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7 Guardian Angel Signs You Need to Know About!

Guardian Angel Signs: Unveiling the Hidden Communication from Above

7 Guardian Angel Signs

Everyone, without exception, has a guardian angel – a celestial being of love, support and guidance, assigned to accompany us in our life journey from the moment we take our first breath until our very last.

The presence of guardian angels in our lives serves as a testament to the fact that we are never alone, and our journey through life is part of a greater cosmic plan.

In this article, you'll learn about the top signs that signify the presence of your guardian angels. As you learn to recognize these signs, you'll realize that your guardian angel has been communicating with you all along. The relationship you can cultivate with your guardian angel can be a profound source of guidance, comfort, and spiritual growth.

So, let's explore how to identify the presence guardian angels through knowing their signature calling cards and signs. Once you experience these signs with awareness, you'll see how you can use receiving a sign as an invitation to consciously take a moment to open to receive your guardian angels love, and guidance.

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What Do Guardian Angels Do?

Guardian Angel Signs Every human being who incarnates onto this planet has a being from the angelic hierarchy who steps forward to guide protect, assist and support them throughout the course of their life… The being from the angelic realm who steps forward is your guardian angel.

A Guardian Angel oversees your souls journey through life and they guide and guard your higher self.

Your Guardian Angel knows everything about you, and they’ve been with you your entire life! They know your strengths, weaknesses, successes, and biggest failures. They know where you’re acting in alignment with your highest truth, and where you’ve gotten off course…

They also know the full extent of the mission and purpose you as a soul chose to incarnate into physical reality in the first place!

And despite knowing everything about you – they still love and support you unconditionally!

Some areas guardian angels support you include:

  • Protecting you from danger.
  • Holding your highest divine blueprint for what is possible in life as a spiritual being incarnate in the physical.
  • Guiding you in the direction of your highest calling.
  • Supporting you in standing in your Truth and authenticity.
  • Creating synchronicity, coincidences and opportunities in your life.
  • Helping to keep you in alignment with your highest time line and Divine Path.
  • Comforting you in difficult times.
  • Helping you to meet the right people to support your soul mission.
  • Bring you messages of support and insight.
  • Understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences.
  • Remembering how you can be of service in the world.
  • Uncovering the Truth of your Soul Mission and Life Purpose.
  • Experience the beautiful blessings possible for you.

How Do You Know If Angels Are Around You?

So now that you understand the basics of who guardian angels are, and what they can support you with… Here are some of the top signs you have guardian angels with you… And that they're reaching out to you to make a deeper connection.

Here are the top 7 signs to look for!

7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Nearby & Watching Over You


1. Feeling Warmth and Peace In Your Heart and I Am Core

The first sign of your guardian angel is that you begin to feel a warmth and lightness and peace in your heart and in the central core of your being. The reason that this is a sign of angels is kind of twofold.

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First, it's because this warmth and light is a clear indication that your guardian angel is with you. And secondly, as you open in awaken your heart center, your heart naturally begins to glow with more warmth and lightness also. As you awaken your heart center and as you awaken your Divine I Am Core, and the truth and brilliance of bliss and peace within you, that empowers your direct connection with the Divine. This is what also opens your subtle psychic senses so that you can perceive your guardian angel.

So the positive feeling of warmth in your heart and in your core is a beautiful sign of your guardian angel. But it's also a sign that you're opening more to perceive and receive the guidance, insight and support of your guardian angel that's available to you.

2. Warmth and Golden Light Around You

The second sign of your guardian angel is a feeling of warmth, light, and protection that's all around you.

So this may unfold through your simply getting the sense that you're protected and you're supported. Or you may actually begin to feel the warm gentle light of the angels that's around you.

You might feel a warm light surrounding you like a blanket, or maybe a soft sense of light pressing on your shoulder in times when you need comfort. Or, this feeling could come in the form of a tingling sensation that washes over you when you invite your guardian angel in.

However, this feeling that your guardian angel is with you unfolds for you… The feeling of warmth, of light, and of protection is absolutely a sign that they very much are.

3. Seeing Sparkles or Flashes of Light

Our third sign is actually beginning to see light around you. This could happen with your eyes open where you start seeing sparkles of light or flashes of light, often through your peripheral vision, which is where the veil between dimensions breaks… And so through your peripheral vision, you're able to see through the dimensions, to see the sparkles or flashes or colors of light that signify the presence of angels around you.

Also, when you close your eyes during meditation, and you're focusing within and looking up, you may see a golden light.

Golden light is especially connected to the realm of angels and to your guardian angel. So if you're seeing golden light or sparkles of light, and feeling like “did I really just see that? Did that really happen?”

Know that yes, this is a sign of your guardian angel.

4. You Start Receiving Strong Intuitive Nudges

The fourth sign that your guardian angel is very much with you, watching over you, and actually connecting with you, is that you begin to receive strong, intuitive nudges guiding you in your life.

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When these nudges inspire you to create positive changes in your experience, to comfort you in times of challenge, and to encourage you to step up and go for it in terms of manifesting your dreams and goals by taking action to improve your life situation… You can literally take this as a sign that your guardian angel is supporting you.

Know that until you open your senses of subtle psychic perception, your guardian angel will connect with you in a way that's very subtle and that you often will mistake as your own internal voice. Your angels reach out to you through your subconscious mind when your conscious mind is not open to a direct connection.

So when intuition arises with you, and it's supportive, and it's helpful, and it's empowering, that is the sign that your guardian angel is with you.

5. Enhanced Senses of Perception

The fifth sign of your guardian angels’ presence is that your senses become heightened when they’re connecting with you.

At the moment when your guardian angel is reaching out to you with guidance, you may suddenly be much more aware of your surroundings.

When your guardian angel touches you with unconditional love, comforting light and blessings, it has an effect of helping you to become more present more aware. So you may become acutely more aware of your five physical senses…

Observing the feeling of the temperature around you, the taste in your mouth, the smell in the air, your visual observation is on point and you're hearing becomes more acute. Go with this, relax, but pay attention to all your senses.

Let yourself become fully aware in that moment, and know that with present moment awareness, when you're observing your surroundings without judgment and without engaging with the spiral of the ego monkey mind you're able to simply be aware, to observe.

And through this, to receive more of the intuitive nudges, more of the direct guidance and meaningful insight from your angels that is available.

6. Meaningful Signs and Symbols

Learn the top guardian angel signs! The sixth sign that your guardian angels are watching over you is that you're seeing and receiving signs and symbols that are meaningful to you. What is meaningful for you may differ from what is meaningful for other people, so awareness here is key.

There are of course some common signs and symbols of the angels that many people have reported to experience.

Some of these common signs include things like finding feathers, which is an incredibly common sign of the angels. White feathers especially carry symbolism and bring a reminder about the angel's presence

Guardian Angel Number

Seeing angel numbers is a commonly experienced sign of guardian angels. This could be seeing 111, 222, 1234, or really any number sequence that catches your attention, and seems to prompt you to pay attention and become aware of the presence of angels and higher guidance in your life. If I had to choose one number sequence that represented your guardian angel reaching out, for me it would probably be 444 … However know that any number sequence can be a guardian angel number when it appears with synchronicity.

Additional signs include things like finding coins and pennies and can bring guidance from your guardian angels too …. Finding currency, or other items of value reminds you that you're valued, and can in some cases indicate you've been visited by a loved one in heaven too.

But keep in mind that when it comes to finding little valuable objects like coins, shells, or crystals… Really finding anything that's meaningful to you in that moment can be an angel sign. So you may have been thinking about visiting a butterfly garden, and then you find a butterfly sticker… This could be a sign from your guardian angel. Butterflies symbolize transformation, and if you know this, your angels might align butterflies on your path to guide you and encourage you on your personal transformation path.

These meaningful angel signs could also take the form of birds flying in front of you, or your finding a crystal on your path. A conscious connection and moment of reverence with a flower or even a tree can even be an angel sign.

Gazing up at the stars and feeling the higher Divine presence and awe of creation can be a sign of the presence of higher spiritual beings and energies in your life.

Sometimes babies and animals will signify the presence of angels too… When a baby is looking up and giggling with someone who's not there in the physical… Or a cat who watches an angel fly around the room just outside of your normal mode of sight and awareness.

Angel signs could be simply seeing the word angel, at just the right time, as the name of a shop, or really anything … It could be angelic artwork, a white feather on your couch, or anything else that feels like an angel sign for you!

The key here is that there's some angel sign or symbol that appears to you in the physical, in the external… And when you see it, it’s validating, comforting, it reinforces an idea, reinforces your intuition and helps you to feel loved.

When an angel sign you receive is meaningful to you in some way… Trust that that is very much a sign of the love, guidance, protection support of your guardian angel. Angel signs are very personal… As your guardian angel knows you and will speak to you through the signs they know will be meaningful.

7. Meaningful Reminders

This brings us to our seventh of the angel signs that indicate you absolutely have guardian angels with you…

And that is that you start receiving meaningful reminders.

You know those things in your life that you know would be good, empowering and supportive for you… But are easy to get put on the back burner? Know that your guardian angel has a way of bringing these things up again.

And so when you're reminded of things that are for your highest and greatest good, when you're reminded that you're loved… Those reminders have angelic energy all over them.

These meaningful reminders could come in the form of the external through something you see or experience, or find that reminds you of something you know you should be doing or that simply reminds you that you're loved.

Or you may simply receive internal reminders through intuitive promptings that remind you to return to love … Reminding to meditate, or those internal nudges reminding you and guiding you to get back on course.

When you receive these positive reminders, they are a sign that your guardian angel is with you , watching over you, and yes guiding you back on course and back into alignment with the highest possibilities for your life.

Your guardian angel is always working to support you in realigning with your inner Divine I Am Core… The light you carry within, that the more you tune into, and the more you let it expand and shine and glow and become more vibrant…

The more your subtle psychic senses open, and the more you're able to directly receive guidance, in addition to the meaningful reminders, nudges, intuitive promptings, and angelic signs that are already happening for you and reminding you that your angels are with you, supporting you, and loving you, despite whatever choices you are making.

Yes, your guardian angels want you to choose what's in alignment with the highest interest of all and in alignment with your highest good, but they love you regardless, unconditionally.

And so feeling that love and feeling the warmth of angelic light glowing around you really is a huge sign of your angels, but more than that, it’s really you beginning to directly experience the presence of your guardian angel, who is the higher spiritual being supporting you in your life. ‘

Through awareness and presence, you are able to become more aware of angelic energy and guidance in your life.

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What Should You Do When You Notice Angel Signs?

When it comes to deeply connecting with angels, receiving angel signs is just the beginning, and there is always a deeper level of connection, insight and guidance available should you choose to tune in.

Tune Into The Underlying Angel Message

In the moment you receive an angel sign, whether that's something as simple as finding a white feather, or something more profound like if you feel a spiritual energy and sense an angels presence…

There's always an opportunity to use receiving the sign as a trigger, and a reminder to tune in and pay attention at that very time.

The fact that you just noticed an angel sign… Means there's a deeper message, frequency and presence you can choose to tune into at that time..

Receive The Message Behind The Angel Signs

In the moment you notice an angel sign there is almost always more of a connection and message from the angels that is available to tune into.

It may seem difficult to decipher the meaning of the angels signs you receive at first… But with awareness, and by practicing attuning your energy to the angels and connecting with the angels messages directly, an entire world of guidance, healing, wisdom, and support opens up to you.

With presence and awareness… The angelic realm opens to you to tune into…

How to Tune In To The Angels Messages

Here's a little more insight as to how you can tune in to the angels messages that are almost always present in the moment you're receiving signs:

Breathe, relax and focus your attention and awareness within to become fully present in the moment.

Relax and allow yourself to become still, present and calm.

Tune in to a state of inner stillness and expanded awareness…

The underlying truth of Divine Presence you're always connected to outside of space and time.

Allow your mind to become clear, and open.

And then…

Ask your angels to help you tune into their messages!

Ask For Your Angels Help!

“Guardian Angels… Thank you for the clear signs of your presence. I now see and know you're with me and supporting me in my life. Now, I ask that you please help me to tune your messages directly. Help me to more deeply feel your presence and receive the message and guidance you have for me right here and now.”

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When you ask…

Stay open!

A relaxed and open state of being is key to more deeply connecting with the angels. So often the angels are communicating with people, but those people are unaware of the message because they're caught up in a spiral of the lower ego mind.

Breathe, relax , let your mind become clear and calm, and allow yourself to feel and experience the presence of the angels who are with you at that time.

Stay open to any angel messages that are available to you…

Angel signs really are signs of angels… Which means that alongside the sign there is a deeper message, and opportunity for you to tune in to angelic presence, awareness and energy for yourself!

And in doing so a beautiful experience awaits!

But also… Don't worry if you're not noticing very many angel signs yet. Awareness is key, and now that you know what you look for you will likely begin to see and notice more signs and reminders that you absolutely have angels with you.

“When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.” ~Mary Baker Eddy

With love, and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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