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Are You In The Presence of Angels?

How to Know Your Angels Are Near…

Want to know if you have angels with you? Here are the top 4 signs that yes you are in the presence of angels! #angelsigns Angels are beings of light and love who serve as Divine messengers, and who offer guidance, protection, healing, and comfort according to Divine will.

Do you believe in angels?

If you do… You’re not alone. In a poll completed by the associated press, it was found that 8 out of 10 people believe in angels.

In other words most people believe in angels. But how do you know when they are actually near?

How can you tell whether you are actually in the presence of angels and not just imagining them?

How do you know the signs you are seeing are truly angels?

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Here are 4 Signs You’re in the Presence of Angels.

1. Seeing a Sparkle or Flash of Light

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Seeing angels is actually more common than you might think. But the way angels appear visually is often different than many people would expect.

Rather than appearing in a physical form before you, when you’re in the presence of angels you may simply see a flash of light or a sparkle in the air which you see through your peripheral vision, but then when you turn to look it’s gone.

You may also notice the presence of your angels visually as a glowing orb of light which you see externally as a quick flash, or internally in your minds eye.

You may see an angel appear in your minds eye like a photograph, or a mental movie that just pops into your awareness. From time to time you may even get a mental image of an angel standing next to or hovering over someone you meet, or wrapping their wings around you or someone you love.

2. Feeling Your Angels Presence

Feeling that you’re in the presence of an angel, is one of the most common signs that you actually are.

You may feel your angels presence as a warm and comforting as your angels make their presence know to you.

You may sense a change in the air pressure as your angels enter the room, experience the sensation as a sweet warm breeze, or feel like they’re hugging you, and your energy is immediately uplifted as you come into contact with the light, high vibrational energy of your angels.

A slight variation of feeling your angels presence is simply knowing they’re with you… You may not know how or why you know… You just do. If this is happening to you, trust it, and know your angels are with you.

3. Receiving angelic guidance.

Angels are Divine messengers, and so if you’re receiving Divine guidance, this is a clear and powerful sign that you’re in the presence of your angels.

One common way to receive guidance from the angels is to hear it. Many people get confused because they think hearing their angels guidance will be the same as hearing externally, like how you hear someone who is on the other end of a telephone.

When it comes to hearing angels, you may hear a message externally, but even more common is hearing a soft and gentle inner voice that encourages you to go for it, to take an action to bring healing and growth into your experience, or to make a change.

You may also simply know the angels guidance for you. It’s not that you hear it, or even receive it as a clear thought, but rather you just simply know. You may receive angelic guidance as an idea, as a download of information, or as a sense of what you’re meant to do next.

Whatever the exact form, angels always deliver their messages with love, so even if you’re getting a message of warning, it will come through in a loving and empowering way and often with a positive alternative or new perspective of how you can look at your present situation.

4. Experiencing angelic intervention.

Angelic intervention can come in many forms, and when it does, you will usually sense angelic energy around the situation.

A great example of angelic intervention is being in a terrible car accident and then walking away unharmed with the knowing your guardian angel stepped in to save your life.

You may also know that your angels are with you when you experience synchronicity, things effortlessly lining up for you on your path, or you keep finding yourself in the right place at the right time.

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Another example of angelic intervention is asking for the angels to help you heal, and either find yourself feeling better with little or no effort on your part, or you find a shift in your desires and eating healthy, exercising, or changing habits comes to you easily and naturally.

If you feel like your angels have positively interfered on your behalf… Trust you are in the presence of angels.

Have you experienced any of the above? Are there other ways you look for to confirm you're in the presence of angels…

I love hearing from you! Leave a comment below or on facebook and let me know!

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