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Do you have questions about situations in your life and don't feel like you have anyone you can talk to about these kinds of spiritual or love-related questions? Having an angel reading or psychic reading can be a great way to gain insight and perspective on all kinds of life's challenges.

While Melanie is no longer personally offering one on one angel readings, she is happy to introduce you to a number of highly talented readers she has partnered with who can help you navigate the current lessons and obstacles on your path.

Right now Melanie is remaining focused on creating new angel messages and helping you receive guidance directly from your angels, whether it is through angel courses or from learning how to read angel cards.

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If you are a reader, offer readings through Kasamba and would like to be displayed here as one of our featured readers, please email me at support (at) ask-angels.com and let me know. Be sure to include a link to your Kasamba profile and although I am not able to add everyone to this list, if you are a match, we can work with our team at Kasamba to get you integrated here.

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Enjoy your reading!

About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of www.Ask-Angels.com. Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Hi Melanie, been listening to your 4 YouTube videos nightly on opening 3rd eye for about 2 months. I don’t see any colors, no pressure or tingling or anything. I have some crystals I hold & also use some Palo Santo to clear my space. What more can I try to connect with my spirit guides or angels? Thank you for your beautiful energy

  2. Hello Melanie, thank you for all your insight on angels and the light it brings to our lives. Melanie I would like some guidance soon I will be a 42 yr old lady and even thou I am a firm believer in angels especially Archangel Saint Michael, for me it pretty much comes to the conclusion where I take one step forward and 10 steps backwards I would really love some insight on were I can better myself so,I will not continue through this akward path for the remainder of my earthly lifetime. Thank you Melanie again for the amazing knowledge and spirituality with the angels.

    1. Keep asking the angels for help… Listen for guidance…. And take inspired action! Angels can’t do it for you, but they really can guide and assist you in the right direction with profoundly positive life changing results.

      Sending love and blessings.

  3. I’m not asking for an angel to help my husband find comfort and peace he has cancer and I know he is fighting his own battles of demons something has a hold on him ; ghosts; ;;;;;;%bbgg the one thing I can say is that I was told that whatever was here and came back it’s afraid of me and that I was to stay strong help me connect to my guardian angel can anyone help me or has gone through something like this

  4. I have a friend who introduced me to Angel Cards some years ago. She also offered classes in Reiki which I took but never really used. So, it is kind of refreshing to connect with others of the same interest.
    I have to get offline, to cleanse, and dress myself for an appointment scheduled for today…..peace

  5. Do you know any good angel readers that do readings by text or email for the deaf or hearing impaired?
    Phone readings are great for those who can hear, but a disadvantage when it is the only option to one that cannot.
    Thank you!

  6. I would like to thank you for the message I read from ArchAngel Uriel…Change Your Habits With Angel Healing. It was so beautiful!! It was as if the light from my laptop got brighter and thru my glasses I was seeing in 3d. The candles that I had lit (which I could see thru the corner of my right eye) were extremely bright and I had chills up and down my right arm. I felt peace and warmth. Was I in the presence of this beautiful ArchAngel? I do know that I have Angels around me and I trust this and I thank God for them. But, I have never really felt them. At least I don’t think I have. Except for this 1 other time when I read aloud the prayer that I have accepted God as my Lord and Saviour and that He died on the cross for me and I asked Him to come and live in my heart! I had chills and goosebumps it seemed like electricity up and down my arms. Maybe you can help me. I thank you again and I thank ArchAngel Uriel and ALL the Angels!!!

  7. I feel like I’ve been living in such a rut over the past year…….lost my Mom two years ago, then our pup of 14 years, just all of a sudden….now work is not going well….I pray, stay positive, but it just dosen’t seem to go away……just ask for extra prayers at this time and for anyone else who seems to be in a rut or going through some tough times..thank you.

  8. My soul mate died and I was totally lost in the valley. I married a best friend 3 years later. He died 3 years ago. I’m stricken with severe arthritis, I’m unemployable. Now what? I can feel my angels, but I can’t see a direction I can go in to recover my financial consequences. I need advie.

  9. Hi, I was walking today and ran across three black feathers. My mother is very ill and Imwas walking the dog and crying. Looked down and there they were. Have ever seen black feathers on the ground EVER.

  10. Will I end up with my partner. It is a long distance relationship. I am a Libra and he is Capricorn. I lost my husband 3 years ago. His birthday was June 15

  11. I just like to know is thing ever going to be good you can go (life) this body I know teeth will i ever get them put in so i can eat with them.thank you so much ps if you see my Spiritual Guidance name please (y) (y) O:) O:)

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