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Psychic Protection Made Simple

Psychic Protection That Works!

Psychic Protection Through the course of your life on Earth, you will be presented with challenges, obstacles and lessons of duality, this is a given.

And yet, with a few basic psychic protection techniques you can learn to energetically protect yourself so you're not adversely affected. Psychic protection will help you to stay in a positive state so you can progress on your spiritual path, and accomplish your highest potential without being weighed down by lower vibrations from others, or sabotaged from any sort of psychic attack.

And of course, your angels will be with you to help you each step of the way!

Psychic Protection – Creating a Psychic Shield with Golden Light and Help from Archangel Michael


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How to Protect Yourself from Negativity and Fear-Based Constructs

The brilliant thing about using light to psychically protect yourself is that it blocks out lower vibrations of negativity, fear-based constructs, and lower fourth-dimensional entities.

If you've taken on any of these sorts of things, it also helps to repel them from your energy field. You’ll be filled with so much light, Christ consciousness, and truth, that lower vibrations are quite literally repelled. This releases them into the divine light, over to the Angels, and up and out of your energy field.

When to Use Psychic Protection

Psychic protection is something you can do when you're standing in line at the grocery store, when you are on the phone, out in public, or just at home. Whenever you sense negative energy entering into your space, thoughts, or vibrational field.

A key sign that there is negative energy is your mood. Are you in joy, in love, in positivity? Wonderful! Keep doing what you’re doing.

If you’re feeling depressed, fearful, moody, or you’ve snapped at someone, that is a key sign that you have taken on some harsh energy or there's harsh energy around. Psychic protection will cleanse you, protect your aura, fill you with light, and shift you back into alignment with the centered, empowered, awakened human being of light that you authentically are.

Invoke Archangel Michael and Your Spirit Team

Begin by focusing on your heart. Visualize light glowing in your heart center as well as light all around you. Invoke your Angels,

“Archangel Michael and my entire team of Guides and Angels, enter into this time and space to cleanse and protect my energy on every level. I ask this according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is.”

Breathe light into your heart and as you exhale, let your golden heart light expand around your entire energy in an orb or an egg.

Create a golden sphere of light protecting your mind, body, and spirit. It protects you on every level from anything that is not in alignment with your highest integrity and divine will for your ascension into a radiant light being.

Visualize Golden Orbs Around Your Energy Centers

Psychic Protection with Golden Light Visualize this orb of golden light around you and imagine that it’s becoming stronger through light rays streaming in from your team of Guides and Angels.

Visualize light from every direction to strengthen this shield. Now, focus on the center of your mind; on your pineal gland in the center of your head. Imagine a little spark of golden light.

As you focus upon this light in your mind’s eye, envision it becoming brighter. See it expand from a little spark to the size of a tennis ball. Vibrantly glowing with golden light like the sun. Breathe and relax and let this light expand further to the size of a volley ball – glowing brilliantly with pure source light, Christ light, divine light.

Let this orb of light drop down through your throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras.  All the way to your earth star chakra below you.  Visualize this light clicking into place and spreading out like a disk of light. See it creating a base and foundation for you.

Call in More Light

Focus once again on your pineal gland. Visualize another spark of light, more quickly now; effortlessly growing into an orb. See it lower and sit just below your belly button. Let that orb of golden light expand around your legs, feet, and abdomen, protecting this energy trifecta. You are protecting your root, sacral and solar plexus with golden light.

Again, focus on your pineal gland, your third eye, calling in another orb of light. Let this one lower down to your heart center, expanding around you in an orb. Create a fourth orb of light that lowers into your throat. Then finally, visualize an orb of light in your pineal gland creating a helmet or shield around your mind, mental being, and head.

Focus on your heart, letting that orb of light grow and expand around you to once again fill this golden egg of light. Now you are protected on every level: mind, body, spirit, all of your energy centers, and your being are filled with crystalline consciousness.

Accelerate the Light

Imagine the light around you is becoming more vibrant. It accelerates, raising in vibration, increasing in frequency. The particles shine brighter and vibrate at a higher rate. Inside the orb, any lower vibrations you have taken on are pushed out and released into the light of the divine.

Ask, “Angels, please reach in and pull out any density, stagnant or stuck energy, fear-based constructs, and negativity.” Allow this to happen. Release into the light and then focus on the orb around you, shining vibrantly, protecting you. Allow love, guidance, and positive vibrations of awakening to flow in while protecting you against anything that does not serve.

This shield of light protects you on every level and empowers you to radiantly shine as the empowered, beautiful, spiritual being you authentically are. “Thank you, Angels for your help and support in crafting this light shield, and so it is.”

The Quick Version

You can also do this quickly.

“Angels, protect me psychically now.”

Then open your heart and let that golden light shield fill around you. Tune into the light in your pineal and let it drop down, creating your base. Tune into another light and drop it down to shield your lower chakras. Tune into the light around your heart, your throat, your head.

Call it forth with support, light, and frequency from the Angels. You are a powerful spiritual being, a conscious creator.  So, step into this power, vibrantly shine your light, and protect yourself psychically so that you can stay in a state of love and joy and flow these positive vibrations forth. They make such a huge difference in your personal life. They manifest love in the greater field of all that is.


Scroll down to learn 5 more powerful techniques for Psychic Protection…

There are many more psychic protection techniques. I’ve posted those here. Check them out and enjoy. Shine your light, stand in your truth, and protect yourself. Remember, love and joy are infinitely more powerful than any darkness or

negativity. If you're dealing with weird energy, surround yourself with light, call in your Angels and know that you’re good. You’ve got this. You’re loved, supported, blessed, and so it is.

Then keep reading for even more insight and to learn more about why you need psychic protection in the first place.

Psychic Protection Made Simple

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Psychic Protection Made Simple

1. Wear An Orb of White Light and Love

Orb of White Light Imagine you are surrounded in a pulsing orb of white light and love. This orb of light serves to release any negative energy within its field… Into the light.

Visualize negative energy, entities, memories, and stuck or stagnant energy being released from your mind, body and spirit. Know and visualize the presence of your angels who take negativity in all it's many forms, and release it into the light.

Practice wearing the orb of light throughout your day, and before you encounter draining people, situations, or places. The light-orb will allow love and light through, while automatically repelling and releasing negativity or other dense energies into the light.

If you feel like your white orb of light needs a little boost in power, or a cleanse itself… Call upon Archangel Michael who will readily, willingly and effectively come to your assistance instantly upon your request.

“Archangel Michael Protect me now.”

2. Invoke A Purple Pyramid of Light

Purple Pyramid of LightWhile perhaps less know and used, but just as effective as using white light, the purple pyramid of light is one of my personal favorite ways to shield. If you need help calling in the pyramid of light, ask Archangel Metatron to assist you in the process.

“Archangel Metatron, please protect my mind, body and spirit with a purple pyramid of light. Cleanse, and uplift my energy and release any and all negativity present into the light.”

Visualize and imagine you're completely contained within a 3D pyramid of purple light, with the peak of the pyramid above your head, and the base extending down below your feet, and into the earth.

The purple light, infused with the energy of the violet flame will effortlessly transmute any negativity real or perceived, into the light. The pyramid itself is also a powerfully healing, and protective form.

3. Mirrored Ball

Mirrored Ball for Psychic ProtectionAnother powerful technique for psychic protection is to visualize you're surrounded by a mirrored ball of light, which effortlessly reflects any negativity away from you, while allowing love and well being to remain.

Although this mirrored ball technique may seem simple, it is extremely effective and powerful, especially when you are around large crowds, with multiple sources of negativity.

A slight variation of this technique is to visualize a mirrored light suit of body armor all around you… Kind of like you're the silver surfer!

4. Affirmations and Prayer

Affirmations for Psychic ProtectionThoughts, intentions, and prayers are useful psychic protection tools as well, because they can help you to build a field of positive energy around you.

Simply thinking or saying “All is well, I am safe, I am experiencing the love and light that is all around me” can be helpful in shifting your vibration away from fear, and back into love.

Invoke Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, or Jesus in a similar way by simply stating their name, and inviting their Divine presence and frequency to protect and uplift you.

Affirmations like “Only love remains in my presence” or “I am surrounded by love and joy which keep me safe” are powerful forms of psychic protection especially when you can say and feel and believe the truth behind these words.

5. Angels of Protection

Psychic Protection AngelsAngels are always ready and willing to assist you in releasing your past pain, and protecting you from external negative influences.

Ask for help when you are in need, and be open to the angelic assistance available to you… when you ask, your angels, guides, ascended masters, and the divine will always come to your assistance in one way or another.

A simple mental request of “Angels, surround me with your love and light to shield my energy, now” is enough to invoke the powerful energy of your angelic team that is always waiting to serve you.

Use any of the above visualizations separately, or together often or as needed, such as when you're required to enter a busy public place, or converse with someone who is overly negative, or who just seems to rub you the wrong way.

A little effort in consciously shielding can do wonders to prevent you from becoming dragged into drama and lowered in vibration yourself.

Why Do You Need Psychic Protection?

Even if you have learned many of your life's lessons at this point, and have made the choice to walk a path of love and light in service of others, there will be challenges and negativity you'll be faced with.
For light workers and those committed to walking a path of love, light, and service, there may be some interference from negative entities whose intention is to disrupt the path of spiritual growth and evolution you're on. These sorts of “negative disruptions” are what some people refer to as “psychic attack” or “psychic greeting” and while I have definitely experienced my fair share of this type of energy, I can assure you it is nothing to be afraid of.

When the negative disruptions do come from entities, (whom I see no point in referring to by name here) their goal is to hinder your forward momentum. Negative disruptions or psychic attacks have over time caused many souls to become lost in self doubt, fear, and suffering… But many more have achieved even higher levels of love and light despite these psychic attacks.

Now this topic is very important to you on your spiritual path and this post can only go so far.  If this topic is of interest to you, or if you are feeling intuitive nudges that you need to get better at psychic protection and spiritual self defense, you should check out the entire Psychic Protection Angel Course here! 

Entities always start off small, by noticing a slight opening in the auric field, a small chip in the shield of light (like self doubt, anger, fatigue or frustration), which they are able to focus upon, influence and cause the compromised area within the natural light body to grow.

Keep in mind that drugs and alcohol weaken your natural auric protection… So if you do choose to partake, be sure you put on an extra layer of light and consciously maintain your energy field, which you'll learn more about shortly.

When thinking in terms of psychic protection, it is most common for people to think of needing to be protected from the intentions of other human beings, as well as other types of negative entities. While these are both real phenomenons, and it is wise to become versed in psychic protection from external energies, more often than not the feelings of “psychic attack” or “negative disturbance” are actually coming from within your own personality.

When you begin to lift in vibration and frequency and continue to experience new levels of love and light… Your energy body begins a radical transformation as well. These changes in the energy body demand that past pain, and limiting views of self be released. When this happens, and the pain comes to the forefront, it absolutely feels like you're being energetically attacked.

When past pain comes up it's not you're like tapping into a clear cut memory of the past event or feeling of fear. Rather, past density seems to morph in a manner which accurately reflects your current challenges and lessons, in a way which will trigger you now, bringing up resistance and distraction to be dealt with immediately.

The simple answer, and response to both of these psychic disturbances, is to simply respond with compassion and love.

In the case of negative entities love absolutely repels them. In terms of your self, and processing your own past issues, love will carry you through.

“Let Love and Joy be Your Shield.” ~Archangel Michael

Psychic Protection Made SimpleAny sort of negative disturbance whether internally or externally triggered can be a scary event. Nightmares, a spiral of negative thinking (which is not really your own), feelings of fear, anxiety, and dread can be absolutely miserable. These emotions and experiences can even hinder your ability to be of loving service to others, preventing you from continuing to move along your path of accomplishing your life's work and mission.

While responding with fear, anger, or distress, is a natural response to a negative disturbance, this is exactly the desired result if the disturbance is indeed external. This knee-jerk reaction causes the heart chakra to close, and any forward momentum on your path of love to be temporally (and some times indefinitely) drawn to a halt.

This is one of the reasons why it is so important as spiritual seekers, to identify and release past pain and frustrations, as the very nature of these pockets of density, attracts more of the like (from external entities, situations, or challenges).

In addition to actively identifying, processing, and releasing past pain, there are numerous effective practices of psychic protection which can be utilized on demand, always, and as needed.

By maintaining a high level of light energy, you will naturally repel and protect yourself from negativity, density and psychic attack, and combined with the five psychic protection exercises listed above, you will be able to enjoy more sustained periods of love and light.

Ready for more?

One of the best forms of protection is shining with warmth and clarity within your own energy field:

Learn how to do this in the Aura Cleansing Course here >> 

With love and gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler



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