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23 Undeniable Angel Signs – How to Know If Angels Are Really With You

Top Angel Signs You Might Be Experiencing!

Angel signs are the signals and omens that signify the presence of angels in your life. Angels are very real, but they are spiritual beings who exist within a different frequency band when compared to humans and so despite their sending us clear messages, and even warning signs… We don’t always get the message.

This is why the angels use signs!

It’s to get your attention!

Increasing your present moment awareness of the angels is one of the best ways to start tuning their guidance, especially in the moment when you’ve received a sign of their presence. The more you build up receptivity and awareness of angelic energy, the more you’re then able to receive their frequency transmissions, angel warning signs, and message when you most need.

In addition to receiving signs from the angels, angelic guidance of course can and does come in directly the form of channeled messages, through dreams, spiritual downloads, epiphanies and by directly receiving insight… You may receive flashes of inspiration, learn from your angels during meditation, or see and perceive the angels profoundly through your subtle psychic senses.

Guidance from the angels also comes in more subtly, and in many cases when we “miss” receiving the messages angels are attempting to convey, they will use signs and leave clues and hints which serve to nudge us in the right direction and remind us of their support and presence.

When you receive a sign, there’s almost always something deeper behind it and signs often come in hand in hand with receiving a flash of inspiration, a message, or getting an aha of understanding and recognition about what will now serve and support you in your life to manifest positive changes and blessings in your life.

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What Are The Signs Of A Guardian Angel?

Signs are all around and can come in a variety of ways depending on your current challenges, next steps, or on the questions you’ve asked.

Your guardian angels know you, and so they know which signs will capture your awareness, and what items contain personal meaning and significance for you. They can then use these things to help guide your next steps…

Although you’ve probably already heard and been told some of the common angel signs, its important to know that your guardian angels may use any number of signs and synchronicity to get your attention. I am going to share some of the most frequently encountered signs for you here… But just because I don’t mention something below, doesn’t mean your angels won’t use it as a sign for you. Again, they know you and know what signs and symbols for you will hold significance.

While some of these signs of angels that you will receive may seem small or even seemingly insignificant at first, when focused on, acknowledged and appreciated, the impact and frequency of the signs will likely increase.

Additionally, becoming increasingly aware in the moment that you notice signs of angels, often allows you to more deeply understand the significance and to also then open to the deeper messages and wisdom your guardian angels want to communicate with you.

Learn more about the specific signs from your guardian angel here >> 

Common Angel Signs and Symbols



I’ve compiled this list of the most common signs from the angels. These signs may be from archangels, guardian angels, or from other angelic beings. All of these signs can come in as a validation or answer to a question you may have asked. Alternately signs may also appear to remind you that you have angels guiding and supporting you in your life, and that they’re ready and willing to help you in your life and on your path.

Curious about the most undeniable signs? Click Here!

When you notice a sign that may be from an angel… Breathe, be aware, and thank your angels for reaching out with their love and guidance. As you relax, and tune into the signs from angels, practicing present moment awareness and allowing, you can then become more in sync with your angels, and more open and receptive to the peace, guidance and assistance they have for you.

23 Undeniable Signs of Angels!

Angel signs are the signals, clues and omens that signify the presence of angels in your life. Feathers

Finding feathers on your path is one of the more commonly known signs of the angels. Feathers of any color are a beautiful reminder that your angels are near, loving and supporting you from behind the scenes. When you find feathers in a place which is somewhat abnormal, it is an especially powerful angelic sign. When you find white feathers they’re almost always a sign from your angel…

  • Even when you’re in a place where white birds are present, a white feather can still be a beautiful reminder of angelic presence in your life.


A sensation of warmth and a flush or rush of warm light energy is a clear sign of angels! When a nonphysical spiritual being begins to move their energy down into material reality, they move through layers of the etheric life force energy in order to manifest. And the first layer of energy that they move through is the warmth ether. And so this is why when an incredibly light and high and advanced spiritual being like an angel is reaching out to you, their presence can be felt as warmth. This may feel to you like the temperature of the room around you is being turned up, or you may simply out of nowhere in your meditation, when you’re sitting there journaling feel this warmth, and rise of warmth within you, this is a clear sign of the presence of angels.

Tingling Sensation on Your Skin

In addition to feeling warmth, angelic energy often feels like gentle tingles on the surface of your skin. This is a positive feeling, although it may feel a bit strange. It happens when your vibration begins to raise due to being in the presence of an angel!

  • This tingling sensation is a clear angel sign and may accompany other signs to bring further validation of the presence of angels!

Flickering Lights

Angelic energy is powerful! And so when you’re in the presence of angels, the actual lighting around you may show signs of this increase of energy. This angel sign could take the form of the lights around you (like a lamp in your room) flickering. It may also take the form of a light turning itself on with no clear reason for why that should have happened (other than a paranormal reason of course). When an angel directs their awareness towards you, that awareness carries an almost electrical energy, which is why electrical devices like lighting acting a little weird is a clear sign!

  • Flickering Lights can be a clear validation of the presence of angels, as it is one of the top signs of an angel watching over you.

A Gentle Breeze

Feeling a gentle breeze or the movement of air around you without it having a physical causation is another undeniable angel sign. The cause of this movement of the air is the angelic being creating it! This will sometimes happen to me when I’m sitting in a room meditating and it’s perfectly calm and still, and I’m connecting with the angels and seeing them moving around me through my inner vision, and then there’s also a tangible sensation of movement in the air. This angel sign happens through the sensation of feeling and it is a paranormal movement where you’re in a room, it’s not drafty, and yet there is a warm draft of energy moving through as angelic energy moves towards you.


One of the most obvious of angel signs that happens through the clouds, is when you see a cloud that looks just like an angel. Your guardian angel may also drawn your awareness towards certain clouds that look like hearts, as well as many other shapes and symbols to offer guidance and validation for you, and to draw your awareness to their presence.

  • Angel clouds may look like an angel, or be in the form of another symbol that has meaning and significance for you.

Lovely Scents

Have you ever noticed a lovely sweet scent and been unable to identify the source? This very well may be a sign from your angels! Angels often love to make their presence known through the power of scent. You may notice the presence of your Guardian Angel through a lovely rich and minty chocolatey smell, or the nearness of the Archangels through the sweet subtle scent of flowers.

Scent is a commonly used sign from your ancestors or loved ones who have crossed over as well… Do you smell your grandmothers perfume and sense her near? Odds are very high that her spirit is right there with you.

  • Do you smell something awful? This is NOT a sign from your angels!
  • The scents that appear as signs from the angels are lovely.

Babies and Pets

Babies and animals have not yet taken on many of the filters which can block people’s ability to clearly see the angels. Have you ever noticed babies looking up smiling at the ceiling, or excitedly gazing into the air, or at a blank spot on the wall? They may be looking at an angel!

Or perhaps you’ve noticed times where your pets’ focus is entirely captured by something you seem unable to see…

  • This is especially common with cats!

When this happens, its a sign of angelic presence, and chances are that your pet or baby is angel watching! In the presence of angels babies, small children, and animals will be at ease, comforted… and excited.


I have met several people whose first sign of the angels was when they started to hear angelic music and singing originating from outside the material world. Angels may also communicate with you through recurring songs you hear on the radio. Or by causing you to hear a series of songs, all with a very similar theme. Angels often send messages through music, whether it is through a song which just starts playing in your mind, hearing peaceful tranquil music when meditating, or continuing to hear a certain song on the radio… Be mindful of the guidance which comes to you through music, especially when you wake up with a song in your head which answers a question you’ve had as this is often an angel sign and a signal that you’ve had angel visits at night.


Finding coins, on your path or finding currency in general, is a common sign of guidance and support from the realms of spirit. If you find a coin on your path, or perhaps someone gives you a coin, pay attention! Does the date on the coin hold any meaning for you? Have you asked for financial help from your angels? What were you thinking about right before you noticed the coin? When you understand that coins are commonly used signs from your angels, and also from deceased loved one… You’ll know to pay attention, and observe what is happening within and around you in the moment you find the coin on your path, so you can then understand the deeper meaning and significance which is often a symbol from Spirit illustrating you’re loved, supported and guided.

  • Coins may be signs of angelic beings, or from your deceased loved ones in Spirit.

Sparkles of Light

Angels are beings of love and light and so seeing unexplained shimmers of light, or flashes of light and color around you, or around another person is a clear angel sign! This may take the form of a bright star which catches your eye, shafts of light streaming down from above, a flash of light appearing without an actual light source, light shimmering off of an object in an unusual way, or the quality of air around you just seeming to shimmer and sparkle. Try closing your eyes, and if you still see the light, it’s very likely an angel with you. Breathe, relax, and if you’re ready your angel may expand the light before you, or envelop you within the angelic glow to bring you healing, upliftment, and rejuvenation.

Seeing Lights While Meditating

Have you even been meditating with your eyes closed, focusing within, and suddenly your inner vision is filled with light and with sparkling glowing energy? While meditating in the presence of angels you could actually perceive an angelic light being appearing before you in your mind’s eye, or you may simply see spiraling light energy and sacred geometric shapes of light and color.

  • Seeing lights in meditation is a clear angel sign and in many cases what you’re seeing is actually angelic energy.

Seeing Orbs

Seeing orbs of light is another angel sign. Angelic energy may manifest as orbs of light you see through your inner vision and minds eye during meditation. You may see them in the air around you, or even capture photographs of orbs. It is important to know that dust on your camera lens or taking a picture into the sun can cause orbs… So when it comes to orbs in photographs, its good to question the cause of the orb rather than automatically assuming something paranormal has taken place.

Crown Chakra Tingles

Feeling a tingling sensation and warmth at the top of your head, in the area of your crown chakra is a clear angel sign. The reason that crown chakra tingles happens when you are in proximity of angels is because angelic beings exist in an octave above the physical realm. And so the tingles and warmth in your crown center, happens when angels are helping you to open to receive their frequency transmission, downloads, and wisdom. And so not only does angelic energy naturally create an opening in your crown center, but the angels may specifically work with your crown center in order to open up your link with the higher realms so you can communicate with them.

  • Your open crown chakra allows you to perceive in the angelic realm so angels will often work with you to unblock and open it!
  • Not only does angelic energy naturally create an opening in your crown center, but the angels may specifically work with your crown center in order to open up your link with the higher realms.


Rainbows are a common symbol of Divine love. When you ask for angelic assistance and shortly after see a rainbow, know your prayers have been heard and are being answered. If you’ve been thinking about your angels, or asked for a sign, and you notice a rainbow, it’s likely your angels confirming they are with you. A rainbow orb around the moon, a double rainbow, or a rainbow appearing when it hasn’t even been raining, are extra spectacular signs from your angels bringing encouragement, and validation from the heavens.

Temperature Change

When you’re in the presence of angels, you may experience a change in temperature, which can be a wonderful validation that your angels are with you. You may suddenly feel a warm glowing light around you. Or you may get the chills, or start feeling cold, with some light tingling or pressure in your head or on the back of your neck. This shouldn’t be uncomfortable… For me it is an exciting manifestation from these angelic spiritual beings.

  • Note: A cold sensation is typically from ancestral spirits, or the spirits of deceased humans, while angels appear to be warm.
  • Alternately, cold feelings may come about if your angels are helping you to release stuck or stagnant energy, while warmth coincides with receiving the blessings of angelic light.

Feeling Like An Angel Is Near

If you feel like you are in the presence of an angel… You probably are! You may feel like someone just walked past you, when no one is there, or you may get the impression someone is present in a room with you when it is empty. Your angels may reach out to you, very subtly and wrap you in their wings of love, brush your arm or neck, or gently place their hand on your back or shoulder. Sometimes angels will make their presence very obvious giving you an overwhelming sense of unconditional love. Or when you’re in a book store, you get the chills, and then a book suddenly jumps off the shelf. Pay attention, your angel is with you!


Another undeniable sign of angels is when you physically feel as though your hair is being lightly brushed or you feel a light and gentle brush of something along your arm and yet when you look, there’s nothing there. With this sign, you may have the distinct sensation that a loving being takes your hand and yet of course you understand that no one is physically there. This often happens in situations where your angels really want to alert you to their presence, or when they actually want to send blessing of angel energy and peace to you through touch.

Feeling Joy, Peace and Love

Angels are incredible beings of higher cognition, peace, and wisdom. They are literally the messengers of God, and so an angelic being who is near you or who is watching over you with their awareness focused in your direction has a way of evoking a profound sense of emotional warmth, love, peace, and harmony. When you encounter this angel sign, you feel loved unconditionally, comforted and you feel in that moment at ease, and like all is well. You’re able to see and remember good and beauty in the world.

Signs or Advertisements

Another sign of angels often come in the form of noticing a message on a billboard, or a sign for a business. When you ask for guidance from your angels stay open and alert, and you may start noticing a certain word or phrase on a number of billboards, street names, or shop signs. Recently I was in New Mexico and planning to take a trip to either Sedona AZ, or Southern New Mexico… I wasn’t sure which option to choose, and so I asked for help from my angels in making the decision (while riding as a passenger in a car). Almost immediately after asking, a huge sign for “Sedona Health and Nutrition” appeared on the street right before me. This was an advertisement for a local business… But I took the hint and ended up having an incredibly magical, and rewarding trip to Sedona AZ.


When you hear a message in your mind, or you hear a whispered voice which seems to appear out of thin air, you may be experiencing the messages of your angels. Don’t assume you’re making it up! If you can’t really hear what is being said, ask your angel to speak a bit louder so you can understand. Hearing the guidance of your angels is a beautiful sign of their presence, and is common when you are in need of comfort, reassurance, or angelic guidance.

Angel Symbols

Seeing images of the stereotypical appearance of angels is one of the common signs of angels when they simply want to remind you of their presence and existence. This stereotypical image portrays an angel as a human type being with a halo, glowing energy, and wings. The angels know that they are commonly associated with this style of imagery, and so they may use it as one of their signs to get your attention. In reality, the appearance of an angel is actually quite adaptable, but they may show you images of angels that match their stereotype in order to help you remember that they’re watching out for you, and to remind you of the angelic energy, and support of your guardian angel that is available when you remember to ask for assistance. This angel imagery may also include additional symbols of angels like a trumpet, sword, dove, chalice, or you may just see angel wings.

Angel Numbers

One of the most common ways angels will attempt to capture your attention and guide you is through Angel Numbers. Whether you are sitting in traffic behind a car with 333 on the license plate, you keep seeing 999, or you seem to look over at the clock at just the right time, say 11:11 exactly, or maybe you keep seeing your birthday numbers. These synchronistic times, and angel numbers have specific meanings for you.

Because angel numbers are such a common sign from your angels, I have created a complete guide to angel numbers you can read by clicking here. Trust your inner knowing however as well, because what an angel number means for you, may be a bit different than the commonly interpreted meaning. Awareness is key!

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Contained within these signs of angels is the infinite possibility for growth and positive transformation that is made available when you go beyond seeing a sign and thinking: “that’s weird” or “that’s interesting” and you remember that you have a guardian angel, and a whole host of angelic beings who are ready and willing to further guide and assist you in your life when you remember to ask for their assistance.

Understand that while angels are always supporting you, there is a limited extent of what they can do without interfering with your free will.

When you however remember to ask for their help… They can step forward in a much greater way which then not only leads to receiving more profound signs of angels, but also the manifestations of support from angels also begins to appear in your life.

The key to going from seeing one of these signs of angels, to then receiving deeper wisdom, frequency and truth is to become fully present in the moment and increase your awareness.

When you’re in a relaxed and yet alert state, your Guardian Angel and other angels have a way of making their presence known. Know that you may experience signs of angels that aren’t listed above, and if you’re ready, your guardian angel may even contact you more directly.

Presence and awareness really are so key because with presence and awareness, you can notice the signs of angels, and then directly tune into the angels who are behind the signs.

How do You Ask An Angel For A Sign?

If you’re not getting many of these signs… Don’t worry! In reality, your angels probably are sending you signs, but its just that you’re missing them.

I do want you to know however, that regardless of what you’ve been told in the past about working with angels… Right here and now, you can ask for their support, including asking for a sign of their presence.

Clear your mind, allow your heart to open, and then say aloud (or clearly in your mind):

  • “Angels, thank you for the many blessings you’ve helped me to align with in my life.
  • Thank you for guiding and supporting me .
  • I now desire to connect more deeply with your presence and wisdom, so I may be of service at a higher level in my life.
  • Please step forward to support me now…
  • Bring me clear signs so I may know that you are indeed guiding and supporting me on my path…
  • Thank you… And so it is.”

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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Learn the top Signs Your Angels Are With You so you will know to pay attention when you receive angel messages and guidance in the form of white feathers, coins, butterflies, lights and so much more! #guidance #

Learn the top Signs Your Angels Are With You so you will know to pay attention when you receive angel messages and guidance in the form of white feathers, coins, butterflies, lights and so much more! #guidance #


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  1. This was amazing to read.
    I believe in angels and all these facts are true because I find feathers everyday and then speak to my guardian angels everyday

    When a feather does appear
    You know your guardian angel is always near…

    Find a penny pick it up all day long you will have good luck pass it on to a friend then your luck will never end xxx

    Also get the cold around me and there isn’t a window or door open
    I also get red hot heat on my head and I am not phased by any of it whatsoever. I know there watching and leading me down the right path.

  2. I've had many signs my angel is around me, I'm going thur a very trying time right now, my mother is slipping slowly away, I want her to find life in general is a mess..I want my marriage to return stronger and better, I need the strength of God and my guardian angels ..

    1. I’m sorry and yes they exist and they are around you comforting you and your mother God bless and stay in prayer because he loves you goodday!

  3. I also believe that they are giving signals throughout the day. For example when I’m trying to watch my diet but I grab something to eat it will fall or I hit my hand hard while grabbing the food, I consider that a sign (they are saying don’t do it!). In these small things. Like for example when you want to buy something that you shouldn’t (for which ever reason) and something comes in between the psychical action of paying for it (like a distraction). And many many more examples there are. Also the random out of the blue thoughts in your head might be put there by them, that’s how they give hints throughout the day, to make you think about a certain person or thing. That’s how they guide you, towards or away from something or someone.

    I also believe that before we meet new people, our guardian angels already befriended their guardian angels (or be-enemied ;-)), that’s why we sometimes get along right aways with a person (or we don’t).

  4. Thank you so much.
    You are the first person to have gotten it right with the numbers…
    In the past year and a half I have been seeing the numbers and was not understanding why. O check YouTube but felt there’s more to it.
    I finally realized I I am under Spiritual attack from an ex friend who does witchcraft. I was not aware how evil she was otherwise I would not have invited and daughter to.wprknin my business. It did not go well…going against what we agreed on was not sitting well with me and so the mom started sending spells including death spells. I kept seeing the numbers but was clueless. I got sick and the Dr had no answers. Contacted a spiritual who told me I was under attack daily. It explains why the numbers were regular… whenever she send an attack on me I would see the numbers…this was happening several times a day. The angrier she got is the more often they came. At times I see just 2 same numbers and then came the itching of my skind or something.
    Lucky for me I was double spirit and being a child of the light prevent the evil Spirits from doing major damage to me. On fact one of my spirit guide being so protective would lash out at them when it got too much. I was told they think I was casting spells on them but it’s my spirits and Angels who are defending me…

  5. Hello
    I want to tell you about a very strange event that I experienced a number of years ago and that I still think about regularly almost everyday and wonder what it was that really happened and who was the person in question. I think it was 2006 or 2007 do not remember exactly but I had a throat infection that lasted for about two weeks and which turned out to be directly fatal, said the doctor at the health care center plus I had 40 degree fever without my knowledge so I got sat in a taxi and headed to the intensive care unit at Karolinska Hospital in Huddinge.

    On the left side of me in the room, another patient was lying, who unfortunately did not survive that night. I saw the doctors running in front of my feet and in behind the green cloth to try to save the patient’s life without possitive results. Then I suddenly feelt from nowhere how someone strokes their hands back and forth through my hair and says with a repetitive calm tone … “Don’t be scared, everything will be fine, don’t be scared everything will be just ok”.

    At least I had to try to bend my head back to try to get a glimpse of who it was.Then I see a very beautiful woman who looks intently with her head bent forward straight into my eyes while continuing stroking her hands through my hair. I didn’t really understood what was hapening but the feeling of love was immeasurable. I have never experienced any similar feeling like that before. She had golden blond hair that was perfectly braided on both sides of her head and that shone like the sun’s rays.

    She was dressed in a white garment of some kind that made me think that she was one of the nurses that was standing behind my hospital bed which then turns out to be an impossibility for someone to stand there as the bed ends taight against the wall. As she continues to stroke her hands through my hair, I suddenly get a revelation that I have a hard time understanding what it came from.

    Thousands and thousands of angels in an even row that slowly and with very calm wingbeats are on their way to a light source flowing out of a huge cloud. I looked at this for a few seconds, maybe 10 when suddenly everything ceases as fast as it started.

    The next day when I was on my way home after i recovered from my illnes i asked a nurse about the nurse who was stroking her hands through my hair and I described to her what she looked like. She answered that there is no nurse working there looking like that.

    Yesterday after many years I was back once again in Karolinska for a foot treatment due to my diabetes and I took the opportunity to tell my story to the nurse and she was not surprised at all but that it would have been an employee who worked at the hospital is excluded.

    The nurses who work there do not stroke their hands in the way I described and especially not on the head of patients. It’s just nothing they do. But she told me that she had heard stories of patients who had been dead for a short time but returned to life and they all wanted back.

    Loving greetings José

  6. Thank you for this! I have the oportunity to experience this wonderful N peaceful encounter with Angels.feathers they leave me too all over the house .is incredible n so Beautiful ..i have collects all feathers n minutes before i write this i find a feather they have comunicate with me in difrence forms is incredible..what and Amazing experience i feel .protected .especial .what can i tell you.soooo beautiful when they reach out for me…God is Good..i defntlya believe .r..!🙏🙏🙏😇 have feathers with me
    .all …

  7. Thank you -Melanie Beckler so much for your emails to me and for everything you do to help me.
    Yesterday and today I always saw Angels Numbers : 1111 , 2222 , 333 , 444, , Last night a yellow butterfly , a mantis flew and stayed in my house . I hope they can give me a very good luck .

  8. #1, found a black feather beside my bed about 10 days back.
    #6.found a rusted coin beside my bed 10 days back.
    #13. Today I saw the no. In my mobile phone time 11:11 and 12:34
    What is the angelic message for me.

  9. A little poem for all of you. You have to say each individual no. ie. 11 is oneone.
    11 was a racehorse
    22 was 12
    1111 race
    and 22112

  10. Hi I have had a spiritual waiting for the past year and a bit I have been experiencing so many signs on the Angle 1111 111 222 333 555 and so much more I find feathers everywhere I will just hear certain songs in my head that I’ve never heard before so I type in to YouTube . The other night I was laying in bed in it are very relaxed state I had had a few drinks I could see a bunch of white feathers and with black tops If that makes sense it was like the top of them Was but I have googled and I can’t seem to find anything on this could you please help me do you think this is sign …

  11. I have a feeling that a bad spirit is around me trying to get closer, i feel it wants my son. Also i saw an angel clear as day. I have pictures of it. The sun looked a lil strange this morn so i started taking pics of it, i noticed alot a unusual shapes, e.g city lights on a cloud, etc, then all of a sudden the sun flared up all the clouds around disappeared, a stream of bryt light ran across out of the sun i then took 3 more pics nd wen i viewed them there is an angel flying dwn from the sun. I would love to hare the photos

    1. Your sightings are true and don’t let anyone tell you other wise angels saints are the real deal i know because i have one looking over me everyday and has changed me for the better. So don’t let anyone call you crazy just relax breath free your mind and let be they will do the rest.

  12. I have a long experience of paranormal activity. and I do not believe in any point of these 13 sign except the 12 (The voice). Sometimes and rarely I hear someone speak (spoke) to me from outside my body and this realized (happened). Sometimes I hear voices inside my brain and it was not my thinking because it is totally different context of what I am thinking about or what I am doing. and Sometimes I hear voice from my head but is depend, sometimes is clear and I wonder from where this idea come, sometimes is weak sign it pass as any idea. it is sure that lot of time the internal voice come from my brain thinking (it is me). Also many vision happen, when I awake or relax, I saw a vision about something happened elsewhere or will be happen in the future. Sometimes I see a vision with voice for 2 or 3 seconds and it is very clear and I wonder from where it come (maybe my brain and maybe outside). Also I have experience from other world (I don’t know what it is) by touch me or he change the magnetic field around me when I can see in 360 degree (slightly like a sphere except the ground level directly below me) I feel any unusual movement of someone seems like aura (I can see aura in some degree)… also I have, many experiences proof of other world but they are not our subject here. An idea when I am sleeping, my brain awake suddenly to high level and let me feel that the alarm of my desk watch will ring, and really this happened after 2 or 3 second.

  13. Today is Tuesday, august 28th & it is now 10:37 p.m.
    I was on You Tube, watching one of my favorite Christian shows, which I never get to see anymore.
    It is called 7th Street Theatre; it is produced from Christian & it is about actors who perform skits dealing with Jesus, God & Christianity
    In the episode that I was watching tonight, titled: “The Commercial”, which was about a female actress being called for a television commercial regarding pop / soft drinks; & she decided not to do the commercial because of a skimpy outfit she was being told to wear.
    = =
    Well, after the half-hour show, I looked away from the computer screen to see what my cats were up to.
    When I looked back towards the screen, something caught my eye, which was by my computer-mouse?
    I saw a small light-brown feather!
    It was not there before; so that told me an Angel was nearby & watching the show with me!!
    I told the Angel “thank you for the feather, it meant a lot to me!”

  14. Thank you for this video Melanie! I was surprised to realize I already knew all of these and see/experience them very regularly. The part that was new for me was to go into my heart and ask what the specific meaning is for me in that moment. Sometimes I already know without having to specifically ask, but very good teaching for me to ask when it isn’t obvious; thanks!! <3

  15. I have been having contact with angels through my meditations and Reiki. I do Reiki on my kids at night, i also call on Archangel Michael and Rapheal for protection and healing through sleep…the other night my 2.5 yr old said I see a butterfly, no a firefly! That was great confirmation. After I read this I went for a walk and found a white quartz rock on the road shaped like a star on one side and a pentagon on the other, I knew it was a sign! I feel like a little girl with a new doll, Im going to make it into a necklace! 🙂

  16. I notice white & grey feathers all the time (even some two-tone ones) in my path wherever I go – even inside buildings. Numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444 & 11:11 I notice all the time – 0:00 was the very first number I saw when I was suffering from borderline depression as I could not get much sleep. I have seen angels in cloud formations, latest one was when I was standing next to my kitchen window & I looked up at the sky I saw an angel smiling at me! Babies have started to smile at me when walking past them & dogs just love me – they can feel my angelic presence (I am one – earth angel). One of our next door neighbours cats one day a few weeks back jumped up to my bedroom window looked at me then looked at something else in my room which I could not see what it was looking at (other than one of my wall regulator clocks). Scents, feelings of being loved/hugged (makes me very happy like I am being hugged – same feeling when my parents hugged me when I was a boy), orbs of light, electric lights pulsing/flickering, rainbows in all forms (real & images) even inside our kitchen reflecting from my mothers crystal ornaments, music & songs (a few of them are pre-programmed onto my electric organ keyboard which I have to play regularly) & other signs even an empty money bag which just appeared onto my bed around 15 mins ago!

  17. I have 6 parrots, so feathers are not a sign. I am hypothyroid so I am always cold. I do smell things and know it’s one of my supposed 6 angels. I see 1:11, 11:11 all the time.

    But if angels are supposed to help, mine don’t. In fact, ever since I became aware of them, only had things have happened.
    This has changed my views on the creator and useless angels.

  18. I havent heard from my sister in law in a month she left to mexico to go back with her ex boyfriend that tried to kill her and last wk i just got this strange feeling that something was wrong with her then i got another feeling that i need to get ahold of her aunt and give her the info that her niece gave me to give her aunt and then yesterday i took a Snapchat picture of myself and something told me to go on my makeup app and on my makeup app if it can not find a face on the picture it makes you put a cross on both eyes and the mouth but it found a face but it wasnt my face it found another face on my wall so i added make up so i can see whos face it was i had to add red hair and eyeglasses and i could not believe who i was seeing it was image of my sister in law that i haven’t heard from and my nephews friend says she can sense when a spirit is present and she said she senses a woman present and that creeped me out i would like to know if my sister in law trying to let me know its her that been giving me those signs about getting in contact with her aunt and i believe with all my heart that ex of hers killed her in mexico 😱😭💔😢

  19. My Guardian angel, Daniel, sends me a lot of messages! When I first asked for his name, the first thing that popped into my head was the name Daniel. Me, being the unsure person I was, just thought my mind was playing tricks on me and asked for a sign that it really was Daniel. After that, I saw the name EVERYWHERE. All over my computer, advertisements, and even in the video games I was playing. So I just knew then, that was the name. We have formed a connection, just learning your angel’s name can speak volumes. So whenever I’m in desperate need of help, I ask him to help me, and I start seeing the name Daniel popping up, so then I’m confirmed he’s helping me. Try to learn your guardian angel’s name, trust me, it will help you be able to connect more with them!

  20. An angel that is often with me does something that when I do something not right. The Angel turns it’s back to me and until I make the wrong right….

  21. I’ve seen babies smile at me even if they seem to be angry. Squirrels take peanuts from my hands, get to repeat bird’s whistles

  22. I lost my best friend Saturday, Sept 23rd, 2017 just hours before his 49th birthday. He called me his Angel and him mine. He battled lots of medical issues most of his life and just couldn’t fight anymore. We never met in person, just through Facebook, but we had so much in common I know it was not a coincidence. God meant for it to happen and this became more clear as the years went on, almost 7 in all. There were always things happening to us that could only be explained by “heavenly intervention”. I always told him that if something happened to him I wanted him to send me a sign since we both very much believed in things like that. Well, I did not find out he died until Sunday afternoon. I did not sleep well at all that night and finally drifted off at 4:30 am right before my alarm went off. There was an owl outside my window hooting very loudly and for a very long time. He knew how I loved owls and I know it was him telling me he was with me. Later in the day I was at work looking out the window and storm clouds were forming. All of a sudden a noticed a heart, and then another and another. I knew it was him sending them to me and I was shocked at how many there were. A few minutes later I saw an angel cloud, plain as day. It was a side view. I could clearly make out it’s head, wings and it was wearing a long robe or gown. I have never seen an angel cloud before and I have no doubt it was him showing me he got his angel wings. It was very comforting to me.

  23. I was visited by an angel last night in bed.
    I heard the door open and felt the angel get into bed with me(like I actually felt the bed go down with their weight) , wrap their wings around me and in a very quiet sound said “don’t worry it will all be alright!”
    when I looked over my shoulder, there was no one there.
    feel very blessed today and can not stop thinking about it

  24. I think I was given a sign from an angel. It was near the end of my relationship and this drunk man was behind my boyfriend and I at a football game, and he kept telling my boyfriend how lucky he was to have a good woman and he had to treat me right (which he really had been neglecting our relationship) Coincidence I don’t know but the man left to go to do something and never returned to his seat that evening. I spent two days pondering over the whole incident asked god if I was supposed to be here, and found the strength to walk away.

  25. I have always believed in Angels and I believe that angels exist and they are good, loving, kind, and helpful and protected me from any danger! I could use protection now since I am in a crisis! I always believed in Saint Michael the archangel who is a protector and Saint Michael is a very popular saint and when you hear the name Michael from someone calling out their name, the number 111 the color red or blue means protection!
    Michael is also known as a police officer if you see a police officer in their car or just a police that means your protected by Saint Michael and Michael can come in all shapes and forms! I have a saint Michael statue and I always loved Angels! Michael is my personal favorite angel! Also music angels can communicate through music and I had an experience! I have seen flashes of light or colors and I know it’s Michael protecting me from danger! I have a Saint Michael T shirt and a necklace of angelic script of his name and Michael is also God’s general and he is the one to call upon in a crisis!

  26. Hi, I wanted to share that I hear Angels sing everyday and night truely amazing….But, I have a question thats been on my mind and I came across this site…Ok, I hear the voice of God…And on March 20, 2017 I heard him say 3 times, 5 more years, 5 more years, 5 more years..and then laughter…..I wonder if you can tell me what does mean? I cant remember what was on my mind at the time but…..I heard him. I heard the voice of God..believe me this is not the first time…..Thank you….I wanted to share my story….Maria

  27. Today is my son’s birthday he passed away 05/04/2016 my family had a birthday party for him today and my nephews and I released balloons. My niece recorded while we released them and when she watched the cusp video we saw a white dot going back and forth really fast for a couple seconds and then it had angel wings and was gone. I wanna know if that was a sign that my son was with us?

  28. I was wishing on an important things with the help of the moonlight, on 11:11pm tonight GMT+7 I looked up the night sky, and the moon is surrounding by a rainbow halo with clouds on the side of it. So beautiful, I thank you and believe my wish is heard and already been given.

    Then I search this ask-angels page, found and read that it is the sign that heavens give validation with the help of the angels. I even more grateful.

  29. Yesterday when I was cleaning, I found 1 white feather on the floor and I have no idea how it got there. plus the temp in my bedroom changes when I know my high school sweetheart is around then the song “Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly would play which my high school sweetheart would always sing that song to me but as “Cassie Sue” So I’m starting to wonder if yesterday with the feather was my high school sweetheart telling me he was with me to protect me or just say ” I love you”

  30. I was feeling down there other day, whenI was driving into the Walgreens parking lot and as I was opening my car down.Right near my feet on their ground was angel heart medal with an heart on !

  31. Ive often felt a loved one from beyond was sending me different signals and signs. The most profound one was after I met a couple on Google+ and they were married and the wife was posting pictures of her wedding ring resized. Somehow I lost my wedding rings before my husband died and I was a little emotional for a few days and I found a 24 karat gold ring in the middle of my floor right into my television 11 man-made diamonds in it. I took it to the Jewelers and there was no or else it could have come from. I met a guy shortly afterwards and we went to the beach and I lost the ring in the ocean on the same day he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. Nina Sky went back and forth for 2 years he somehow destructively traumatized my life in some way every time we broke up.

  32. I’ve just read it. Thank you so much. I experienced some of the signs, and I didn’t know it at all, until I read this! Amazing! Thank you:)

  33. I’ve just read. Thank you so much. I experienced some of the signs, and I didn’t know it at all until I read this! Amazing! Thank you:)

  34. Last night I was walking and in front of the Mexican restaurant I looked down and there was a shiny quarter I almost didn’t pick it up but it was so shiny that I have to ! I was so excited that I told my daughter it’s from arch angel Uriel i’ve be praying to the Angels so I picked it up and put it in my pocket I was so happy I knew they were there with me !

  35. Earlier today I saw a cloud shaped Angel in flight mode with it’s left arm pointing down and hand was in pointing mode. Hand then went into reach out mode. What does this mean. Angel wasn’t looking at me. It was travelling from right to left, before cloud dissipated

  36. Hi I find the feather in my room but not white color . When I wake up morning time. I saw close to my bed my feet side . Any suggestions please? Good or bad ?

    1. Since i started my job 2 yrs ago i have found:red,purple,blue,gray,white..alot of white ones..i think i find about 2-3 /wk..i love it

      1. I always have felt that foul odors that aren’t something witnessed with the naked eye are bad spirits. That’s my opinion. Nothing heavenly should stink. ?

  37. Angels have been presenting themselves as lights to me in different colors and configurations for over 2 years, but I had no Idea what it was until Father’s Day this year, 6/19. Now I know, I was guided to take a class which main focus was meditation, but turned out to be a class full of “psychics,” with a variety of gifts. From that day, the door was opened and I have been communicating with angels throughout the day, but the most profound communications are after my family has gone to sleep.

  38. Amazing? I have experienced number 7 several times. I know there are Spirits, Angels, or something around when something catches your attention and it leaves this amazing feeling inside.

  39. Hay angels i love you work and will more over my bussnies and money i will money for pay all my debit thx for support my oke

    1. strange that this should take my attention, i woke this morning with a 10pence coin on my chest! very strange – any reason angels would do this? my bed was freshly made so i no nothing was in my bed before i went to bed – yes, i do have money problems – like many, would love to hear what you make of this please? thank you 🙂

  40. I allways smell roses and carnations before someone in my family dies,Sometimes the smell is almost sickening,It is just like you walked in to a funeral home.when my sister was in the hospital ,i was setting with her and about 5.30 am i started hearing bugels playing the song NO TEARS IN HEAVEN at 3.25 that afternoon she passed away,i was telling the chaplin about it and he told me that when i heard the bugel that was when my sister was passing over to the other side.I felt ease.

  41. I have this happening to me lately. I asked my angel in the shower if this guy is right for me and ask her to only let me see/hear his name only if he is. I got out the shower and opened my gratitude journal and the first thing I saw was his name (I rarely wrote his name in there because I tried to move on.) but I thought it was a coincidence, so I ask again. This time I wrote it down and said it out loud. After that I went on Instagram and the first post I saw had his name written in it for FOUR times. I was like WOAH But that guy and I don’t talk anymore, so sometimes it was hard for me to believe that. So today I asked again “Okay, this is the last time. I know you love it when I’m trying to connect with you. Please let me hear/see the word Yes through out today to confirm that he really is the right guy for me.” After that I felt like my angel was smiling and feeling so excited to show me a sign this time. And BE HOLD not even a minute after that I randomly clicked on a blog and the first word I saw was YES I almost cried with happiness when I saw that. A lot of time I will mentally hear she say, “have faith and be patient.” Hopefully this is really a message she meant to send to me. I’m trying to keep my faith as high as I can.

    1. I had an unusually scary dream last night, and I’m an adult who isn’t usually easy to scare. It was honestly really getting to me so I prayed and asked why and what it could mean. I pulled the angel card “you are safe”, and then suddenly I smelled chocolate milk…strongly. I’m the only one awake at the moment and no one even drinks chocolate milk or eats much chocolate here. It smelled good! So I remembered reading something years ago about angel signs being smells. I looked it up, and the First example here was chocolate! Also I remember finding a coin on the floor when I woke up and actually took notice of it as if it were aignificant for some reason. Amazing. It was the full moon solstice last night. Maybe that’s why I dreamed fears, so I could let go.

    2. Mesayon, I had experiences Just like that in 2013 about a man I loved. We got together later that year and we are still happily engaged. Like, we are Very happy:-). Have faith.

  42. I was just reading through the page as I cried my eyes out. I felt so alone, like there was no one there for me- I was desperate to be reminded of what true love felt like, and no one could make up for the love my Dad gave me before he passed away when I was 9. Without fear, I just dropped down onto the bed and stared into space. I couldn’t move, I knew I couldn’t even if I tried. I felt something wrap around me, almost like the Angel’s wing as described, only I knew it wasn’t an angel, it was my Dad. Never have I felt so much love hit me. I felt free. I felt uncontrollable and for what seemed like forever I gradually came back. I still froze because my mind was blown. All my tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollably until I had none left ad here I am now… I’ve never felt so good!

  43. THANK YOU Melanie,most of the time i hear a voice especially when im worried about something and i will get an instant answer. i remember one day in the evening i felt a bit of a slumber and i slept, within a short time i saw in a dream a woman pouring a powder in my mouth,and i heard a voice saying her name and i woked up. i went to ask my parents if they know that person after describing her looks and they said yes. they were very shocked because that woman stays far from where we stay and is not our relative. so i believe my angel was communicating with me.

  44. I received a message from my angel (or spirit guides), that came to me, Loud and Clear.
    The message was that my Ex-Husband was going to pass away. At the time, he was hospitalized in the Cancer ward at a Hospital in Scottsdale, AZ. He was having severe pain in his neck and arm, that related to his cancer moving from both lungs (and, abdomen), to become a large (oblong) tumor in his neck. That tumor received radiation for 5 days, straight, and was completely obliterated. Unfortunately, the pain worsened and he steadily declined.
    The message (from spirit), was a voice telling me that Ed was going to die. I could not tell you “if” that voice was male, or female, but it was extremely clear. I (almost), dropped to my knees, right there, in the parking lot after I heard that “Ed is going to die”. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I sat in my truck, for a bit, cried, then thanked whomever sent that message. At that point (of his hospitalization), we did not know “if” Ed was going to make it, or not. A week later, he was sent to Hospice and passed after 7 days.

    I can recognize when my “spirits” are visiting, in the form of animals, scents, feelings, messages or just “knowing something”. I’m truly gifted to have that powerful insight.

  45. It was on
    Y this moth that I actually heard of my Angels for the first time. It was 7 In the evening and I was talking to my boss about spirituality. While there are a lot of distractiom s I heard clearly the sound of tiny and huge bells, chimes, in the air. it was up in the air and passed before us. I feel the joy in my heart. I asked my boss if he has heard that but he did not. I hear alot of voices though. Deep male voice, cry of a baby, inaudible whispers, bell ringing, etc.
    At first I was bit overwhelmed about all this but eventually I was able to find light with the help of the Divine and my one True God the Father.

  46. I hope my angel will guide my daughter and family everyday , cause they are my life and now I am working being a call center agent to provide their needs pay credits , thank you to my angel who guide me as well to make it here in my work everyday and giving me always a good signs to do , I love you angel

  47. My angels come to me in dreams a lot. Lately, I am able to feel their presence while awake. While having a particularly stressful and sad conversation with my husband, I saw a flash of gold and white light in the corner of my left eye and then felt pressure on my hand, which was resting palm-side up on the floor beside me. After reading this, I am certain it was one of my angels helping through that terrible night.

  48. I found a beautiful feather when i was walking home and have no doubt that it was from my grandma mercie. I miss you and love you.

  49. I have everyday white doves in my garden. They leaves feather everywhere. When the back door is open, they come inside the door. At the morning, they queuing until I or my husband put food in the garden . We love them. It is so relaxing to see them visiting us. Now, we have everyday around 17 doves daily…I am not sure , if they representING as an Angel, but it is delighted to see them daily…

  50. Dear Melanie,

    I did found a kinda beautiful white feather floating down from the upper side in front of me on the path to work, I pick it up and keep it well in my pocket/ backpack, and wondering wishing to capture and save it up (the photo and the feather), however, when I back to office and searching up in my pocket/ backpack, I found that’s disappeared, how come??! ~-~ ”


  51. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every person in the world recognized that angels, spirits, guides, energies can be called upon, give advice, heal,
    calm, embrace them? The world would evolve and nourish every life form.
    Our souls would be freed.

  52. I have had so many signs that angels have been guiding me and still today everyday I’m receiving signs. I need some real guidance about Gods kingdom and how the archangels and angels interact with us. I have a belief that we were all angels before we came here and I think I’ve fallen in love with one of God’s archangels. Pleases help know how to proceed with this.

  53. I want to start by thanking you for this post , i am English but moved to Brazil 2 years ago (Sao Paulo) , i live near one of the largest spiritualist centers in the world . my being here (i feel) was planned in advance , My facebook page is filled with most of my stories about my experiences (Darren Baria Wharton) , i would like to expand on your comments above about how Spirits get in touch if possible , I have found that numbers play a big part if not the biggest part of their attempts to communicate with us , we all have become so reliant on numbers in our every day lives , but have you ever noticed repeated numbers ? , i mean you are not looking for any number but rather it finds you , sounds strange but its true , i have friends who work in a spiritualist hospital here in Sao Paulo , most are mediums , i have realized that we all know so little about how / why / what and where
    Many people use books written by others to learn from and then go on and preach , but i feel that each person is different and will receive messages in their own way (as stated in the article above) , there is no 1 rule that applies to all of this , it is as unique and diverse as life its self . i do not claim to know much about all of this but i can speak honestly , my posts detailed things that have no explanations , i think the best summary is “we are all but children looking up at a great stairway wondering if we should climb” , those that climb will learn , do not be afraid , simply embrace it

  54. I would like to know if Angels come in form of white birds, cause since my mom pass away a month ago I’ve seen white birds next to my house. I think is my mom!

  55. In 2009 we had a chimney fire and the house filled up with smoke in the middle of the night, I woke up, my husband was yelling to me to follow him…. I then decided to fall back asleep not thinking straight being intoxicated. As soon as my head hit the pillow a voice inside yelled “GET UP NOW!”…I imediately got up and ran down stairs to find my hushand hunched over almost passing out and then saved my dogs and cats and we all ran outside to safety. We called 911 and waited in the car. On the radio th song “HALLELUIAH” was playing! Hows that for a sign? Thank-you Angels xxxxxxxxxx

    1. you’re welcome btw!!!
      I’ve personally been trained and taught by angels and many of their kind!
      They planned my whole life, I have also seen the Holy Spirit!
      Blessed and praised are you

      Until we meet again

  56. Hi Melanie,
    Thank you very much for your messages.Indeed it is very fantastic to read your articles on ‘ANGELS’.I don’t know how to thank you.Please send me your full and exact residential address so that I can send you a gift.I live very far away from you.Do you know about MAURITIUS.It is a very beautiful island in the indian ocean.
    Hope to hear from you very soon.

  57. My wife never left me I call her my Air conditioning and have had many messages off her,having also seen her on my bed made up firstly as smoke later made up of stars . on talking to my wife after reading a book about angels which was repetitive at 2am in the morning I saw what I would describe as a fairy fly from my oval mirror down the room about 18 inches high white with double wings if that was an angel then I believe in angels and my wife had something to do with me being shown this and at the moment she is helping others on the other side pass over ( A carer in life and in spirit )

  58. How about in a dream? I saw it in my dream it was so clear that it was a feather that feel from the sky and it was quite bigger than normal and it’s color blue. Then I realized that when I looked up, my Angel was right there and was already a mist disappearing. And I realized that it was my angel who sent the blue feather to me. Is that also counted as being in the presence of an angel? Thank you.

  59. I felt so stressed the other day so I decided to go to a park near my mother place and sit by the water and listen to mediation. Within 5mins I had beautiful white cockatiels surround me and it was the most amazing feeling ever had in such a long time I swallowed true the park and scene 2 colourful birds on the tree and across the water it was like amazing white rising up on top of me thank you so much angels you’re the blessing and strength I have in me I love the feeling and I love being blessed thank you

  60. I strongly believe in angels and archangels unfortunately I have not yet mastered the way to get in touch with them.may be I try too hard…. Because I need strongly to takeadecision and I ask for help but I have not been able to tune in to receive an answer.
    Words are not enough to say thank you to Melanie for all the messages may Godbless you and your team.

  61. I had a angel come vist me. I had been going thru a very hard time. When I was going to bed.. then this bright light glowing sprung out…then this beautiful Angel appared she was glowing she said “I have come to give you a hug”..It felt so wonderful..she also showed be some of God’s love that he has for us. It was the most precious feeling I can hardly explain it. ALL I have to say if you ever get a chance to feel it you are very lucky I know I was.. never doubt his love for you it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world I thank you God for your love …

  62. My puppy some times goes in another room and starts barking and there is no person in there I think my guardian angel lets me know when he is here because I get a tingling on top of my head as I have short hair and when I say his name he does it even more I am so very glad to have him I talk to him I told him to give padre a message for me and he did I told him Thankyou very much that’s how I know it is my guardian angel love to hear from you I have a lot of your stuff off Facebook in my iPhone so I can reAd it when I want I love to listen to your voice it is so beautiful to listen to love to hear from you thanks very much

  63. I believe in Angels. Last week I asked for some good luck, not a lottery win but just a little to help us out and later that day I won at Bingo. Earlier this week I asked if anyone was there as I was feeling low. The next day, I was listening to the juke box at work & in the middle of the random dance music it was playing, on came ‘arms of an Angel’ from my favourite film ‘city of angels’. The jukebox then went back to playing random dance music. I’ve found four 20p pieces on the floor at work in the last two weeks. My Nan used to collect these when she was alive. I find these things comforting and uplifting.

  64. I had an experience today where I felt like there were several… beings around me. The whole hallway and all the rooms were filled with almost a light fog. I have also been looking up a lot today. I am confused as to what this is. They did not scare me, but the fact I experienced that is making me wonder why. Does this sound like angels or something else?

  65. I have many angel stories to tell you. I will tell you my favourate one. My son Nico works for a cash in transit company ever since he was 18. He is now 29. When he started there I was so worried so I told him that if he saw a feather he should pick it up and keep it, because that is the angels I prayed for to keep him save losing there feathers and a sign that they are realy around. I never thougt in my wildest dreams how many he picked up in the past 11years and how he took whar I said to heart! And to think that he was a non belever. He sticks them in the van when they transit cash. If the guys ask him about the feathers he tells them that it is the feathers of him angels and that they are protected. He is a belever now and even prays for them bevore they leave there base. Haleluja! Prace our grasious Lord!

  66. When I’m really ‘in tune’ – before going out on stage – I tell my angels/guides that we’re going to do this one together and I let them sing through me.
    They get a HUGE kick out of it…and so do I! 🙂

  67. I have sit here and read everyone story and I think it is a blessings to share a story of signs it leads another person to share.Be fore my grandmother passed away I heard a voice in my ear from god telling me that its her time…I sat and cried my eyes out until I heard the phone ring and it was my grandmother…so I stop crying for her but she new I was…so she told me about her pain and surgery that she’s having…so she planned the last visit with us…so we found out she had cancer…so a day after my 9 year old daughter bday she passed…she in a better place more pain and suffering…she home and I love her so much and she always be our hearts

  68. I have experienced these feelings before! I go to my angels for instructions or guidance when I’m near a demon, so I’m so blessed that the Lord has made angels like you too help people like me. And I’m only 14!!!XD

  69. I often experience light drizzles .i mean i suddenly see light particles all around me and it happens quite often.Before i used to think it is because i am hungry so i am getting such impressions. I also would think may be my head is reeling. BUt no its not that. When i experience this i see light being type all over me. It will be there for few seconds and then it disappears. If you are reading this could please tell me what these are and what does this mean? Pls pls pls

  70. What do angels want me to know? 2 days ago there were signs of Spider – 3times, I know that they were not just spiders, but signs. At that nigh I dreamed that in my house there were new house pets – seagull and crow. Seagull looked at me, screamed and flew out from house. Crow screamed too, then bit me in the left arm and flew out through the hole in the wall. Next moring I saw a crow next to my window – it was hanging upside down and nibbling something. I have never saw something like that before. It didn’t rised up – I watched it for some 5 min. Today I woke up with song in my head – not whole song, just one line – repeating and repeating – black dove cry… I googled it and found out that it is song “Why doves cry” (song I know, but don’t listen), but in my head it sounded as black dove cry.

    How do you think? Is it some kind of sign from Angels? And what it means?

  71. I see little sparkles of light out of the corner of my left eye….hoping not a retina detaching? Plus I get white feathers that I have been saving…is that ok?


  72. At my mother and sisters grave on day when I was there it was very cold and cloudy.I sat on the ground and I was wrapped in a warmth.the wind was blowing but it didn’t touch me.The headstone was cold but it was like I had a circle of warm air around me.I visit there often.

  73. I Believe in God’s and Spiritual’s Angels in my life,i do believe they are exist around us,because only a few people who can feel and see the presence of the guardian angel is,something magical and amazing things have been happening to me, seems not only we humans who live in this world,I can not imagine what I’d been through, this situation really makes me feel puzzled and confused ..Previously I was a bad person and has done many things wrong, and do sin, but I am grateful and remember to Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to still conscious and aware of the mistakes that I have done in the past, .. ..thanks and praise to the Almighty God ….

  74. My sister sent me this article today. I told her my dogs have been fixated on something I couldn’t see for the last few days. Always when I’m home alone with the dogs. No barking or excitement. Just looking intensely and following movement around the room. How awesome is that!

  75. I think that the angels sometimes uses people to say their messege. Sometimes I don´t no why I said something to a friend or even a forigner. But the other people get it as an answer on her question. 🙂

  76. Dear Melanie, thank you so much for sharing knowledge with us all. By application and understanding, heightening a sense and knowing the reality of angelic presence, I am becoming more peaceful and joyous each day. Working in a hospital environment with many sick people I invoke their presence to bring healing to others.I love your voice. Bless you. Julie Southampton England

  77. Thanx Melanie
    Actually ,I “see” and feel all the signs u have explain…
    Its amazing…
    I feel so gratefull fo that…
    God Bless U

  78. Number 6 Coins-

    recently I found two large coins (English Penny) with the years being 1916 and 1928. The inscription on the back is “One Penny” and what looks like a centurion and a shield. On the face side is what appears to be King George the V in Latin. I found these two near the recycle bin. A day or two later I found a toonie and a few loonies in the parkade. Could this be a sign that I am finding or about to find a tremendous wealth in places no one looks at?

  79. I often can feel vibrate a angel voice talking to me I still try to listen very hard ( I am deaf)
    I ask angel sorry I try to listen you try to tell me something special message.
    I am going to have a cochlear implants I hope this year . I have sit down talk with a doctor to get a Referral letter to Mater hospital to see ENT Doctor.
    when I get cochlear implants on my ear and I will ask angel for repeat what was you try to talk whisper to my ear.
    I can’t wait to listen the angel voice 🙂 <3

  80. I’m not sure if it’s a guardian angel or not but my mum told me that I had a toy piano when I was a baby and she took the batteries out but it kept playing. I’m 15 now and when Im sitting in my room at night reading my book I get the feel that someone is watching me and when I get me picture taking sometime there is about 2 to 3 white little orbs around me

  81. Hello all. I found myself in need of help recently in a house I used to live. It was very haunted and one character was becoming very invasive and was really getting a hold on me. I needed help and I prayed and asked for help from the Ark Angel Michael. I got what I needed and I do remember there being lots of white feathers on my carpet in the morning. I didn’t have feathers in any of my bedding. I’ve only recently found out that these are commonly sited as angels’ calling cards. Very cool.

  82. Recently i reconnected with a person on Facebook, turned out she is now religious (i’m agnostic or let’s say believe more law of attraction or spirituality rather than bible version of the truth – i don’t deny some powerful source must be existing.) … so the point is i argue with her how many errors hte bible has etc… so i keep seeing 666 and 777 and occasional 999 everywhere in Nov/Dec… playing my videogame wich i like… everytime i look my gold status it’s 666… one game person name was 666,next game someone was named 777 .. and third game someone was named Ezekiel(bible character right?) … also when i was out with a friend i saw 777 as car plates in span of 5minutes (one of wich was a Bus transporting christians) … (not to mention ive lately noticing the craziness of satanic worshiping in music/hollywood) makes me wonder, investigating loads about religion etc…. am i going insane? i mean should i go to see a psychiatrict? im very critical thinker and have very high iq… i’m just baffled… any advice?

  83. Two weeks ago on Sunday a mysterious man whom had been a customer at the store I work at came up to me among three other associates and I helped him check out at the register. After a minute of greeting him and making sure he had everything he said he sensed something about me, how I was over watched by a female Buddhist and two Angels, one to my left is a female whom has or is protecting me and to the right of me a male who gives me knowledge or something like that. It was a long 15 minute of mind blowning conversation we had and to cut it short, he believes I have a good vibe having the Angels and this female Buddhist overlooking me.

    Can anyone help me further explain this? He wasn’t a missionary nor trying to change y religious belief(Shamanism) but said it is a good thing he met me and believed it was fate that brought him to me that day.

  84. my father recently passed away… my husband and i were the only two in the room other than hospice coming in every hour to give him meds…. the last time they came in his breathing became very soft and slow and i could tell it was getting close, at this same time i noticed the shape of an angel imprinted on his sheet…clearly you could see the cap sleeves from the arms and scalloped flowing gown i could even see a face.. i pointed this to my husband just to make sure i wasn’t going crazy.. he saw it as well and outlined it with his finger… shortly after he passed.. anyone else have similar experience?

  85. many times I have seen feathers at home – at the window steps or in my bed – or on the dining table. feel awesome and blessed.

  86. I have experienced most of these signs and it is wonderful to know what they mean. I have often wondered why babies look at me and smile and sometimes even reach out as if wanting to touch what they are seeing.

  87. I have recently started seeing my birthdate, I will look up at the clock and there it is 1020. I also see my fathers initials on license plates almost every day and see flashes of light when my eyes are closed.

  88. I keep hearing london bridge is falling down when I’m walking the dog and during meditation, can anyone shed any light on the meaning of this?

    Thanks Natalie

  89. I had lost my mother to cancer. She passed away in july 15,2012. She was in the nursing home for a week, our family new she was going home to God very soon,My 2 brother and I where taking turns beinging with her that week, she was getting weaker by the day. I was so tired one evening I decided to go home since my brother where with her Saturday evenig. So my husband and I went home, I got a call about 2:00am and they told me I had better come beck that she was breathing very shallow, and we did. She was cold to the touch and so I said a prayer and asked my Lord God Please give me a sigh when she is really gone, I mean her soul. and then I said the Lords Prayer ” The Our Father”, about Sunday morning around 7:00am I could her, mom passing away, she took her last breath and left. I cried like a baby, weeped so hard that I had the whole family and the nurses crying too. It was so emotional, I just couldn’t stop!!!! Then one of my brother said to me Sarah,Sarah, come here to the window, I told them I couldn’t I just wanted to hold on to mom just a little bit more, but they insisted me, Sarah, Sarah please you have got to see this, Moms bed was next to a window, so I got up and went to the window, what I saw was a “Doe” looking in the window at all of us Kids and grandkids, she stood there just looking for about 2-3 munutes seem so long, she came out of no where. I started thinking I just asked in a prayer to let me now when she was gone and there she stood. I said my Goodby and she turned and walked away from the widow and was gone. My prayer was heard and I thank the good Lord for taking her home safe and sound. A few days later my son inlaw came and show me a song about Deer, ” As The Deer” It was the most beautiful song I had ever heard!!
    So now when I think of my mother I listen to this song and it calms me down. Thank you Lord for what you have given to me in my life. Amen an Amen Sarah

  90. This article has come at an interesting time for me as I have just had an experience with lights that have come out of nowhere and immediately after a door handle moved which did scare me as I know their are good and bad angels not sure what to think really what’s the purpose of all this?

  91. Hi,
    Why am I getting goosebumps when I am going through your article?
    I guess, I’ve gone through some of these experiences.
    God bless all, not just America.

  92. My grandma and dad past away not so long ago lately I have been seeing little signs eg I found three 4 leaf clovers and my grandma is half Irish though i have seen nothing from my father

  93. My husband just passed away in May. My 4 yr old granddaughter says she sees grandpa on the ceiling when she is lying in her bed. I think its an angel coming to her looking like her Grandpa.

  94. I loved your article. My guardian angel guides me daily, helps me to manage the most difficult decisions and always leaves me with a white feather or a sweet scent when I’m feeling down.
    The older I have become- the more I have come to depend on my ‘spiritual friend’ I always say thank you and will continue to do so, for the guidance of love and light continues to support me.
    My dog enjoys playing with ‘my guardy’ as well…he plays nearly every night at the same time.
    When in doubt, I ask my angel for guidance.

  95. I receive coins; pennies, nickels and sometimes quarters in my path, several times a week. I’ve also felt a loving hand on my back especially if it has to do with my mom, when will soon be dong things together. I truly feel that is my dad sending me a message, like a pat on the back for a job well done. I feel the pennies come from my son and the nickels from my friend and quarters from my dad since he used to bet me quarters to putt a hole in one when we putted in the living room. I’m learning to see the significance of the coins and the touch. I want to learn more can you email more on angels?

  96. Thank you for this beautiful site! The Angelic signs are very real! I experienced a cloud the shape of a totem pole with two sets of wings..I know it was an angel because there were no other clouds in the sky..the sun was just setting. My whole body got the chills..I ran to get my camera..but it had just started to dissipate…Every time I look at the photo I get chills..Thank you Jesus..thank You God!

  97. My angels started sending me messages on face book ! First thing every morning I would go on Facebook and The very first posting I seen was exactly what I needed to hear ! This went on quite a few days in a row before I realized what was happening . I was tickled and so very grateful . They knew that was the easiest way to get in touch with me as I believed

  98. Thank you! I never knew the signs but now I do. I encouner three coins, sweet scent out of nowhere then a wisper. Until in March 2012 I saw an archangel in my bedroom window 4:00am he was handsome this might seem strange it seems he wanted me to see him.


  100. I have experienced almost all of the signs from angels. My dear, sweet deceased father always visits and watches over me. The love we share will never, ever die. His visits are so warm and sweet, and he always knows when I need him. He comes to comfort me when I think of him and become sadden and overcome by the grief of losing him. After my dad’s visits, I always feel so comforted and loved; but most of all, I feel that my father has not left me.


  101. We all have angels looking after us, we just don’t realize it. Eg. Think of the time when something bad was going to to happen and it didn’t .. Why??

  102. Hey There. I discovered your weblog. That is a very well written article. Thank you for the post. I’ll definitely come back.

  103. My 2 brothers and my sister and I started receiving feathers after my beautiful Mama passed.. I’ve never heard of this and it’s so amazing to read about these other signs as well. I know my Mom is in a better place -an afterlife where it’s probably just the beginning. Thanks, Mom. I love and miss you so much. You’ve taught me so, so much and now you’ve taught me that love never dies. I love you.

  104. This is happening to me right now. I was guided to this page to understand the signs, coins, flashing lights, white birds…all of it. God is amazing. Sweetest Jesus.

  105. Its good to know about angels… I am bit scare that if you are in empty room and somebody is with you but you unable to see that thing… Omg its really scary feeling.. Bdw thanks for this info… Xoxo

    1. No need for fear, they’re spiritual beings of unconditional love light and purity who would never interfere without your permission…

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