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Change Your Habits with Angel Healing

Change Your Habits, with Angel HealingArchangel Uriel connects with a powerful frequency in this angel message to help you heal patterns of thought and to transform habits currently blocking you from living in full alignment with your Higher Self and with Divine Love and Joy.

Simply relax and listen or read, as Archangel Uriel guides you to heal and change your habits with light from the divine. Breathe, Lift, and Release as Archangel Uriel connects and helps you infuse your life, and all that is, with joy, vibrant well being, and of course love!

With love, light and gratitude,

Archangel Uriel~ Change Your Habits with Angel Healing

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Beloved one indeed I am Archangel Uriel, and I greet you in this very moment with love and with the healing frequency of transformation. Know that indeed you are empowered at this time to infuse your life with positive change.

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Indeed, the forces within and around you serve to propel you forward on your path of living in alignment with your spiritual truth and self. Living in alignment with the earth, and with all beings, people, creatures, and animals indeed.

While the forces of nature stir and accelerate change on a global and political scale indeed, the most powerful opportunity at this time is through the individual, is through the power of your habits. For indeed, your thought, your emotion, your belief, your habits, and your actions create the reality you are stepping into.

And so at this time I am pleased to offer a download of frequency to heal habitual responses, patterns of thought and being which no longer serve you.

This healing occurs through uplifting you in vibration now. As you breathe, as you focus within, as you open, you are now elevated in frequency.

I, Uriel, your guardian angels, many of your guides and angels of light are assisting, surrounding you, uplifting you, and flowing more frequency, and more light into your present experience.

Let this light in, let it bring healing to your physical body, to your cellular structure. Let this light bring healing to your mind, to your emotions, and to your entire being through simply elevating and lifting in frequency. Lifting into alignment with joy and love and out of alignment with the density of pain, struggle and control.

Release these dense emotions, thoughts, feelings, and lift higher now. For indeed, your habits are being transformed through this vibration, empowering you to make healthier choices, new positive habits, and to begin to take increasing action in the direction of empowering your life with positivity. Taking action that is in line with improving your health of your physical body, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

The healing and positive change you align with works on a much larger and grander scale than simply affecting your own personal life. The individual at this time is the x-factor, the hidden link, the force of change which will bring about lasting and significant changes upon your planet for all.

Indeed your every thought, in every moment, your every action, your every habit is creating. Every choice, and every action creates a reaction. This you know, this is a truth of the universe, and so we say to you now in this moment, empower your life through positive thoughts and actions and habits, for these will align you with moving forward on autopilot in the direction of your soul becoming. Moving in the direction of full awakening, through empowering your habits, through bringing about positive change into your life, you begin to move in the direction of growth and increased love, health, vibrance and vitality.

For the actions you take, create, and so healthy habits, buying healthy foods, growing foods in connection with earth, meditating, quieting the chatter of your mind, uniting with your full light and spirit, lifting in unconditional love in the vibration of peace and harmony and hope and well being serves.

Individuals simultaneously meditating on peace and love, making choices in alignment with the highest and greatest good of all brings healing to all planes: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. And not just for your life, not just in an individual sense, but every individual action and choice and habit cycles out, flows out from beyond you, connects with the choices and thoughts and intentions and habits of others, of all.

All individuals, all souls vibrate with frequency which comingles together and creates the paradigm you experience, creates the present, the past, and the future. And so as the winds of change stir strongly now, as the forces of nature propel earth forward, you are able to ride this wave of change to bring about lasting and positive changes in your personal life.

And this is no small deed. When you heal, when you grow, when you expand consciously, spiritually, and mentally, the power you tune into immediately flows throughout and influences all. And so create simple, positive changes through your habit, through your thought, through making a choice which will bring more health, thriving being, love, and joy into your life and by default, you are infusing the paradigm, the collective consciousness, with these positives for all.

The changes needed for your earth are mounting and are already large. The blessing is that through individual hope, through individual habit, through individual thought, intention, meditation, conscious connection, increasing of vibration, truly the changes are able to unfold in the best possible way.

It is in the power of the individual now, for your purchasing power is your vote for which corporations you desire to see continue in your world. Your personal habits dictate whether you are moving in the direction of increased health and vibrance, passion, excitement, a thriving lifestyle, or whether you are choosing to stay bored in a lower vibration, to settle for the way things are, for it is how they are.

Let this message ring in your ears, in your heart, and in your mind. You hold the key and the power and the light to transform this realm.

You see, you are here to witness, to experience, to live, to learn, to grow, but the underlying reason for why you are here, for why it is so important for you to calm your mind, and soothe your spirit, is to lift in the light and to connect with your full, authentic self in power and light. This is because, this very light when infused throughout your life, will bring more abundance, more joy, more love, and more blessings, inspiring you to choose and to create positive blessings, which will inspire new, co-creative habits, inspiring others in your life, and infusing the energy of the collective consciousness with the power of positivity, the power of positive change, with care and compassion for all life.

And in this way your habit improves and influences not only your life, but all, for you are not separate from anyone in this realm and plane; spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, multidimensional. All are connected, all are linked, all are united in divine love and compassion. And so as you begin to radiate love and compassion in the present moment, indeed, the scales begin to tip.

The tipping point is reached by which humanity as a whole is in alignment with love and with truth and with bringing significant and lasting positive change to your realm.

This is more than possible, this is unfolding now. It is simply important for you to realize that your every choice influences the course and the direction of future events. And so right now, healing on another level, healing for your past, present, and future self, healing for your habitual self, healing for your soul on all levels is downloaded into your being in 3, 2, 1.

In a burst of light broadcast from the divine, now releasing density and negativity and struggle. Now focus upon that which you do not want and focus upon that which does not serve. Release this that you are focusing on now into the light.

Let love be your guide. Let truth be your beacon. Seek what is real and valid and true and healthy in your life and this truth which is validated through inner knowing, through your intuition, will inspire positive change in your personal life through positive habit, through intention, and through a focus and a conscious willingness to return in the now moment time and time again, to a centered, calm, alert, aware place of non judgment, of love, of increased awareness.

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From this perspective through awareness, your habits are able to be transformed, your thoughts are able to be healed and mended, your emotions are able to be radically realigned with joy and love. With awareness you can notice if you are thinking about something that you do not desire. And when you find you are in this sort of position, stop.

Breathe, release the thought of doubt or negativity into the light. Replace it with a new, positive, empowering thought. Open your heart, unite with light, unite with your authentic self, the high vibrational, spiritual aspect of you which is ready and willing to merge with you in this now, to infuse your mind, your body, and spirit with health, with well being, with light to inspire significant and lasting change in your personal life which unfolds in a positive way.

This is empowered through your awareness, through your action, through your thought, your belief, and your habit, which creates your life and merges with all to create the collective consciousness field, realm, paradigm of All That Is.

I am Archangel Uriel and before I leave now, I flow down from the Divine into your present space and time a waterfall of rainbow light, bringing you healing wherever is most needed.

Healing your chakras, your vibration, your heart, your mind, your being, and infusing your present experience with love.

This love serves, this love is the tool and vehicle to mend your habits, to change limiting beliefs, to realign with authentic truth and purpose centered in love, in joy, and in the desire to make a difference, to matter, to promote positive change in this realm on earth, to really live, to really love, and to thrive.

I am Archangel Uriel. I flow frequency and love your way. Let it in, lift, open, shine, heal, and know that you are so loved. With love and gratitude and blessing, I leave you now. Goodbye.

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