in this moment. Present with your team of guides and angels of healing, guidance, knowledge, and divine frequency. As you listen to these words, we each flow vibrations of peace and of elevated frequency into your proximity, into this very moment. For understand that you individually and you collectively as humanity are entering into a new era in which new codes of divine information, new frequencies of truth and of your authentic expression as physical, spiritual beings are able to be accessed, felt, embraced, shared, and enjoyed by you and by all.

I connect with you individually now to say, indeed, you have the ability to access new information at this time. It is by allowing yourself the freedom to explore the realm within, to explore your inner sacred space, exploring your inner realm and remaining open to what you find that you gifts can manifest. Allowing yourself to translate what you find through your imagination and your intuitive gift and psychic senses, which is more detailed, more precise than that you are simply a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or more. Your gift comes into focus in your own unique way, for you connect with the infinite light of the divine and through your imagination and through your ability to translate the infinite divine frequency into tangible thought, creative expression, physical, mental, and spiritual manifestation in a way which is uplifting, inspiring, and healing for you.

In this you are able to serve all of humanity not in a manner which is limiting for you or even by which you are required to sacrifice. The true gift which you are able to give comes as a result of your ignited passion and authentic connection and experience of all that you are. All that you are in terms of your awareness, of your link with all that is, a web of vast networks and connections extending out beyond you, connecting to all beings and places in time. In terms of this, yes, but we speak also in terms of your personal, individual capacity to create positive change in your own life through awakened passion and expression of the authentic spiritual being that you are, a spiritual being with an understanding of all that is, with an acceptance of the current realm of duality in which you live. And from within this duality, the ability is yours to be able to positively contribute, not to eliminate that which is considered to be darkness or dense energy, but to learn to maintain a positive vibration for yourself so that you essentially rise above, so that you are transparent to negativity, density, darkness, or heavy vibrations of others.

Sending dense energy into the light has a role and a purpose and is recommended, but where you are going and what you are stepping into is simply being able to be present and aware and unaffected by the energies of others which are lower or heavier in their vibrational form.

Currently as you lift into new levels of light, of light vibrations, you can be slammed down, bombarded with lower vibrational frequencies, triggered by hidden buttons or detonators in your experience, tied to past challenges of your own, to past abuse or tension or struggles or regrets or grief. Know that it is ok, whatever you have experienced up until this point is ok. Indeed, it is divine, for it has brought you into this present space and time. And so, you see, this is the lesson, not to change what has been but to simply accept and when you accept you can stop reliving the past, you can stop reliving the pain, stop anticipating further pain and struggle and challenge and simply being present, transparent in this now, allowing any possibility of struggle, of challenge, of tension to float by, to float through while you remain unaffected.

It is said and rings true that, indeed, humanity is motivated by pain or pleasure, by love or fear, by doubt or certainty, which are essentially all the same. Love or fear. And so as you move forward in your own life and with your awareness think not about what is good or bad or about what is light or dark, let yourself observe is this love? Is this moving me in the direction of more love, of increased love? Or is this moving me in the direction of fear?

Speaking in terms of thought, in terms of information, in terms of choices you make in response to situations panning out in the world around you, your imagination is a great asset and ally. When you use your imagination to plot out positives, this moves you in the direction of love. It is when you dread or anticipate challenges that you are unknowingly and unwillingly drawing yourself in the direction of increased fear, challenge, and struggle.

And so let go now, let go of fear, and your guardian angels and your guides and the benevolent beings of love and healing who are present with you in this time and space lift from your shoulders, from your back, from your mind, body, and spirit, patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations of fear, which are present in your form.

Let go as these fear based energies and constructs are essentially vacuumed out of your being, released from your spinal column, released from your mind, body, and spirit, released from this present space and time, released into the light, making way for unconditional love, for visions of what is possible when you walk a path of love. For know that love, what you love, focusing on love, drawing more love onto you, is the path to activating your full, authentic potential and ability to translate divine frequencies, new spectrum's of energy, of color, of potential, for humanity translating these like codes into form, into thought, into expression.

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Love awakens your ability to know and to experience these higher vibrational frequencies and to receive benefit from them in your own life, and to then share these gifts of the divine, translated by you, beloved one, into your own personal pleasure, love, expression, creation, and manifestations, for the highest and greatest good, for your benefit, and for the well being and harmony of all.

At this time let yourself breathe, open your heart, and enter in as your higher self, the spiritual being that you authentically are in spirit now begins to download into your mind, body, and spirit now.

The full light and frequency of your spirit, of your light body, of your personal power, your divine frequency, the part of you that is connected to the divine and connected to all that is downloads now into your present being.

Let yourself lift in vibration to meet and to make this merge. Let yourself bask in the unconditional love frequencies that you authentically are. Let yourself awaken to the truth and knowing of all that you are when you walk the path of love, when you unite with your authentic truth, when you love from the physical realm with awareness and powered through love of your full radiant, vibrant, beautiful vibrational essence and form.

At this time feel your energy ground and center, returning your awareness to your physical body, anchoring the spiritual vibrations which you have tuned into into your physical body, into your center, into your present time, knowing that as you move forward, as you quiet your mind, as you open your heart to love, as you banish doubt and uncertainty from your mind in every conscious waking moment through returning to love. Your gifts are able to blossom, you are able to make a difference, but, more than that, you are able to live in the balanced, inspired, awakened state of well being and love and health and vitality that you yearn for, that you are drawn towards, that helps you to feel fulfilled like you are making a difference and like you are really loving, you are really living, you are serving in a way that is inspiring to you, that makes you feel alive and loved and vibrant, and that benefits all.

Your power is awakened and as you consciously walk the path of love, it is all able to be accessed by you now in every moment with your conscious choice, through awareness evaluating your mental patterns and constructs of thought, asking is this moving me in the direction of increased love? If not, release the fear, for if you are not moving towards love you are moving towards fear. Release the fear into the light and return to the heart centered place of awareness and of knowing that you are divine, that you are so loved, that you are connected directly to the divine, to the angelic realms, and to all that is.

Feel this now, experience this now, see this now, witness this now and return to this realization often, as often as you can. For when you witness your divinity, you blossom in the power of love, awakening the full extent of your gift to access the new, to embrace the change, and to make a difference for the highest and greatest good.

And so it is. I, Muriel, and your team of guides and angels flow a final surge of healing energy into your present space.

Dance in the light that is all around you. Celebrate the magnificence of this energy, for you are not separate. You are it. You are magnificent, brilliant, divine. Live this truth, live, love, for this serves, for this is. Goodbye for now.

Thank you, thank you.

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