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Angel Feathers. What Is The Meaning of Finding Feathers?

A Look At The Meaning of Feathers

Angels are spiritual beings with an incredibly high and light vibration who serve according to Divine will. Angels are the pure energy of love and light, and so while they're always near us, their energy is so light and fine that from the

density of the physical realm that it's easy to overlook their presence or miss it entirely. So they send signs to let us know they're near and offering their love, guidance and support.

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In this post, I'm going to look at what very well may be the ultimate angelic sign, which is finding feathers. I'm always finding feathers on my path. I love seeing them, and when I do I just thank the angels for their presence and use the feather as a reminder to be present in the moment, tuned into gratitude, and aware of the angels which are all around.

Have you heard the quote “When angels are near feathers appear”? It's really quite true.

Although angels don't need wings to fly, wings represent their ability to swiftly carry out Divine will. Angels are also quite aware that they've been believed to have wings, and have been represented with wings in paintings, stories, and sculptures for thousands of years. Due to this, when they do show themselves, they often do so with wings so we will recognize them. And since most people aren't regularly in a high enough vibration to see angels (yet), angels love leaving feathers, as a sign and signal that they are near.

Angel Feathers… What Finding Feathers Really Means

Finding Feathers

The Symbolic Meaning of Feathers

In addition to representing the actual feathers from angels' wings, the spiritual symbolic meaning of feathers can be seen in many different cultures, each referring to spiritual communication and ascension to the higher realms.

Feather Image The Egyptians believed feathers to be a symbol of Ma'at, the goddess of truth, justice, and order.

Native American Chiefs wore feathers in their head-dresses to represent their communication with the spirit world, and believed finding feathers was a sign of new beginnings and rebirth from spirit.

Celtic Druids wore ornately feathered robes to transcend the physical plane and gain celestial knowledge from the realms of spirit. In the Bible, feathers metaphorically represent loving care and protection and as a common dream symbol, feathers signify the ability to freely move throughout life.

So what is the meaning of a feather? 

Feathers represent a fresh start in a spiritual sense, as well as truth, speed, love, lightness, and flight.

White Feather Theory

Feathers clearly have a strong connection to the spiritual realms. So what's the deal with finding a white feather on your path?

First off, white feathers are the most commonly known and recognized angel feather. White feathers bring the simple reminder that your angels are with you loving and supporting you from Spirit.

White feathers also represent purity, the light, and that you're loved, guided and protected…

Keep the faith!

Types of Feathers and Meanings

There is quite a bit of information out there about white feathers, but really angels will use feathers of all shapes, colors and sizes to get your attention. The cool thing about finding feathers is the angels will align them on your path at just the right time to offer validation, comfort, or clue to in as to the answer of a question you've asked, or encourage you that you're on the right path.

For me, feathers are a beautiful reminder to pay attention. When you find a feather and increase your awareness, it's usually pretty easy to tune into the knowing of what it means. You may find it right when you're thinking about making a change, worrying about something, or you may simply associate the feather with something when you find it.

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Feathers can also be a simple reminder that your angels are near, and they want you to know it, and ask for their help. Angels are always near, but as I mentioned earlier, they're easy to overlook, and they deeply honor your free will and will not interfere unless asked. So ask for help when you need it! There is no request too big or too small, and you can't ask for help too often. As long as your request is in alignment with Divine will, and for the highest and greatest good of all involved, the angels will work behind the scenes to help.

Next time you find a feather, use it as a reminder that your angels are with you. If you're not finding feathers, don't worry your angels may prefer another sign… Just pay attention. Want to find feathers?

Just think or say: “Angels I'd love a sign of your presence. Would you help me to find a feather?”

Colors of Feathers

I mentioned above that white feathers are the most commonly discussed ‘angel feather' which makes sense as white is a common symbol for purity, which is very much in alignment with the meaning of angels. White feathers can also be a sign from the angels that your loved ones in Heaven are well, and have successfully crossed over into the spirit realms. White is also a symbol of faith and protection, and when you find white feathers in peculiar locations the message is especially significant.

Although white feathers are the most commonly recognized ‘angel feathers', the angels may use feathers of any color and size. Just pay attention and increase your present moment awareness to tune into the specific meaning the angel feather holds for you at the time.

7 Colors of Angel Feathers and What It Means When You Find Them

In addition, here is a quick look at some of the additional meaning certain colored feathers may have.

Pink Feathers are a reminder of the unconditional love of your angels, and a reminder of the infinite inspiration available when you're tuned into love.

Red Feathers signify life force energy, physical vitality, stability, strength, passion, and courage.

Orange Feathers carry messages of creativity, listening to your inner voice, and staying positive to attract success.

Yellow Feathers are often a reminder to be cheerful and light-hearted, to be present, alert, and to stay focused on what you desire to magnetize these blessings into your life.

Green Feathers signify abundance and money, a fertile opportunity, as well as vibrant well-being, health, and love.

Blue Feathers bring a calming and peaceful energy, and are connected to communication, awareness, and are often a reminder to listen.

Gray feathers are a call to return to peace within to create it without. Gray is also neutral, and can be a sign that the answer to your question is not yes/no or black/white.

Brown Feathers signify grounding, home life, and stability. There is an energy of respect, grounded positivity, and balance between the physical and spiritual.

Black Feathers are a reminder of the protection of your angels, and a signal that spiritual wisdom, and magic are accessible by you within.

Feathers with purple on them carry messages of deep spirituality, transmutation of negativity, as well as the opening of psychic and spiritual sight.

Meaning of FeathersThis is, of course, a general look at what finding colored feathers may mean, and the deeper meaning of the angel message present within the feathers can be found by being aware and looking within.

Don't worry too much about the specific meaning though, just be open and if there is something specific the angels want you to know, it will appear. The good thing about angel messages is they are repetitive until you ‘get it' so if you miss it the first time, they'll send you the message in another way.

Black and White Feathers

Feathers with a combination of black and white are often a sign that important changes are soon to unfold (or already are happening) in your life. Trust that you're supported and the changes happening are in alignment with your highest interest, and are ushering in greater healing, spiritual growth, and alignment with your highest truth.

Black and white feathers also signify divine neutrality. Rather than getting caught up in duality and judging things as good or bad, allow what is to simply be.

Visually, black and white feathers remind us of the balance between light and dark and call for us to integrate shadow aspects to become whole and unified beings.

Black and white feathers also represent connection, a sense of union, and bring the reminder that you're loved and supported by angels as you now step into important life changes.

Finding Feathers On The Ground… Should You Pick Them Up?

Recently, some of my members in The Angel Solution Facebook group were feeling guilty about not picking up the feathers appearing on their path.

But here's the thing…

You in no way, shape or form need to pick up a feather in order to acknowledge the message, guidance, and angelic presence it reminds of.

Finding feathers in and of itself is a blessing and a signal that your angels are with you.

Use the moment when you find a feather as a reminder to return to presence yourself, and to thank the angels for their presence and assistance in your life.

I personally never pick up the many feathers that appear on my path… Though I do often photograph them!

A Gentle Warning About The Legality of Picking Up Feathers

Finding Feathers I do want to point out that if you live in the United States it may actually be illegal to pick up certain feathers due to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

The treaty makes it illegal to hunt, gather, sell or capture more than 1000 species on the list including Eagles, Northern Cardinals, Crows, Canadian Geese, certain Doves, Barn Swallows Owls, Chickadee's and more!

And guess what? The statute extends to any part of the bird including eggs, nests, and feathers!

Of course, if the feather you find is not from a bird protected by the treaty, you can bring it home with you…

Many people like to use these special feathers as decoration, in craft projects, or on altars…

But as far as gaining the full benefit of finding feathers on your path there is really no need to move them from where they are.

Do you find feathers? Leave me a comment below let me know about your experience.

With gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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  1. I know in My Heart there are Angels for they have saved Me a few times in My Life. At 18 while riding My Bicycle home I was hit by a car. Looking through the drivers front window I saw a baby. Then I yelled,”God save Me. As I went to the asphalt I glanced up to see the back tire inches from my face. Just then it felt as if someone picked Me up under My Arms and placed Me in a distance of about 20-25 feet away from the car on a center road divider far away from the danger and in safe place. People saw this happen and asked Me how I hopped so high and went such a distance. All I said, God saved Me. That is only one time. I’ve been saved two other times. A Miracle, yes. I tell this story to as many people l can. Especially now a days when people are going off the path and don’t even know it.

  2. good morning.
    I have not found any feathers for months now. We are just getting into Spring like weather in my part of Canada. I work with people and I have a stressful situation presently. I have prayed last night, this morning and on my way to work. Imagine my happiness when I parked my car and there laying at the front door outside was a beautiful medium sized feather. I actually was frozen for a minute. The feelings that came over me were undescribable. I thanked my angels and turned around and there at the front of my car was another identical feather. Now I felt like I was in another world. I again thanked my angels and then I took a closer look around and there was a small white delicate feather at the edge of the sidewalk and parking lot. I did pick them up and have them on my desk. My first thought was, this is a sign, that this situation will go well.
    I googled "finding feathers" and found your page. Thank you so much. This is very helpful. Blessings.

  3. I lost 4 family members over the last 8 months – my brother, my husband and soulmate, and both my horses.
    I recently adopted 2 horses and was hanging out with them today and went to get some hay from the barn to give them and found a beautiful white feather on the ground in front of their paddock.
    It came at a needed time, alot of weird things have been happening and I have been really missing my hubby Chuck. I met him in 1977!

  4. My husband passed January 25, 2016. I found my first feather in April 2016. Since then they have just appeared. Sometimes they are at my feet, I have found them on my bedside table both at my home and at a friends house. They have appeared on my mom’s kitchen counter, She was a skeptic up until that point. She actually found it while I was rearranging her pantry. I have 360 so far.

  5. Hi Melanie. My name is Jackie. I find feathers all of the time. Mostly black and white, white and brown, Grey or grey and white. I find things that are unexplainable and sometimes I even see things that are unexplainable. Since I was little. I believe in God, I always have. Examples: At work I found a picture of Mary with baby Jesus. It was a tiny little picture near my register. I have no idea where it came from. I also was visiting my grandpas grave and was trying to get the palm with a cross in the ground by his headstone. I wished I had a hammer to hammer it in so it would stay. (I said it aloud) and two women pulled up in this big car and stopped in front of me where my grandpas grave was. They got out and one had a hammer in her hand. They walked over to my mom and I and the one with the hammer asked me, "excuse me, would like me to hammer that in for you?" we stared at her and I answered. "Yes Thank You so much! She hammered it in the ground and then they walked away behind us. After bending down to fix the dirt around the cross, I looked behind us and they were nowhere around. I also went to Mary's well in Nazareth on the computer and hit virtual tour. I am curious and I love to explore different places. I would love to go to the Holy Land one day…On the right hand side was an image of Mary. (a spiritual image) she was standing in front of a tree that was behind her and I could see through her, yet I saw her. I saw her face (though not clearly) yet I could see it to the extent that she had dark hair, she was petite, she had on a white robe like piece of clothing and around her head she had on a blue hood type piece of clothing that reached down the length of her other robe. She was looking toward Nazareth with her hands in front of her body over her heart. I have also seen a shadow figure of a man with long robes on when I was seven years old. I could tell he had long hair. It appeared on the ceiling after I prayed and I looked up and saw it. I stopped crying and felt a sense of peace like none I had ever felt. and then I got really sleepy and turned over on my right side. I closed my eyes but opened them again for a second and white butterfly flew past my face and out into the room. My eyes closed after that and I fell asleep. (coincidently, that picture of Mary with baby Jesus was found the same night I went on to the computer after work and saw the exact same picture behind the man who was hosting the documentary in Jerusalem.) Some people would say I am crazy or imagining things, But I am not. I know in my heart. It's a feeling you have deep inside you, not anything you can explain….

  6. I truly believe in this! When my Auntie passed she left me a red hawk feather by the driver’s side car door on the ground! Then another red hawk feather appeared in the same way after a hard day at work! My Auntie was a second mom to me.

  7. I had a feather float down in front of me from nowhere that was Black, Greay, Red, Blue and Green.
    Does anyone have any idea what this means ?

  8. I have been trying hard to raise my vibration and stay grateful for all I have and be receptive to signs. I am extremely focused on increasing finances so I can buy my own farm to breed horses and raise cattle. I went to feed my horse at property where she is agisted her down the road and I was spending a moment in her presence thinking about how blessed I am to have her and telling her how amazing it will be when we have our own land. As I went to leave I turned to pick up the bucket as I left and at my feet was a brown feather. I immediately felt a rush of emotion and gratitude that is was a sign from my angels. Am i right to think I am on the right path with wanting to direct my life towards this dream or should I just stay focused on the blessings that I currently have ?

    1. My name Austin, I have been praying to my guidian angel since I learnt we can call upon them for help and protection. today I found a pure white feather on my path n I picked it up.

    2. Hi, I came home a few days ago & when I walked up the front steps I immediately noticed at least 50 smallish feathers each about 1″-1″ & 1/2 long varying shades of white & grey. I loved seeing seeing & would love to know what it means – if anything?

  9. Today, Nov 6, 2019 would have been my father’s 78th birthday. this morning I received a notification from facebook that he would be 78 years old. I posted a quote for his birthday and wished him a happy birthday and told him that I missed him. later today, I was outdoors and a greyish, white feather fell in front of me. I caught it in flight. Please what would the meaning of this be?

  10. Hi, i just have to share my experience today, i have been a qualified nurse for 30yrs and have seen many patients pass away. I have heard various “myths” about death and being medically trained dismissed them until today.
    I was sat with a dying patient today whilst her family rushed to the nursing home,sadly she died before they arrived. Her room was a typical clinical room with no feather pillows/duvets etc, however when the family arrived i left the room briefly to greet them and show them to their mothers room.When i opened the bedroom door there was a 2/3inch white feather lying in the middle of the floor,,i can not explain how it got there and was definitely not here prior to me leaving the room.
    The ladys family were naturally upset but her daughter noticed the feather and said it was sign from an angel.
    I dont normally believe in this stuff but today was very moving and there is no rationale explanation how that large white feather was there.

    1. That is so beautiful! The daughter must have a special connection to the angels for her to notice such a gift of comfort left behind.

  11. I got in my car today and there was a small white feather stuck to the drivers side window. I left it there as I knew it was a message from above. ❤️

  12. I had a dream about sweeping lots of brown and white feathers and the more I swept the more they came. The next day at my computer I was printing out something on fixing emails and an unrelated post came out called I HEARD YOUR VOICE IN THE WIND TODAY. I don’t know if I can print out the entire poem so, I’ll tell you it’s about losing someone you love and feeling them in nature and feeling complete.

  13. What’s the meaning When a White / bit of Grey Feather falls out of the Sky when I was sat sunning around a pool where no trees the feather fell right onto my Face

  14. I have lost two very dear friends this year and in the last week have found 3 feathers from the same bird. I have been walking this trail for a long time and never saw this many. For some reason I have felt I needed to send these feathers down a nearby stream! Can anyone answer why?

  15. I am in the midst of what is turning out to be a long and messy divorce. I have been praying for guidance, peace and wisom and feeling unanswered. This morning I found a section of lawn near a pick up location (I drive a bus) and there were literally 100s of white feathers some floating down as I walked. Some are brown/black and white. I guess that means I am going to be OK and I am doing the right thing.

  16. Ever since my daughter was born me and her both been open to see feel and hear things. Well I’m very in tuned to my signs I recieve. Do I listen always. Lol a couple months ago a yell anx tail flew in my moms car amd died. Right by head. At the time of a conversation I was having about my mental abusive fiance amd his son. Apparantly at the same time he was hit by a bird on motorcycle back home. Still dealing with his mental abuse and feeling over it. I’ve been asking/ prayingfor help toward the right path. I was out walking his morning I front of my business and i felt the urge to stop at the same time a blackish grey whitish feather shifted between my feet as if someone was giving it to me. I look up meaning I began to cry. I did pick up the feather not I was little confused but in a way knew someone telling me something.

  17. My beat friend just passed away about a week ago and ever since then i keep finding black nd white feathers. Ive just learned to recognize it as shes with me.

  18. Hello and God bless… I am on your sight because i find create feathers almost every day here in the last six to nine months and I’m curious as to why and what they mean. They ate usually black, white, and grey. What do they mean?

  19. Recently my dog passed away and i have been finding lots of white feathers, some land at my feet. I have picked them up and placed them on her ashes.


  21. I was walking today an this grey and black feather was floating about up in the air above me I continued to walk and thought the feather had gone in a different direction n just then it floated above my head and landed on my arm. Is This a sure sign of a loved one ?

  22. Just the other day I was walking the puppy and 2 really big black feathers appeared at my feet. I just giggled because I was thinking of my mom and dad in heaven and when I see feathers, to me , it’s a sign that I’ve been acknowledged. I always tell my dad i need a big sign and here I have my large black feathers. 🙂

  23. Sunday 23 june i was walking into my daughters school at 655am and as i was walking in the gate a white feather appeared on the ground. We were there to set up for a funday. I always feel at peace when i find one. I know my angels are around as ive been seeing certain numbers

  24. Hello everyone. I have a question. I received a beautiful white feather inside my window. It is turning purple. Does anyone know the meaning? Any ideas? Thank you.

  25. I am a flight Attendant. A few days ago i, during my layover in South America, I read an e-book about angels and abundance.
    On the flight to Europe ( above the Atlantic) a colleague said: look !!! You have a white feather on your shoe !” I must add that I did not wear this shoes on the street, these were my shoes only for working in the aircraft. I was too busy to give this more attention, I just replied: ” oh how pretty, I will just leave it!”
    Only when I returned home and was just about to fall asleep in my bed, exhausted from a long and bumpy flight, I suddenly understood that this was a message from Angels . I am very moved and deeply grateful .

  26. After my son passed away I have found several white feathers. The first few were found in my old house behind some furniture, as I was getting ready to move to a new home. When I moved I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness wondering if my son would know where I was. Then one day I found a feather in my new house and I cried with joy because I knew he indeed knew where I was. And when I recently was getting ready to take a long trip in my car to see my son’s daughter who I had not seen since he died I found a feather in my car…I knew that my son was thinking of me and my long ride and my chance to see his child again. Such joy and comfort I feel when I get the gift of feathers. I have six of them now!

  27. I see little white feathers in my bedroom often, first time i saw a little black feather in the house on my stairs. At work I opened the door one morning and there was a big black feather also on another day I found a huge black feather on the floor of my car, on the drivers side.

  28. I found a black and green feather today. On one half it was black and the other a dark green. Please can you tell me what it means. Many thanks.

  29. I was just visiting the cemetery where my 2nd love of my life is buried. He was black. I am white. As I stumbled along I found a black and white feather. It was amazing to me! I knew immediately that Jay was there. And I believe he saw me. He wanted to let me know. Thank u angels and God for blessings like these.

  30. Good Morning,
    I’m so happy to have found your website, I have had many experiences with Angels. I always pray and sing to them (even though, I cant really sing 🙂
    But last week, I found a feather precisely on my bed. I dont have feather down pillows or comforter, so that was ruled out. I immediately felt to my knees and started praying and thanking them as I couldn’t control my tears from over-flowing. It was such an amazing gift. I feel like they are always with me.
    I’ve seen feathers before, in my back-yard, etc but never thought anything of it. But, to find a white feather in the middle of my bed? I thought that was so special, I second guess myself from time to time and try to come up with other excuses. Could it really be an Angels feather? I hope so, I choose to believe it was 🙂 xoxo
    Have an amazing day.

  31. The last thing I did with my mother before she died was take her to see the Peacocks near her home in CA. She passed away 11 days later. When I got back to Colorado I was outside my house with my dog and he became startled. I looked down and there was a Peacock feather.

  32. Hi, I am going through a hard time with my family talking and doing things behind my back and smearing my name and this morning while getting my oldest son on the bus and it was windy a mostly white and black tip feather flew by and I wondered what the meaning is? Please me know!

  33. Hi Melanie I am always finding feathers in my bedroom tonight I found a very small brown feather in my bed when i pulled back the covers. Please tell me what It means regards Sandra

  34. I had a shower of small feathers that came down in front of me yesterday. I did not see any land on the ground, just fluttered down. They appeared to be grey and white and looked small like under feathers. Is there any meaning to this?

  35. I doing a black and green feather yesterday I threw it over the balcony then today I found another one playing black I threw it over the balcony and it flew straight back up towards me again

  36. My Husband died in August 2017 at about 8pm. I stayed at my daughters and next morning about 10am we were sitting in garden and the first white feaher fluttered down from directly above me and landed on my carer’s eyelashes. They have come lots of times since then, often onto a table when eating, and also many under my pillow or on my bedside table. The best one was a large neat white feather under my pillow on the first anniversary of his death. He was completely sceptical about afterlife, Angels, ghosts etc. I made a joke that when one of us died we would have to visit and prove i was right. I have had much contact with him, in form of messages using technolgoy eg a CD player and a lift. Also buzzing in my ear left for yes or good and right bad or no.

    1. Loved your story. I have had similar experiences myself and was lucky enough or blessed enough to find an extraordinary feather in a client’s bed when working as a carer. They say that we are ALL spirits having a human experience … trying to convince my father.. well it seems that men are always the sceptical ones. I am looking forward to hearing from him some day when he will finally have to believe me!

  37. I have noticed on 2 occasions that there were feathers in the same, but unlikely place. The first was a single gray feather and the most recent a single white feather. These were upright and sticking out of the hole where the base of the wipers are. Both times on the driver side. My car is parked in a covered parking area which would make it difficult for any bird to get to. Both times the feathers were found in the morning when I had to get into my car to drive. Rather interesting I would say.

  38. Hi Melanie
    Today the 9/11/2018 in Melbourne Australia I walked about 500 meters & found 5 white feathers in my path I always find 2-3 regularly. I have also had a white dove visit .sending all my blessings Vivian Beattie 😀😇

  39. Hi! I love to share this to you and this is my very first time to share this experience. Way back May of this year I was in the middle of struggling for work that month, had financial problems, family problem and suddenly my partner made a decision to end our relationship that made me feel so unlucky person. That time i cannot think and do anything but to cry silently. I can feel my heart was totally torn into pieces. It was 3 months of depression where I need to hide my true feelings to everyone. I do not want them to see me sad or problematic because they used to see me as a strong and happy person. One day I decided to accept and let go whatever made me feel so heavy. I was thinking of I need something new to myself that would make me feel strong again. So I decided to have some ink (tattoo) that would remind me about life but I don’t know what design I would like to have. From there, I asked for a sign from God. While walking on the street after work, I saw a brown feather and suddenly I smiled. I felt a lightweight in my heart even if I was so exhausted from work. After few days, while going home again from work. I saw another brown feather on another street and that made me realized that it was the sign that I was asking for. I asked my Dad if I could put tattoo to myself and he allowed me to have one without any doubt and he paid for it. Although I saw brown feathers on a different locations on a different days. I decided to have a colorful feather and added 8 butterflies on my left arm. My friends asked me the meaning of it. For me, the feather is a symbol of a pen where we are the one who are writing or making our own life. Our life is colorful. Those feathers that I saw was a symbol that Angels are just around us anytime and they are just right there everytime we need them. Just ask for a sign.

  40. Hi! Six days back we lost our father, apparently my father in law. He had been ill for about 15 days, but due to some or other reason I couldn’t visit him. The day he passed away was my husband who is his youngest son was his birthday. Before he could go to meet him, he passed away. We all are shattered as we couldnt meet him in his last days. We are guilty and broken.
    Today early morning i found this feather when i opened my windows. It has come from nowhere and landed right in front of me. The base of this feather is grey and towards the tip its black.
    The moment I saw this feather, I realised the presence of my father in law around. I got goosebumps and started crying. I poured out my heart and said all those things i wanted to say to him.
    Can you explain me more

  41. Earlier i used to find blak nd white feathrs nd i read that its a sign that ur life is gng to change. Today i found a beutiful shinning blak feathr with a lil white at its one end..

  42. I have received 4 feathers this week. 2 White and 2 Red. I am so thrilled and grateful. Although I have been seeing 11,44,22,55 everywhere since last two months.. I always receive coins but never feathers.. I feel BLESSED…

  43. My husband passed 7/8/17 and since that time i frequently find white feathers on my path. Ive also found blue, brown, black, grey and black and white …i always thank my Angel for feathers and pennies or dimes.

  44. I have been greatly worried as my black manx cat, Thing has been missing for several days. My neighbor saw him last night about 11 pm but he isn’t seen at all today. He never wanders far from home. My other neighbor has been feeding him and has been asked to stop repeatedly even by the landlords and the local police but he sneakily still does it. Now my cat is suspicously missing and this person has been fascinated by my cat for awhile. Cant prove they have him and I am missing my cat so much. I want him home with me. I went on a walk today taking my daughters dog and found a brown feather, and a tiny wee white fluffy feather but the most striking one was a black and white feather. I had tom come here to look to see what the colors meant again…I am pleading with the angels and God above to bring my cat home to me and if they have him that it can be proven and measures taken. Anyone reading this please pray my cat returns to me. He was a gift to me from my boyfriend and he is well loved and taken care of so those people have no reason to think they can keep him. My heart hurts.

  45. My Mum passed away in Oct 2017, just two months after her 90th birthday. On the morning of her birthday this year, 2018, whilst I was sitting at the bus depot a large white feather fell from the sky directly in my line of sight.
    That afternoon we visited her grave and I left a cupcake, then the family went to dinner.
    The next morning at home I went to get the garden hose and there was a smaller fluffy white feather on the rolled up hose.
    I believe these were signs from Mum.
    I like to think that the 2nd feather was because she enjoyed the cup cake. 😀

  46. Our dear girlfriend of over 30 years died. We four miss her terribly. After the funeral one found two feathers on her lounge carpet, one found a white feather when it fell from the funeral order of service, one found a feather floating around her and I found two large (looked like pigeon) feathers jammed in the back window of my car window, which I never open. We all experienced the leaving of these feathers at different times but in the 24 hours around the funeral and after. I do hope its from our friend telling us she is fine and out of pain .

  47. My mother recently passed over and when inside s local shop I looked down and there was a lovely white quite large feather on the floor!

  48. I have come home to find 7 big feathers black/ white and grey and a few white feathers… intrigued to know what it means please

  49. I find feathers all the time, everywhere and especially when I’m feeling sad about my husband who passed away 9 months ago. I have found feathers underneath a rock, sitting on a Bush, in between stairs at my work etc…. I am comforted that the white feathers signify that my husband crossed over to heaven and that he is ok.
    I am now finding white feathers and Gray, brown and Gray and brown feathers. I have found seagulls feathers too.
    Does the type of bird matter?
    I have also had cardinals fly past me and past my car windshield.

  50. Earlier on Sunday August 12th. My husband and I was walking on the campus of Kent state University. We found a black feather straight up in some green scrubs. On the same day we found a small grey feather with white trimming at the bottom of it. Lately we found grey, feathers, black, white grey stripe, half of a rainbow, butterflies and robins. We have been facing a dark situation. My mom passed away in August of 2015. Her and I were very close like friends. We shared a special relationship. I still miss her tremendously.

  51. Hi Melanie!! Both of my parents have past away ( my mom first and my dad just last year) and it seems that since they left me that I’ve been seeing throughout my travels(but definitely in my path) different colors of feathers. It could be just about everyday that I go out! The ones that I usually see are grey, black and white. Some are small and medium size and some are messed up or some can look good.When I do see them ; I just smile and look at them for a while!!

  52. Hello, I have been in a strange vibration the past week and today I came across not one but two different feathers. The first location was a black feather outside the door to my employee dorm and the second I believe was gray with white streaks, it was low light outside so I couldn’t fully make it out.

  53. On Saturday August 4th my husband and I found a black feather near a bar in Kent, Ohio. Then on the campus of Kent State University, in Kent, Ohio we saw a white feather near a dorm. A single small piece half grey and white feather by a dorm as well. What does this mean?

  54. Last weekend I found a blue and black feather in front of my door then exactly one week later I opened my door to find a black and white feather

  55. Ive recently on different days found large black feathers on my garden i have lived here for 4 years but never found one before any colour

    1. My husband and I recently found grey feathers, black feathers, grey and white feathers with stripes, white feather, small grey feather, coins, butterflies, and robins. We have been on a spiritual journey. Since losing our apartment, job, car and my mom passing away August 19, 2015. I know that our guardian angels are near. We found these feathers on the campus of Kent State University, downtown Kent and the coins all over the place. Can you tell me the meaning of these feathers? My faith is strong but my husband tends to waiver.

  56. I found small kind of gray n white feather in my bathroom floor what is the meaning can you tell me? Thank you

  57. I see feathers quite a lot.

    Last year I moved abroad and since then I’ve seen feathers on my path – usually black or grey, sometimes white. Funny story – I bought a carton of eggs here and left them unopened. I open it a few days later to cook, and a little white feather is attached to an egg! Made me laugh.

    I should probably start tracking how often I see them, considering how frequently they come up!

  58. Awhile back I went into my bedroom to my husbands closet and when I came back I found a small white feather, this happened twice. Then I went to work and found another one in the locker room in my path out into the hallway. This took place for about a week and since then I have found no more. Is there a reason? I am new to all of this.

  59. This morning, I found a single black feather (crow) standing straight up on my back yard. The only feather in the whole yard….standing straight up like someone stuck it there. I knew it was a message from my spirit guides. I found one a few months ago in my driveway. I picked both feathers up and have them displayed in my home right now. I do not know what message I am to get from the feather…..

  60. I’ve been finding feathers non stop. I pick them up every time because i feel it’s respectful to the angel leaving them. I know who is leaving them for me, but what I don’t know is why it’s so frequent. Sometimes I’ll find several in one day. I went and had a reading done and was told it was a warning, I figured out why and did my best to deal with it and I’m still getting so many. Help! I now have a collection of feathers.

  61. I have a question. Since we are dealing with angels, which are a heavenly creature, could you please give some Bible references regarding the feathers? Thanks

  62. I got a white feather just after a bath in my bathwater i just started reading up on angels please explain

  63. I have just recently found a brown feather on the floor of my living room. I instantly felt like it meant something so i saved the feather on my coffee table. 4 days later i found a gray feather on my dining table. This time I started to wonder what this meant. I googled it and found your site. I believe in angels are around us however I have never known of the use of feathers for them to communicate with us. I would love to have my angel let me know more about them or have me be more aware of their prescence. I am very spiritual and would love to go to a deeper level in recognizing things like the presence of angels. I have been inspired to write inspirational spiritual poetry and recognize what is from God I want to know my angels better too.

  64. I find feathers lately. First one was a multiple color feather second ti.e a white one a third time
    one grey and brown, forth one today white brown and black and also today a black feather

  65. Is 11 am were I am my son just came home from a sleep over, he knocked I open to find a bunch a white and some grey feathers just outside my front door…I just had a healing session yesterday and we worked with Angels ; I guess they are letting me know they watching over me 😊

  66. Found an unusual large black feather under my desk work seat this morning with my daughter. I find feathers but mostly from species in Alaska I know, this was a feather not from birds in our state.

  67. Today on my way to take Bo to work I was confronted by two geese at the front of my complex.. they just stared straight at us ..when I got back and was in my home I herd them honking by my window.. when I came out later to take Jake to lunch one was above my car and the other across from my home watching me and Jake. On my way home alone a single white dove flew across my car hood directly in front of me and when I got home there was a small fluffy white feather ( goose down) and a piece ( only the middle part) of a brown feather was on my welcome mat. This all happened with in an hour. I’d love to know your thoughts…,,

  68. I have been trying to find a meaning to a dream I had with regard to finding a really ornate beautiful either brown or gold feather. Think it was more gold. Long shot but am. Ideas?

  69. My niece and my Mum send me feathers. They usually fly past me to get my attention. It’s a beautiful feeling. My children I work with at a school now look for them. I’m always quick to give thanks for the gift and reminder.

  70. I love picking up the feathers i find. i have found them in my kitchen by my car and on my bed, I have many colors and i love getting them.

  71. Hello, thank you for this site! Today I had a strange thing happen to me. I stepped out my balcony and saw about 4 handful of black white Grey feathers. I have never witness something like this.

    Earlier today I was at the doctors cause I found a lump on my breast and was worried. When I got home I saw the feathers.

    I read the meanings to these colors. It seems very accurate. 10 years ago my mom passed away from natural causes. So I can see how this could be a message from my mom.

    I’m also going through a life change. Had back surgery in September, and will be pursuing a baby procedure with my wife.

    Reading your site has given me a great deal of trust knowing things are going to be OK.

    Thank you,

  72. A friend recently came home to find a perfect square of feathers placed on her front mat..feathers from all different kinds of birds…any idea what this might mean?

  73. I was visiting the house were I grew up ,(my mother passed away here ) the back door was ajoined unto the back bedroom and a added on bathroom That was ajoined to a pantry back out into the back porch a white feather followed me in the back door threw to the pantry into the bathroom so I went into the bedroom to the back porch and there that feather was on the back porch and met me there landed on the brick sink in front of me were I left it’s for walked out the back door it was gone ten min later when I returned from the back yard I’ll never forget that feather trying to get my attention.

  74. There is a large black feather lying in the yard right now…been there for a week or more…thought it strange it has remained in the same spot with the winds we have experienced…Now I know the meaning and I thank you Melanie…I was told a few years ago I have six angels around me at all times protecting me. I am blessed.

  75. I found a tiny fluffy grey and white feather on my bathroom floor and I live on the sixth floor. The next morning a tiny ladybird flew in and was sitting on my mosquito screen on the inside. I love all animals so I gently coaxed him or her onto my finger and held it out to release

  76. I lost my mum 10 months ago now and have been following a spiritual path. I am not a religious person, but my mother was spiritual. Anyway, I have begun this journey, and have been doing a lot of reading. I am sure my mother is sending me signs. I was aware of the feathers, but recently I have found 2 dead birds in the same position, then another 1 on a different day, in the exact same position on my doorstep. Can you explain what this may symbolise?

    Thank you

  77. I was taking a walk just now, something caught my attention to the side of me. I small floating feather. I put out my hand and it landed in it.
    It is a small light gray feather, message received 🙂

  78. I often have unique feathers line up in front of me on pathways in a park or other unique locations. But an interesting event took place just the other day. I have a large window I sometimes gaze thru that looks over acres of berry fields. It is traquil. No particular thought was in mind. I just look at nature. This was just before sunset. Then, right in front of my window there were several soft small feathers floating in the wind. Not a major wind, just an evening breeze. I noticed one, then another and then I actually saw several. They floated up and down in what I thought was a upward draft. I looked everywhere to see if there were any birds. Not any that would have list those type of feathers. It was surreal since I really believe that feathers show a manifestation of the angelic realm. Just sharing a real event that still seems too magical to compehend.

  79. HI Melanie

    Thank you so much for your insight into feathers. Sitting here at 12.00 midnight unable to sleep and then thought about the soft small black feather I found in my hair when I looked into a mirror this afternoon.
    I have been through grief and living grief for the past 2 years – a ver close friend suicided and 5 weeks later, my daughter was a passenger in a car accident, (hit by a drunk driver) leaving her with a traumatic brain injury.
    Two days ago, I was called by my neighbour/friend to take her to the hospital as she wasn’t feeling well. We live in the country. After arriving I recognised what I thought was the beginning of a heart attack…sure enough…my luck or not… I did wonder at the time, and certainly felt afraid that she may die with me due to her severe symptoms…- reiki hands and prayer upon her and all that I knew…calm voice, call the ambulance and be in the moment… Ambulance seemed to take a long time (approx 20 mins) and in the meantime she had the heart attack with me present. I stayed with her in Emergency for 4.5 hours and passed through messages that she would be alright and need a stent. All has come to fruition.
    Today, I was completely puzzled how I got a black feather in my hair, such a wonderful experience for me now that I have read your insights… thank you Melanie…a specific meaning that sits with my heart. Thank goodness for Angels and their vibration! Much love to all xxx

  80. Hi therei hope this is the right spot on here to write you if i found feathers. So for the past 6 mo. Or so ive found well over 150 to 175 feathers. Thats not all whats going on around me. As a small child up to 27 years old ive seen things yes things. It stopped for a period but for the past 4 years it all started back up. And theres been more of it and new things are happining also. Anywho if your interested in hearing about it let me know. Its alot.ya can write a book on all thats been going on in my life. But if not its all good. God bless and take care

  81. I am a very spiritual being and I get it from my grandmother on my father’s side. Today something triggered my emotions and I had no idea how to deal. I went outside after venting to my friend and crossing my eye path, I see a grey feather. My mind went straight to finding out what it meant and I cried because, in a way, I found that my grandmother is still there trying to talk to me or someone is, at least. I have lately been trying to attach back to my spiritual self because I had lost it for a bit and seeing this grey feather allowed me to gather knowledge that I am on the right path.

  82. I forgot to mention tha prior to finding these beautiful feathers today, I’ve been meditating and praying for a sign with a rose quartz, which was chosen because I was weighed with a matter of the heart.
    The very next day, I got the beautiful feathers, with the colorful twist, so I know that my mind, heart and thoughts are being heard…. we are not alone!!!

  83. Hi Melanie,
    I came across this site in search of an answer to what the color of the feather I found today meant.
    But before I get into that, I have had past experiences with feathers. First here no there, then almost every other day or so… almost all of them were light grey and white. True that the greys are not a simple yes/no …. Although I was going through a very difficult phase in my life, I made the decision to go visit “home”, the place where I grew up and where my heart was longing for for a few years. I felt like the feathers were literally telling me to “fly home”.
    It didn’t seem to be the wise decision but turned out to be the right one. I’m glad I did.
    Make a long story short, I found myself, inner peace, my place in this world, and so much more.
    It’s been a few months since I last came across a feather, until today, I came across 5 or 6 feathers all within an inch from one another. To my surprise, one of them had a color! Not the usual grey and white ones I have been finding, this one was a warm yellow!!! And so I am here. The yellow interpretation on your site rings a bell, as my heart has been weighed down the past few days… but the true meaning I’m sure is yet to come. I will post it once it comes.

  84. When my 10 month old nephew died 6 years ago the day of his funeral every ware I went there was at least one feather it didn’t matter ware outside his grandmas house when I got out of my car at the store there was always one rite by my door I almost stepped on them. I mean every ware I went there were theses little white baby like feathers. It was in aug so it was not even the time of year for baby birds ware we lived. But all the feathers were small and soft like from a baby bird.

  85. Hi Melanie
    Today I found a purple feather..I find alot of feathers and it seems like more since the passing of my mom July 13th this year..What does this mean? Thank you for your website ♡

  86. Today was my step dad’s funeral and as we opened my front door to leave for the funeral I spotted a white feather on the ground. I hope this is a sign that he is safe and well and was there with us.

  87. For the last couple of days I found so many feathers… even in my balcony. Most of them are falling from the sky! Either white or in different shades of grey with black. I honestly don’t know what is the meaning of this. I recently let go of my twin flame and wanted to meet someone new but I wasn’t sure it would be the best decision. It’s a specific person which I am trying to attract in my life.

  88. The number 1111 has been around me regularly or frequently on a regular basis. It would be about 5 or 6 times a week I would catch it. 1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣ I think around 2 weeks ago it has increased more from different channel, my phone, my clock, my laptop, my watch and even my gym room locker key has been number 1⃣1⃣. I just throught, hmmm I am seeing more! That’s it. But few days ago when I am on my way to work (we path for a long time), I saw a brunch of pigeons feather on the grounds! Like, you cannot Not notice it. So what is it that the Divine wants me to know? Really have no clue this time. Then when I off work I saw the same again.
    So what is it that you want me to know angel? Please tell me.🔅🐻🙆❣️

  89. This morning I went to feed stray cat in my backyard on my way return to my home I found a feather black feather with the white tip ,and on the feather is blue and the other side is black it was so beautiful that’s the second time I found a feather the first time is was a tiny one a 3-1 in my prayer that was kind of stream strange because all the door was shot at that time I would asking God about moving location and wait on him to answer my prayer, I heard someone told me about feather about an angel but I never found the feather but this time I found two what that means.

  90. I recently went through an extremely troubling time. Damn near on the verge of a complete break down, feeling everything from rage to deep pain and sorrow in a span of 20 mins. I went outside to smoke and when i came back inside i went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror i had a gray feather stuck to my shirt, right where my heart is. I found it extremely weird because i never felt nor saw it near me until i looked in the mirror. Im unsure as to what it means still…

  91. I see butterflies and feathers all the time. I had an angel appear to me 29years ago when I tried to take my own life. My mom died 2 years ago and I was with her. I was biking in the woods a few days ago and asked my deceased mother to come with me and a butterfly was around me the whole time and it touched my finger. I knew it was my mother she is an angel in heaven now. Thank you so much for letting me share this with you 👼🏻

  92. I’d like to start by stating I’m an extreme skeptic and an Atheist but I cannot ignore these feathers any longer so I’ve sought out the internet for some kind of explanation. I have loosely been aware of this white feather phenomenon and over the years each time I see white feathers it means death. So yesterday, I’m thousands of miles away from home in Europe when I look out to the deck and a white feather caught my eye as it slowly fell onto my deck. I thought, wow how pretty and uh oh….who is going to die? I spent the better part of the day worried about my mother. When I did hear from her, it was a text stating a close relative had passed away. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach.

    This white feather thing has been happening to me for years since my Father passed away 15 years ago. When he passed, I was finding white feathers everywhere. As a non-believer I left it to coincidence and a projection of me looking for signs that he was ok. Fast forward to a few years after my dad passed and I’m outside smoking a cig when a white feather landed on my shoulder. I pick it off and not but 5 mins later my phone rang and I was told my Aunt had just passed away. Coincidence again? When my uncle died suddenly I was unaware but saw several white feathers on my way to work. I got a bad feeling. Sure enough, I receive a call that one of my favorite Uncles had passed away. While I attending his funeral white feathers were in the car, in my childhood bedroom, literally everywhere. As of last year, I had 3 deaths in my family, one of which was my 36 year old brother. A white feather had managed to lodge itself between my window and the screen, in a place I could not reach to remove it. This occurred the day he died and it remained lodged in-between the glass and screen until one day it just disappeared.

    Honestly, I cannot remain a skeptic forever so I guess I should call myself a believer at this point. What happened yesterday is still very raw with me and I had to share with you all in the ether. Am I seriously being given signs from my dead loved ones? Why me? The atheist/skeptic? I don’t understand why I’m the one getting signs when my mom, aunts, cousins are not.

    1. You are the one receiving the signs because you were born with the gift to receive messages. No matter what you go through in life, your spirit (true self) will ALWAYS remind you of who you truly are. We can’t run from it… I’m happy for you in all honesty because coming into realization about your spiritual gifts opens the door to understanding just how valuable you are and to acknowledge your self worth. You are important, beautiful, and special!!

  93. I visit my dad’s and aunt’s grave oftenand had never found feathers until these last few visits. On the 16th,I found a white feather on my dad’s grave and then walked to another area of the cemetery to visit my aunts grave and found a white feathers there. Yesterday I found a larger white feather on my dad’s grave and a blue feather and white feather on my aunts. Today, the same feathers were at both graves, but there was a new feather by my aunts grave. It had a white tip, half w as. Lie and the other have was striped black and a very vibrant blue. I have been praying a lot and asking Archangel Michael for help. I think the blue feathers are specifically from him.

  94. Im not a particularly rrligious person but remain very open minded. Just lately this past few weeks i have had lots of feathers randomly appear in places i come to be in. For example to begin with i had multiple black feathers outside my front and back door to my house. Then in my works yard i have came across black and also white feathers when i cant recall ever noticing feathers there before. On top of all this with my work i travel to many places i work outdoors and even in places all over where i come from i have noticed black feathers, black and white, and white feathers. Why am i seeing so many all of a sudden

  95. I have been struggling in the past month asking for guidance and help. I am a runner and the past 4 runs I have basically been having feathers in all different colors and blend of colors old and new falling at my feet and in my path.. without even veering off my running path in the past week I have collected about 40 and have put them throughout my house with rocks, crystals and my animal guide totems … I am feeling much better now and extremely at peace and guided. Is this normal for so many to appear at once or am I just awake now and noticing? I do feel guilty if I pass by them especially if it is an older dirtier one.. I still pick it up and recognize it as a sign of support and blessing.

  96. I went into the garage and opened the door to my car to find a white feather on the floor between the pedals and the seat. I have no idea how the feather could have gotten into the car. The car is always in the garage with the door closed, and when I drive I use the a/c, so the windows aren’t open. The windows aren’t open when I park the car either. I had a feeling it might be my father, who passed away nearly three years ago but whose absence is still painful, or perhaps it was an angelic message? Also, after I found the feather, I had to take the car for inspection, and when I picked up the car the feather was still in the same place in the car. I haven’t disposed of the feather and have kept it in the car.

    1. Giovina, I came on this site tonight to find the meaning of finding a blue feather. I found it tonight in the same exact place in my car as you described. I had just come out from a store where a random item fell from a shelf right next to me. I even said to my daughter that I wondered if it was a sign from my friend. When I left the store, I opened my car door and there was the bright blue feather! So random, and there was no way it could’ve blown in there. I believe it was a sign from a dear friend who recently passed.

  97. Finding lone white feathers…found one in basement all by itself so I get it now. Having real hard time in life right now so made me feel better

  98. Recently, I found a black feather on my outside patio. Rarely do I find/see feathers. I picked It up and took It inside the house. I automatically thought that It had some kind of meaning. Come to find out that my dad had seen the same feather, but didn’t touch it, so maybe it was meant for him and not me. I recently put down my beloved 14 year old cat, whom I dearly miss! I thought that maybe it was some kind of sign from her. When I read the meaning of finding a “black” feather it didn’t seem to fit this thought.

  99. Hi,

    I lost my Bassett Hound to cancer on 3/16/2017. Molly Ann was 15 1/2 yrs old. I haven’t even gotten over her lost and my Dachshund’s (Shorty 9 1/2 yrs old) red blood cells started attacking his body and I lost him on 7/30/2017. So, the past 2 weeks I’ve been sobbing crying and just devastated.

    I noticed a light grey feather and thought it was odd. I picked it up while walking the path that I walked them every day. Then, I accidentally dropped it or threw it away with my mail. I looked online about the meaning of feathers and realized that was my angel/guide telling me they are ok. I kept thinking I wished I had that feather. Then a few days went by and I seen a couple more. I saved them. I had mowed the front lawn and went inside to cool off yesterday. Then came back out to finish and drove through the middle of the yard and there were 1 on each side of the mower and a few more on the other side of the yard. I have saved about 6 now.

    It does give you a good feeling to find them and I just thank the angel for giving me a sign they’re ok now.

    Thank you for explaining the reason for feathers just showing up in your path, out of no where. It has never happened to me before. I knew about the butterflies being your loved ones but haven’t heard of the feathers. ❤????

  100. I find feathers all the time up until maybe 3 years ago when I first found out and started following Angel Message Readings and diving deeper into my new found spirituality I just would collect the ones I thought were pretty enough to put in a jar along with some rocks which I still have in my room. Just recently and I mean in the last 2 weeks I have come across an orange and white&vbrown feather. The white&brown one I came across one morning while walking out in nature which I try to give myself at least 5days outta the week to refocus and find calm and do my grounding out so to speak. It totally true nature is healing mother of magic Thank God for giving us that to look upon and enjoy. The second feather, which was orange came into my being while I was sorting through my bills. Opening my mail to my surprise out Fell this orange feather and immediately I knew it was a message intended for me from my Angels. I mean how often do you find a feather inside your mail? So I went online and looked up it’s meaning and ghat is exactly where I’m at energy wise in my life. So thank you Angela for giving me the messages I needed to help guide me or keep me continuing on the right path. I am open to all kinds of guidance messages signs and continue to invite you into my life and ask for your help.

    I also like to share a unique event that happened when I was a little girl I’ll never forget I was elementary age if that and I remember one night while my parents were together and my brother and I were a family (unfortunately broken now) we went walking around my neighborhood regular middle class surburn Southern California typical neighborhood and an owl flew over us directly more so over me and dropped a white feather on me head. It was a magical moment. Which BTW my spirit animal is an owl but if that wasn’t enough we come home and inside my family room area I kid you not there was feathers everywhere. On the sofa the carpet I can’t recall exactly how many or the colors of them but a good amount and no explanation as to how they could of even gotten inside the house. Of course I go jumping for joy throwing up the feathers hopping on the couches not at all realizing just how signi6that would be until now. Like right now as I write this comment. I know the angles communicate with me and sometimes I have experiences like the above happened more frequently in last 2years mostly with synchronicity and animals and anything of the angelic realm I know I’m meant to do something with this gift I am kinda unsure what exactly it is or how but if anyone or Melanie who I love your readings I follow emails videos and few others could give me some direction maybe if you feel that’s what I’m meant to do it would mean the world to me.

    Again love your stuff these angel messages are real so if you don’t believe than try coming back here few more times with an open heart ask for your archangles to better guide you and you’ll see. Thank you for allowing me to share God Bless everyone and Namaste

  101. I have to share this! ~ A few months ago while in prayer, I told God if He speaks to me that I never hear Him. I told Him this was disconcerting to me and I asked Him to please, give me a sign because I ReaLLy needed it. I went on to say that giving me a sign in grand proportion – -like a billboard with flashing, neon lights (for example) Ha! – -would be great and especially appreciated.
    A few days later I was going upstairs to my bedroom. As I reached the top stair and began to round the corner, something caught my eye through the glass-paneled door which opens to my deck. I walked towards the door while trying to focus my eyes… What in the world am I seeing?, I thought to myself. Something was very casually floating in the air. It swayed from left to right, ever-so-slowly, as it softly made its’ decent. I stood there, frozen for a moment, in complete awe. It was a small, white feather. A smile gleamed across my face. How cool is that?!, I thought. Then, out of nowhere, came another white feather, falling in the same manner as the first one. I looked around, trying to find the poor bird these must be coming from… (No, I still wasn’t getting it!) As I looked around for an injured bird, a third, white feather followed. And then… it hit me like a ton of bricks! I finally got it! (Yes, I may be slow sometimes, but I always get there! Lol) The realization was suddenly bright and crystal clear: THIS was my sign! My sign from above, as I’d requested. Three white feathers, I summarized, where representative of: The Father, The Son & the Holy Spirit. Elated by this, I thanked God repeatedly. My eyes were filled and overflowing; tears of joy streaming down my face. In my blurred vision, I somehow made it downstairs without falling and quickly continued to the back yard. I had to have those feathers! They’re still proudly displayed; hanging on the wall of my downstairs bedroom. It’s a reminder, everyday, that God not only hears me, but he loves me, too. When times get tough, they help me to be tougher! They provide comfort, telling me everything will be ok. They let me know that God not only hears me, but that He loves me, too! God is Awesome, I tell ya!

  102. Thank you for sharing all the info about feathers! I find them often and it makes me happy; gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Now I know why, and where this comes from, thanks to you. I’m also happy and grateful to have learned (again, from you) to give thanks to the angels for these feathers, as I did not know this.

  103. for the last few days ive been noticing feathers and really haven’t thought much of it until this morning after my boss whose mother just passed away called.

  104. I recently read about feathers and angels. I’ve been going through a tough time and was quite upset the other day. I even had a nightmare. Later the same day, I went to sit in my chair outside and low & behold I spotted a beautiful white feather with a little grey 5 feet away from the door. I did keep it and put it with my mother’s picture who is deceased. I have also heard my name called out several times upon awakening but not recently.

  105. My 34 year old son died of a heart attack this past Thursday. Our waitress at our favorite diner told us when her daughter died there were feathers everywhere. Since that time we have found grey/white feathers in our path. Today at Walmart I looked down and there was a black feather. I don’t know if it is coincidence or not, but I chose to believe that my son is in Heaven with other family members.

  106. How do I know the feather is from an angel and not a bird. I walk around a runoff pond near work everyday and always find feathers. There are geese and ducks in the pond. Today I found a white and gray feather by the path to the pond.

  107. I recently visited my both my sister and fathers burial plots (next to one another) and when I returned to my vehicle a white feather with brown tip floated into my car. It made me both happy and sad ~ I totally believe that either one or both of them were letting me know they’re OK.

  108. Hello, I have a question. I want to know is there a special meaning to catching a falling feather? I walk in this beautiful park in Texas everyday and I praise the lord as I go along. One day I saw this little white feather come floating down, I was amazed at how it kinda glowed. Once I saw what it was I had wished I would have caught it instead of just watch it because I heard it was good luck.

    I kept the feather and by the time I got home it was gone. I was looking all over for it. I asked God to show me where it is. I do find things that way. Or ask questions and get the answers within a day or two.

    About 3 days later while walking in the park again I had this small feather just out of nowhere pop up right in front of me, I had to react quickly to catch it because it was just there in front of me. I caught the feather.

    Is there something about catching a feather?

  109. Me and my ex recently got back together and I keep finding white feathers especially when I’m with her. It was the same when we where a couple in the past. I don’t tend to find them when we aren’t together in a relationship. What could this mean?? Are our Angels telling us were on the right path and giving us their blessing?

  110. I found two feathers in the same day, one white and the other grey & black. I am sure it’s related to a situation I was living that same day. It’s like I was giving the awnser.

  111. For the week feathers have been in my path daily! This Saturday I actually noticed a black feather falling from the sky next to my vehicle.. I got chills of awe! Same day a white feather. Today another in the middle of downtown… I am amazed but would love to understand its bit!!

  112. I was diagnosed with colon cancer this past Feb, when I went to the cancer center for the first time for an appt with the surgeon, I was in the,waiting room and suddenly a tiny white feather drifted down in front of me and landed on my hand. I’ve seen feathers often since the passing of my parents last year and finding out I have cancer.

  113. I found a blujay feather and then a black feather in one day. I have been having bad luck in the love department and financial department of my life. That night I got a text from a man that I met on two different dating sites we talked all night. I feel a real connection with him we have the same interests and I really like him. I am hoping that these feathers were telling me that everything will be ok. I feel that one was for love and one was for money so now let’s hope the money comes in I think I found the love of my life. I really pray this is it.

  114. I found a blck Feather today and it gave me a feeling of joy… So I came across this page to look u the meaning and was pleased with what I found.. seeing that I am going to be starting a new jurney in life here soon 🙂 Thank you for the info <3 many blessing..

  115. Early this am I was walking my dog before I left for work. I take the same route every morning . While walking I noticed something floating in the air; looked over and it was a feather falling to the ground. I felt like it was a Forrest Gump moment, but also knew that my angels were with me!,

  116. I was just walking to the mailbox praying as I walked. I just went through a break up and quit smoking and am just trying to trust His will. I gave a quick thank you for all I see and I watched a rabbit jump across the driveway and one second later, a crow flew off a branch and dropped something right into my path. It was a big feather. I came back into the house to look up the meaning of it. I knew it had to be a sign. Thank you for your website and if there is anymore meaning as to actually seeing the feather drop, please let me know. Thanks again!

  117. For years I have found feathers but today was xtra great my bird flew out of his cage and I went to find him and before I found him I found a big feather at the foot of my bed he is an African gray parrot what a beautiful gift

  118. Hi Melanie,

    I found the information you had about butterflies and feathers quite warming. Yesterday, 13 June 2017, I had come across a magnificently large yellow and black butterfly that kept flying around me on my dogs and I afternoon walk. Of late I had been seeing a lot of butterflies flying about me, but on this day it stayed around lingering on a flower as if it was saying, “go ahead and admire and take the pictures you wish.” I took pictures and it was like it posed for each one. It was amazing and yes, a spiritual event. I speak to nature all the time of late and it feels as if it is speaking back to me. I believe in angels and my intuition seems to be getting stronger.
    Now, today 14 June 2017, on morning walk with dog, I came across a white and a black feather. Even though there are birds always around, especially wild turkeys, I do consider them signs. Thank you for the information to confirm my feelings and thoughts.
    I can only hope and pray my angels stay with me and visit with me often, for they keep me hopeful that things are going to be alright. I say this because of missing my belated father of 10 years now, and my dearest friend which his passing is coming up on three years this month. They knew me better than anyone, and I miss them dearly.

    Thanks for reading and your site.

  119. Today, I came across 3 white feathers! In the oddest places…I just lost my sweet girl (Sona) 2 weeks ago and had her cremated, brought her home for the first time since passing last nite. Also found an earring I’ve been looking for randomly today….all in the same day, didn’t quite hit me until the last 2 feathers and then it all came together!!!! I’m hoping this is her way of trying to tell me she has made it and she is safe and sound and still with me!

  120. For about the last 10 months I have noticed that feathers just show up in my path. I’m not looking for them, I glance down at the ground and there they are in a variety of locations. They started showing up after a spiritual workshop I did in 2016 during which I got deeply connected to Source, the Universe as never before. During that time and since the question that has been present for me is – What’s next? Am I ready to fulfill what I say I want? Fear is my barrier from moving forward. Thank you for your posting. What I heard in reading it is that Angels are urging me forward to what’s next. While fear will always be present my Angels will be there too.

  121. I awake yesterday morning to find the most beautiful white feather I’ve ever seen on my bedroom floor. It brought tears of happiness and gratitude to my eyes and I felt so blessed ? I have been contemplating a career change which already feels right in my heart. Now I’m sure I’m taking the right path for me ??

  122. A crow has been following me around. Last night I found a crow’s feather in a bush by the front door then this morning he was crowing at the front door. Not sure what it means. I lost my father a few years ago and he said he would come back as a hawk, could it be him as a crow? I read it means Angels are near.

  123. Was talking on the phone last night with my BFF about our childhood & how hard we both had it even though we didn’t meet until our 30’s. We are both in our 60’s now & have come a very long way Spiritually. I have been suffering with Chronic Lyme Disease for many years. Walked out my side door & found a LARGE BLACK FEATHER laying in my driveway. Thank you Father/Mother/God & to all of the Ascended Masters & Angels for taking us both on a wonderful journey.

    1. Hi Doreen,

      What a coincidence … we’re in the same boat!
      I’m 43 and been suffering from chronic Lyme disease for 5 years but what led me here today was an enormous change happening in my life during the past month while I’m seeking the best possible treatment for the condition.
      ..And I found a big gray- blackish feather today just when I was expecting a sign …
      Thanks to the universe, Angels and the light.
      Praying for you.

  124. Found two groups of three small brownish grey
    Feathers on my kitchen floor this am.
    Today marks the first year of my best friends
    Daughters death from a drug overdose.
    I was dreading today. We were talking about brianne last night and saw a butterfly around
    Us for s while
    We said it’s Brianne telling us she is happy in heaven
    I called my friend this morning with the news of the feathers
    Found this web site
    Told her about it also
    Instead of a very sad day she feels so joyful
    Just wanted to share this with you

  125. I have been finding feathers in the most unusual locations/ unexpected places. Love this. However today was the most unusual and funny place… I was talking to an older gentleman and a tiny small white feather was stuck to his right side of his chin and was moving as he was talking .. The Universe finds ways to amuse us !

  126. Since my mum passed 26 april 2016
    I find a few white feathers and i also found a blue one a black one i even found a purple one

  127. I was going through a difficult time, with a relationship… I came into work one day early, and I open my briefcase, a soft side with one pocket usually open… and laying in that pocket was a grey and white feather… this case is never outdoors longer than the walk to my car of less than 30’…. I appreciate the sign from the angel, and I keep hope for the white… but the grey is neither a yes or no, a black or white… doesn’t help in my direction much, but comforting to know I have support from higher powers…

  128. For the last couple weeks we have been dealing with my brother’s death and we still don’t know a cause.
    Then when I woke up this morning there was a tiny brown and gray feather on my pillow.

  129. Hi Melanie, last Saturday I wasn’t feeling well and I was outside when I noticed a small branch by the door and decided to throw it in the woods that back up to my house. I also found some other branches and picked them up. As I walked back I saw a feather then I saw another feather, and another…..I walked around the yard and I counted 7 feathers. I was very excited because 7 is God’s number. So felt I was being blessed and maybe something I was praying for might get answered. What are your thoughts. oh and it has been very windy here and so for sure I thought a week later they would be gone. but today (Sat) I walked around and they were still there. two were blown a little further in the woods but they were still there. please respond. God Bless. Denise

  130. I thought I’d go out for a walk one day and went to an old swimming hole I used to go to as a teen. This is set on a bush walk. Whilst reminiscing of the good old days of how my friends and I loved hanging out there, and just loving being in the open. As I was staring at a pipe we used to use to cross the creek and stood wondering how much everything had grown around it, a small black, blue and white feather floated down in front of me. I felt lucky, peaceful and excited at the same time. I felt it meant something but I didn’t know what. I had to have the feather for some reason but didn’t know why. It’s my lucky feather.

  131. I have had about 17 or so feathers left in my bedroom and car and bag over the last 12 months, I am going through a court case with my grandchildren and they always appear when ive been court, or had a social worker at my home, put some of them seem damaged or feather missing. Just wounded if this means anything

  132. I was at work today in mid conversation with a colleague when a tiny white feather came down from no where and landed on my desk. I brushed it off as nothing but realised no windows were open. I’d say I’m quite spiritual but not religious in any way. I don’t understand why I’ve received it as I’ve not lost anyone or going through anything. But I am concerned about going to London this weekend due to these terror attacks. Not sure if it’s their way of saying it will be fine perhaps. Anyone have any thoughts on this? This has never happened to me before.

  133. I was sitting on my couch at home and a white feather was floating and landed on my table it was small but it was a feather

  134. I found two colored feathers in my dream state the first one I found was orange my second one was light blue same dream

  135. My Nephew was in a motorcylcle accident. he had a brain bleed everything was done to help but he lost brain funtion. he was taken off life support last night and is with God now. I found a feather directly placed under my clothes i am going to wear after my shower today. It is soft white, soft brown and a little black. No way we had a feather like that anywhere in the house. what is he trying to tellme?

  136. I lost my 1 1/2 year old precious dog, Freckles, about 3 weeks ago due to a snake bite. When she took her last breath, my world ended. I have been struggling since her death. About 3 days ago I noticed a white feather floating down in the backyard. I just instantly knew that is was her telling me to be at peace because she was fine and without pain.

  137. I found a small feather on my pillow this morning. We don’t have feather pillows and they are encased in pillow protectors.
    Its a very small off white with brown stripe down center.
    My friend said I had a visitor last night. I had never heard this before. My son died 11 years ago this month and last night I cried about losing him.
    I’m keeping this feather now.

  138. I had a dream about my deceased Grandmother last night. We hugged in the dream & remember feeling comforted by feeling her hair brush my face. She didn’t speak to me but I got the feeling that she was OK. I’ve been feeling very down & sometimes alone lately so I think she may have visited me as a form of comfort. I was wondering all day if it was a visitation dream & when I got home from work, I walked into the kitchen & there was a single white feather on the floor right in front of me. I have been feeling very emotional since (not in a bad way) & think this may be a sign to confirm to me that yes, my Grandmother did visit me.

  139. I found a small white feather right in the centre of the front passenger seat of my car. I totally wondered where it could have come from since all the windows and doors were closed. After much thought I remembered that the last person who was sitting there was my wife, we were at a park and she was sitting on the grass, so I took it that she might have picked it from there. Iam going through spiritual challenges at the moment in that I think Iam not living as Heavenly Father expects me to. Do you think there is any significant meaning to this feather? What could it be, if there is? Thanks.

  140. My beloved dog & best friend Sasha passed away 25th Jan.
    The last 2+ years of her life she couldn’t walk well enough so I would push her around in a child’s jogger pram.
    I went outside today and was very teary looking at her jogger and noticing cob webs forming around the wheels as we obviously went using it anymore. I couldn’t bare the thought of this so I went up to the pram to clear the cob webs. As I did I noticed a brown feather sticking upright amongst Sasha’s blankets like it had been placed there on purpose. So purpose like that I asked anyone in the household if they had done it. I even took a photo as it wasn’t just laying in the middle of her pram but standing upright. I then looked up this web sight. .. Feeling so comforted now….

  141. Yesterday I had my very beloved dog, Scruffy euthanized in my home, as he was old and sick. I loved his little spirit and am devastated over the loss. Today I cried and prayed to any spirit angels that could hear me, including Scruffy himself, to send me a sign that he’s ok. Even though I know everyone says it’s a gift to end their suffering I still struggled with a fear that he would feel I let him down. I just wanted to know that he was at peace. So hours later I went outside and sat by my pond where I spent much time with Scruffy. I was crying and again telling him I was hoping he was at peace and could play in heaven. Just then I noticed a feather rustling in front of me as the wind blew….a white feather. I instantly knew it was a sign and immediately looked up its meaning. Behold it’s a sign that loved ones have crossed peacefully into the spirit realm and they’re ok…I thanked my angels for this profound gift! I immediately was filled with a sense of peace. Thank you for further clarifying here the meaning of feathers. I will now be more aware and look for them….thank you!

  142. I have so many feather stories to share sometime I think I could write a book… i started finding feathers or noticed it more in 2004 after the murder of my aunt and uncle tragically.. the past 5/6 years I have started to piece things together… this finding of feathers and now my understanding of it.. makes me feel wonderful and blessed when I find one… a very best friend of mine died while I was on holidays during Christmas and i was unable to return back to the furneral… I was very distraught about the lose… then… I started finding dimes/coins from other countries AND feathers… it’s given me a sense of peace knowing that my relatives… and best friend are watching over me… xoxo

  143. This morning I found a brown mottled feather on top of my bed, I lost my dearest most loving best friend last year who was my husband, I miss him desperately but was lifted when I found the feather

  144. Found white feather on car door handle – Monday morning – best mate died of sudden heart attack following Wednesday pm (01 Feb 2017) confused – have a angel pendant on my bracelet which I always wear – can anyone explain. Do believe in angels. Taken the white feather and put in car, will never get rid of it, have to remember when having car cleaned!,

  145. My name is Sara Gutierrez. I have a collection of feathers….I have been blessed with visions from GOD also. I was walking with my daughter’s and it was like time stopped..Feathers appeared and me and my daughter’s caught them. I have the feathers they are of a baby bird. I know the Angels are protecting me.And I want the world to know about my visions.

  146. Fantastic post – thank you!

    I just had this experience…

    So…just had to share this.

    I picked up my son from school and we started driving home. We drive along about 10km of dirt road to get home. You rarely pass another car on this road. Half way down the dirt road I saw something blowing in the wind on the side of the road…I drove for a couple of hundred metres but felt a calling to turn around, go back and look…so I turned around.

    It was exactly what I thought it was…a peacock feather! There are no peacocks in this area…I’ve never, ever seen a peacock anywhere near here!

    Would love to hear your thoughts on my story’


  148. My man passed away May 15 th 2016. I walked out my door today. To look down and find a small black feather in my door mat. It was muddy. It was snowing here and I have a bird in my house also I didn’t know what to think, so I let the feather go. I came in my house looked online and found this page. I feel so sad I let my angel feather go.
    I hope I am forgiven for not understanding until now. I feel blessed and I hope I get more.

  149. I began to find feathers about 20 years ago. They come to me when I am having a difficult time and I have always felt that it was a sign that I would be alright no matter what happened. I did think it was a message from my guardian angel even before knowing or reading any of this. My first feather was an eagle feather and I incorporated it into a medicine wheel. Although I often see feathers, only some of them compel me to pick them up and hold and keep them. I have quite a collection of many colored feathers but mostly grey and black ones. I have a black one with white spots, black and yellow, black and red. down feathers and tail feathers. I also have a feather tattoo over my heart which to me means I always have my guardian angel with me.

  150. Hi Melanie
    Thankyou for your insight to finding feathers. My father passed away 2 months ago and a friend of mine who is a medium mentioned that my father will show me a white feather to let me know he is around. When my family and I were together for new years eve, I looked over to see the spare couch with a feather on it!! Since then, they have appeared on my beside table, the chair my dad used to sit on outside at home, and the other day there was one stuck on my nephews back! They have suddenly shown up everywhere and we are absolutely thrilled and comforted to know he’s around. Last night at a Tennis match, I thought of my dad only to look up and see a white feather floating my way. What a wonderful, magical thing it is to be so connected with our angels!

  151. Hi Melanie, I have admired your workings for sometime. Your askangel cards have been a pillar to me over the past 6 months… thank you xxx

    I stumbled across this blog re:feathers today….

    I was in despair this morning, worrying about money, work, and my next move whilst taking a walk – and there it was a white feather, there in front of me. Immediately I thought of you and your ask angel deck.

    My spiritual awakening path began last year, I dismised signs for years and I waz forced to stop and pay attention by events that unfolded. I was a passenger in a car accident. So much has changed as a result and Im in a healthy happy relationship, which ive never had. But Im still off work and still facing struggles following on from the accident. I use your angel deck and meditations daily. And have had some amazing feelings of support and self worth as a result. I just feellike my spiritual growth has haulted! I dont have as many vivid dreams, and I dont feel like I have any direction. Ive asked my guides and angels to show me where i need to turn next to harness my gifts to help, myself and others. I get synchronicities several times daily, so I know Im on the right path, and Im not in a terrible disposition, and im greatful that im healthy and happy and that i have my family etc who I am greatful to for their love and support also.

    But I just dont know where to go or what to do next. I know im supported, metaphysically and Im confident that my desires will manifest soon.
    Im just struggling with where to go to next regarding my development? Ive asked for help with specific things that have worried me and they have been resolved within a matter of hours. which was amazing, but when I have asked for something that is specific in my development, I dont seem to get answers. I am totally selfless and my progress isnt just to benefit me. Ive been sharing my abilities with people I have met and have got them keenly interested which I thought is what was being asked of me to share the love and light and make the planet a better place for man kind. Any support or advice or angel messages on guidance would be greatly received.

    love and light and thanks for all you and your team have done to guide me so far

    Aaron xxxxx

  152. I left a job yesterday that was unhealthy and in some ways toxic. I started the job on 11/1, ended it on 1/11, clocked into a meeting to tell them I was resigning at 11:11 and called my boyfriend to tell him at 1:11. Today, I had to have another encounter with them and it was a very difficult conversation. When I got home I was talking to a friend on the phone and spotted something on the floor in the house. It was a beautiful black feather! I was so surprised. I’ve found white ones from time to time but this black one was special. I think I’ve had enough signs now to know that I’m going to be ok and that there is the perfect job out there for me just waiting. I am forever grateful to the angels for placing these signs in front of me.

  153. In October 2016 I was sitting outside with my mum just talking and having a cup of tea when all of a sudden something flew right past me and touched my leg when it went past I freaked out at first because alot of insects fly around my house. It landed in the pool and I had a closer look and realised it was a small white fluffy feather! I immediately felt it was a sign from heaven and was totally unusual how this single feather flew right past me and when it happened I didn’t see any birds flying especially not white birds. The next day I was just sitting on my bed and happened to look up and saw a single white fluffy feather just by the bin in my room I had never seen it there before and I don’t own anything that has feathers of any kind! I definitely think my angels are letting me know I am not alone as these past few years have been extremely lonely and sad for me. I have cried myself to sleep from loneliness so I am so blessed to have a higher power protecting me and making me feel hopeful.

  154. I recently found 3 feathers a white/grey one just before I went into my work then I found a green/ yellow one on my front lawn on saturday on my way to work & tonite I found a black/grey feather when I got home from work on my driveway

  155. My daughter past away last year Sept in a motor car accident on a Wednesday. Last week Wednesday I found guinea fowl feather in her room on the floor. I kneel every morning next to her bed for prayer. So when I walk in I saw the feather. What is the meaning? Thanks!

  156. All this week I have been wondering if I am pregnant with my 3rd child . It’s still too early to take a test but just a few minutes ago, as I walked out into my backyard a butterfly started dancing around me and my daughter,lightly touching my head and hand. A few minutes later, I went to walk back inside and a bright yellow flower was lying on the floor in front of the door.

  157. I started communicating with the angels recently. I have found many feathers since then. I have kept them all and find peace with each one. They show up in unexpected places at appropriate times. I know the angels listen. Sometimes I just have to stop and say ” I know it was you.” It really is incredible. Even my kids find feathers now and know that angels are near.

  158. I found a beautiful brown and white feather on our front door mat last week. I asked one of my daughters if she found and placed it there. She didn’t. I took it as a sign that everything will be okay soon. I’ve sensed my Dad and my dog nearby too.

  159. My Dog Lottie passed away on New Year’s Eve. My dog group told me I will see a feather and it is a sign she has crossed the rainbow bridge to doggy heaven . Today I just found a grey and white one. ( she was a pepper and salt schnauzer) where she sat in the sunshine by the sofa. My heart is broken but I am happy she is at peace .

  160. My dad passed away 5 days ago, today my niece who is 3 came In and I noticed she had a small white feather tucked into her coat. When I showed her it she asked who put it there. Made me cry, I knew dad was with us and the fact he put it on Tilly made it even more special.

  161. I find feathers everywhere i go. I have drawers and boxes full of feathers. I’ve always said they are a gift from the bird’s. From the Angels makes more sense. Thank you for this blog/article. I love it. I hope you don’t mind my posting it on FB.

  162. I went to visit by beloved westie Molly today in the chapel of rest before she was cremated. While I stroked her face to say goodbye a white feather appeared and fell on the floor. I didn’t think too much of it at the time until my mother said that’s a sign from an angel. I have taken such comfort from this to know that my beautiful girl has gone to heaven.

  163. Finding feathers is a great feeling for me and yes at times I will find quite a few within my path and alot of them lately are small white fluffy feathers..thought maybe cause I’m trying to get right but still spot of stress and weight on my shoulders

  164. I find feathers all time in strange places I put milk in a microwave and as my hand came out a featger was wrapped round my finger also had one stuck in my ring I find so many, also seeing them slight as I get a flash of light in my eye also when I was at my partners a big flash came and was like a camera flash but quick and had a whisper in my ear could not understand it tho

  165. I lost my first post so I will try again. I was recovering from breast cancer surgery and had a “suspicious ” possibility of thyroid cancer. I was told we could keep an eye on this thru yearly ultra sounds and if it changed take action then. Two days in a row I woke up to find ALOT of crows feathers on my front yard. I was shocked by how many! Winter rolled in and I was still thinking and praying as to what to do. The snow melted and I found one lone black crows feather sticking out of the ground! That’s was it for me…….it had stayed thru the winter protecting me and was there come Spring to remind me to listen to the small voice within. I had the surgery and found it was cancer……it was contained to the thyroid and I am grateful to God and my Angels for their guidance. I have been cancer free for 4 1/2 years for breast and 3 1/2 thyroid. Angels are always with us …we just have to be open to receive them❤️

  166. 16 yrs ago on my way to school, I crossed path a white feather big one about palm length. Now I bumped into a beautiful lady with an amazing aura, add her on my fb. She’s total a stranger, I normally don’t ask people facebook or be friend people like this. After talking over messenger, I told her I have one feather not sure the meaning, she told me angel watching me. Following week, I went to work crossed another feather. I quickly picked it up because I do believe its a sign and want my angel knows that I know. I keep it in my backpacker the recent one and 16 yrs old feather in my bedroom. My late friend passed away from cancer last year so I think it could be a sign he all ready up in heaven watching down. I also believe meeting this lady like an angel in disguise. No word can describe her aura, she has gentle voice like an angel, look like one as well. Due to her privacy I cant name her.Tang

  167. Today I found a white feather . I’d been upset but felt relief when I saw it. I’m waiting for a new love to enter my life and perhaps I’m ready after being widow for round 12 years . A feel protected . I found a black one last week too. Love and light to you