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Interview With An Angel Reader, Sheelagh Maria

Melanie Beckler: What type of psychic gifts do you have?

angel readingSheelagh Maria: I started as a Clairsentinent but did hear angels as a child, as I worked with Angels in my own life and to heal others my clairaudiance ‘woke up' and I learnt that everyone can do this if they are willing to keep working at it. I ‘see' guides and archangels even dolphins and Unicorns in the Universe and also ‘feel' what is going to happen. A lot of my predictive work such as pregnancy's and weddings are ‘felt' and ‘seen' as I feel them – I mainly work with Archangel Michael and he is the one who will sometimes bring spirit through for me such as a little boy that passed this year – and I will ‘see' the angel and then ‘see' the person with them as a shadow, then Michael will show me what I need to pass on in my third eye. Its wonderfully clear!

Melanie Beckler: When and how did you first realize you were able to communicate with angels?

Sheelagh Maria: This is very clear to me. I was in a war memorial garden and I heard all of this high pitched singing, I always played with Fairies in my garden but this was new, my mother thought it strange when I went quiet (any one who knows me knows I am a chatterbox) and I said ‘Listen to the pretty singing mummy?' She could not hear it although our ‘gift' was handed down from my grandmother to her.  My little boy, named after Michael, also ‘sees' angels he told me the other night that they come and play with him in his room ‘like shooting lights'.

Melanie Beckler: How do you respond when you're meeting someone new and they ask what you do for work?

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A lot of the time Michael will bring people to me even in the super market. I was queing one day and I had a womans mother and father standing behind me blowing party poppers – quite distracting. I ‘know' who to mention it too or not but somehow it always comes up and Michael loves watching me squirm. I now just smile brightly and say ‘I hear angels!'  If they like me – they'll like me and it won't matter, and if it's not for them – it gets rid of them fast! 😉

Melanie Beckler: How long have you been doing angel readings?

Sheelagh Maria: I started going to a psychic development group but the whole ‘haunted house' vibe was simply not for me, I went through a hard time and I had no family, honestly I started connecting with Angels as they had saved my sons life and simply never stopped.

When I had to go back to work it was the only thing I was qualified to do, what amazed me is that some obviously very talented people had no idea that they could do this too, and that was when my work was born.  The angels only picked me because I picked them, and they knew that I knew that everyone can do this – they are here for everyone and everyone can connect deeper than they think!

I love angel readings because they don't ‘just' predict, if its a train of energy that isn't going to bring you what you would like, the angels will tell you and show you how to get the result that's best for you now that's what I call magic!

Beckler: Have you had any formal training on how to give readings or work with the angels?

Sheelagh Maria: When I lost my mum at the age of 17 I visited lots of mediums for reassurance. I had a few other readings and knew what I didn't like. I didn't like being told the relationship I was in was going to end, or that people were going to split up.  I knew what I didn't like.  So when I worked with Michael to get me through where I was he told me what I needed to know Right Now what was important crucial for me to learn.  Thats how I read.  I didn't ‘learn' it I feel so much compassion and understanding for wherever someone is and this is flowed through my by the angels, I know exactly what Im supposed to tell them and how its to be worded, the Angels will often choose my language.

One lady I read for I told her that her husband would be ‘Captain of his own ship' – he was a second mate and waiting promotion!  With real life stuff they will often let my guide Running Hawk step in and he is a dab hand with relationships and also pregnancies!  No formal training just living life with all its beauty ups and downs and understanding life does not always come in pretty boxes but it is always beautiful and limitless.

Melanie Beckler: What does your family think about your work with the angelic realms?

Sheelagh Maria: This is a good way to introduce you to my little family.  My children are all mediums and clairvoyants too in different ways and so is my husband so honestly its completely a non issue, Doctor who or One Direction is far more important to them.

My daughter sees spirit clearly as does my husband and my little girl hears animals and sees faeries my son is like me and purely angels. As long as I don't interfere with their television watching – they are proud but not bothered!

Melanie Beckler: What is your intention in working with the angels?

Sheelagh Maria: Its the thing I do in the whole world that makes me happiest.  I have since they saved my sons life dedicated my life to them and to source.  I could do this 24 hours a day and love it its not my work its who I am and I am simply here to help others realise THEY can do this too.

There is nothing special about me and everything unique about you the angels don't want to work with people who have ego and ideas of being ‘above' others.  I love to let the angels talk through me, I love the feeling of helping someone realise they are not alone, I love reassuring people they Do have a choice, and best of all I love to hear from someone and they tell me that something good has happened that I predicted and often they did not believe, the angels keep my feet on the ground by ‘taking away' anything I tell someone so that I can't think differently of myself than any other mum and wife!

Melanie Beckler: What is having an angel reading with you like?

Sheelagh Maria: Its loving very very comforting and very reassuring.  I have spoken to people with illness, heart break and severe financial issues.  I am honest that it takes time and dedication to move things along but that it can be done .

An angel reading is an opportunity to find out how your pathway is looking right now and they will also show you simple energy tools to change the way its going to be – this is where magic happens, situations change, solutions come in!

Miracles are an everyday part of my life and an angel reading will highlight the miracles that are most likely for you – its true!  An angel reading is an opportunity to talk to an archangel – you can say anything you like. I'm a channel which means they go through me – its not like a normal clairvoyant reading because my opinion is not involved, If I don't pass on what they say in the loving and beautiful way they wish it to be said, they would cut me off!  I'm here to serve them and help you and it is my genuine honour and desire to help you as much as I can because this is why i am here.  I love to teach people about their own intuition and to see their amazement when in just 3 to four weeks they find they can do what i do.

Melanie Beckler: Is there anything you recommend for people to do to make the most out of having a reading with you?

angel readingSheelagh Maria: Be open minded.  I may not know why I'm saying something (they don't let me pry) but they know exactly what's going on and will see things always from a loving perspective.

There is no need for you to have set questions just an idea of the situation or person that you want some guidance with.  They Can help you with anything and everything and they will do.  Usually when a situation has manifested it has a root cause, and it can take some time clearing this root cause and helping you to understand how to ensure this flows away and goodness can flow in, so i do recommend an hours session if at all possible.

You may like to write down a few questions but leave room for those that ‘pop up' – you can also ask for clarity after a remote reading if you need things explaining in a different way.

You may get emotional, a lot of people do and feel embarrassed, believe me there is little I have not heard and when i am with you – I am your friend and support and you are safe to share any emotion with me that you feel guided too. ‘Better out than in' is Michael's loving advice.

Melanie Beckler: Is there anything about your gifts or abilities that you consider to be unique from other psychics, mediums, or angel readers?

Sheelagh Maria: I always say there's nothing special about me and my husband says that's what makes me special because I simply want to help.  The reason I came into this was not because i wanted recognition but because Michael saved my sons life, helped me manifest a beautiful life and I simply wanted to share the ability for others to do the same.  Its what I incarnated to do which was be a beacon of love, and through me you can help your self and others.

I LOVE to direct voice channel and I can also hear Goddess energy, Unicorns and discarnate dolphins also most of the masters.  I tend to work with high energies and love the variety of characters both alive and ‘without a body' that I meet.  I love to find out who is with you and who is popping in to help!

Melanie Beckler: Is there anything else you would like to share about you or your gift that we've not yet covered?

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Sheelagh Maria: You have a gift too. just because you don't see ‘dead' people walking around (nor do most mediums) or hear externally does not mean you don't have a gift.  You have a spiritual team consisting of two Guardian Angels, One Life guide, and other beings too and they have dedicated their spiritual life to work with you and for you, wouldn't you like to know who they are?

Wouldn't you like to hear the angels when ever you needed them or feel their loving and often practical guidance?  Well you can!  We are now offering stand alone development sessions for you to get to grips with where you gift is now and learn to do everything from reading oracle cards to begin to channel messages if this is what is right for you, we work from where you are and at a pace that is right for you – you are unique you are gifted and you have a team of magical beings just wanting to reach out and connect!

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