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angel readingWhat Happens In An Angel Reading Start To Finish?

Guest Post by Angel Clairautient Sheelagh Maria

People often ask me: ‘Are you a medium?’ and ‘How do you do what you do?’ Michael who is my guide, or one of them, asked me to share!

When I tune into someone's energy for an Angel Reading, I start by taking a few minutes to open my heart, as with Spiritual Development and Connection, empathy and love are the key. I Feel my heart opening from the back of my spine (where the chakras actually are) and as I repeat the name of the client or ‘Angel Friend’ as I call you all, the feeling of love For you and around you grows, often making me smile, laugh or have a few tears.

I then receive a knowing of who (the guides and angels who are with me), as a physical feeling and often as colours appearing in my external vision, I usually do all my readings with my eyes closed, and accompanying the initial feeling, I will get a picture of who ever is with you.

As a Clairvoyant channeller, it is for me by opening my heart completely to you and the angels that the visions and words start to come, the Angel will tell me what I need to tell you and will often choose my language.

Sometimes they will ask me to use an analogy to explain what I'm saying, the emphasis is always on guidance moving forward after you know and feel that we have understanding for where you are.

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If I am given names, a whole lot of information about how the other person views things also flows in, because I personally don’t use cards (doesn't make you any less intuitive if you do though I'm being asked to share) the first name is all I need. I recall reading for a lady who had a romantic interest in two men who shared the first name, however their names showed me different colours, symbols and feelings and she could tell who was who.

As the reading progresses you will be given the chance to ask about anything you like, there is nothing I won’t ask for you. However, I'm not a Medium per se, although the angels have brought loved ones through, it is archangels and guides and magical beings that I tend to hear loudly, if they have a need to help you move forward such as with the loss of a child and my energy is right they will bring the loved one or child through to help you move on.

The focus of an angel reading is always to help you move forward, and to help you understand ‘why ‘something is or has developed the way it has, what the angels want for you is to be able to manifest better, and better and better for yourself in all areas, and sometimes we have to retrace a few steps in order to help you do that.

In many cases they will show me situations from past lives, that are still affecting you such as your relationship with money, or weight or love, and it is when we understand ‘why’ something has affected us, we are able to release the identification with it and move on for once and for all.

The Angels understand we get fearful, they understand that at times we are not ready for the final outcome, and so their rule and mine is that we give you what you need and what will be a total contribution to you right now, we do not want you coming away from a reading with us any less than uplifted and reassured.

Of course, at times I will connect stronger to someone than with others, and this is the same with an interaction. The best advice we can give to make your angel reading illuminating is have a clear idea of what you need help with, and be open minded, also if the information does not make sense then and there, do let us know so that we can re frame this in a way that does assist you.

The Angels know that as much as we want to grow and be open, we are also very human we can get scared, feel limited, feel challenged, and it is as this time an angel reading will never pull you down it will support you, let you know you are loved and comforted and above all help you to see the bigger picture.

As the reading nears the end, the Angels energy will begin to draw away, the energy stay around me for around 3 days and after this the ‘trail’ can go cold, so it is best to ask any follow up questions within that period of time.

The Angels also want me to pass on that everyone can develop there is no limit to how far you can take this ,and everyone should be able to connect with angels if they wish too they also want me to share that you need to ask them to help otherwise they are duty bound to stand by and watch us, which is a waste of resources for both of us.

Where health is concerned they will highlight if there are any complementary therapies that will help you, they will also talk to you about any work you can do to speed healing, they won’t tell you when you or anyone else is going to pass, and they will only uplift you and reassure you when we are working at this level, they know how you feel every moment of every day and their divine purpose is to help us know we are loved, and so please know your welfare is of the very utmost concern to us both.

After an angel reading I can personally feel a little dizzy, as their energy is so much larger than mine, and I will often have channelled them through speech at times during the reading so I need to eat, go into the sunshine and often go lie down, much to my families amusement.

I love giving angel readings because they help people in a way that few other readings do, they place the power and possibility right in your hands and if there is something that is not energetically in line for you (ie the energy is not in alignment right now) they will tell you HOW and WHEN to act so you can have what you want – this is why I'm so passionate they make the impossible or implausible possible.

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I Love working with the angels for you and with you, and if you think this is time to experience some magic, then do please get in touch.

The angels want you to know that all is well, and that whatever is going on around you they can help you in more ways than you can imagine. Right now their message to you is to relax, enjoy the beautiful meditations, messages and guidance on this divine site, and when you feel called, reach out and they Will answer.

If you'd like more information about how to do an Angel Card Reading, Click Here! 

With love so much love from them just for You!

Sheelagh and the angels


About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. I need help me with strength and calm while I work very hard and focus. I believe Archangel Michael touched my back. Guide me and lookafter me. I always pray for Ask, Believe,Giving and Received. Amen,

  2. I would love to have an angel reading. I’ve been trying very hard to connect with my guardian angel. I have so many questions. I am very concerned about my son right now , is it possible to get help with that?

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