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Understanding the Spiritual Cause of Depression

Spiritual Cause of Depression

Spiritual Depression: What Is It and How Can You Treat It?

If you suffer or have suffered from depression, you’re not alone.

It is estimated that 20% of adults will experience at least one bout of serious, clinical depression in their lifetime, with many facing a lifelong struggle with depression.

And while there are a plethora of pharmaceuticals available to mask the symptoms, the challenges of depression often re-emerge once medication is stopped. Modern medicine still does not understand the underlying causes of depression and much about this life-sapping condition remains a mystery.

So from a spiritual perspective is there help available?

Yes! But first… What is depression really?

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What is Depression?

Depression is more than just a miserable day here and there, or disappointment because you didn't get the job, or the guy, or the dream house.

Anyone can have a bad day, and all of us do, but depression is more than that. Someone suffering from depression faces a daily battle against hopelessness.

Depression is when you seem to lose all sense of joy and things you used to enjoy doing become meaningless. You can't sleep, or you sleep too much. You can't eat, or you eat too much. You worry endlessly and your self-talk is constantly negative. You struggle to take care of yourself, let alone your family.

Make no mistake: depression is a serious issue and not something anyone can just “get over”.

As Albert Einstein so famously said… “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

So if you’re struggling with depression, I recommend seeing professional medical help and counselling to help you address the underlying issues and sometimes chemical causes.

But why not address the underlying spiritual causes too?

What Are the Spiritual Causes of Depression?

From a spiritual point of view, depression is a period of darkness and an absence of light. It’s caused by a build up of pain, negativity, challenging experiences, past emotions, old wounds, present struggles, and future worries.

These dense, heavy, and dark emotions keep piling up in your energy body, weighing you down, dampening your light, and making it difficult for you to cope.

In this way depression is like an overload of dense and challenging energy that is caused when painful emotions, feelings, and experiences are not released.

There are two possibilities here for where this density and negativity comes from – internal emotions and externally absorbed emotions.

Internal Emotions Causing Depression

In our present, quite materialistic world, many have been sold a lie. Have you bought into the dream of material success, the perfect family life, unending romance, rigid standards of so-called beauty and desires for an impossibly perfect life?

Treat Depression Spiritually
When you inevitably fail to attain the unattainable, you may be left feeling worthless, guilty, lazy, useless. You may lose track of the fact that it is enough to simply exist, just to “be”, without having to chase after an artificial goal.
This sense of permanent failure drives away the light and the joy from your life, leaving you with nothing but darkness and despair.

Additionally, major life changes and dealing with issues like death and birth, relocation, breakups, loss of employment, and failing health inevitably occur.

These major life events often seem and feel like tragedies, but hold hidden opportunities for growth, transformation and positive change. Embracing change, by releasing challenging emotions, fears and doubts that emerge will allow you to move through the events and come out stronger, and rebirthed on the other side.

Past feelings, emotions, and memories arise from within, ready and willing to be released through contemplation, prayer, writing, tears, and ritual…

But for many, it all becomes too much and emotions are buried instead of released. Instead of dissolving past challenges in the light or returning old energy to the earth, old pain and negativity attaches to your energy body, and draws more and more too it.

The challenges, negative emotions and experiences compound until you become stuck… You’re left feeling like you’re stuck in mud, drowning in negativity, trapped in a fog, or being dragged through a violent storm of toxic thought and negative emotion. And the larger the storm builds, the harder and more challenging it seems to let it go.

Instead of releasing and moving forward, you get pulled back into old patterns, limiting beliefs, and painful emotions that feel terrible… And that buildup of energy, layers upon layers all combined and mixed together is what we often call depression.

Externally Absorbed Emotions Causing Depression

As human beings, we’re hardwired to connect with one another. This is why, especially if you’re highly sensitive, other people's built up emotions, pain, and negative energy can quickly become yours.

If you grew up in a difficult environment, or if a family member is going through depression, or if you work with downbeat colleagues – before you know it, you too may find yourself on the slippery slope towards a depression problem.

When in close physical or emotional proximity to someone going through a challenging time, you will actually feel their pain, sadness, anger, feelings of failure, regret, and worry.

If you don’t take steps to energetically cleanse, and protect yourself from this, their heavy, dense, and depressing energy may become yours.

This often happens to caring, compassionate individuals who seek to help someone who is depressed, and instead get pulled into the storm of emotional strain, tension, and dense energy themselves.

And if you’re having even a little bit of a hard time or challenge, it’s compounded by the painful experiences of others.
Life can quickly become a grind instead of a pleasure, and you start to barely survive instead of thrive as more negativity from others rubs off on you.

Because even if you were perfectly happy and content to begin with, your energy naturally reaches out to connect with, and vibrationally match others. Sometimes without even knowing it you can take on their heavy emotions, pain, and stress, and they’ll feel like your own, even though it’s not!

The good news is, you don't have to take this energy on! Learn 5 Basic Psychic Protection techniques here to help you maintain your positive energy and keep from taking on lower vibrations from your environment, or those around you.

Spiritual Steps to Help Treat Depression

Through a greater spiritual understanding, and awareness, it is possible to counter depression and to emerge from it.

Seek The Light

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First, start by seeking the light. This will mean different things to different people, but make a conscious effort to infuse your life with light and positive energy. Do things that make your heart sing and your soul happy. Instead of only doing the things you think you “should” or “must do” give yourself the permission and freedom to follow your bliss!

With love and joy in your energy field, your vibration raises, making it much easier for positive energies to flow into your life. Love and light offer powerful protection and assistance dispelling the darkness of spiritual depression to its rightful place.

Cleanse Your Energy

If you feel you have a large build-up of density and negativity in your energy field, it may take multiple attempts and an ongoing effort to cleanse your energy and raise your vibration. Be sure to ask your angels for help, and then be persistent!

For help cleansing your energy, check out the Spiritual Cleansing Sessions here.

Or click here for a quick and simple way to cleanse your energy with a waterfall of light!

Live In The Present

Next, know that happiness is a choice you make in the present moment and not a destination!

If you think you will climb out of depression when you get the job you’re after, or when you find the perfect relationship, or when you lose that weight – you're wrong. These are the wrong goals, and forcing yourself to work towards them only sets you up for more failure and a vicious circle of depression. Instead, you need something more fulfilling and nourishing in life, and that can only come from a spiritual sense of interconnectedness with the source.

Find ways to tune into gratitude and happiness from where you are right now.

Of course if there is some kind of abuse you’re dealing with… Take massive action to bring yourself to safety.

Spiritual Practice

Otherwise, consider starting a spiritual practice which calls to you. It doesn't really matter what it is – any ritual or action that connects you with the sacred, quiets your mind, and gives you something to look forward to will serve the same purpose.

Click Here for 7 Practical Spiritual Practices! 

Additionally, meditation and mindfulness can also be terrific tools for understanding and countering depression from a spiritual standpoint. Meditation helps you to go within and it puts you in touch with your inner core – your higher self. Your higher self doesn't “do” depression; and by connecting with the light of your higher self you'll find a sense of acceptance and serenity there which is hard to beat.

Mindfulness in your daily life helps to counter the anxiety which often accompanies depression. When you live in the moment, for the moment, there is nothing to be anxious about – and this in turn relieves a lot of the depressive burden, as the negative emotions and toxic energies of depression simply don't apply.

To Learn How to Meditate For Beginners, Click Here! 

Release and Let It Go

how to let goFinally, to counter depression, and keep negativity from building up in your energy field, be sure you’re releasing dense and challenging emotions.

It’s easy to bury toxic emotions and challenging energies, but it never lasts! Release dense emotions and challenging past experiences over to the angels, and into the light!

Things like journaling, guided meditation, or creative artwork may help you to release buried emotions, and get negative thoughts, uncensored, out of your head. It's vital to get your emotions out into the open, where you can examine them dispassionately, and learn from them – you will spot patterns and triggers for your depression this way, and you will gradually learn how to avoid sinking back into the traps you've been in before.

Learn more about How to Let Go here! 

These spiritual methods for treating depression will help you to get back on the path to emotional wholeness. They should be considered alongside any medical intervention required, and in tandem with practical measures such as debt or relationship counselling where appropriate.

Depression is a highly complex problem which we are still learning to understand, but a spiritual approach to depression goes a long way towards finding and countering the underlying dis-ease and causes – and that has to be a good thing for anyone walking this difficult and lonely path.

Sending you immense love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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