Finding Dimes and Pennies From Heaven

Finding Dimes and Pennies From Heaven

Is There A Spiritual Meaning to Finding Coins Like Dimes and Pennies?

Finding Dimes

Your angels and loved ones in spirit want you to know they're looking out for you, and they may try to get your attention by sending all sorts of signs. Signs from spirit can also be used as a way of delivering guidance or offering validation that you're on the right path.

Finding small coins like pennies and dimes is a common sign from spirit for many people.

Of course, there are those out there who would disagree, and that's fine. If you're convinced finding coins are just coins which in no circumstances carry additional meaning, I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise.

But if you have had an experience finding coins at a synchronistic time, and you have wondered if it means something, or contains a message from Heaven.. Read on!

Why Would Spirits Guide You to Find Coins Versus Just Talking to You?

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Your angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit want to help support you in your life. They don't want to interfere, scare you, or do anything which would negatively alter your course, so their guidance is often subtle (especially when you're first starting to notice it).

In addition, it's good to keep in mind that you're a physical being, and they are now spiritual beings who are made purely of energy and not of matter.

Since they're energetic beings, they will often use dreams, feelings and telepathic messages to communicate. But if you're not really paying attention, these subtle attempts to connect can be easy to overlook, so they may align something within your physical reality to get your attention.

Number sequences, electrical interference, birds and animals acting out of the ordinary, and finding small coins or objects are all common signs which angels, guides, and your loved ones in Heaven may use to get your attention.
finding signs
So when you notice or feel something out of the ordinary, or when you find an interesting coin or small object on your path, pay attention! Interpreting signs from the spiritual realms always comes back to presence and awareness. With awareness you can begin to understand the signs and receive the love and guidance being broadcast your way.

Why Coins?

Signs from spirit through objects are not limited to coins, and I regularly find crystals and beads in a similar manner. But, there are a couple of reasons your angels and loved ones may align coins on your path and drawn your attention to them.

Firstly, coins are typically contained in wallets, coin purses, pockets, or dishes… And so when you see a coin just laying about, it captures attention. Coins also tend to have a bit of a shine to them, so they catch the sunlight which further increases the odds of you noticing them.

In addition, coins are a form of currency, and since ancient times they have been used as a symbol and way to communicate value. Plus coins are available in abundant supply, and while they're a symbol of value, no one really misses a penny which is dropped, misplaced, or relocated. This gives angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit an opportunity to re-align a few coins to position them onto your path without harming, scaring, or adversely affecting you or anyone else.

The Angels line up coins on your path as a reminder that you’re valued!

So What Is The Meaning Behind Finding Coins?

The Deeper Meaning of Finding Dimes and PenniesOther than the obvious meaning, that coins are a sign from your loved ones, angels, and guides… Finding dimes and pennies from Heaven means you're loved and valued. Your angels, or loved ones showing you something which carries value as a metaphor of you being valued by them.

Any small object or coin can carry this meaning (my most recent coin find was actually a peso!) but the most commonly found coins from spirit are pennies and dimes. When we look at the coins through the lens of ‘Angel Numbers' we can get even more insight into the message being communicated.

The Meaning of Angel Number 1, (and Finding Pennies)

The number 1 carries the vibration of new beginnings, new ideas, achievement, success, and progress. Seeing the number 1 (or finding pennies) is often a message from spirit to think positively! You're creating with your thoughts and beliefs, so stay positive!

The number 1 is a call to release your fear and uncertainty over to the angels and into the light, and to focus on your heart's desire and what you would like to see in your life.

#1 also represents unity and oneness. When you see the number 1 or find a penny, it can be a loving reminder that you are one with your angels, loved ones and guides… You are connected, protected, and all is well.

The Meaning of the Angel Number 10 (and Finding Dimes)

Seeing the number 10 (or finding dimes) is often a message of validation that you are receiving guidance and insight from your angels and from the realms of spirit. Release any fear or uncertainty and know that you are loved and supported. Things are working out for you for the highest and greatest good.

The #10 is also a call to pay attention, to trust your instinct and honor your intuition, especially regarding making changes to move forward in your life, and to take action to create positive change as you're inspired. Part of making positive changes is keeping focused on what you want to manifest… Call on your angels to help align your thoughts with what you want to experience in your life.

So What Does It All Mean?

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If you find yourself finding coins on your path… Pay attention! What were you thinking about, and what comes to mind upon finding the coin? Coins may contain messages from your loved ones, guides, or angels, and with awareness you can tune into the deeper meaning. But one thing is certain, finding coins carries the message that you are valued and loved.

“Don't pass by that penny when you're feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven that an Angel's tossed to you.”
-C. Mashburn

The Visual Guide to Finding Dimes, Nickles and Pennies from Heaven

Dimes and Pennies from Heaven

Do you have an experience finding coins you know were a message from spirit, share your story!? Was this article helpful? Leave me a comment below or on facebook!

With love, light, and gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler

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Have a Question or Want to Share Your Experience?

Kathy Smith says September 9, 2019

What does it mean when you randomly find s cross you haven’t ever seen before in your wallet

Deena says July 31, 2019

I have an experience. My husband and I were talking about my dad both of us were crying sharing to each other how we missed him. Little later about 30 minutes I was gathering dad’s clothes (my mom gave to my husband) to hang them up in the closet, down the hallway I looked behind my feet pathway I was walking a dime still flipping looked like it came from the wall to the middle of the floor behind me. Told my husband and his response was there was nothing in the pockets of any of the clothes he checked them. So that was my experience. It was little comforting.
My dad passed away April 30, 2019

Jana Nelson says July 27, 2019

I lost 4 of my best friends last year.. all in one year. 4 of the most important (other than my family) in my life. 1 of them committeed suicide and the other 3 were murdered. I began finding dimes and pennies together. Everywhere I would turn; for example, in the hallway of my clean house I would look down and find a dime and penny which is weird because I live alone, later on the same dime I would open the door at walmart to grocery shop and find a dime and penny at my feet in the parking lot, later on in the same day be doing laundry and even though I could have swore I emptied all my pants pockets at the bottom of the dryer would be a dime and penny in the bottom of the washing machine. I would find them 4, 5, 6, 7 times a day. I began picking them up and in 1 year I have filled up 3 crown royal bottles (the big glass bottle). My friends began noticing it, and eventually began telling me of their own experiences finding multiple dimes and pennies together all of a sudden. I wondered what it meant…. was it the number 10+1=11, or 10-1=9… was it simply the message to “change” or “expect change.” Ironically yesterday I ran across a website unintentionally and learned according to numerology my life number is 11. I don’t exactly know what it means… but I hold dimes and pennies very close to my heart and I know its my angels reminding me to keep going even though I feel alone.

Beenriu says July 20, 2019

I was outside around 8 o’clock before going to church to hoop. As I stand with the trees and deeply inhale few times I turn back to my door and I can’t explain it but it’s as if Angel or Guardian told me look down , I saw my neighbor headphone he must’ve dropped or lost and A Glowing penny Immediately felt vibrations. Thine is real Glory is Real. I thank my blessings

Rachel says July 20, 2019

After the passing of my grandmother last year, myself and kids have found dimes in random places. The most unusual place was a couple of weeks ago on a family trip, in the corner of the airplane door and knew than my grandmother was watching over us. When we were at the resort, our room number was 4110.

Frank. RIVERA says June 25, 2019

i have been finding dimes lately would have to say for the past 2 mths i also have been thinking about my parents as well my grandparents and friends that have passed i had a uncle who would bend dimes with his teeth sounds crazy but its true i believe that a loved 1 or friend are trying to say something to me

Hope Chouinard says June 21, 2019

How can I figure out who is leaving the dimes my daughter has lost great grandparents last year we both lost an aunt/great aunt and my boyfriend lost an uncle I feel they are meant for me but I can’t figure out who would be leaving them

Caret olivas says June 12, 2019

I had a dream where I was walking outside and my granddaughter was with me and we started finding quarters in the dirt soon the dirt started patting and me and my granddaughter fell in but I was holdong.o. but granddaughter fell in

Dawn Feska says April 11, 2019

Hello,the past three days going and leaveing work each morning
I had found a single dime ,first one next to the curb can’t remember if it was heads or tails I walked past this dime two days in a row,tho I’m not a very rich person I thought I’m not that desprate besides what could a dime do.
Sencond dime I found in 7_11.
Parking lot,I thought well I dont need a dime God I need more to cover my finacial issues but what the heck a dime less for a can of cat food.
Thought no more picked each dime up put them a dish at home.
This morning on my way walking to the buss stop on a very busy intercetion.i see yet a third dime.
I thought no I’m not picking that dime up I will miss my buss,I kept walking then suddenly I stop went BK looked at it said to myself Dawn u get paid today u don’t need it.started to walk away.stoped and thought just pick it up
I did I put in my pocket
When got home, went to add this dime to the others I was drawn the the year dated.

amy benedict says March 29, 2019

my dad died march 22,2019 & i was crying today asking my dad to show me a sign when i went outside & a fly flew on my leg. i looked at it & than motioned it to fly away but it came back on my other leg and was moving down my leg i then went inside & felt something cold on my foot. i look under my foot to see a shiny penny on it. and i smiled & said hi daddy i missed u and i felt warmth & love

Makenzie says March 18, 2019

Me and my sister used to collect dimes with my grandparents to save up to go to Disney World and it’s always been our thing. When my grandpa past away 5 years ago, we always found dimes on the ground when we’re having a bad or it was just a simple reminder that was his way of communication and it happens every now and then. It’s a special reminder to us and it always will be. Another thing is I always see yellow butterflies all the time and that makes me think of him. Also some times the light flickers and I always joke and say it’s my grandpa. It’s crazy how real this is and how much it happens!

Carol says March 16, 2019

My autistic grandson’s great grandmother past away. During the wake I went to help my daughter with my grandson so she could interact with others and not worry about him. On a chair I found a dime, heads up. This is my son in-law’s grandmothers wake. I walked over to the family and said I never ever found any money at a funeral home before. Showed my dime. One family member mentioned before grandma passed, she was talking about a dime she couldn’t pick up. Yes, I have met her over the years and it’s been a long time since I have seen her. I got goosebumps when I found the dime and my first thought was everything is going to be ok and a new start. ( my life has had a 180 degree change and I am grieving divorce and change in my life ) I believe I was meant to find this dime on the beautiful flower wing back chair and believe it was a gift from her. At 93 she was still driving and living alone independently up until 3 weeks before she passed away. I have to share my grandson wanted to know which end her feet were in the closed casket and then where her head would be. Then said where are her lips I put my hand to a spot he could reach and he kissed the casket. My grandson is a twin and they are 11 years old.

Annette B says March 15, 2019

A few months ago we sold our house in Melbourne & moved nearly 2000 kms north, to Hervey Bay in Queensland.I found a 5c coin lying in random spots around the house, every day for around the first 10 days. Today I had bilateral injections in my pelvis. After years of back & hip pain, I have been excited & anxious about getting them. Afterwards when I got home, I went to bed for a few hrs. Later in the evening I got up & had some dinner & watched TV. When I returned to bed, I had just climbed in when I realised I had forgotten my water, so I got up to get it. When I returned to bed, there was a 5c coin sitting on the bed, where I had just been laying. It’s hot in Queensland, so we sleep with only sheets & a duvet cover (no inner). When we climb into bed, we only sleep on the bottom sheet & kick the top sheet & cover to one side. There is no way a coin could of been where it was, without me noticing it the first time I went to bed, the 2nd or the 3rd time. I believe the first coins around the house, were to reassure me that we had made the right decision to move inter-state. I think today was a sign from my loved ones, to reassure me, things were going to get better for me, with my pain issues. I am feeling really happy, reassured & grateful to spirit.

Olive says March 8, 2019

Yesterday at school I saw a coin that my friend had on the coin it said 100 YEARS OF ANZGAC THE SPIRT LIVES OF 2014-2018 I was asking for her to give it to me but she spent it on food but today I found the same coin in my house I was so surprised and 10 minutes ago I thought I saw a thing just dash into the room I’m in I was thinking it might of been my imagination or it was a spirit…

La says March 1, 2019

I find coins a lot! As I was walking my dog this afternoon, it occurred to me that it had been a couple of weeks since I had found a coin. Right as I had that thought, I looked down to find two pennies! I thought this was so odd!
I keep my found coins in a special silk bag on my desk.

Angie says February 6, 2019

I always find coins and it is alwYs during a time I am challenged and emotionally lost by curcumstances our if my control .I always feel these tensions ease when I find one .I never use them ,but put them away in a box

Suzie says January 26, 2019

This past week, I found 3 dimes on 3 separate occasions. One on the floor in my livingroom, one just near the bed in my bedroom and one in my desk drawer at work. I made a post about this on social media, and continued scrolling through my feed and someone posted a joke involving a nickel and a dime. Isn’t that a COINcidence! I believe it is my grandfather (Poppy), who is my angel. He raised me, so we were very close. Also he and I share a birthday, and it’s in the 10th month! I also see 11:11 on the clock all of the time, and get visits from Cardnals in my yard. I’ve read that these things are something similar to the coins. I just had to share my experience with you all. Stay conscious of these incidents.

DSands says January 14, 2019

I’m thankful for your article validated and confirmed my questioning why I’ve been finding dimes in my path. I lost my life partner best friend this July 2018 and it’s hitting me more he’s not here in flesh. Just to say hello would be a blessing. I guess the dimes are his hellos….

Julian Ceasar says January 5, 2019

I found a penny a while back, I was just getting back from fishing. I got out of my truck and I happen to look down. I then saw the penny picked it up and went about life. Days later I looked at it it was a 1919 Lincoln wheat penny. Additionally, it didn’t have a mint code. A little letter under the date, I put it in a soap stone box, I got it on my wedding day from the person I am still deeply in love with 31 years later my wonderful wife. I have found out something else, this is the real deal. This is such a great feeling to have, an indescribable sensation when you first meet. I will use the same words the first time I felt something. ” This shit is real”. I thank you for your gift I appreciate it. Julian

Brandon says November 14, 2018

For the last 2 days I’ve found a penny in my pocket I left the first one yesterday and today I wake up and find another one I am amazed to find them for I have not used cash for a 2 weeks no reason the pennies should be in my coat pocket o just want to know what’s the sign they are sending me means any help would be appreciated

Dee Segers says October 22, 2018

My dad has left me pennies since he passed away a few years ago. On October 19th, the anniversary of the day my folks were married, I raised the throw on the bottom of the bed and found 2 pennies stacked together but a little offset. I pulled the throw up a little more and found 2 dimes stacked exactly like the pennies, about 8-10″ above the pennies. We had just gotten out of bed and the coins were laying on the blanket, under the throw, and it should have been impossible to remain as they were with us in bed. My parents together left me a reminder and their love I believe.

Christine Simmons says September 16, 2018

When my dad was sick and right before he died I told him I wanted him to put quarters in my path so I know he’s always with me. The day ofhiswake I found a quarter on the middle console of my car. Since then I have found many quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies ALL THE TIME!! Feathers are also abundant. The other day I saw a single cloud in the sky and asked my dad to make me a heart….it took a heart shape then looked like angels that eventually disappeared….it was very strange but feel like it was dad getting my attention!!! ❤️😇

Eileen says August 22, 2018

I found a dime today and I know it is from my husband who passed away in March of 2018. The year on the dime was 2016, the year he was diagnosed with colon and rectal cancer. In the past two days, I have found three magpie feathers. To tell you the truth, I questioned if angels really existed, but now I believe for sure. Thanks for your article, I really needed the info to clarify why dimes were sent.

Beth Hanley-Adams says August 21, 2018

My brother came to me telling me that he was mowing near the high school track where he is custodian. He has mowed that area countless times over the past few years and it was never there. However last week he caught a glimpse of something shiny so he stopped and it was a quarter. What was significant to him was that it had my birth year of 1966 on it. We have both found quarters numerous times and never had our birth year on them. He immediately felt it was meant for me. This happened only a day or two after I had returned from a trip in which I had gone to my best friend in college’s grave that I hadn’t been to in 30 years. He was also born in 1966. I am wanting to know the significance of the meaning of this sign. What is it supposed t mean for me. I had looked it up once and it said something to the effect of a loved one in heaven is letting me know a fortune is coming my way. I don’t know if that is accurate but with having my debut romance novel coming out in a couple of weeks well I hope it means what I had read. I am trusting in God and the Angels on guiding my life to where it should be. How my book came to be is another story all on its own…regarding dreams. I look forward to hopefully you being able to give me some insight.

DAWN WAGNER says August 19, 2018

I woke up two days in a row with coins on my stomach. First was a penny, heads up, second day a nickel, also heads up. How can this happen and what does it mean?

Bernadette Collins says August 18, 2018

I was 60 on Tuesday and went into a old prison now a cafe for tea in the afternoon
I sat at a table on the table was a old silver sixpence I immediately felt spirits were near and when I read what people we’re in prison for I was deeply saddened
Tonight I went into a random nip for some things to eat
I went to sat at a table another five pence
It’s my dead mums birthday tomorrow
When I looked up and read your comment
I can believe our angles are near we just have to be open to them
Regards Bernadette

Stephan Beaulieu says August 2, 2018

You might think it is crazy BUT,many people believe that when you find a “Dime” it is a sign that a loved one is still around.

I don`t believe in this BUT guess what I found last night…
YUP…a damn dime,right there where I walk at least 10 times a day and never seen it before. LOL

A new one also from 2018… I figured “What the hell.”
And stuck it in my pocket for good luck 😉

Even if I don`t believe in this stuff….made me think of my new little angel.She was like a little sister,she died 2 weeks ago today.
OK..again I don`t believe in angels unless they are on 2 wheels but….I remember what a good friend told me about dimes and loved ones looking over us.

Still put a smile on my face and think..”What the hell..??”
Boy does she have her work cut out for her. LOL

Tanisha says July 22, 2018

I dream a lot and I always find 10cent and now I’m finding 5 cent what does that mean every where I walk I find those coins

Shane says July 18, 2018

Hi i found a George the 3rd 1817 randomly on my dirty school field when i was 4-5 years old…what meaning do you think this has?

Carmela says July 12, 2018

I asked the angels to send me a dime or penny to help me make a decision about something. The dime for one answer, the penny for another answer. I asked to receive it by a particular Friday. It didn’t come on Friday, but the next day I was out of town, standing in a fast food restaurant, waiting for my order. I moved over to the side, happened to look down at my feet, and there was the dime, right by my foot. Six days later, I was in a rest room, in a stall of all places, and there by my feet were two pennies. That made me s believer!! Although I can’t understand why I got two answers??

Saeed says July 6, 2018

I dropped by your article while o was trying to find deeper meaning about the coins that are in my way almost daily , finding coin is comomn but for me it took another level as i was sitting in my 5th floor small balcony it was 4 am i was only wearing my under wear so no pockets, and a coin was dropped next to me i say dropped because i heard the sound of coin dropped and i looked and the coin was next to me , nothing above me no one around me.this coin pumped out of no where i have no idea what’s really happening but also i keep losing small thing’s. I can’t find then they pump out again in a place i looked in several times

Linda says June 26, 2018

For over a year now- ive been in a seriously intense time of spiritual awakening. Ive found a dime and 2 pennies in so many places its unbelieveable! Once while camping in the desert on BLM property i saw something shining in the dirt. A dime was standing on its edge and the sun was reflecting on it and right into my face as i picked it up i saw 2 pennies within a few inches. I l9st my dad in 2015 and my older sister in 2017…i KNOW coins are their way of telling me they are with me.

Michael Royce says June 23, 2018

I parked today in a spot where I found a penny. I came out of business to find several more pennies in the same area. I am seeking a better paying job for last 6 months . I have a decent size box and several other containers full of pennies.

    Melanie Beckler says June 24, 2018

    Hope the job change goes even better than you hope! Start really feeling what it will feel like to have your new job… Get into the vibration of gratitude for it and you will help it to manifest!

patricia Smith says June 19, 2018

My much loved dog Chasey passed away suddenly last week. He died at home, in the shade in our backyard– his favorite place to be. I was not prepared and am very devastated. I have heard that all dogs (and pets) pass on into heaven and he will be waiting for me. I sensed this morning that my departed Dad who loved dogs as much as I do, helped Chasey pass over and is caring for him in heaven. What kind of signs can I look for to know that chasey is okay and that he knows I love him forever?

KATRINA M RODRIGUEZ says June 15, 2018


Lori Mrasek says May 14, 2018

Hi Melanie, I just read your blog,. I’ve always found coins, but last week, on the ground while walking my dog, since then every jacket, hoodie, I’ve put on I’ve found a dime in the pocket :P. My friend passed away last year, and her Obit card fell out of my closet last week, (when all of this started) I texted her daughter in law, I noticed something on the card, I found a typo her, name was Lynne, they spelled it Lynnes, they family did catch it before the second printing. I’m still not sure it was her, or Angelic guidance. I’m only saying this because it doesn’t co-inside with what’s happening in my life right now, which is kind of sad at the moment 🙁


Elizabeth Bukoya says May 10, 2018

I did figure out that finding coins was from a Guardian Angle, and this happens every time I feel down. So thank you now that I know, I am valued and somebody out there watches over me. I am currently in the practice of staying positive and this morning as I sat having a cup a tea watching the blooms in my flower pot, a five dollar bill was laying just behind .. I am overwhelmed and grateful to know love is in the air.

Roseann says May 8, 2018

While getting dressed this morning, I was hit in the back of my leg, by a dime. I thought maybe one of the charms on my necklace had fallen off, but when I looked down, I found a dime with the year 1974 on it. I immediately thought of Angels present. I knew I was being watched over.

Anita Alvarado says May 7, 2018

For the past two weeks I’ve been finding dimes everywhere. I was at work the other day and I was going to sweep up and under dustpan that I use which I’m the only one that uses it I found a dime I find them in my work..walking home.. in my house ..I find them everywhere.. I lost my boyfriend December 3rd 2017 and ever since then I’ve been depressed and lost..

Cynthia Goulet says May 3, 2018

Hi Melanie, I would like to know if there is any meaning to finding flowers….. I recently asked for a name of my Guardian Angel who announced in an early morning dream to me by showing me a paper with the word “Metatron” on it. Last night I asked Arch Angel Metatron for a sign that things were coming along. My perpetual calendar at work had a message of patience on it….I was like thanks smarty pants haha! I walked home for my lunch, but on my way back to work I found a white carnation flower on my path right before crossing the street near my work! It wasn’t there when I walked home less than an hour earlier. I picked it up and brought it to work:) This made me super happy!! Thank you. Cynthia

Christine Maxwell says April 30, 2018

It was a few months after my mom died and I had to start boxing things up in her house. I think this really made me realize she would not be here anymore and it was very hard for me. I kept crying continually while I took things off tables and boxed them up. I began to notice change, mainly pennies, all over. I was so heartbroken, I just kept telling her thank you, thinking it was her. I try to notice things out of the ordinary, but I guess I’m not very observant. But this day, I knew.

Kevin Perry says April 28, 2018

My 15 1/2 year-old pug passed away unexpectedly on Monday, April 23, 2018. My wife and I knew that his time would come sooner rather than later, but he was doing well up until the last day before his passing. We thought he may live another year (his 16th birthday was coming up in September).

His unexpected death has been devastating and unbearable for my wife and I. We have no human children, but Rocco was very much our child. Today when I was taking a shower right at the center of my feet, I found a single penny. There is no way I dropped a penny out of my pants pocket, my pants weren’t even anywhere close to being near the shower so it’s impossible for something to have dropped on the shower floor. We have an enclosed all glass shower and we hang our things on the bathroom door going to the bedroom which is at least 6 feet away from the shower enclosure.

June says April 28, 2018

I find pennies all the times and dimes

Kai says April 28, 2018

I find coins all the time. Recently I found 3 pennies when I was standing with someone and he didn’t see them at all. One was from 1918, 100 years old! I didn’t look at it until I got home and don’t know what happened to the other ones.

Brooke Anderson says April 27, 2018

My brother was told on oct 14th 2014 that he had cancer “my birthday”he passed away dec 16th…4 months later his fiancé passed away.. the doctor said of a broken heart😞Ever since, I constantly find pennies with my brothers birth year as well as both of their passing years.. one morning i had woke up and in the middle of my living room laid two pennies.. each of them had the year of wich both of them passed.. 2014 and 2015, I absolutely believe in these signs 😇😇

OswaldNdanga says April 27, 2018

I always pick up pennies, five pence, ten pence and gold one pound which is 100 pence. I believe that these may be signs from angels and loved ones. Some times I see very light white feathers.

Christopher Dickson says April 27, 2018

About a week before I went on holiday in the first half of April, I was fiddling around in my coat pockets at work a felt something round and solid in the lining of the pockets through a very small hole. Had not noticed the solid object before in that coat as I had been wearing it most of the winter. Upon trying to remove the object, I somehow managed to get my fingers in the hole and pulled out a few pennies – some brass pennies and a silver coin. I was somewhat surprised that they were there as never felt them prior to this day. I knew it was a sign of something quite special was about to happen to me, as just over a week later in my holiday I plucked up the courage to donate some money for a holy cause quite close to my heart (through a sponsorship/adoption scheme) and now I have a legacy in my name as I have done this special deed – records will last well past my life has ended. I knew that angels were present during this whole affair – WOW! After that I was finding feathers under the furniture in the hotel room – strange in itself – and I knew that the number 3 was a very lucky number for me – 3 sponsorships done = number 3, 33 & 333 seen everywhere just before it happened, and also a day after I had also found an extremely valuable solid silver coin which also happened to have the date 1983 – year that I was born – on it – I think I am quite special indeed!

Roxana says April 27, 2018

The death of my mother was very unexpected and exstreemly upsetting. She was the center of our family. The day she passed away I started finding pennies every where I went and everyday since that day everywhere I go I find coins pinnies,dimes and even dollar bills

MELANIE says April 27, 2018


Teresa says April 27, 2018

I found a very shiny penny heads up on one of my training walks for the local half marathon coming up. I thought, “Oh, cool!” and kept walking. Just a few steps further and a shiny quarter was laying there! It’s rare to find quarters…and to me the 26 cents was significant because this is my first marathon…and I have been considering working up to the full 26 mile marathon! Is there any other notable significance to finding quarters? Thank you for all you do!

Linda says April 25, 2018

I woke up this morning to find a penny and a dime on my leg!!!! I got up this morning and performed probably everyone’s normal routine and there they were. I have to admit I’m a little freaked out!! I went downstairs and they stayed with me until I removed them after taking a picture..because no one will believe this. Yes I know someone who passed 3 nights ago…we were NOT friends in fact we did not like each other much. We had a mutual friend !

Kelsey streeeter says April 18, 2018

I’ve been finding heads up pennies all around my house and I’ve seen like a couple of tails but not as much as heads I’ve seen them not only at my house but throughout where i go. I just started collecting them now so I’m going to have a collection of heads up pennies I find and what day I find them😊

Jillian Quinton says April 18, 2018

I have been watching your youtube vidoes for a while and have been using your meditation guides. This morning I found out my sister in laws water broke and they where on the way to the hospital. My first nephew should be born soon! I got up and light some incense and asked my guides and angles to watch over my brother and sister in law today and asked them to help her though labor. As I was getting dressed and putting my shoes on my right shoe felt itchy. A couple on mins went by and i could take it anymore. I took off my shoe and didnt see anything. I took out my dr scholls incert and my surprise I found a heads up penny. My first thought was how did that get there? But as i sat there I started to tear up because I realized It was a sign. <3

Mya Hachkevich says April 1, 2018

My mom and two sons ( 5 and 1 yo), were in a very bad car accident. The car rolled 50 feet down an embankment and landed feet away from the Skeena River. Everyone was okay, not even a scratch or bruise. My dad used to hide dimes for my sister and I to find when we were little kids he passed when I was 7 and I have always felt like he stayed by our sides but this one takes the cake. A few month before this car accident with my mom and sons a medium told a family friend my dad wanted us to know that when we find dimes they are from him. Well when we went to get the stuff out of what was left of my moms car we found 2 dimes on the side my mom and 5 year old son were and one where my 1 year old son was. I know my dad protected them that day and I am so grateful I got to take my family home exactly the same as I put them in the car for that road trip.

Patricia J Baber says March 18, 2018

A dime and a penny; a 10 and a 1. March 2011 my husband had emergency heart surgery, while at hospital many times I would look at the clock and see 10 and 1, he was in ER room 1, transferred to 10, it was kind or weird how often that happened. After my Mom died June 11, 2013, I would find a dime and a penny in the Walmart parking lot, sometime in the HEB parking lot. Walmart and HEB were two of my Mom’s favorite places to shop. I kept all of the dimes and pennys in a jewelry box that belonged to my Mom….still find dime and penny, but not as often as I did for the year following her death. The other day my husband and I were looking at our birth certificates, my birth certificate has birth time at 11:01 AM. A Dime and Penny??

Lisa says March 7, 2018

I found in a random bag (relatively new) 2 old English pennies one with my mums birth year and the 2nd with mine. Later I met a patient who gave me a short reading at work and the energy and information was astounding. It’s blown my mind a little and if anyone can give me advice I would be so grateful 💚

Kelly says February 23, 2018

I woke this morning with a quarter on my nightstand. It was very visible even in the dark. I know it’s a sign from a loved one, any difference that it is a quarter?

bjn72 says February 20, 2018

It seems like i have been finding pennies like crazy here lately. I found a 10 dollar target gift card. A lot of the pennies and gift card i found was in the mall i walk at night. I keep thinking that it is a sign from my grandpa that passed away from ALS in 1989 that everything i have been fighting for him will be done here real soon and we will get what he was suppose to get. Any thoughts on this

Donee' says February 3, 2018

I did a Google search and came upon this website as I wanted information on the meaning behind finding pennies. Now I know that someone in Heaven is reminding me to stay positive as I am going thru a difficult time In the past 2-3 weeks I have found 4 pennies. I will just look down and there is a penny. Three have been tail side up, but the one today was heads up. I have been unemployed for over a year. While I have had small part-time jobs, it is not enough to pay all my bills. I have had interviews, but each time I am not hire for a professional role in my field. I confident I am a great candidate, but all the rejection I have experiences creates sadness and depression. I just want to find a great job and start working again, and happy to know that someone is watching out for me and reminding me to stay positive.

Mary Lethco says December 24, 2017

I have been finding 1 dime and 1 penny almost daily. My daughter can be walking down the road and find them, I’ve been cleaning out boxes at my store and found them, walking to work one day and found them. If I find a penny or dime first I know by the end of the day I will find the other. I started finding them when I conceived the baby I am carrying. I have no idea the meaning behind it but I know it has to do with the baby. My daughter says her brother and my Papaw is trying to tell me something but she doesn’t know what or won’t tell me. She’s very intuned with the spirit world and often sees spirits. Any idea the actual message?!

    Debbie says April 27, 2018

    Haha I laugh joyfully! You are carrying a very spiritual child. You will need to have a lot of patience and understating. You have a very special one coming indeed. Feel blessed. There will be moments of challenge but you won’t trade them for all the gold in the world you blessed and lucky lady. I have one too. I’m one too. Many blessings to you and yours. Love and light. Keep your eyes on Jesus and listen to the angels.

Karen Heal says December 23, 2017

I recently had a penny fall out of my pajamas while getting out of bed. Later that day I was changing into shorts and another penny fell from my clothes?? I also have an electric toothbrush that will occasionally turn on by itself. I always took that as my step dad coming through because he hated when I walked around the house brushing my teeth. The new penny thing really surprised me and I couldn’t find any explanation for a penny to fall out of my clothing, especially twice in one day!

Jay says December 22, 2017

I have had a lot of things on my mind and I’ve been asking the Lord for abundance. I have felt the calmness in my prayer to him, that i read is his response meaning yes to your prayer. I have found 2 nickels at 2 different times when the topic was consuming me. To me, I read this story about the rich man that picks up coins. And the lady asked the rich man why he would need to pick up coins off the ground when he is rich. And he explained, the coins say “in god we trust”. So I believe it to be a message. So now after that story i dont leave any coins behind i see. Now I have found a nickel while taking a shower while the topic was in my head. So, I’m taking it as him saying, trust me. And another time was In a public bathroom with nobody around, right dab in the middle of the floor. Again. I believe it to be a sign meaning, trust me. That same day I overheard a woman talking to her daughter about a topic that I’ve been studying. Ask and you shall receive. Which again I’ll took as a sign. The coins to me was very weird. I’m glad I stumbled on this page to help me understand further.

Brigitte says December 9, 2017

My daughter passed away earlier this year and I’ve been begging her to come through and give me signs like she did the first week she had passed. Christmas time is especially hard for me this year so I need to know she’s alive somewhere. Today I put on my winter coat to go outside for a cigarette and noticed the pockets had tissues and a chapstick left over from last winter so I emptied them out keeping only the chapstick. There was nothing else in the pockets. When I came back inside I felt two quarters in the pocket and showed my husband. I thoroughly searched these two pockets again and verified a bunch of times along with my husband that they now only contained a chapstick and the two quarters. I went back outside again an hour later and found two dimes in addition to the two quarters. I went through the same routine as before and the third time I stepped outside and came back in I found the two quarters, two dimes and a penny. I can’t emphasize enough that I thoroughly emptied the pockets and these coins just kept appearing each time I came back in from outside.

Kathleen says November 29, 2017

My father very often used to sing the old song “Pennies from Heaven” around the house when I was a child.
A few years ago, my mother had an accident and was in the ICU. My father had already passed away a few years before. During my mother’s 3 months in the ICU, I kept finding pennies everywhere and in the strangest of places. I knew that my mother’s condition was very bad and that it was my Dad telling me that it was soon going to be time for her to go and join him. I was not ready to let my mother go and would not pick up or keep the pennies, mentally telling my father that I did not want him to take my mother from me. The day before my mother passed away, there was a bright shiny new penny on the ground in front of the hospital entrance. It was Dad shouting “do you see the penny! It is time for Mum to come home.” Again I mentally told Dad “No! I am not ready to lose Mum!”
After my mother passed, my sister mentioned that while Mum had been in the hospital, she kept finding pennies everywhere! We had not told each other what we were experiencing before Mum passed but were both getting the same signs from Dad. We are sure of it!
Now that Mum and Dad are both passed, I still notice coins on the ground and in unusual places when I am feeling stressed or worried about something – and now they are always in 2’s! 2 nickels or 2 dimes. Now both of my parents are letting me know that they are together again and watching out for us and sending love and support whenever it is needed.

Jennifer says November 5, 2017

Our beloved fanily dog Roxy passed away Oxt 30th at 14 yeats old. She was such a part of our lives and our family is so empty without her. The past few days I started randomly finding pennies where ever I go, including in our house. I know it’s her giving me a sign that she’s ok. It makes me feel better knowing she is with me even if I can’t see her. We love and miss you Roxy!

Stefanie Hotrum says October 26, 2017

Hello! I just came across your website and it was so helpful and informative!
I’m terrible at over looking and being oblivious to signs, but this one got me.
I was doing my laundry and had put my clothes in the washer one by one, so it was a huge shock when at the bottom of the washer, wrapped in one of my shirts was 9 cents in pennies.
Pennies?! How did that get there and where do you get pennies anymore?
Thought I’d share that crazy story with you !
Happy to know my loved ones are always with me 💛

Judy says October 21, 2017

The other morning the shirt I was planning to wear needed ironing.I keep my ironing board folded standing up. The shirt that needed pressing was on a hanger in the closet. So I set things up and iron. When I finish I see a new shiny penny on the ironing board. Strange… at first I thought how did I miss this? Is it there due to a sticky substance? I pick it up easily. Surface is smooth. Date is 2017. It’s got me wondering???

Robert Riley says October 20, 2017

I just read all this because I’m clueless as to why I keep finding dimes. I’m not the only one in my family either. My mother and I both find them probably 4-5 times a day and she’s been finding them ever since I was a kid. In the last week I’ve found at least twenty dimes. The only people that have passed in my family are my grandpa, little brother, and my great grandmother. So either they are the ones to keep putting dimes everywhere. If they are, they know that i love them and I know they love me. So that’s all that really matters

Mary Jo says October 19, 2017

I always always find 10 cents every where I go and I was starting to wonder why do I keep finding 10 cents and now reading this makes me so happy to know that they are sent from above as a reminder that I’m looked after and cared for and loved.

Tess Dynan says October 14, 2017

I went to put flowers on my boyfriends grave and I told him I need money and I wish I could win tattslotto and as I walked to my car there was 6 5cent coins lying on the ground near my car.What does this mean ?

Jan Wolff says October 13, 2017

My father passed away a couple years ago, February 2015, he would have been 99. The evening of our celebration of his life, we went and played penny slot machines, which was his favorite pastime. My brother, (his favorite) won $1200 in the penny machine, his wife won about $400, I won a good amount as well. Immediately the next day, we all started finding pennies in random places, one of which I found in my boot of all places as I don’t carry change at all. We all continue to find them. Recently over the past few months, I have been traveling back to the town my Dad owned his home, and we’ve been working on it and getting it fixed up. Every time I go, I find a penny. I’ve been pondering a making a major life changing decision which includes possibly moving into his home, along with several other options. A few days ago, I was back at the house and ended up just sitting in the empty home, pacing around thinking. It’s the longest I think I’ve ever been in the home for that period of time. As I was knelt down leaning against the wall, I felt an overwhelming sense of being tired / sleepy after having a conversation with my Dad, about not being the best daughter and how I should’ve been better. Later, again in the house I found a penny, and I had just had the carpet cleaner there, and the house is completely empty. The very next day, was the best day I’ve had in so long. My son’s offer was accepted by the seller, (I’m his agent), I got word from my old employer that they were giving a one time option of cashing out my pension, which is much needed and a very large sum of money, and that evening I was playing Texas hold em with hunter’s at the lodge I work at and I won the pot with a 3 of a kind and a Royal Flush. I must admit, I really do feel the presence of not only God working in my life, but my Dad is by his side watching over me, and I know he is leading me on the path he wants me on, I just have to put all my trust in him, instead of what I think is best, which isn’t giving me a definite answer, I believe, because I’m overthinking it. I just need to let it happen. Only good things to come!!

Eleanor Welch says September 22, 2017

I found ten pence, unusual design on closer examination it was minted 2014. The year my mom passed, Then I went to a sweet machine inserted £1 coin (Sweets cost 90 p) change given was 10p the same design and 2014. I went to sweet machine again inserted £1 and got change 10p same design again. The third time I went to machine inserted £1 but received no change. What does this mean getting all the 10ps the same please. Thank you.

Tonya says September 5, 2017

My step daughter passed away in a bad car wreck Dec 20, 2016. She was 21. I’ve had a very hard time dealing with her tragic death. I’ve been finding pennies always when I need it the most since she passed. One day I was walking my dogs at home and noticed something big and shiny behind my car. It was a group of pennies in the shape of a cross. I almost started bawling! I so needed that at that moment. I always say thanks Kam and smile thinking about her every time I find even one penny! It’s just something that makes me feel close to her at that moment!!

Claudia says September 1, 2017

So my daughter passed away 2 years this coming January she was 20. I’ve been finding dimes. Just one single dime at properties we are looking to purchase. Not all the properties. So far 2 out of dozen. One place had a brochure of a health diagnosis that she was born with. Weird.

Leslie Briening says August 26, 2017

Our last German Shepherd loved to go swimming & many times we would take her swimming in the Delaware Bay, which was one of her favorite places. When we go close, she’d get all excited. We now have a one year old German Shepard that also loves to swim. We took her down to the Delaware Bay yesterday, to Car-Mel’s favorite place, & I found 2 pennies.

Joan Fowler says August 13, 2017

My beloved Uncle Ruben passed away recently. He was a wonderful uncle and friend to me my whole life. He was full of light, laughter, smiles, and love for the world around him. Tonight was really hard. I found a beautiful card my uncle had given me, and I couldn’t stop crying. I decided to take a walk late at night and was talking to my auntie on the phone who also misses him dearly. As I was walking and sharing memories with her on the phone I found a sparkling penny on the dark pavement. I had been walking around in circles and had already passed the spot a bunch of times and hadn’t noticed anything there. Now this bright penny was looking up at me. I picked it up and immediately felt better after a night of tears and pain. I know it was my Uncle sending me his love from heaven.

Erika says August 11, 2017

I have been going through a rough time in my marriage and praying for a restoration (or resurrection). I started a new job this week and I have found three pennies (at different times) during this week. One them was even on a staircase. Not related to this article, but I believe related to whatever the angels are trying to tell, I have also had two encounters with a hummingbird this week. The bird or birds, it may be a different one, has flown up to me twice very close to my face and “chirped” the second time the hummingbird “chirped” a few times as it flew closer to me.

valerie says August 4, 2017

My Father passed away in 1995. Since then I have always found Pennies in the oddest places I even heard them drop when it was impossible. I have always called them Pennies from heaven without even knowing the meaning of it. Recently, I have been finding dimes alongside a penny. They have always made me feel happy.

Dee Brun says July 23, 2017

5 years ago i recieved my Grandfathers energy when i went back to where the family farm used it be, it was an amazing experience. I used to see movement in our house un the corner of my eye and kept dismissing it.
Early this year i started receiving feathers from my Grandfather which was so comforting and reassuring when i needed it most. In Feb’17 i met a medium and she told me that he is always with me and to talk to him, lately I’ve felt he is no longer with me- moved on and then i start seeing and finding coins on the ground at ramdom places when I’m walking around, could this still be him telling me he is still with me but now showing me differently.
I’m a little confused and would love some advice. Thankyou

Nadine bissett says July 23, 2017

I have had a few encounters of pennies falling on the floor recently just out of nowhere at all. Making a noise to cause attention which has caused my family to notice this as well to be honest I was rather freaked out at first until I came across this story here now I feel a bit more at ease with it. I have lost my mum dad and brother as well as lots more aunts uncles cousins. I would like to think it’s one of my angels but I don’t know. It’s very strange we are al, still in shock as it just happened out of nowhere about 20 minutes ago

Emilee says July 16, 2017

My dad just recently passed away and ever since I keep finding pennies heads up, never ever fails. I know we all find change but I have over 12 pennies that i’ve found now I know it’s my dad saying hi. The craziest one I found I just got back from south america and was about to go through customs and I said to my friend you know what I know these pennies i’m finding are my dad, not even 10 seconds later I find a penny heads up in my view. That was validation to me that it’s him! little things like this keeps me going

    Warren Stewart says August 24, 2017

    My mom passed away about two and a half years ago. I have been finding pennies in my path while walking many times before she passed on. Recently, I have become depressed about a series of bad things that have happened to the point where I almost wanted to jump off a bridge. While walking and talking with a friend who has been helping me and headed to the bookstore where 3 years earlier I had purchased the book by Sarah Young, “Jesus Calling”, I found a penny right in my path. A few weeks later while walking with the same person outside a restaurant—right in my path…a dime! I believe it is either my mom or dad in spirit or an Angel sending me a sign that I will be okay and I quickly felt better about my life and still do now and I remain hopeful and continue to count my blessings and look forward to a bright and happy future.

April says July 7, 2017

Love it..b cuz its sooo tru,, i jus found a penny..???

Erika Punch says June 14, 2017

I found a dime last week off the interstate while walking then yesterday I found another one while walking with 3 of my kids. Then today I found a penny walking to the store with my youngest and then on the way to the library today I found another dime with my 3 kids with me again. I thought it meant something after finding multiple dimes so I looked it up. I lost my mother 7 years ago and I’m currently coming out of a bad situation with depression and was diagnosed with bi polar anxiety depression and a few other things last february

Jen says June 13, 2017

A few days ago I found a P1 coin, I thought it was sent my way because I left my other finding last month at home. While I was affording myself the luxury of walking down city streets, an ambulance passed me by. It was the same ambulance that earlier passed by me heading the opposite direction. I didn’t know who the patient was but in that instant I offered prayers of safety and healing for whoever the patient may be with a request that my coin find (who I believed was an angel) may go and help in any way.

At about 8:30 p.m. hours after I have been home, I thought of taking the coin out so it can be with my previous finding. To my surprise the coin was gone. Really gone! I purposely put it in a different pocket in my backpack to make sure that it does not mix with my other coins for spending.

I just smiled and felt joy in my heart. I know that angel was out to help that someone fighting for his/her life. I know I am deeply loved, highly valued and highly favored and in so doing, I must not hesitate to send off my guardian angel to be of much help to another.

William Sajnacki says June 2, 2017

My life partner of 37 years passed late 2012. Her daughter saw a psychic early next year and he said to her “watch for dimes”, she told me about it and since then I have found over 250 dimes. In the first two years there were exactly 43 dimes, that is the year she was born, 1943. I believe!! I told a couple of mutual close friends and they started finding dimes too.

kaylynn says June 1, 2017

This article clears and co.firms my suspicions. I read before if you find coins in unusual places, someone is watching over you. Over the past few months I first notice a couple coins on my door step, then on the ledge on my car when I open the door specifically my side. This happens more and more frequently. Twice this week, I’ve gone into a store come out and there’s a dime..once there was two dimes. My grandmother who raised me passed away in 2013- I truly believe she is watching over me. And recently my Uncle- another person that helped raise me passed. I do believe they are watching over me. But what are they trying to tell me. I have to pay more attention to what I was thinking of.

Reply says April 28, 2017

I really enjoyed reading it now i can have a better outcome on and i would like to say thank you

Denis says April 24, 2017

My wife and moved to Gold Coast Australia in 2013 I had been working in Brisbane for two months, we decided to stay in Brisbane to explore the city. We checked into a hotel for my wifes birthday, then we decided to walk around. We got lost and asked someone for directions to the city centre…just after that my wife spotted a coin on the pavement and pointed it out to me…I went to pick it up and was astounded to see my business card all weathered laying next to it. My wifes father passed away in 2008 and he has been leaving these coins for her to find. This was proof positive he is with us. Whats the chances of that happing in a sprawling city.? Pennies from heaven are real.

Cathie shelton says April 24, 2017

This week has had its ups and downs. I have been in lots of talks with the man upstairs emotional etc…. But this week I have been for the last 5 days finding coins as I go about my day. Found a penny the first day heads up…Next day another penny. The next day a dime. The day after a quarter. That day I was doing a wedding and all of a sudden a large wind came thru the room and blew all my papers off the table. I had a strange feeling since no windows were open and no outside doors were in the area. So today I went to get dinner for my family alone to a store I rarely frequent and when I walk out another quarter. I am not sure who is talking to me but I would love to know. Got any suggestion to figure out who?

Ron says April 20, 2017

I never had heard about the pennies/Angels connection before a couple days ago. But, I had something happen last summer that I knew was some sort of sign. I was going in for a medical test procedure that my doctor was very concerned about. I was really worried and was really concerned about what I might find out. The day of my test, I went to town a little early. I was driving my old classic Mustang and decided to go the car wash first. I got 12 quarters from the change machine, put 8 in the wash and left the other 4 on top of the control. I usually do this and if I start running out of time, I put them in 1 at a time until I am done. When I finished, there was 1 quarter left on top. When I picked it up there was a penny underneath it. I am sure it was not there when I started. The year of the penny? 1974, same year as my Mustang. I couldn’t hardly believe it. Then I drove to the hospital and parked in a far corner away from other vehicles. I opened my driver’s door and there was another penny right beside me on the ground, I couldn’t miss it. Not sure on the year of that one, but I carry both in my wallet now. And the medical test came out great, nothing at all wrong and I’m sure the Angels were telling me to not worry.

Cindy says April 17, 2017

When I bought this house I’m in now I would walk my dog up to the square and back and find several dimes and this was every day for weeks ❤️

Jamie says April 16, 2017

My birth mother found me when I was 23 and passed away when I was 29. She has been leaving me pennies ever since. I know for certain that it is her because I have NEVER before found pennies in the places the “random” places that I do now. The most recent place that I found a coin was a nickel at the Jefferson Memorial; most definitely not a coincidence. My favorite president has always been Lincoln and I know that the connection is also not a coincidence that the pennies are symbolic of my connection with my mom. Than you for this website!!

Elaine M. Curry says April 1, 2017

I find dimes face down what does that mean?

Linda Sampson says March 29, 2017

I had heard that finding dimes was the spirits making contact with us and I would randomly find them here and there and although I was wishful I was skeptical. Until one day 3 years ago…I was cleaning my back porch table that had a waterproof table cloth on it and was listening to music. A song that had come on was one that my friend Steve who had passed in 2004, had loved. So obviously I was thinking of him happily. So I was washing the table cloth down with a damp cloth and after had “whipped” up th cloth to re-align it…and doing so I heard a “ping” and rolling on the floor of something. To which I found a dime. I knew right then and there he had left that for me. Very ironic how it wasn’t there when I wiped the table down. That made me a believer!

George says March 20, 2017

So my wife who had filed for divorce 2 months prior texted me one day while we have been separated for little over 60 days and asked if she wanted to go on a walk with the dog at the park. I immediately said sure and met her there with dog and we proceeded to have a very nice but emotional walk of around 2 or more hours. After arriving back to our vehicles in a huge parking lot our two cars are the only two vehicles left there and this is a huge lot. I was very confused about this whole situation of meeting and stuff even though she has filed for divorce I just couldn’t make sense of the whole situation. I began to walk over to her car right beside her driver side door on the pavement I noticed a very dirty but visible penny. I picked it up but it was very dirty and looked like it had been there almost like it was embedded in the pavement for a while. As I began to rub the dirt off I couldn’t make out anything on it at first but after closer examination the year on the penny was revealed and to my shock and amazement it was 2000 which is the year we were married. I feel this is too much of a coincidence and there is something much greater happening here. I haven’t read or heard much about anyone else talking about the year on the coins they find having any significance but out of all years this one being 2000 I feel there is something huge about this? I have the penny in a safe place and I continue to pray about it and our marriage. I thought it was pretty amazing

Bonnie says March 13, 2017

I was the only one home, vacuumed the livingroom and hall, then went in and swept and vacuumed the kitchen floor. When I went back in the livingroom there were 3 pennies laying in the middle of the floor, went to the hall found 3 more pennies laying on the floor, when I went back into the kitchen 3 more pennies laying on the floor. Later that night I went to the store, when I came out of the store to my car 3 more pennies laying on the ground right by my car door. Kind of has me stumped.

Melody Foster says March 9, 2017

I just wanted to share my experience with finding coins my sister passed away it will be 17yrs in august and ever since she passed I find dimes It always makes me smile as I always think of her we were very close.

Ben Blecha says March 8, 2017

So, I just woke up to find a nickel in my hand, I certainly didn’t go to bed with one. Makes me wonder at the possible meaning, besides I somehow found a nickel in my sleep, picked it up, and then managed to hold on to it through the night.

kathleen cunningham says March 3, 2017

I have wanted to know the meaning behind finding the same type of coin consistently for a long time.. Its dimes, shiny dimes. And its almost everyday now to where I was positive its not just acoincidence. My mom passed 3 years ago , my dad a year and a half, and my brother not a month. sometimes it seems like they are freefalling. I knew it meant something special. Found 2 today. 95% are shiny almost new

Gail says March 3, 2017

i was in kichen deciding what to do for meal later preping ingredients as turned to go back to the bender £1 coin was right in frount of me was so surprised just appeared out the blue

Debbie says February 27, 2017

I lost my husband. I didnt start finding dimes from him until a psychic told me I would. I not only find one dime at a time but I find multi dimes,at a time. When getting change back from a purchase, there is always a dime involved if not multi dimes. I place them on a crystal container. I love receiving them from my husband….makes me feel close to him.

Mark Olson says February 26, 2017

When my sister crossed over about 10 years ago, my wife and I asked her to use quarters as a sign (we’d already been clued into dimes and wanted her to use something different. To this day, she will leave us quarters whenever she wants us to know she’s present. And she does this frequently, and it is a wonderful comfort to both my wife and me… and the dimes come often, which we take as “the gods are there for us.” To that effect… Thanks for you site!

Jonn says February 24, 2017

@ weeks as I walked back to my truck to put groceries inside on passenger side, I passed my right rear bumper and there was 12 cents laying there! I put my groceries in the cab and went back to look at the coins. a dime and penny close to each other and 3 inches away another penny. I tried to recall last time I passed my right rear bumper and it was 25v minutes earlier when I left work! Amazing that they were there on my bumper!

Bran9 says February 24, 2017

Thirteen years ago I set out to re-make and evolve the old sunwheel design. At the time I thought that this was a very big deal. I got some business cards made up. Right after leaving the print shop, and thinking that this would take a load to capitalize and that I would need help, a nickel apported onto the ground at my right peripheral vision. On the bus back home, there was a dime in the window sill above my seat. I…thought the gods and ancestors were cheesing me, “Okay, here you go, don’t spend it all in one place har-dee-har; Help and aid? No, we don’t really care BUT we find it funny that you do!”
I also had some instances of animals behaving oddly with me, notable a ground squirrel that came right up to me and then seemed to come to its senses and run away to its hole.
It could be that this assessment that I’ve had all this time was maybe a bit off…

Dolores Monahan says February 23, 2017

My best friend Caroline died from cancer.. She and I became friends because of our love for animals, cats especially. She was such a good friend, so good to people and especially me and Jim, my husband.I never had such a good friend as she was and we were devastated over her death. She was on my mind constantly like right now.. About a month after she was gone I started finding a random dime every place I went. Outside, inside, on the floor of my car, my kitchen. When they started to appear I immediately knew they were from Carol. Its been several years that she left us and we are still finding the dimes around so I know she is still with us.. I know now my hunch was right , the dimes were from her to let me know she was and will always be with us. Thank you for the article you posted., now it all makes sense

Amy says February 22, 2017

I find random pennies often. I have always known they are from my father. However, the penny’s connection with the number one had not occurred to me until I read this article! I have been seeing repeating 1’s for years and have always associated it with spirit, or my father. I was very moved to read the connection and have it brought to my attention. As for the pennies, I collect them and place them in a special jar. I always feel such comfort and safety when they appear in my path 🙂

Nijiyyah says February 14, 2017

Hello today is my grandma b day and as I was in the store I found 4 dimes and wondered what it meant then get home get out the car and a penny is right at my feet. thanks for helping me find out what was going on…. I love this article.

Sunshine says February 13, 2017

Thank you for your article. I moved to another country for work, fell in love with my partner, and we are due to get married soon. It took us 7 years to get to the wedding stage. For a long time, I used to see coins outside right next to the car, or in the house, in several places. I always wondered where these are coming from!!! I would always be picking up coins from the bathroom, then the kitchen. Wow! I do hope that my spiritual ancestors like and approve the next stage I’m about to get into and hope that I have their blessings.

Yesenia orozco says February 11, 2017

My mother passed away a week ago in Mexico.since then all I have been finding are pennies. The article was very helpful. Thanks

Blanca Navarro says February 11, 2017

This morning around 6:30 am, my husband went to use the bathroom and he saw a dime fall right in front of him, he reached down to pick it up and immediately became teary eyed.
I have often believed that coins are sent from heaven. After he told me what had just happened, I said to him,”Wow! they really wanted you to notice.
We just recently signed a contract to buy our new house. It wasn’t my first choice but I trust in the Lord and believe this house will be just great.
Thank you 🙂

Coree says February 9, 2017

Thank you for the info. I’ve been finding shiney dimes almost everyday lately. I put my house on a he market and making changes in my life and your information let me know there’s a lot of approval around me. Thanks again.

nonita estipona says February 7, 2017

Last February 5, 2017 around 10am, while I was folding the newly washed jacket of my son, (27 of age when fatally stabbed on March 21, 2015), and attempted ti stand up while embracing it..when I noticed a coin! A One Peso coin!:) right there on the top of the bed where I laid dowb the jacket.:)!!!
The coin is now in my wallet…:)
Thank you so much for reading my story. God bless…by the way my son’s name is NIÑO RAPHAEL: Thank you!:)

Nicole says February 5, 2017

In the last few days, the phrase “Pennies From Heaven” has been very significant. I went to a new movie the other night and they were singing a song on the piano called “Pennies from Heaven”. After the movie, my friend and I were driving home when her sister texted with a link to this article that “Pennies from Heaven”. She mentioned it to me because her mother had passed away and she had found 3 pennies in a box she unpacked which they don’t make anymore here in my country. She also sent me the link because I see triple numbers all the time and have telepathic abilities and have had two encounters with Archangel Michael. I routinely find feathers as well. Instances like this happen to me everyday but this was unbelievable. Fast forward to today and I was in the grocery store and realized I only had loose change with me of about $8.00. I didn’t have my a card or bills with me. I needed a few things but wasn’t sure if I had enough to get everything. When I turned the corner to go down the aisle, I saw a gold loonie ( I’m in Canada and that equals $1) spinning on the ground as though it fell out of someone’s pocket when they left the aisle. No one was around so I picked it up and had enough to get everything. Even though I have been experiencing synchronicitiea everyday for the last 2.5 years, the angels always amaze me. Angels, thank you for being there always. I love you.

Krisstine Suarez says January 8, 2017


Maria Wilson says December 30, 2016

Thank you for your help, a little understanding helps a lot.

Anthony Shelton says December 25, 2016

Hi so today is Christmas of 2016 I’ve been aware of my spirit guides and angels and the creator who sends his mssg through them for quite awhile. Buy anyway I tried telling my mother how important different energies were and if I got angry how different entities would leave markings on me from what I believed my mother completely out me down and I ended up getting kicked out after an argument. I was mocked. Nd it was like I didn’t know truth. I stayed outside for two nights before Christmas. And so I came to this gas station bought a drink and sat down I then pulled out my phone to notice 1:11 right before it changed to 1:12 immediately in that Moment a quarter fell from no where. I began to pray it was such a miracle I have tears of joy. Also I was typing I witnessed another synchronicity of 11:22 hallelujah to the most high

    Melanie Beckler says December 25, 2016

    I’m so sorry to hear about your challenging Christmas… You’re not alone on this path even though your family doesn’t understand… I’m so glad you receiving a beautiful sign from your angels through numbers that they’re with you… That you’re on the right track, and to stay positive!!!!

Rose says December 23, 2016

I recently had to drop put of college and move back home due to not being able to afford the housing. I’ve been home for alomst a week and keep finding dimes, I had made sure to bring all my change with me for laundry and anything else I may need it for. At first I found like four on my dresser which was weird because I had cleaned it beofore I left( I have a little sister who would love to come in my room, so my door was also locked) after I found the four dimes I put them in a jar and went to bed. While I was trying to sleep I accidentally slipped my hand into my pillowcase and there was another dime! Just now before I read this article I found another dime while I was unpacking lying right ontop of a bag. Six dimes in total that I’ve found since being home. Reading this article made me feel a lot better, after realizing I would have to drop out of college and move back home I was really upset and I made a plan to just get a job move out and possibly go back. This sign is definitely something I needed!

Matt says December 8, 2016

My MOM always side, ‘See a penny pick it up’. I would jokingly refer to it as My Mom reaching out to me each time I found one. Using that as a base line she passed in the early ’90’s. in the past 8 years both my wife and I find penny’s, dime and quarters weekly and at time daily. It happens too often and in to many timely situations to be coincidental.

    Melissa Hiler says December 20, 2016

    I also have this same thing happening!! It will be two years this year 12/26/16 that I lost my dad, my best friend and my rock here on earth ? I believe the coins are more so now because it is getting close to his anniversary of his death. I even came across a pesos at my job tonight that someone had just left there?? I live in Michigan. …..not a lot of people use up here??!!☺ It does feel good to really feel with this sign (and other signs!) that my dad is still with me??

Donna says December 4, 2016

This past Friday I had two repair men in my home. One was working in the bathroom and the other in the kitchen, both working on plumbing issues. As they were about to leave, I found the man in the kitchen seemingly frozen starring at a penny on the floor. My appearance knocked him out of his gaze on the floor. I thought it odd but let it go. Just 5 minutes ago, I walked into the kitchen to get something out of the microwave. As I was leaving the kitchen the sound of coins dropping under me stopped me dead in my tracks. Two dimes were still bouncing on the floor. I had not handled any coins all day and wasn’t wearing anything coins could drop out of. I plan on contacting the gentleman staring at the penny and ask him about it.

Jen says November 30, 2016

I’ve been struggling with many health and emotional problems and then I began to find dimes. The places I find them is unreal. It has to mean something…

Kim says November 22, 2016

I came home last night to 2 pennies heads up on my front porch. One 1981 the year my brother graduated from high school, second one 2016 current. My brother, was my best friend, passed away 2015. He always helped me stay positive with family through holidays… Someone who understood. Finding those 2 pennies means the world to me this holiday season!

Denise says November 17, 2016

My Dad passed September 22,2015 due to pancreatic cancer. I was extremely close with him and very soon I noticed coins mainly dimes and pennies, and lots of them (4 dimes) together. I heard about this in Dec 2015 and decided that I would save the separately and hopefully I would have $3.66 a penny of his thoughts a day (leap year was 2015 that’s why 366 not 365). to date I have $14.68 since January 1,2016. With finding so much money in such a short time is my dad trying to tell me something more?

Annie V says November 17, 2016

I could feel something in my boot this morning, so when I got to work I took it off and held it upside down. Out came a penny!! The boots are kept in my closet and I don’t even have pocketbooks kept there. So it MUST be a sign from my sister who passed away 2 months ago! WOW!

sally says November 11, 2016

As I read this, it actually made me cry… I remember a few months back I found a penny on the ground and that night I dreamt of my nana and granddad and they said that they loved me and were happy to see me smile when I picked up the coin. I’ve always believed that pennies were put on our paths to make us smile as a sign from someone whose passed.

Thank you for reminding me of what happened, its really made me smile.

Kim says November 10, 2016

Can you let me know what the spiritual meaning is for finding quarters? I find them everywhere all the timelately

James says October 23, 2016

I am Canadian, where we no longer have pennies. I have notice that, without pennies, nickels have been skipped and now I find dimes from time to time. I had wondered why I never found a nickel.

    Melanie Beckler says October 23, 2016

    This is definitely translated to the local currency where you are… When I was in Mexico I found pesos!

DDenise says October 12, 2016

I always find, dimes and Penny’s

Danielle d says October 8, 2016

I found a penny in my bathroom and I usually don’t put change in my bathroom to must been a sign from the angels let me know that they are here and watching today Found it in my bathroom made me look and it was on the floor by itself wow I’m glad I read your stuff and now I understand what they mean by an angel sometimes I see other coins.

Tiffany Epps says September 22, 2016

Thx for this article…I’ve been finding 11 cents for quite a while now. My most recent finding was today, I found a penny on a window sill. During my lunch break, leaving the store I found the dime.
Before that, my husband and I traveled to Austin, TX for my b-day this past weekend. We stopped at a gas station, low and behold 11 cents…On our way back, we stopped at a completely different gas station and yes 11 cents.
I just add the coins to my spare change bank.
It’s refreshing to know that there are others who’ve experience the same thing.

    Jimmy says September 30, 2016

    My dog had a seizure. While at the vets ifound a penny in the parking lot. I picked it up a nd googled the significance. It helped me cope with the situation I was in. That was 8 days ago. Today i found a dime. Although my dog is much better i thank God for the explanation. It really helped. Thanks??

      Rich says October 11, 2016

      So what did it mean when a cold penny falls from no where?

    Cyn says October 5, 2016

    For the past two weeks all I have done is find feathers, pennies, nickels and dimes and I have ben calling upon my faith for a new chapter in my life for quite some time and I called my mother to ask her what this meant and she told me to look it up that she had forgot all the meanings so I did and my father passed 7 years ago so I know now that he is showing me and helping me and guiding me and reminding me to keep my faith, stay my course and follow through with what I am doing. I literally just burst in to happy tears as I was reading these meanings to my mother. My father was always my best friend and I felt like I couldn’t feel his presence anymore for a while but I know that after weeks of finding a feather and right behind that a coin that he walks with me right now and is reminding me of who I am!

Karen says September 9, 2016

My father born in Ireland. He was only back to Ireland 30 years ago for 1 week. He didn’t have any Irish money. He loved our Beachouse on jersey shore. My mom and I don’t go there often since he passed 10 years ago but we went this past weekend when storm hermione threatening. I was up on top floor wind howling. All of a sudden I looked down on floor and I picked up Eire Irish coin with a harp. I got chills. No one goes to our beachouse. I know my mother was concerned about storm. I hope he was not sending a message about my mother but just reassuring us. I never knew this about coins but I knew this had to be my dad message.

Cathy says September 4, 2016

My Mother passed away in January of this year (2016). I did not go to the cemetery after the service in the chapel as I wanted to be alone when I visited her grave for the first time. I didn’t get out to her grave until July and it was like I was compelled to go on this one day, so I jumped into my car and drove the 150 km. I took flowers to plant and gardening tools. It’s a small town cemetery and I could basically drive my car up to her plot. Of course I instantly starting crying over her grave and basically cried the entire time. While digging the soil to plant the flowers I discovered in one spade full of soil 3 dimes. Blew me Away! As I was leaving I returned to the back of my car to put the gardening tools in the trunk and in a straight line were 3 more dimes by my car rear Tire! I could not stop smiling as I know my Mom was reaching out to me. I have since my visit come across too many dimes to count – some while walking trails in the woods, some more outside my car. I feel truly blessed to have the continued love of my Mom. Miss her physically more than words can express.

Donald says August 28, 2016

I find dimes all the time no matter where i go like a girl know just happends to have one around her neck.just strang that i find dimes no matter what or whever i go.

Joanne says August 23, 2016

I am finding dimes face up. The strange thing is within a three day period I found a dime twice in the exact same spot. I went to a gas station and parked in the same spot three days apart and found a dime face up right in front of my car door both times. Wow!

DT says August 15, 2016

I find a dime today, the place that i never expected to see any coin,,.ASML is 1000 times cleanness of th outside world,,. I was start my shift at cleanroom, look down and unexpected. I saw a dimes, I knew my love one always beside and supporting me…..what can I say more than I love You as always more. I know you are there, will make you proud , Jeneath

sha says July 25, 2016

I have been going through a very difficult time. I cannot eat or sleep. I cry off and on all day and all night. my husband and has abandon me in another country, He cheated on me and moved a woman into my house ..I am slowly dying. I found a pennies a lot of times pick it up and say thank you for the river of abundance that is flowing into myeline. I always have my husband thoughts on my mind for I am praying that he come back to me and give our marriage and our love a chance. I love him so much. I know he loves me and he is hurt but I don’t know what to do. I could not control want happen to me, I was deported. he blames me . today I was hungry so I went looking for mangoes to eat. as I opened the gate to come back to my apartment. I found a little feather it was not white. I also found a penny and a dime. I hope that is something to be happy about now since reading this. I also was trying to invoke Archangel Rafael and I got the chills through my entire body.

    Christy says September 13, 2016

    I pray for greatness for you beautiful. Just remember your an angel with love and our kind can get through anything. May the power of angels and Gods love pour heavy heavy upon you & all your prays come into play. Love you sweetie. Remember your worth..?

Angela says July 17, 2016


Roxanns says July 16, 2016

My son just passed away June 5th 2016. I have been finding 1 penny and 1 dime ever since he left. What does those mean. Is he trying to tell me something? Am I missing something

Bobbie says June 30, 2016

My cat passed away 2 weeks ago, and when I was walking home from the vet’s office, I begged her to send me a sign that she was okay. When I was about a 1/2 block from home, there was a white feather laying in the middle of the sidewalk. I know that feathers mean an angel is close by. When I got home, I looked up the significance of a white feather and read that it means your loved one has successfully made the transition into the spirit realm and all is well. The next day I went for a run and a monarch butterfly kept playfully dive bombing my face and stayed with me for most of the run. I have also found 3-4 pennies since her passing. Pennies always seem to appear for me when I need extra support. I feel a great sense of well being when these things happen and the more open I am to them, the more they appear for me.

gail says June 17, 2016

My husband died a year ago. I found several dimes before I made the connection to him. One day I found a dime when I was out for a walk… I acknowledged it, said hello and thank you to him… then jokingly, I said to him, *you know loonies and toonies are good too!* Several weeks later, I found a bright shiny new loonie in a highly visible place, and could not help but wonder why someone hadn’t already picked it up– just for me..

Another time, just recently I was quite stressed over a couple issues. When I went to bed one night, I said, please just send me a sign that I’m on the right track and things are going to be o.k. The next day I was shopping at a local bookstore, and when I took a book off the shelf, there was a dime. These occurrences are a great comfort.

debbie says June 3, 2016

My husband of 45 years was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas 9 months ago, my mum and dad passed away in 1983 and the other 1995, it has been very hard for both my husband and I since because my mum died of the same illness and only lasted 3 weeks, but since the past 4-5 months we have both of us been finding dimes all over the house, the last one was found when I raked the lawn after the last snow left, found another one on the front lawn, my daughter called yesterday and said she found a dime on the dash of her car, this is truly amazing, now after reading on your site I truly believe they have been sending me and family messages they they are guiding and helping us through this hard times. I have never found a penny, but found a nickel on the road the other day,

Deanna Fornof says June 1, 2016

I just lost my husband and I’m finding pennies everywhere I go I only found one dime but so far all of them are heads up only one tails I found my husband after he passed in our room on the floor and now that’s where my dog like to lay is so strange but I think she knows that he’s gone that’s the place she seems to find comfort its very strange how this happens but I do believe in Angels my friend has also been finding pennies with her kids since he passed

stef says May 31, 2016

Yesterday my husband’s work had a picnic at a softball field. As I was just hanging out, mostly playing with the kids, I found a dime in the grass. It didn’t mean much too much at the time, except I think I made a remark about being lucky/rich now. Now today, I accidentally knocked over some stuff in our foyer and I found 7 quarters. Again, didn’t mean much, just questioned where they came from. Now, I’m sitting here reading my “signs from above” book and got to the coin chapter and I’m wondering what these incidences really signify?

Karen says May 30, 2016

My husband and I were spending our anniversary at the Read House in Chattanooga, TN. On the second day we were there we went out briefly to eat and came back to our suite. I kept looking at what appeared to be a dark round hole on the floor. I asked my husband, “Is that a hole in the carpet?”. He got up and picked it up. He had to move it to under the lamp light to see it more clearly. He said it was a 1934 wheat penny. He also said that was the year his parents were married. No one had been in our room, because we had left a ‘do not disturb’ tag on the door so they wouldn’t. No one came all weekend and I am certain the penny wasn’t there before we left that day. I never met my mother-in-law, because she was deceased before my husband and I met. Her favorite song was Pennies from Heaven, also. For us, it was a confirmation of her presence and guidance.

CC says May 23, 2016

I started finding pennies & dimes in 2012. I family quarrel separated me from my adult siblings and I moved 50 miles away. I purchased my first home and a tragedy turned into a blessing for me and my children. That’s when the pennies and dimes started showing up daily for months. It would start & stop but I didn’t realize the significance until I looked it up about a year ago. My mom passed away in 2009 so now I always say “hi Mom” when I find a coin. I believe she is looking out for me and helping me through difficult times. I am currently having some financial issues and the coins have started to appear again. It’s her way of saying that everything will be OK.

Kesha says May 12, 2016

Thank you much, I am so very grateful that you shared this information. Earlier today, I felt the need to clean my driveway. Halfway through spraying it clean, I found a penny but I didn’t pick it up immediately. I continued to spray water on the pavement & came across a dime. At that point, I knew it was a sign but I had no idea what it meant. As soon as I walked in the door, I grabbed my phone & googled “Are coins a sign from angels” and your info came up. Now, I know!!! Thank you… Thank you… Thank you

Tina says April 28, 2016

In 2015, I lost my dad to cancer, my oldest daughter from suicide, my youngest daughter to cancer and my mom was diagnosed with dementia. Horrible year!! And as you can imagine, I am still grieving. Over the past several weeks I keep finding pennies. In all kinds of locations. The pennies give comfort because I KNOW it’s from someone who cares about me. It’s a beautiful thing.

Laurie says April 28, 2016

A dear friend of mine recently passed away suddenly, leaving behind a wife (my best friend) and 5 daughters. A few days after he died, he came to me in a dream. He said his daughters would be ok, but asked me to promise keep an eye on his wife. Then, two weeks later, another friend and I took his wife on a mini one night vacation. Several times during the vacation, I found a penny, but only when she was standing next to me. Never when I was alone….until I got home. There was a penny on my front step. I think he was letting us know he was with us on our little trip, and he sent me a thank you for keeping the promise in my dream.

Kevin says April 13, 2016

I was in my bath room and I still can’t get over this but when i was standing in my bathroom a penny fell from a above me I seen it falling out of the side of my eye it hit the back of the toilet and bounced on the floor a nother crazy thing this happend a day befor I had a feather fall on my lap are the day after my wife seen the feather floot on my lap I am still in aw over this especially the penny

    lilly says August 6, 2016

    how wonderful. thanks for sharing your story

Dawn Mace says April 7, 2016

I just found two dimes in my side yard heads up about five feet or less away from each other my husband and I are.making huge life changes in God’s lead and path I know there is significant to the two but unsure of what it is…..

Kenya says April 3, 2016

I found a whole plastic roll of dimes at about 10:30pm one night. I know my boyfriend has a negative spirit with him and I told him I recognize it. I went to the grocery store and when I came out there the roll was at the end of the car. I wanted to just fall out and cry because I knew what it meant.

Shirley says March 25, 2016

Meaning the finding of dimes.

China says March 22, 2016

I definitely believe there are many signs that our angels leave us because I have personally experienced the unexplainable more times and in many different ways for them to just be mere coincidences… I want to share this experience since it definitely relates to what you have written…
My daughter’s father passed away before she was born in 1997. When she was 4, whenever we were out somewhere and came upon a penny I would tell her they were pennies from heaven letting her know her daddy was up there watching over her and letting her know that he loves her… In August 2015, my daughter was about to begin her first year in college and it was going to be her first time away from home on her own, she was about to take a huge step in her life. She comes up to me one evening and told me something very strange happened two weeks ago that she brushed off but because it happened again it made it even more unexplainable. First, she asked if I remembered when I used to tell her about the pennies from heaven from her dad. I said yes, then she went on to say that two weeks ago she was sitting at her computer and she felt something hit her on her back then it bounced off and hit the backrest, she stood up and there sat a dime, nobody was around and nothing is nearby that it could drop from so she thought maybe it was stuck in her hair somehow and fell out and didn’t think about that incident until that day. She had just sat down at her computer and once again felt something hit her on the back and hit the backrest, she stood up and this time it was a penny on the chair! I told her the only thing I could think of is that it’s her dad’s way of letting her know he’s got her back. She proceeded to go online to find the meaning of falling pennies and took screen shots of their meaning which I just now discovered was from this site about the meaning of the numbers 1 and 10 which pretty much validated everything she was going through at the time.

vinessa csmpbell says March 11, 2016

Hi Melanie, you are so right. A few years ago I returned to live in my home town. My husband, mother and father passed on and I wanted to find peace. I am a clean freak. I vaccum behind the rads as well as mop weakly. Each time I would find a penny beside the leg of the rads. On one occassion there were 3 pennies. That is when it really shocked me. I smile now, each time I find a penny.♡

Pueblo says March 5, 2016

About a month after my father passed away, I visited his gravesite to wish him a happy birthday. At my next stop that morning, I opened my car door to find 76 pennies (Canadian) and 1 dime (American) on the ground. The dime had olive branches on it, and my Dad was an avid gardener. He was born on 24/10/1923. The numbers 10 + 24 + 19 + 23 = 76
We have found coins all over the place at my mothers house. It is very comforting to know he is looking out for us still and it adds to other spiritual experiences that I have had in the past year like 11:11 and other numbers.
Smile when you find coins, someone is likely trying to get your attention!

April says February 28, 2016

I always find dimes and penny’s where ever Igo

    clyde greenwood says May 17, 2016

    When my wife died, my granddaughter told me the story of the dimes. At first I felt she was trying to help me with my grief. But about a week later I was cleaning out a few things and a dime fell out of my wife’s slipper. Shortly after that my kids were also finding dimes in the oddest places. Several weeks later I took a friend to breakfast at a place my wife and I went to often. The server led us to a table way in the back and as we sat down,,,,, behold on the table ONE SHINNY DIME. Now what are the odds??

Myra Smith says February 9, 2016

Hi, I moved to North Carolina almost a year ago to see a dream of owning a small farm come to life, unfortunately the farm I moved here to get did not work out and I have had a lot of discouraging things happen since I’ve moved here which has given me lots of doubt if I’ve done the right thing. four months ago I rented an old farmhouse and I have found a penny every single day since I moved in here. I enjoyed your post and am going to know I am valuable and loved and on the right path. Thank you

Heather says February 3, 2016

I have heard about the “dime” experience. Not sceptical at all , my mother passed 17 years ago from cancer. I have had one experience and was waiting results on a second today. All was good, cleaning/ tidying up in my kitchen, 3 dimes in a row on a bureau , and then another on the kitchen counter. I don’t understand if there is a message or just support. Any thoughts or ideas you can send me?

    Shannon says May 22, 2016

    My mother died from cancer a few months ago and I told my mom before she died that all I want is for her to send me dimes to let me know that she is ok. A week after she died my brother texted me to say that they were finding dimes all over. I know it was her because she knew that he didn’t believe so she had to go visit him first. She had passed a week and I had never received anything. We had a vacation planned so about a week into our vacation the dimes started to come. We would be waiting in a line at Disney and there was a dime, we would be shopping in a mall and a dime was in our path. We even found a dime on the couch by my husband in the condo. Apron arriving home they just keep coming, by my feet in the vehicle, at the bottom of my dad’s stairs when we were there for a gathering. I was having a bad week missing her and all I said was mom just leave me another dime. I went to my girlfriends house for the night and on her coffee table where she never has change anywhere near it because her purse is left upstairs always, was a dime. Then I asked her something and told her to just leave me a dime if I should use an expired product , that same day a dime was attached to a clasp on the side of my purse. I always keep my change in an enclosed area in my purse. MY mom knows that I know it is here and it is soooo comforting. We are planning a celebration of her life next week and I know that many of the ideas that I have been getting have been coming from her.

Joe says February 1, 2016

I married my wife in 1968, she recently passed away, she was my best friend, along with being my wife, it was the best 46 years of my life. The funny thing is when we first met, I was dating her best friend. when I asked Sunny my wife out for the first time she no, your are dating Lee, my best friend I FLIPPED her a DIME, and told her to call LEE, and see what she says, she did and Lee said it was OK the rest is history, I WEAR A 1968 DIME, on my neck, that I gave my wife THREE years prior to her death on Christmas. It WILL remain with until I Pass On AND MEET HER AGAIN

Sue Borgeson says January 31, 2016

Shortly before the love of my life passed away in a tragic car accident, we were walking along and he spotted a penny. He recited a little poem and bent down to pick the penny up. I sorta giggled because it seemed rather odd that a grown man (only 22) would do something like that. He pulled a little leather coin purse (I had never seen it before) out of his pocket, and put it safely put the penny in it. I just watched in wonder until he looked at me and asked me what I was grinning about. I told him I just thought it a little goofy he would do something like that and even have a poem about it. He smiled and said his grandpa had always done that and when ever he saw a penny, he thought about his grandpa who had passed away. He asked me if I ever picked up coins. I told him no, I wasn’t going to bend over and pick up a rogue penny or dime here and there. He laughed and said, “well you know, it adds up after awhile and before you know it, you have a couple of bucks.” I said sure thing, and we continued on our walk.

We had some pretty significant plans for life: I was going to leave the job I had and move to his city for a new job, we were building a house, etc. So, a few months after his passing, I decided to leave that job anyway and move to another new city for a new job. However, the company I worked for wasn’t very pleased about my leaving and were giving me a very hard time. My final week there was hell, so one day at noon, I left and decided I wasn’t going back because I didn’t really need to since I was starting my new job the following week. My boss called me the next day wanting to know why I hadn’t come back the day before and why I wasn’t in the office that morning. I told her why and said she was an awful person to work for. As we were hanging up, she said I needed to come in and clean my desk out before I would get my final check. Hummm, ran through my mind. I wasn’t one who ever cluttered my desk or drawers with stuff so I wasn’t certain what she was talking about.

I called my Mother, who you don’t mess with, and asked her if she would go pick my check up and check out the desk. Gladly, she said. She called me later that day and said she asked my boss to see my desk because she wanted to see for herself what a mess it was….the top was completely neat and only had the office related items issued to me. She opened up one of the side drawers and said it was full of pennies. Hundreds and hundreds of pennies. She told the woman she didn’t see any issues other than the pennies, which she could keep. The woman handed her my check and out the door she went.

I wondered about the pennies and thought that I must have mindlessly picked up his habit of picking up pennies and just tossed them in the drawer as I found them. I didn’t think much about it until a number of years later.

One morning as I headed out the door to go to work and there was a penny laying on the steps. I’m the only one who uses that door and knew it wasn’t there the night before when I came home. I was sure I didn’t drop it. When I started my car the radio came on and I tuned into the talk radio I listen to every morning. That day, there was a conversation on about whether or not you believe in signs from your deceased loved ones. I listened, but it went in one ear and out the other.

I started having some things happen to me that I couldn’t explain and ended up at a medium to see if they could help me sort through what was going on. All of the odd things happening revovled around him and his family who I hadn’t seen in years. Things I had thought I had resolved and or buried away forever. The first thing the medium said to me was that “he” was happy that he finally got my attention. I asked what that meant. The medium explained that he has been trying to get my attention. I asked how, what were the signs? The medium said he and has dropped thousands of pennies in my way since his death so I would know he was okay. I immediately thought about the pennies that I left behind in that desk drawer. The second thought was the day he picked the penny up off the ground and said his poem.

I have always believed he knew he was going to die at a young age. I am quite sure he was trying to tell me beforehand that if I see a penny, it will be because he put it there. Hindsight. I wish I had paid more attention to those little signs along the way. Now, I never pass a penny or a dime by when I see one. Sometimes, I’ll find a quarter and smile about how he’s gave me a raise.

Jodi says January 27, 2016

My nephews were murdered in 2008. They were only 16 and 20 years of age. After their death, we all (our family) would find dimes in peculiar places. Yesterday morning, I was driving and heard a rattling in the car. As I turned into the sun, I let down the visor and after a moment, something told me to open the vanity mirror. A dime dropped into my hand. I believe it was sent.

yracey says January 23, 2016

When my dad passed away he told me if there was any after life he would send me signals. To many to mention, but I did start finding dimes right away in the most bizarre places. I started to save them in a jar , he has been gone for 16 yrs and I have over 600 dimes. I recently lost my nephew and flew out west with his parents as he had died suddenly, while out there for 4 days I found 3 dimes. A person once told me it was a sign of smooth sailing in life because of the sailboat. It was a message from my dad that I was going to be ok?

    Denise says November 17, 2016

    I am so excited for you. I can only wish to be this lucky, this makes my heart smile for you!!

Jean White says January 11, 2016

My mom died one year ago. We were very close.i have been very depressed lately.yesterday IF
found 6 dimes in different places.Today I found 5 more.Any comments would be appreciated.

bob says January 6, 2016

you all do know none of this is in the bible right? someone just made it up. showing people know its make believe, so they just make believe its the way they want it to be.

    BJ says May 27, 2017

    You say that as if the bible isn’t make believe…

Patty says January 4, 2016

I was engaged to a very wonderful man for ten years then decided to break it off. I always told my family that he was my soul mate. For seven years we did not see each other, he remarried and recently divorce. We connected again and I was thrilled but also nervous in what direction to take this. I spend this New Year’s Eve with him at his house. The next morning I was sitting on his outside step by myself in deep thought. All the sudden something fell from the sky and hit between my feet, to my surprise I pulled my feet apart and lying between my feet was a penny. I truly believe it was sent from Heaven, what other explanation could there be. Right then and there I knew that at that moment I was at the right place in my life. True Story!

John LaChance says December 30, 2015

New copper coinage in the US is over, as of April, 2015, which makes the penny so much more valuable as a witching tool. When someone loses a penny, they are either losing some of their bad luck or some of their good luck, depending on which side the coin drops. If the coin drops tails up, you shouldn’t pick it up and put it in your pocket but leave it there, because you’ve just gotten rid of some of your bad luck. The reverse is also true. If you drop a penny and it is heads up, you can’t leave it there because it’s your good luck dropping away from you.

How do you change your luck? An old Roman method involved the copper coin known as the “Republican As.” Count out ten pennies (and no more than that), find a parking lot and toss the pennies in the air. Then, pick up all the pennies that are face up and leave all the pennies that incorporate your bad luck. Then wait for someone else to pick up the bad luck you’ve left for their greed. VERY IMPORTANT! Do not repeat this procedure/ritual until all the coins have been picked up and not under that same sun or moon. Wait until you’ve slept and the coins are picked up by someone else. At that time, you can toss another ten pennies in the air and repeat until all your bad luck is gone. Let’s not forget, belief is half the battle.

Now that you know, you will begin seeing three or more pennies tails up in a parking lot and realize that someone has just performed this ritual to get rid of bad luck. Personally, I wouldn’t touch those coins for fear of contamination. Maybe, you’re so generous that you will risk turning the coins over for somebody else. Do you feel lucky? Turning them over makes the pennies lucky at your expense, draining your good luck. Everybody knows this. Leave the coins alone!!!

Maggie says December 28, 2015

I just came across this website I luv this. After my grandmother passed in 2009 I began finding dimes.Immediately I knew her spirit was watching over me and guiding me. One afternoon while out to lunch with my family I was sharing the story of my dimes. My niece began to laugh and suggested I was crazy. Shortly after she excused herself to use the bathroom, she returned with a look of horror and the dime she found in the ladies room. In 2012 my grandfather passed. After several days of staying home and mourning I managed to get myself up and out. I pulled into a local Walmart and opened my car door to find a dime sitting on the pavement. I immediately knew it was from Gram and Grandpa was fine.I put the dime in my pocket and proceeded to the trunck of my car where below next to my foot another dime!! I can not put into words what went through my body. The peace I had knowing gram and gramp were together and watching over me. In six years I have a total of 69 yes 69 dimes. I would never attempt to persuade a non believer but for you believers A BEAUTIFUL STORY.

    Melanie Beckler says December 28, 2015

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful stories… Truly inspiring and heart warming to read.

Carla says December 23, 2015

I live in London UK for seven years now. One month back I moved to a new home and since then, I find 5 pence coins each and every single day. The first three days, they were found right on the pavement in front of the house and then anywhere I happen to walk, but to be precise, they are on the right side of pavements, against walls,when it’s dark, not really easy to catch people attention. My eyes are just captured by their shining, and although my eye sight is so poor that I should wear glasses, I see them clearly almost like I were seeing with my soul.
Some days I find two of them either together or in different places, particurarly when I am with friends.
I have been thinking about this phenomena, wondering why… what’s the message?
I have been finding coins many times randomly, but this time it’s different, there is something mysterious in it. Every day and only 5 pence coins.

Frank Fox says December 9, 2015

My daughter was turning off the Christmas lights last night when she opened the door to go out she found a small pile of pennies with a dime and nickel, we just bought this house in August an now this happens what does this mean

Maggie says November 13, 2015

Tonight I found another dime & a penny on the floor. I have been finding them together in odd spots for the last 13 years, ever since we moved into this house.
It’s been awhile since the last time I found them, but this time it prompted me to look and see if there was a meaning behind it. I was surprised by the stories I’ve read from others who have experienced the same thing. I had thought it was just me, weird stuff happens to me all the time. I’m not sure if it’s an angel, spirit or relative, but I’m most grateful to them and will pay more attention in the future. It just goes to show it’s the little things that do count.

Carol says October 23, 2015

For the past few months i have been finding dimes all over the house. In my wash, on the floors, everywhere. Nothing but dimes. There has been lots of changes at work, in my life and i knew these dimes are from.someone who has past. I just wish i knew who.

Murph says October 21, 2015

My mother had been a guiding force in my live for years. Since her sudden death in 2007, I have ben finding shiny dimes at the craziest places and often times when I need a lift. I have taken finding the dimes as a positive sign. Some of the places have been: stuck on my stomach when I never had any money in my bed, two shiny, shiny dimes on my car seat after I had gotten out and had no change in my pants (I rarely carry coins), I found one after digging in this ground at this house. All of a sudden this shiny dime showed up at the bottom of this hole I was clearing. I was covered from head to toe in mud but the shiny dime showed up.
Dimes have shown up unexpectedly in my life since her death probably 50 times. I like it and feel she is watching over me.

Debbie H says October 10, 2015

My husband passed away almost 4 years ago.
When he and I started dating we both had been married before so the dating thing was new to both of us.
As a child I had heard a story about a “Yankee dime” being or meaning a “kiss”. So when I finally got the nerve to kiss my future husband I laid a dime in front of him. Having told him about the “yakee dime” story, he knew the meaning and instantly stood up and gave me the kiss.
Since he has passed I have found dimes everywhere! In my house were I have already been. In a parking lot right outside the car door, walking out of a store or even in a vehicle that I have cleaned several times.
I had a grandfather clock that had not worked for 15 years. The day after the funeral it chimed and ran for 4 hours. Only to stop again and never start again.
I have several dollars in dimes now and am considering making a Charm bracelet with them.
The only thing is, I have marked each penny with a date and where I found it. Each one has been found when I needed them the most. I’m conflicted about the bracelet.
I have the dimes taped to a sticky note with the info on the sticky note. If I make the bracelet I will loose that.
But having said all that I am so grateful for the dimes. It brings me great comfort.

Larry says October 2, 2015

My wife passéd not long ago. Seems like money has always been laying around somewhere – sometimes small amounts; sometimes large amounts – along my many paths. But two weeks ago, I found what appeared to be a roll of pennies someone had thrown out of their vehicle as they entered an entrance ramp to the interstate. Suddenly the lyrics for a song entered my mind, which reminded me of the only woman who has ever loved me in this long journey called life (Believe me – it’s been a long journey, too. Even Jerry Garcia would not believe it.) When she, my wife, was very young, she threw pennies out of the back of a truck, in which she was travelling to Virginia. When she first told me about this experience, I thought how foolish of you. But now that she is gone, I guess there was a reason for ALL of these events occurring regardless of how far apart they were in our lives. When I was picking up those pennies, I felt a kind of mystical experience being shared with her, wherever she may be now. This life may seem long at times, but in reality it is very short. So, wherever you find love in this world, cherish it, because it is fleeting at best. Even though I do not believe in God, everything in our lives is meant to happen for a reason. It is all preplanned. If you want to give credit to angels – this okay with me because I cannot make you believe any different. Supposedly we are all free to believe whatever we want to believe. So, I don’t condemn anyone for believing in angels or whatever. But if there is a God, or some supernatural being resembling God, I only wish that he or she would bless me with a woman, who cares for me as much as my wife did. Sweet dreams.

mat says October 2, 2015

hi. this is really strange. i was sleeping last night and i woke up in the middle of the night and discovered two dimes tucked neatly into my fist. when i had went to sleep, there were no coins in my bed or in my hands. I am certain of this. what do you suppose this means? i have been finding a lot of pennies and dimes lately. but never in my sleep. what do you suppose this means? thank you for your time.

Hazel Bolden says September 25, 2015

My old co-worker said when I sent her the picture of the two pennies I saw in the pavement she commented by saying YOU AND YOUR PENNIES! I want to know what she will say when I tell her that I am RICH! One day I was reading an article in a Kenneth Copeland magazine, I am a partner with this ministry. And the lady said that she found pennies also. And she became wealthy. I always have a feeling that I will be wealthy too. As I was reading through the article the lady said that now that she had come in lots of money, that she leave the pennies for someone else to pick up. When I become wealthy I am still going to pick up my coins, because then I will be Blessed to be a Blessing to other people. Amen. Hazel Bolden

Hazel Bolden says September 24, 2015

I often find pennies and I always pick them up. Put them into my coin jar or some times spend the penny right away. Sometimes I find pennies that I cannot get to too pick up. Like over a week ago or two I saw two pennies in the pavement outside of a convenience store that has a gas station connected with the store, unable to get the pennies but a took a picture of the two pennies in the pavement, they look like eyes I wise I could share the picture with you. I always say pennies make dollars but now I can look at finding a penny or other coins in a whole new light. (SMILE) HazelBolden

Tammy says September 17, 2015

Two weeks ago my Grandfather passed, last week my dog Jack passed and today we buried my young uncle. After the burial of my uncle we stopped at the gas station and when I walked out of the store there was a dime laying on the ground. I had previously heard about dimes from our angels but that was a long time ago. A lady stood up during my uncle’s service and told of the story of dimes and pennies. I know I have angels guiding me and looking out for me!

Gary says September 10, 2015

I am an apartment manager and recently a tenant moved out. When I went in to see how bad she had left the apartment, there must have been 9 pennies and two dimes on the floor. She couldn’t pay the rent and was broke. If I was that broke, I would take every red cent I find. So I don’t know. I now look at each coin and see if there is a date significance to them and put them all in special place. My mom died this March 23rd, 2o15 and my dad April 23rd 2015.

Jennifer says September 9, 2015

I find pennies in the oddest places. Unfortunately, I have several loved ones that have passed in the last decade. I once found about 50 pennies scatter on the floor of a laundromat with people walking around them as if they didn’t see them. Last night was the strangest, I found a gold $1 coin on my kitchen floor. I panicked because I have one in my jewelry box that my father gave out for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I thought somehow it got out of my box. I went to the box and when I opened it, on top of all my costume jewelry was another gold $1 coin. I moved my jewelry to search for the coin from my father, and there it was, still in it’s little baggie. I had never had or seen another gold $1 coin other than the one my father had given me. I know it was a sign from my loved ones.

Marianne Z. says September 9, 2015

My husband died in 1998 when my children were 7 and 8 years old. Over the years my daughter and I have found pennies and dimes lying in our path or underfoot and always said “that’s daddy saying hi”. Last night my daughter now 24 had an auto accident totaling my car completely. The car looked like no one could have survived. she was taken to the hospital and luckily and miraculously had not internal injuries. When my son bow 26 and I were in her emergency room with her, there was no reason for it but under my son’s chair was a penny. I’m sure it was my husband protecting her,

Ginger says September 8, 2015

My dimes are very unique as messages come to me

Mary Jo Frank says September 6, 2015

I lost my little girl pup I’d had for 15 years June 4 and my Twin that also cared a lot for Ruby passed away suddenly July 16..I found a large curl near my recliner, it was hair off of Ruby’s ear, everyone use to comment how cute those curls are. I run the sweeper continuously..I feel that curl was left for me to know my Ruby is here with me in spirit and my twin is taking good care of her. I was thinking real hard about my twin, we talked almost every Saturday. I found a penny and dime yesterday, I’ve been finding pennies and dimes since their passing. I believe they are both around me since I’ve been hurting so bad..they are letting me know their with me and someday I will see them again.

Gary says September 4, 2015

My mom died unexpectedly this March 23rd, 3 days after her 75th birthday from a massive stroke. The week before, they found 3 tumors on my dad’s brain. He died exactly one month later on April 23rd. I had already been struggling with depression and other things like anxiety etc before they died so it hit me really hard and I attempted suicide. When I got out of the hospital, almost every day since I have been finding pennies sometimes in weird places like in front of my apartment door and car door. I found two folded up 5 dollar bills also and dimes galore. Maybe a nickel and a quarter but almost always pennies and dimes, I am still very very hurt from all this and often still want tk kill myself. Me and my mom were super close. I would text her ‘goodnight, I love you: every night and I still do. Thanks for info!

Jesse Macon says September 4, 2015

My dad passed away on February 10th, 2015. When I was applying for college in January, my dad told me that he was proud of me because I was applying to the University of Utah where I was born. After I was accepted in April to the U, my mom and brother and I planned a trip to come to Moab,Utah where my dad proposed to my mom. During the trip, my mom started noticing a tails up penny on the ground every time she got out of the car. After she told me about the pennies, I started noticing them too. It’s now September and I live in Utah, And a few days ago I was thinking about my dad, and I happened to get out of my car to give my mom her phone, and when I was getting back in the car, I saw a tails up penny right next to the door of my car. I know every time that these tails up pennies are from my dad, who is now my guardian angel.

Mike says September 1, 2015

I came home today and found a penny on the floor in the middle of my home. I am fairly aware of most things and thought it odd considering where I found it. It gave me an insecure feeling and as such I searched the house thinking it was a sign of something out of the ordinary.

After finding nothing, I went about my business and forgot about it.

My girlfriend came home a little later and in unprovoked conversation she said she just found a penny ( in another location near the first) and when I shared my shock, the first thing out of her mouth was “pennies from heaven”.

I believe in signs but never have I witnessed something this evident.

I googled and this is the first site I came across. Thanks for the message in your website.


J. Harmon says August 28, 2015

I started finding pennies back in 2011, when my car broke down and I walked a lot more to catch buses. At one point, I was finding them everyday. It also coincided with my spiritual re-enlightenment, after receiving some serious medical diagnoses. I’ve always known that my angels were reassuring me, since I used those walks to converse with the Spirit. More often than not, I’d been sharing a concern or asking a very specific question when I’d look down and see a penny or two on the ground. Once or twice, there was a trail of three. On one occasion, the question I asked about solving my own financial poverty was answered by a stranger who passed me and spoke a verse from the Bible with which I am quite familiar. Instead of panhandling, the way I expected him to, he said, “Ma’am, I don’t want anything. I just want to tell you to, ‘Delight yourself in the Lord, and receive the desires of your heart.'” (from Psalm 37). Now, following a year and a half break during which I did not walk so much and find pennies, I am finding them again.

Patty Arra says August 12, 2015

My husband passed away 2 1/2 years ago. He was of Italian decent. We were together over 32 years. In that time, if I ever left my jewelry laying anywhere, he would take it and hide it from me. Recently, I have started a relationship with my best friend since elementary school. My first boyfriend ever at 9 years old. Now to why that has significance. About 2 1/2 weeks ago, I walked out onto the garden patio and laying propped up against the 1/2 brick wall was a silver coin.

It is an Italian coin that has L100 and the picture of an olive tree on the back and a picture of of a man on the front. I didn’t think a lot of it to begin with. I thought someone in the house may have dropped it. Everyone said they had never seen it.

I laid it on my chest of drawers and went about my business. Tom,the guy I am dating now, gave me a spinning ring from Israel.I wear it everyday along with my other rings and bracelets.I take them off when I get home and put them on the chest of drawers in a box. About a week after the coin incident, I went to put my rings on and the spinning ring was gone.

I tore the house apart. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was so upset. The next day, I went to the mailbox and laying against the 1/2 wall, was another silver coin. It looked identical (or so I thought) to the first one I found.

I thought someone must be playing a joke on me. I thought it was the same coin. I went to look and there was the 1st one, right where I left it. I looked closer and the first one has the year 1962, which is the year my husband was born. The second one has 1972. I’m not sure of the significance to that date yet.

That night I went to put something in the refrigerator freezer and when I opened the door, and reached in the freezer, my fingers landed on something cold and metal. It was my ring. I then really understood that the coins and the ring were connected and that I feel my husband did this.

I have had doubts about this relationship and I felt I got involved with someone else way too soon. I felt guilty for being so happy. I think this was Greg’s way of letting me know that he is okay with this and for me to be happy. He even gave me back the ring that Tom gave me.

Victoria Newman says August 5, 2015

This morning while waiting to leave for work, i looked down and a penny was laying at my feet. No biggie, picked it up, dropped it in my purse. A few minutes later I got up from my chair and another penny was laying on the floor by my feet again. Picked it up, a little weird feeling in my stomach, dropped it in my purse. Getting up to go to work there on the floor is a shinny penny, in line where the others were, now my radar kicks in, what the heck!! First thing goes across my mind is “pennies from Heaven?” which is wierd, my mind dosen’t work that way! I have been stressed lately on a fight I had with my son 3 weeks ago, have talked to him and everything is ok with him, but I am angry and the night before was really having a hard time with it. Do you think this could be a sign?

Sandy says August 1, 2015

Disney World holds a very special meaning to me. My Grandfather called us up many years ago, saying he would love to go to Disney World. It was our first trip as well as his only trip and it was truly magical. He passed away many years ago. I have recently asked him for signs he is with us when we make our yearly trips to Disney World. This most recent, 4 weeks ago, I kept finding pennies right in front of me as we were walking, on one of of the seats I was about to sit in before riding in it and at a seat in a restaurant. They weren’t all shiny pennies but I still think they may be a sign he is enjoying this place with us which makes it a true “magical” place.

matthews says August 1, 2015

I always find coins of the same value at the same spot all the time. I know now after reading about it here that I should appreciate the love and reassurance from the universe.
My problem though is why is it only at one location that I find them. Is there a better way of explaining this one? I welcome all ideas.

Naquita says July 28, 2015

So 5 days ago I was in the shower and I happen to.close my eyes to rinse the shampoo out of my hair and as I’m getting the soap this penny falls out nowhere I thought my child had thrown it over the shower (horseplay) but I went to ask, they weren’t in the house!! I dismissed it thinking maybe I was just imagining things. Tonight as I’m in the shower,( I check before I sit or get in to make sure nothing that doesn’t belong there is within it. Once again and I close my eyes a wet my hair, I rise up lo and behold 2015 penny heads up! I’m intuitive and have experienced a lot of things paranormal, but this was a first. Keep seeing the time in sequence everyday. Thru out the years its been random and wasn’t frequent but this year its all day everyday.222 1111 1212 333 you name it. But 222 is the main one. I can’t figure it out. Pennies and numbers. can anyone give some clarity or shed some light upon these things happening? Blessings

Anait says July 28, 2015

What about a half dollar? I was running with no purse or anything with pockets really and I heard a coin fall. I turned around and saw a 50 cent on the ground, with the head side up. What does this mean?

Angelique says July 27, 2015

Thank you for the insight. I have always felt in my heart and soul that I new when I started finding dimes they were a gift from heaven. I am blessed and thank my guides above every time they gift me a dime, however I will now be more aware of listening for a message. Gratitude <3

Bloc says July 27, 2015

When we find such coins do we spend th or keep them ???

Dorothy Singletary says July 16, 2015

My daughter got my mail out of the mail box there was a penny on top of the mail what does that mean

AJ says July 9, 2015

I keep finding dimes every where I go its crazy sometimes

brian says July 9, 2015

I keep finding dimes everywhere. I go

G- says June 11, 2015

I sat this morning in the rain beside the lake, under my umbrella. I go here to meditate. Eight years ago my father passed away and I had never forgiven him for problems in our relationship.

Being very emotional, I spoke out-loud, speaking as if he were right beside me. I said ‘Dad, I forgive you – for everything. Move on now, go where you need to go, I love you’.

Walking to my car, the rain pouring down, I noticed a shiny dime right in front of my car door. It stood out on the rain drenched asphalt, and I just knew it was put there for me. I didn’t have my reading glasses with me, so I couldn’t read the year. I raced home and I just knew that it would be the year of my birth and it was! 1970! My dad was there beside me, he heard me, I just know it! (And of course I googled ‘dimes from angels’ and found this website.)

Nade says June 7, 2015

I found an old penny on the beach today (7th June 2015) from 1964, which is my year of birth. I am facing major heart surgery in 3 weeks time and have been worried about it. I hope it is a good omen.

Jim Spinozzi says June 2, 2015

I don’t really know where to begin but my 3 year old has been talking of my father who passed away almost 5 years ago. The obviously never met and I do not have 1 picture of my dad up in my house. His picture is in my desk drawer. It started when he was 1-1/2 years old and was in his hi-chair and started waving and laughing. We asked him who he was waving to and he said “Nonno Tom”. On my birthday he walked into the bathroom and said “Nonno Tom’s birthday is next! The important one!” My dad’s birthday is 2 weeks after mine and that is what my dad would always say to me! It doesn’t happen all the time this occurrences or visions but a little more frequently. About 5 months ago he stayed the night with my mom and when she woke up. He hugged her and kissed her and said” Nonno Tom told me to do that” my mom asked where does he live and he described a house similar to what my parents lived in. Later that night at dinner he was coloring at the table and we were hanging out by my kitchen island and I asked him so where is Nonno Tom’s house and without hesitation he pointed up towards the ceiling. I said “upstairs?” and he said “no up there while pointing to the ceiling” I asked” by the clouds?” and he said “No higher! Up there!” We all got the chills. Well today as we are sitting outside he asked my wife “who is Grandma Cindy?” She passed away 5 months ago. My wife asked “why do you ask? Have you seen or talked to her?” He said “I see her in my dreams and she said she is my grandma!” Now these don’t happen all the time but at least 20 times in 2 years. By the way we have found 18 dimes in his room during this time. I felt I had to share and any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated!

Hacene says May 20, 2015

Interesting to read all your experiences and views.
Well, I am from Australia, and I started finding $2 coins on a regular basis in all different places. When I told my wife about it, she also started finding it.
The odd is that we are only finding $2 coins and no other coins. It’s been 18 months now and we are still searching for an meaning… hoping that someone can help me understand this phenomenon.

Den Spin says May 16, 2015

I’ve been finding dimes for years…My habit is, when I come home at any given time, I empty my pockets…All coins go into a vessel on my kitchen counter…There is no reason a dime would be on a stair or in the bathroom or under my pillow…One time I had my Boy Buds over for dinner when one of them asked me, “Why does it feel like someone is playing with my hair?”…After dinner we went to a concert and when I was dropped off, I saw a dime on the 3rd stair going up to my bedroom…I picked it up, looked into the room where I was then looked back at the stairs and there was ANOTHER dime in the exact same place…I got two in a row that night…I had a Medium come a few years ago and she got rid of 2 entities…The 3rd is a Grandmother figure to me and she is NOT leaving…I’m sure the dimes are from her…Besides finding dimes I have experienced spirit in other ways…Too many to mention.

Brenda says May 13, 2015

I started noticing finding dimes after just happening on an article about finding dimes. It didn’t happen right away, but once it did it started getting regular. What got me the most was finding one when on vacation in Cuba in a random spot by my cottage. And then this morning after getting out of the shower, a dime literally fell on the floor in front of me where there was no reason or place for it to fall from!! I truly believe my angels are looking out for me.

Amie says May 5, 2015

i know that dimes are a positive message but dont know from who my heart gets warm and a smile is automatic but numbers is my unaswered question i feel its a warning of change but not in a particular direction so i just pay attention. i havent had a lot of death around me so i am not sure who is watching but i do believe with my whole heart it is real

Anna Szewczyk says May 2, 2015

Not too long after my brother died, i started finding dimes. At first i thought nothing of it because the places i found them weren’t that unusual.,,,like on the kitchen counter..(i thought that my husband or son had been emptying their pockets).BUT, then what really made me a bit confused was when i found two dimes on the top of my laptop. Then i started finding dimes in random spots in the house….on the kitchen floor, on my bedside table, on the floor in my study, on the bathroom counter and on the floor at the entrance to my bedroom….And today there were 2 dimes under my bench in the sunroom…Just this week alone, i have found 6 dimes…..The other odd thing that had occurred…for a period of time, when i went shopping and paid in cash, my purchase would end in 90 cents….so in the change there was a dime….Im glad i found your article….my brother and i were close so it explains my “dime findings”…

Simone says May 1, 2015

My husband and I are having difficulties. Last night, I went to turn off my lamp on the nightstand and there was a penny face down on the base of the lamp. Seeking some clarity I found this website and now know that my angels are looking out and over me.

Bonnie says May 1, 2015

I am facing a terrible medical problem and I asked for my angels to wrap their wings around me and protect me from this situation. I actually saw a manifestation of 3 angels gather around me and encase me within their wings and now I feel much better about the situation.

Rick says April 29, 2015

Donna, I have also found dimes, pennies. A blue jay flew right in front of me and stood still looking at me. I also saw cardinals and butterfly. I kept my coins, gives me comfort.

    Jill says July 15, 2016

    A few years ago at an old B&B I started finding dimes and pennies the same day,,didn’t think nothing of it until I realized about 2’years had gone by b4’i had found any other coin.mostly I would find 11 cents 2/3 days a week that I worked..I eventually quit cause my boss moved on,,now I continue to find 11 cents in the new coworkers even find it weird and have stripoed the rooms of sheets,b4 I even get in there and see the guest has left me 11cents…it,would even creep me out a lot that I thought my co workers were playing tricks on me but they would never be present when i found the son even thought I had several hundred dimes and pennies stocked in my car but once my son realized they’re weren’t any hidden dimes and pennies..I think he even believes in a higher being like myself

Donna says April 28, 2015

HI Melanie,
I just buried my dad yesterday, 4/27/15 and the next day I went into a bathroom stall and on the floor was a dime. I had heard from a friend a while ago about finding pennies and dimes but couldn’t remember what it meant. When I saw the dime I picked it up and it brought me immediate comfort. I went back to my desk and googled what it meant. It brought me to your your website. I so believe in receiving signs from your loved ones and after reading I am so convinced that my dad planted that dime for me. Thanks so much for explaining what it means.

Serenity says April 8, 2015

I have found dimes and pennies half my life..been passed on to daughter now…now I am finding small slivers of partly frosted glass…

Joey says April 4, 2015

I happen to punch this in about 3 pennies. And this comes out I couldn’t believe it everybody was telling me iam crazy I stated noticing when I would come home and I’ll have money in my pocket with exact 3 pennies in the money and I don’t stop there when I would walk I would find 3pennies in front of me always or I’ll go shopping and my change would be also with 3 pennies I always knew it came from a great place love u mom tqm

jill says April 3, 2015

Does anyone know if quarter have meaning and if so where can I get information

Jennifer says March 31, 2015

Thanks for this info! I found 5 dimes in two days last week! 3 were inside my work, one in the parking lot, and one at a fast food place with my daughter! I believe in all the spiritual stuff and was wondering if the dimes were a sign from my mom or dad or just a reminder that I am on the right track!

Robert says March 30, 2015

Very informative. I’m getting ready to start a new job. Leaving my job of 6 years. And I found a penny on the floor at my work while sweeping. Also, found two dimes, side by side. Which is coincidental. I’ve been having a rough time the last few months dealing with a breakup.

Melody"Mello" says March 26, 2015

I used to find pennies on the floor which they I would csll them lucky pennies. But ever since my last grandparent passed away my Grandmother while i was in Iran in Summer 2013 i used to pick up pennies heads up.but them when she passed, i now look at coins not just for lucky pennies. I pick them up and say”its a sign from heaven,lets check the date out and just remember good times on the pennies from (1987 born in’*87*- present.) So then 2 days ago March 24th I found my first dime.. i read this reading. And im in a somewhat relationship amd I can see now that i have nothing to fear.. cause my grandparents who passed on I hope they can Approve their granddaughter dating not a Persian but hope this relationship works out… cause, me melody, just wants and wished they can if he does propose to me bless me from the Heavens.RIP everyone miss yöu and please wish me and my Yoshi the best..-Anen

Linda Tillinghast says March 25, 2015

After my fathers death 2 years ago March 12 I have found pennies in various spots, I am living in the upstais apartment of the house he lived in as I was cleaning I found a shiney penny on the floor, we had gone on many trips to Florida together, and the first trip after his death I found a pennie as I was getting on the airplane, I have a total of 10 pennies so far but the last 2 that I recieved was on the day that his sister passed away, I was cleaning and had moved a chair to vaccume there were 2 shiney pennies the years 2013 and 2014 I always stop to pick up these pennies from heaven knowing it is a sign saying he is okay

Tonny Daud Kaunang says March 24, 2015

About ten years ago, while i am buying a new hand phone, there was a woman standing beside of me, speaking a bit loud, “dont look at pennies as not an important thing. I was rich and i lost everything”. Since then i am collecting every penny i met Yes, i got lot of pennies now. And i still collecting every penny i met. Now i have a motel with 14 rooms. When i read your writings and sharing above , i was surprise. Whether it is true that pennies as signs of the presence of “angel” to assist and helping me? My experience says, Yes!

Linda Cobb says March 24, 2015

I have been finding a lot of dimes this last month..
My Daughter was murdered 9 years ago, March 2nd. Thank you for all the information on finding pennies and dimes..I Long to be with her dearly…

michelle palmer says March 24, 2015

I have been finding alot of dimes mostly. I am not sure what this is but some say it is a sign from heaven. Well hope it is well wishes from people I miss love and respect that have passed on. Their spirit still lives on.

Tanja says March 24, 2015

These past couple of weeks not often but I have wondered why I have been finding either 10 or 50 cent coins either at the office or at home (I am from South Africa)… I read all your messages and posts and feel so happy and blessed cause when I am at work I very RARELY go into my face book and I thought I would quickly check my messages and now I have just seen your post and now I know so Thank you… I really do appreciate it. I would also like to thank my Angels for making check my FB… Sending Love, Light and Happiness

mary says March 18, 2015

The last year was very rough for me. I separated from my husband, was in terrible job situation and overall was very depressed. My husband and I decided to work on our marriage, but I was very nervous about it and asked the angels to give me encouragement and guide me. I started finding dimes and pennies everywhere! I never knew what it meant until a few months ago I googled it and found your website. I knew then, everything would be ok and to trust my intuition. My husband and I are now getting ready to move out of state for a great job opportunity and I feel nervous again to leave my family and friends. I once again asked the angels to let me know this was the right decision. Within 5 minutes of asking, I went for a walk and found a dollar bill! Not pennies or dimes, but an entire dollar just sitting on the sidewalk. There were many other people around and anyone could have picked it up, but I knew it was from the angels SCREAMING YES! Thank you for your website and thank you to all those who commented and who have had similar experiences.

    Melanie Beckler says March 18, 2015

    Wow Mary! That’s wonderful… Clear signs you’re highly valued and supported by your angels and guides in spirit! Good luck with your transition… Calling on angels is my favorite way to help good luck align. 🙂

Janet Becker says March 14, 2015

I have always found pennies and dimes when anybody else would even notice them. I have always believed they were sent from my Father. My car needed some repairs and I was kind of thinking about trading it in. On a day I wasn’t even thinking about buying a car I drove to a dealership to pick up my boss who was having work done on his car. while I was waiting a salesman asked if I would like to try out a car.
When he brought the car to me the first thing I saw was a penny wedged in the window. I told the salesman to leave it there and I ended up buying that car. Even putting the window up and down the penny stays there. I know that it was a definite sign from my dad to buy that car. (my dad was a car guy)

Louella says March 8, 2015

This was very helpful and I have been wrestling with an issue for a while dealing with a relationship. I need to do for me and what makes me happy. After this dream, the next day at the bus stop I found first a penny, then three minutes or do the Sun was shining on a dime.

TRoy Greathouse says March 8, 2015

I’ve been finding dimes alot since the death of my son almost two years ago. After theraphy for a bad back my dr. suggests a walk before driving home. I usually make a walk around a striop mall bldg and after 300 yds I found this dime. I decided to do another 300 yds when I came upon the first spot I found the first dime, and there not more then 2 ft. away I found a second dime. The rest of the day was filled with serenity and joy.

Eric Gibson says March 7, 2015

I’m finding like 10 pennies on the ground all the time! I pick them up, and then there’s more the next day! This is crazy! I haven’t used an ATM or payed for anything with cash in 2 years!

Latasha glodd says February 27, 2015

I can’t believe what I’m reading. I been finding dimes everywhere I felt in my heart it was a sign from heaven. I was asking everyone what does that mean. Thanks for confirming. I’m so excited.

Cliff says February 10, 2015

My wife passed away 4 yrs ago and i have found dimes several times. The most recent one i found was at 6 in the morning while i was taking a walk. It was still dark but i saw this dime laying in the street.I don’t know how i saw it in the dark but i did. I picked it up and held it in my hand and rubbed it and for whatever reason i felt better then i did before i found it. Please can you explain this to me.

Elaine says January 23, 2015

It all started for me when my aunt passed away in Sept 2014, the day I went to the funeral parlor to visit the family and to pay my respect. As I got out of the car right at my feet was a beautiful white feather shortly after that I started finding dimes not so much in my home but always where I went. Not sure what it means sure wish I did I have a count now of 6 or 7 dimes all in 4 months. On Dec 10th my brother passed away prior to him passing I went to Manitoba to see him in the Airport I find 2 dimes. It’s not like I find them or better still they find me on a weekly or monthly basic. My latest dime was today while picking up a few groceries before a winter storm. So I decided to google what it could possibly mean. Sure wish dimes could talk.

Zach says January 20, 2015

My name is Zach and I’m 19 years of age. Back when I was 3 years old my aunt(16 years old) and cousin (15 years old) died in a car crash. I don’t rememebr much because I was 3 but my mom has and the rest of the family said they’re were great hearted kids. Ever since then my mom and I from time to time will find nickels dimes and pennies anywhere we go. I was in the shower once and was washing my hair then I heard a ding on my shower floor. Then saw a penny on the ground after turning
My head to

Rob says December 10, 2014

When my girlfriend and I started dating and talking about our future and building a business we started finding dimes everywhere. In the middle of the floor, on the bed, in the dryer with a load of towels. We didn’t know why until we read saw this website. Mind blown.
She has since decided not to believe in this and started doing things detrimental to our relationship. We broke up and since her life is spiraling downward.
I have kept the faith and things are amazing! New career, A hobbie I have is profitable. God is good!

Batman says November 7, 2014

When my boyfriend and I were down and out, basically living in a park, I found dimes. And A lot of them… Many than any person finding change walking on the sidewalk. At one point, I walked away from the truck (my boyfriends car) to use the restroom and when we returned, there were 3 dimes stacked on the driver’s side door and 2 scattered next to his… There was no one else at the park… and the dimes stacked next to the door were heads up heads down, and heads up… the one that was heads down was a mercury dime… I have heard about dimes from your guardian angel… but really? It didn’t scare me. Made me smile actually…

Crystal says October 23, 2014

My husband and I fixed up our downstairs (which prior to that we hadn’t been using). I completed the decor with some black and white photos of my grandfather. On the 5th anniversary of my grandfather’s death (Aug 2013) I started finding dimes down there. I would find them everywhere! One day I had just swept the floor and turned back around and found one in the middle of the floor. I was finding so many that I started putting them in a glass candle holder to save them. I started finding more and more of them as time went on. In October of last year my Nan passed away. The dimes slowed down some after that. I find it interesting that she died in the 10th month and I was finding dimes. I started finding them in other areas every once in awhile. The day that my sister had a miscarriage we arrived back home and I stepped out of the car to find a dime shining on the ground beside my foot. I feel that it’s him. It’s comforting to know he’s still around me <3

Mildred Miller says October 4, 2014

One day I found two dimes then the next day I found two more dimes I thought that was kinda wierd but at the same time I said this mean something, I’m always finding pennies I collect. Pennies they mean something to me

Patty says September 22, 2014

as a young child ,my grandpa was always giving me and my sisters his pocket change. I thought Canadian money was really neat. from then on he would always save Canadian money just for me. Since we lived near the Great Lakes then Canadian money was often found in change after a transaction from a store. Even into adulthood he still continued to hand me Canadian coins although they were now harder to find .Being an adult I was no longer interested but took them anyway “just because” He passed away in 1982, In 1987 I moved to Texas .Feeling sad one day last summer, I went to Walmart to pick up odds and ends ,I got out of my car and started to walk towards the store when I looked down and saw a Canadian penny .I was so happy

Phyllis says September 22, 2014

I was in the hospital,my sister’s was getting my room ready when they moved the phone and under it was a dime&penny,we knew my mom&dad was with us ,dad always had pennies,and mom had this thing about dimes,so wonderful to know they let me know they were with me at that time.Never stop believing!!!!

sylvana frithiof says September 21, 2014

A few months ago i started to have coins marked with a queen and king sign when I buy something or I get it from somewhere else it is old coins,started to make a collection of it so i got bout 30 of it,For me this ws a sign from heaven ,after that I started to get money abundant,which started to change my life, so i believe that coins are a sign for me.

Allison says September 21, 2014

I was at work one night last week and I was praying that God would help a couple children I know. When I went to get into bed that night there was a shiny penny sitting on my bed. I’m not sure exactly what this means, but I’m hoping He helps them.

Cat says September 21, 2014

I lost my fiance in a sudden accident. The morning after, I sat on the porch alone talking to him. I asked him for signs that he was still with me. I asked for coins, and then suddenly just said “nickels, I want nickels” Now I find nickels every where and an occasional dime. When he really wants to get my attention, it’s a Buffalo nickel.

Nicole Groom says September 21, 2014

A few years ago I was stood in my bathroom doing my hair, my mind was all over the place regarding guides and Angels and wondering are we truly alone or do we have these wonderful beings/entities watching over us?, when all of a sudden a penny dropped from out of nowhere on to the counter in front of me, I was amazed and in awe, am I a believer? you betcha 🙂 I still find pennies all over the place.

Sheila says September 21, 2014

I found a penny on my dinning room floor as I live alone and there had been no one else with me that day I knew this to be from my Son who had moved on, we always watched the film Ghost together and used to put a penny on the TV to see if it moved lol. Well my darling son went one better and gifted me one!! Bless him.

Laura says September 21, 2014

I started finding pennies after my sister passed in 2009. Especially Queen Elizabeth ones, since her name is Elizabeth. The strangest experience I’ve ever had with a coin is when I was going through a difficult time and was in a group home. I was woken up in the middle of the night. It sounded like someone THREW a penny from the ceiling and it bounced off the floor. I was a tid bit scared at first, and then read about “Pennies from Heaven” shortly thereafter. I now give greater value and respect for the coins I find.

sakshi says September 21, 2014

I found currency notes on my way what does that mean?

    Melanie Beckler says September 21, 2014

    Usually finding currency is a sign you’re valued… Because currency holds value!

Rhonda says September 21, 2014

I love the info on the pennies & dimes!!
What kind of msg do you think I’m getting when I randomly find $20. Bills $1.00 bills
Gold jewelry??

Terrie Griffith says September 21, 2014

My husband passed on February 11, 2014. I have always seen pennies as coming from God, so I told him, “if you pass before me, I don’t want pennies, they are from God, I want dimes from you”. Since then, I have found over 40 dimes, and many times (like 9/19) I have found a penny and a dime right next to each other. I figure that averages out to 6 dimes a month. It gives me great comfort to know that God and Tim hear me and are with me.

Diane says September 12, 2014

I am always seeing the number 11-11 or just 11,i know it is a sign of a loved one letting me know that they are still around me.

Geri says September 10, 2014

My dad passed away 10/17/2012. I had a reading by my local spiritual advisor, the following January. Within the reading, she told me my dad would leave pennies laying around for me. One day I was at work (in a school kitchen). One of my jobs was to take the cooler temps first thing in the morning. I did that at 6am. A little while later, I was making myself some food. I opened a sandwich cooler ( the one I had taken a temp from) which was also the table I was working on. I opened the door, took out what I needed, then closed it. I opened it again, this time I could not close it. Without looking at what I was doing, I tried and tried to close it. Finally I looked to see why it wouldn’t close. There was a penny placed on the top of the door. As many times as I tried to close it, the penny did not budge, until I saw it and moved it myself.
A few days later, I walked out the back door and saw 3 shiny pennies placed inches away from each other.

Janis Fennemore says September 10, 2014

Here is my Facebook status this morning, a few hours later your website showed up in my newsfeed:

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always enjoyed finding pennies. I was always told, “find a penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck”. When they took away the pennies I was a little disappointed, even though I’m not superstitious in the least, a penny has always been comforting to me in some way. The last few days, I’ve had some stuff on my mind and I’ve found 3 pennies in two days….somehow I’m comforted again. Thanks universe for putting these little things in my path.

I live in Canada and the government stopped circulating pennies about 2 years ago.

Marg says September 9, 2014

I found this article very interesting. Thanks for all the comments. I also have found many dimes, but never have I saved them. From now on I will save them. I have lost my Mom and Dad and many friends. I do believe that these coins are signs from them. Thanks again.

dawn says September 9, 2014

I have found hundreds of dimes. Its crazy in a good way but believable . Funny cause I never find nickels quarters etc

Supriya says September 8, 2014

Melanie,’you truly are an angel. came across your website at a time when i needed guidance and your messages are absolutely apt for the situation i am in.
thank you again

Donna Soderholm says September 6, 2014

When I was a young girl my nanna was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had made a promise to God that if he let her live she would take each dime she had received and give it to the needy. She recovered and lived a long healthy life. About 11 years ago I was hit with RA, so badly that I could hardly move. I had asked God to help me out also and I would take each dime and give that to the needy. It was then that I started to find dimes. I was finding dimes in places that one would just not find them. I then started to get better. I knew that God heard my prayer and that my nanna was there watching over me. Not long after that my youngest was told that she had cancer. I then prayed and asked God to make her better also, that I would give all my dimes, nickels and pennies to the needy. My prayers were answered. The next visit to the Dr. and he told her that he knew she had it, he had seen the results but it was no longer there! To this day I still collect and give my dimes, nickels and pennies to the needy. Some people in my family laughed at me for this and thought it was nonsense, then they started to find dimes, and in the weirdest places. They began to believe that it was not nonsense. I have shared this story with many friends through the years, the ones that did know my nanna began finding their dimes 🙂 Each time I find a dime I say thank you nanna and mom, because I know that they are with us and watching out for us.

Adra says September 5, 2014

I was out with a new boyfriend who I felt a deep connection with. As I was getting ready for bed I found a penny that had some how gotten stuck on my stomach with the date 1976. My father had just passed away and 1976 was the year of the blizzard where he was stuck on the highway and had to walk home. It took him two days. I was elated to see my father trudging up the snow filled street wearing weighters he had borrowed from a friend. I know it was a sign from my dear wonderful dad!

Diane says September 5, 2014

I find Nickels all the time from the day my mom was in the hospital to her death and still fine them I find it comforting knowing she valued me as I did her and I hope she is guiding me in this path of my life….. Keep them coming mom miss and love you always.

Tonya says September 4, 2014

I have been finding pennies for a LONG time. I could never pass one by. I knew it was something special, a sign, but didn’t know what. I will pay more attention to whats going on when I find that penny in a parking lot or elsewhere.

Rita says September 4, 2014

I find pennies and dimes a lot on my way to and from work maybe at least once a week. I always think of my dad when I do and thank him for sending them to me.

ann says September 4, 2014

I started finding dimes when my Mom died in 2005 I never find more than 1 at a time, and I save them I have about 116 when I haven’t found one in a couple of weeks and I always say Mom I haven’t heard from you lately and in a few days I find one, I usualy find them when I walk the dogs and sometimes in the laundry.

Kris says September 4, 2014

Thanks for sharing! I love to walk the shores of Lake Michigan and when I walk I pray – and I always find a penny at the waters edge! Penney’s from heaven! And I say…Thank You!

ladee says September 4, 2014

It has been almost a year since Oct. 2013. I’ve been finding Pennines in most odd places around the house and on the street. Most times it will placed by mirrors or windows, sometimes in corner of the walls of the house. I don’t recall my parents ever doing anything with pennies or dimes, and it can still be them, but in my heart I know that it has to be my boyfriend’s grandfather whom passed away a long time ago. He’s Italian and by far sometimes when the days gets rough, I feel his energy close by and it makes me happy to know that he’s here watching over us, but also makes me sad wishing that I could of met him sooner. All I know is that he is a great gentleman and he would not let his grandkids down. Now, I believe he is the one leaving the upside down pennies for my boyfriend to notice, but he doesn’t notice, so he captures my attention to notice what he is doing. Thank grandpa with much respect. I will continue to listen to frank sanatra….lol

Chris says September 4, 2014

My Mom believed in the luck of finding heads up pennies – and would go out of her way to pick them up – even when it became painful with her bad back. After she passed away, I was finding more than usual, but chalked it up to the fact that I must have been actively looking for them in my grief. But the coincidence when we were selling her house – I found them everywhere at that house and at my new home. My partner found 4 in one day at different places last weekend when we were heading out for vacation. I firmly believe that they are signs from her!! Thanks for providing basis of my belief!!

Cathy says September 4, 2014

I have been receiving signs since my son passed a few months ago. I am learning to trust that these are truly messages from him, but sometimes that big cloud of doubt keeps hanging over me. I asked my son to show me something with a 3 so I would know it was him. ( his fave #) one day I was thinking about him and I found a dime. In a place where it shouldn’t have been. I didn’t put anything together until later but the next day, I found another dime. Again I had been thinking about him. Like the first time, I put the dime on my dresser. The next day, I had to change my AC filter and set the screws on a little shelf. When I finished, there was a pic of my son on that shelf and dust from the dirty filter got on it, so I picked it up to wipe it off and there it was, another dime! I had just dusted the day before so I knew it wasn’t there before! It was dime #3! I also knew I would not find another the following day because I got the “3” I had asked for. I believe!

Bev says September 4, 2014

Im always finding dimes, usually when im tidying, or cleaning…and not just one but several at a time. My dad had a dime collection, as a child I didnt understanfd that and spent a lot of them. So now when I find a dime, I know my dad and other family members are always by my side as well as the angels are watching. Whenever I see a dime, I pick it up and always say “thanks, dad, love you too!!!! And I have a special place I put the dimes. I think he keeps reusing them….lol!!! I call it my angel/god money! Every time I see it as I walk by I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing my dad and the guides and angels are by my side. I have also found quarters & dollar cpins as well. Lately, when I see feathers its not just one, but lots of them. I just smile and say thank you. I know I am so loved and taken care of!!!! :))

malana says September 4, 2014

I lost my son 3 years ago. Joking around I thought “Bubbie I don’t wsnt pennies how about dimes” I started finding dimes everywhere! Or I’d dump out all my chsnge a the only coin left in my wallet would be a dime. I dropped a quarter and when I bent to pick it up there’s a dime. Lots of examples. Love my Bubbie. Stay close

Angelia says September 4, 2014

I have been finding pennies everywhere-in the oddest places-for over a month. in my mind, I’ve been hearing “pennies from heaven” and felt like maybe it was my mother. I knew they meant something. thanks so much for posting this on fb. blessings <3

Annie Cruz says September 4, 2014

I needed that this morning because I find penny’s and dines and dollars all the time and always tell my grand daughters to put a cross where they found it because the Angles from Heaven are watching you I never heard of the coins but it makes me feel better that I was telling them the truth Love this .

A says September 4, 2014

Eight months after my huband passed I kept finding pennies almost everyday.Someone told me they are pennies from heaven..and dimes too. I told my husband if this is really you I want a quarter. The next day I was walking and saw a penny..but said…no..I want quarter..I walked s few more feet and saw another penny..right next to it was a quarter!!!

JB says September 4, 2014

Hi Melanie,
Thanks! I too have been finding coins for many years and I just have always found it interesting because it is usually when I am in a relationship with someone and maybe it’s not the right person in my life. I have found mostly pennies I have found some dimes as well but the strangest thing with finding coins mostly pennies I have found sometimes as well but the strangest thing with finding coins that I’ve had happen is one time I was going out to my car in the parking garage downstairs of my apartment and on the driver side not only was there a penny or a dime or a nickel or quarter but there was a whole mound of change it was the weirdest thing! It was a huge amount of change I can’t even tell you was probably maybe four or five dollars in coins!!! When I find coins I know that they are definitely signs from my angels or guides or loved ones and I knew when I saw and found that change that i was probly being led to get out of a bad relationship that I was in and it was a huge sign!

Lois says September 4, 2014

I have found coins on nearly a daily basis for years. Usually 5 cents. I call them angel coins and the amount founds I call the number of angels who have sent the message. The most amazing find was under a patients bed not long after she had departed from this world. I know it was not there when I checked on her only 20 minutes before her death. I also had the sudden feeling she was gone while I with another patient and went directly to her room. The very first thing I noticed was the coin. I always thank the angels for being there and find them in the most absurd places sometimes – like falling out of a vacuum cleaner while I’m using it!

Me says September 4, 2014

Another sign is butterflies – especially at a time of the year you don’t expect to see one.

Tricia says September 4, 2014

I have heard the phrase, “Pennies From Heaven” many times throughout my life. But dimes? 😉

I just have to say, in the last 6 days, the amount of pennies and dimes that have just appeared out of no where baffled me. Or should I say, it did, until this morning, when I found this article staring right at me. Sipping my coffee and reading what my instincts were already telling me, I had to smile.

My father passed in Dec. and his wife a few weeks ago. She and I were very close at one time and I adored my father. My life is up side down at this time, and I suppose I could let the fear of the, “not knowing what is going to happen” eat me alive.

Tears, uncertainty and loneliness fill my space a lot of the time, but I have been counteracting the negative with meditation and a “DARE TO WIN ATTITUDE.”

Through my Determination to overcome my situation it seems I have found more pennies and dimes in my path than ever before. lol…I have to laugh, because the pennies have appeared before, but the dimes are anew thing since Daddy died. I can feel him, his presence.

When I kept finding dimes….It took me back to when I was a little girl. I used to take 2 dimes off of Daddy’s dresser when he would take a shower for a trip to the and dime store to buy a small bag of jellybeans.
LOL…Sometimes,I thought he would leave the dimes there on purpose. 😉

In closing, it really is funny that this morning I should find this article to begin my day. I was just telly my youngest daughter yesterday about the penny, dime scenario. GREAT TIMING!

Loneliness can be debilitating. Fear, is unexcused stress, anxiety. It is something we create because we do not know the outcome of something or a situation.

If we all know that we have a support system, our faith in ourselves and everything that is good will transform into something tangible.

I prefer Faith instead of Hope. Faith is for sure…Hope is Maybe. 😉

Thank you for validating my intuitive feelings.
Nice to know I am not alone. Make a big difference!
Like having coffee with a friend… Finding that Peace, that calm in the middle of a storm. 😉

Stacy Calvello says September 4, 2014

I love when i read about things such as this. It helps me validate to others, what I’ve been noticing for over 10 years now. Which “validation” is something i’ve been struggling with for a long time, as well. Validation that I’m on correct path, that my intuitions are worthy of paying attention to(I’ve struggled with very little experience in others understanding me, therefore leaving me to 2nd guess myself most times.) Validation of my finding “dimes” theory has been confirmed here and for that, Thank you! I’ve continued to inform others of my experience with finding “dimes”, and although they may be put off, they also report back to me. Stating that they too have been noticing coins now that I have opened their minds enough to notice the signs.
Daily for a few years(at least) I notice myself randomly looking at my phone or a clock at times such as (1:11,2:22,3:33,4:44, 5:55, 11:11, 12:22, 10:10. EVERYDAY 😉 I think seeing this article was meant for me as a message from my spirit guides, to confirm what I’ve been working on recently, learning to accept myself, listening to my inner guidance mpre and ignoring my urges to discredit myself! Thanks again and to all those leaving me coins, Know that i hear you and will attempt to gain a clearer perspective at those moments….to the message you’re trying to send to me! <3 <3 <3 <3

Hector says September 4, 2014

” In God We Trust” always a great reminder !

Ivana says September 4, 2014

Dear Melanie you are truly am Angel thank you for being my inspiration to find my peace and joy in my journey. Now by reading your explanation makes sense why I felt that finding coins had some meaning 🙂 it’s awesome to understand and makes my heart smile! Thank you!
Love Ivana

MAUREEN says September 4, 2014


Russ says September 3, 2014

My mother gave me a dime bank to save money when I was a child. Since she passed away I find dimes everywhere. The strangest places so far have been on the dryer vent in the clothes dryer and on the drain in the shower. A lot of times I find them when I am feeling down.

Wendy says September 3, 2014

This happens to me all the time! Even in my house. I find penny’s & dimes and never really payed much attention to it but your article has given me an insite to why this happens. I have even found $1 & iv found once when I had no money $5 all in ones like a fan. I thought it was strange but never took it as a sign but from now on I will pay more attention! Should we keep them? In a jar I mean? Let me know this was a really good article. Thank you!

Elaine Stockley says September 3, 2014

I once was feeling very blue, ( a bit lost on my life’s journey)it was a rainy winters day and I was walking my dogs, I called out in my head’ what is this all about?’ Within a few minutes my eye caught the sight of something ‘very’ shiny. On top of the mud was the shiniest penny ever! Not even the tiniest molecule of mud on it, I laughed and said”ha ha that was very funny” I got the message!

Everly Austin says September 3, 2014

I have been finding pennies, and all sorts of coins for a long time, especially after my mother passed. Sometimes I can walk into a place and they don’t be there and I hear them when they drop to the ground out of no where and then I see them. I collect them all. I know it is a message from Heaven.

Carrie says September 3, 2014

I’ve been finding a lot of dimes & pennies within the last two weeks! The last one I found was a dime & thought of my aunt who is no longer with us so I looked at the year & added the numbers together & it was the #6 which was the month she was born in. Then I saw this article & it’s also helped me realize why I’m always seeing/hearing birds but mostly owls. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Michelle says September 3, 2014

I was at a truck stop many years ago in the dessert, I had been having some interactions with God or spirits. I got out of the truck and on my way into the diner I found like 5 dimes in a row from the parking lot to the diner. The Heartland Cafe in the Mojave.

Magda Flanagan says September 3, 2014

I Find Dimes And Pennies But More So Dimes My Mom Loved To Save Dimes I Think There From Her And Thank You Melanie

Linda says September 3, 2014

Love reading about angles & coins & numbers & ther meanings, I find pennies all the time & this week iv been givin 3 different time, 1111, 1212 & 1515

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