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What Are Orbs?

orbsOrbs are essentially energetic spheres of light. You may have noticed them appearing in your photos, seen them during meditation, or you may caught a glimpse of them through your minds eye or with you peripheral vision.

Orbs are typically round, though they can also appear as streaks of light, or other geometric shapes. Sometimes they're transparent, and other times they contain color, an intricate geometric pattern, or even a face within the light sphere.

They are one of the many different signs your angels can use to connect and communicate with you.

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Orb Photography

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Lets first talk about orbs appearing in photographs. People often send me interesting photos they have taken in which orbs have appeared, and they are wondering if they are signs from the angels or angels themselves. Honestly, some of the orbs in these photographs are simply dust particles, or moisture particles in the air…  Sometimes, the orbs are energetic, and they are representative of the energy broadcast out from a persons chakras.

Other times, the orbs are absolutely the energy signatures of angelic or spiritual beings

Types of Orbs

Melanie BecklerOrbs of energy, are orbs that appear which directly correlate to a persons vibrational state of being. These orbs typically manifest near one of the main chakra energy centers. These energetic orbs manifest through feelings of love, positive energy, joyful feelings, and a high vibrational frequency. This type of orb will usually appear near, or in front of the corresponding chakra associated with the feeling. The picture of me meditating on the right is a good example of this type of energy orb.

Every energetic orb correlates with a specific vibrational energy. Some energetic orbs contain the energy of healing, love, tranquility, peace, and others passion, joy, or enlightenment. Some orbs represent open doorways to other realms, or the activation of consciousness to a new level.

Each of these types of energetic orbs are consciously or unconsciously called in by the Self, made up of mind, body, and spirit…

Angel Orbs

Orbs also appear, as a manifestation of the high vibrational energy signature of Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spiritual Beings…

Let's lump these all-together and call them Angel Orbs. While Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides aren't technically angels, they are beautiful beings of light who are quite angelic!

Angel Orbs are typically larger and more vibrant looking than the orbs corresponding with the energy of a person's chakras, feelings, and state of being. This makes sense when you think of the Angel Orbs as being the energetic signature, the aura, and frequency of these spiritual beings from the higher planes of existence. They are vibrating with higher levels of love and light, and so their energy appears as orbs which are especially vibrant.

Orb of LightSometimes angel orbs may be the spirits of your ancestors, and people who once lived lives on Earth, and who are now continuing their journey of soul growth from the spiritual realms.

But most often, angel orbs which are seen in the physical, or manifest in a photograph, are very high vibrational beings like the Angels, Ascended Masters, and advanced Spirit Guides of Love and Light.

There is a great deal of variety in the purposes, missions, and work of beings in the realms of spirit, so the specific purpose of the presence of beings when Angel Orbs appear will tend to vary.

In the grand scheme of things, when ‘Angel Orbs' are present around a person, are visible in a specific location, or manifest in a group setting, it's a sign of the healing, guidance, protection and assistance of these high vibrational spiritual beings.

In addition to seeing the energetic signature of angels in the form of orbs, tune into your other senses to feel, know, experience, and  validate the presence of your angels.

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With love and light,
Melanie Beckler

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PS. Have you had an experience feeling photographing or seeing orbs? Be sure to comment below, or send me a picture of your orb image on facebook!

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  1. hi I see golden white sparkes usually up on the ceiling. I also see colbalt blue orbs with my eyes open. sometimes the colbalt blue orbs are surrounded in white. I wish I knew who it is. I have been seeing them since 2011.

  2. Hi Melanie,
    I have been on spiritual journey for 2 decades of my life and have never encountered anything like this. Past Sunday on May 18th I had a connecting session of 15 minutes with an awakened master teaching for over 2 decades and this is not first time though. However, what I don’t understand is since that night my CCTV cameras are taking videos of orbs starting at 1.30 am till 3:30 am. I am usually up at that time. I never got even one notification of that white light orbs in clusters all this time I have had CCTV cameras installed. But since Sunday every night this is happening. I have no idea about this at all, thus wondering if you can guide me. I do have a very warm feeling when I see those 12 second videos and am never feeling afraid or any other negative feeling. I will really appreciate if you can help. Thanks a lot and warm regards, Kiran

  3. Last month I was praying and depressed not knowing why my life was going downhill rapidly. I found myself speaking to my grandmother, dad and late partners spirits asking for guidance.
    Something kept me awake the entire night for months playing warfare prayers to keep evil away and whilst in this totally sad state browsing the news on the internet, a sudden sleepiness came over me which forced me to put me to stop reading and go to sleep. It was about 12h15 and I usually fall asleep around 5-6am. The 2nd I put the lights of and pulled the duvet over me, the sleepiness disappeared and in that depressed state I started mentally communicating with the Holy Spirit and my late partner again in prayer asking for a sign they were watching me. Earlier on I had flashes of white and colour lights around my eye. I knew nothing about orbs and colors at the time. Suddenly what looked like a rectangular thumb size orb zoomed with speed at the corner of my eye and to the back of my head. I was lying in bed on my side. Instinctively I was calm and I knew this was a sign. I started saying if it was one of the deceased close to me, they must please come in my dreams but suddenly a arm went around my next and shoulder. It was transparent and muscular. Instantly my stress started melting. I knew that feeling of being in my partners arm 21 years ago and I did not have to turn around to see if it was him. I was wide awake and found myself talking normally and kinda turned to snuggle up against him. As I turned I saw his face transparent… Just then I felt his arm on my rib area pulling or massaging me with a liquidy feeling and I think I fell asleep.
    I found myself in a dark forest with him taking me away from short ugly demons. I was swearing them vulgar words and telling them to leave me alone. We escaped into a rural cottage and he dematerialised. I then found myself like falling and woke up in bed confused about why he comforted me but took me into a scary place. The entire day I was automatically happy, light headed and found myself smiling and singing. At the back of my mind the dark forest and demonic creatures remained though confusing me. The following day I dreamt of my keys being stolen and some one entering my apartment. I continued being awake throughout the nights and would see flashes of lights around my eye and in my room. One day it was like his voice telling me to get rid of the boarder staying with me. Suddenly I found daily evidence of the boarder doing witchcraft with my food, spices, hair, placing stuff outside my bedroom door for me to cross over, my dirty clothes disappearing. I was getting sick and lost my car, job etc whilst she lived with me. Despite the warnings from his spirit and the evidence I witnessed I was powerless to tell her to move out. Then came my 1st violent demon attack during a YouTube prayer and I instantly started calling on Jesus.
    Suddenly the orb, apartition visit from my late partner and the trip into what I now understand was the lower realm of the Astral world were warnings from my partner who was clearly watching over me. Because the arm was a slightly more muscular than his I wonder at times if it was instead Archangel Michael who took his form not to scare me… but the feeling of being in his arms could not be mistaken. From there I was led into church prayer etc where it was confirmed the boarder was practicing witchcraft on me and I had to get her out. Meanwhile I continued seeing the spirit lights and finally got her out on Monday. This week I have been falling asleep around midnight or earlier with the prayer playing throughout the night. Now if that confirms 100% the orb is a space ship carrying spirits of our ancestors and angels and in dire situations of danger they are capable of materialising into form.
    2 weeks ago a cluster of white lights appeared with a glass shattering noise and I felt a vibration in my head. I couldn’t breathe and as I opened my mouth to breathe the lights faded away and I could see the moon, sky etc faintly with Human figures looking down at me. I was wide awake.
    It’s clear there was warring angels and spirits protecting me from evil entities sent to physically attack me by this boarder and I realised I was not safe with her having my keys so as per the warning in the dream I changed my locks after she left. I saw lots more indicating both protection on the one hand and uncanny evil on the other hand which signs like feathers etc I did not pay much attention to.

  4. Hello, while sitting out on my back porch, i saw a yellow orb in the sky during the day. I am needing help understanding what it means….

  5. One month ago (9/15) I was awakened by the video monitor we had hooked up to monitor our dying mother’s activities in her room. I opened the monitor to see she was still sound asleep. I waited a minute, wondering what might have set the monitor off when from the bottom of the screen came a slow moving gold/yellow light, looking much like a small bird without wings. I watched as it made it’s way up onto Mom’s bed, tracing the diagonal where she had the covers folded back. It then went on to trace the entire bed around the outside, down the edge and along the bottom edge. I watched for a couple of minutes & then into the screen (for lack of better words) “flew” 4 circular shaped clear to translucent spheres, looking much like bubbles (large ones) that children blow with bubble soap. They had tails like a comet & sparkly “fairy dust” trailing in the tails. I started kind of freaking out but kept very quiet, knowing this was not anything I’d ever seen before. I was in the room directly above her room. The circles spread out around the room, came in & out of the screen, & they along with the first gold/yellow light (wingless bird shaped one) flew all around her. She would mutter in her sleep & they would all rush up & crowd around her face and head. Her foot was sticking out of the covers & when it would move (she had restless leg syndrome) they’d all rush down to the foot. They were all also interested in the covers that were pulled back, tracing along the diagonal part agaian as if to “wish” the cover would be pulled up over her. I watched silently in utter abject fear & wonder, tears streaming down my face (silently, this happens when I am so scared but unable to make a sound) for 30 minutes until they all bunched together and flew out to the right, thru the closed bedroom door. I never saw them again. I kept the monitor on but also opened the laptop & for the next 2 hours I searched for info on orbs, as I’d recalled that term from long ago…I found this site. this was all on Sept. 15th, a Saturday night, taking place on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the rain forest of Ahualoa. When I found this site, I did a search for “orbs” and came up with this page & read all of the comments, noting the similarities. My mom became weaker over the next several days & would be awake at all hours, very frustrating, I’d go downstairs at 1-2-3 a.m. & say “now what?” and she would draw circles on the bed saying “circles” and “people”. She had dementia, advanced. Ten days later our nurse/caregiver came & said I needed to call hospice. Mom was no longer making sense, had lost her ability to walk, talk, bodily functions were failing, etc. Hospice came out on 9/27 & as the next several days went by, she grew weaker and finally passed away on October 10th. (4 days ago). I am certain the orbs were there to escort her home and were our long gone relatives come to take her & make the journey easier. She had been seeing her late husband particularly. I had to go home (to the Mainland) & my sister continued her care and she died 2 days after I got home. My sister was with her along with our nurse/caregiver friend and the hospice nurse, all were present, my sister told our mom it was OK to go home and that John (our step father) was there to take her, so it’s OK to go with him, and with that she took her last breath. I am now a total believer in those whom we have loved going before us and coming back to escort us beyond the veil. My mom’s obituary will be in our hometown paper next Sunday 10/21. I have been interested in hospice for almost 50 years & was instrumental in establishing a large hospice myself back in the mid 80’s & had always heard a lot of stories from our nurses but seeing those orbs surrounding my mother 25 days prior to her death truly brought it home for me.

  6. Please help me to understand, I have a figure in my right corner always that comes closer or goes back. Then glimpse of light comes. Some times figures moves or jumps

  7. Last night as I was laying down in bed to go to sleep I saw in my mind’s eye an ornate box which reminded me of a beautifully crafted decorated jewelry box with all sorts of flowers and shapes on it.
    There was a circular lock on the top of this box, I saw a strange looking tool or key open the lock, at this point I thought the box was just my imagination or the beginning of a dream but then I saw a very bright neon light come out of the now opened box, the light was perfectly circular. The light suprised me very much, it flew out of the box as if alive and conscious it knew what it was doing, this light.
    What is more difficult to describe using words is it felt like my mind almost wasn’t strong enough to percieve that, I could have given up on the vision after the strange key opened the box, I could have dismissed it as imagination but for some reason I was very curious and kept watching, I expected the vision to end there but to my amazement I saw that brilliant white light come out of the box!
    I wonder what that was, or who it was angel or human. I think it is very interesting how the experience began in a box…maybe the box is symbolic.

  8. I just moved into a new flat 2 days ago with my 2 year old son he is what I consider to be something of a rainbow or crystal child and has a strong connection to my oracle cards he carry the book everywhere with him (never forced him into a day of anything religious in my life) when he has them he becomes really calm and well behaved anyway we moved in and he pull the box out and takes the lid off and all my cards scatter across the whole bedroom and later that night when he was asleep in his bed I went in to grab the lamp as it was Dark and seen a electric blue colours looking round orb with my naked eye I stopped in my tracks to look and it was about the size of making a circle with your two hands index finger and thumb it was by my sons bed hovering over I walked out the room to get to grips with what just happened and about 5 minutes later I walked back in to see if hmit was still there and it was by the door frame now as if it was leaving both times I only seen the orb for about 5 seconds before it vanished but both times I felt something telling me to not be scared I’m wondering could this be one of my sons guardian angels or a family member checking in on him to see if he’s okay or what could the explanation of this be


  10. Late yesterday afternoon I was in the kitchen when I saw a bright yellow ball of light through my peripheral vision but when I turned fully it disappeared. This morning I received news that my sister passed last night. Her husband passed last year around the same time. Could it be him?

  11. Thank you for this information on orbs. I didn’t know what to call what I saw a couple of weeks ago. Then, without searching I ran across pictures of sacred geometry and realized what I had seen resembled metatron’s cube. I am now seeking undertanding of what it means. Any thoughts about seeing a floating metatron’s cube that had white light at each of it’s corners and something like many cyntrifical circling within? I saw it at the left bottom footside of my bed and high up near the ceiling. It wasn’t flat like all the pictures I’ve seen but instead fully 3D. It remained there for maybe 10 seconds but disappeared once I was mentally aware it live and moving. I haven’t found any info on anyone who has had that experience or similar.

  12. Late one night when I walked into my dark bedroom, I was suddenly startled
    as if I had heard an unexpected noise although I heard no noise nor did I
    see anything. Whatever caused me to react this way definitely got my
    attention and I quickly turned my head to see what it was. All I saw was
    the darkness of the night but I very strongly knew something was there and
    I wasn’t afraid of it. Whatever it was that was in the dark corner of my bedroom
    held my gaze like a strong magnet although I could see nothing but
    darkness. However, as I kept looking, bright stars suddenly began to form
    and they arranged themselves in a cascading umbrella shape. The stars at
    the top were larger and became smaller as they cascaded down. Then, under
    the cascade of stars, a blue orb formed and it was fairly large. The blue
    orb was not intensely bright like the stars, but it was a soft velvet blue
    with a bit of rose/pink toward the lower half. As I viewed this, I felt
    tremendous peace like I have never known before and this feeling of peace
    was so intense that I was aware of nothing else. The beauty was
    mesmerizing. Then, just as this had formed out of the darkness, it went
    back into the darkness as if it had been swooshed away. I was left with
    the feeling that everything would be OK. This experience still feels very
    real to me.

    1. Wow VeggieNut I had an experience like yours. I have been searching for an answer since February 2017. Your description has helped me to describe mine better. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. I’m not. I have had a lot of very weird experiences in my life, I am 51 yrs old. Your cascading bright stars have been seen by myself. I had described them as noiseless upside down 4th of July Sparklers, a group of 3 bouquets of stars formed above me in a triangle. It started with one group of stars above me to the right, then another group to the left, then one behind me. It last about 40 seconds, I was fully awake! it was about 9pm in the living room. My Dad had dad months before, I had wondered if it was him with his mom and dad. Or my spirit guides? Whatever it was I felt PURE JOY and HAPPINESS…Just like you I felt everything would be okay. I went through some hard things before and after, but I held onto that feeling of the (cascading stars/upside down sparklers). I have no doubts now about faith. thank you for sharing your story VeggieNut, it is the only one I could find that was so much like mine. Peace Love and Light

      1. I’m glad that I’m not alone in seeing things like this. I know it was real although it may sound crazy to other people and I too, have had other experiences in my life. I am 68 years old. Back in 1994, I saw a future event that was going to take place in my own life but I didn’t understand the meaning of this vision until it happened. I had no clue that I was seeing the future.
        Some months before I experienced this vision, I lost a very special kitty named Tippy and I just couldn’t seem to get over the grief of her loss. Then, one day while I was filling the doggies water pot, I had a very brief vision of a black and yellow kitten running toward me right between my two German Shepherds straight to me. I mean, this vision was in living color and in full motion just like it was really happening. Some weeks later, I had the same vision while I was once again filling the water dish for the dogs only this time, the name “Molly” was added in big, bold letters at the end of the vision. I still did not know that I was seeing the future. Then, some time later when I was once again filling the water dish and standing in the same spot with my two Shepherds, my vision became reality. A fuzzy black and yellow kitten ran straight toward me right between my two German Shepherds and into my waiting arms! Welcome home Molly! It turned out that Molly was very much like Tippy who I had lost and was still grieving over. They looked very much alike and they had the same personality traits with many of the same annoying habits. It was like I had Tippy back and my grief was finally alleviated. Molly passed at age 17 years which was the same age of Tippy when she passed.
        I have an INFP personality type which I’ve read tend to have psychic/supernatural experiences more than other personality types.

  13. Early Saturday morning I opened my eyes and in the centre of my room was a very tall, to the ceiling white light manifestation, shaped kind of oblong but not symmetrical with small white light circles or spheres surrounded the edge. I shut my eyes thinking that isn’t a ghost, it’s an angel. I eventually opened my eyes again and it was still there. I closed my eyes again, pretending to be a sleep. I didn’t feel frightened but uncertain. I opened my eyes a third time and it had disappeared. I’m struggling with serious anxiety issues and had an event that morning, which incredibly I was completely calm for. What I’m asking is do angels manifest this way? Thank you in advance

  14. Hi Melanie,
    The other day I was babysitting and I put the bin out and a white light ran at me then when I turned around it ran past me. I then ran upstairs and saw a raven watching me. Any ideas what this could be this is not my first time seeing things from the other side. I have seen a ghosts but the difference was it looks like a person not a white light.

  15. I saw a bright golden round ball of light reflected on my home. It was moving around the surface and eventually disappeared.I thought it might be a reflection of sunlightbut this wasn’t possible especially as it was moving .Can you explain?

  16. Hi,

    I was going to email you a few pictures of Angels we saw standing in our hallway through a camera after we saw with our eyes a big block of light came through our bedroom and was bright on our back wall. I do not see a way to attach photos, so if interested in seeing them, please feel free to email me and I will forward them over.

  17. I have hundreds of orbs around me everywhere I go… every video I take they fly around me. I don’t understand it. But I can’t pick up my phone and video without them being in the video.. but I love it!

  18. I didn’t see an orb in a photo . I watched a ball of white light slowly horizontally travel towards me from about 80yards away and land gently in the grass at my feet before quickly going out as if a switch was flipped. I’m not on drugs this was not a flare and in the absence of mental illness I’d love to hear input from anyone that might be able to help me understand what it was. I have my own ideas I’m curious what other people in the know may have to add

    1. I saw 3 white bright orbs in a weeks time. 2 that were about light pole height that flew horizontally past me and disappeared. On the last one a couple days later I saw the same orb of bright light above a tree and it shot straight down a d disappeared. My old house about 4 months ago. I lost my dog Brownie. Then my moms dog passed. Within 2 months. This sigh thing was after the losses. I still think about what it was. Thanks

  19. Hi Melanie,
    I’m looking for guidance. A couple months ago I took some pictures of my daughter at the pool. Later that evening I was looking at them and saw a blue orb of light in a couple of the pictures. I figured it was my grandmother protecting my daughter.
    Then, last night, my daughter came into our room and was laying in bed, and said that she saw little circles of light on the ceiling. I didn’t see them. She said they were blue and red and purple. She’s never said anything like this before, and it got me thinking about the pictures I took. Could these be guardian angels she’s seeing?

  20. i had just sat down on my couch and this small beautiful white little Angel flew out in front of me
    I just sat there watching as it flew into my hallway and vanished.

  21. I’m going through a relationship betrayal and ending and I’ve seen a 5 or 6 inch oval shaped royal blue light today over by the conservatory door. From reading I believe this is either Archangel Michael or Zadkiel – giving me strength and courage to move on from past events. I’m not sure if the message is to stay or go in the relationship but it’s still helpful. How you would intuit this light? xx

  22. Hello, I am reaching out in hopes of assistance. I have always felt different in spiritual ways, like I am here to help others and lately I have been experiencing a type of spiritual awakening. I believe I have had an angel or spirit guide visit me in my dream. I believe a light entity has been attempting to send me messages, I have meditated and asked spirit to send me signs of any messages they need me to understand. And within this past week, especially within the past few days, I have seen a blue orb….the first time I saw it I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and the orb bounced around in the sky and near the ground where I was almost as if it was being playful or trying to tell me something. I have sat outside every night so I can see he or she, because I feel as if a message is trying to be sent and I don’t quite understand it yet… I have multiple videos I have recorded of the past 3 nights of what I believe to be the same spirit orb. Last night though, the spirit not only presented itself to me within one light orb but a smaller one as well, which seemed to follow the bigger, brighter one around.

  23. Today is the second time that I experienced orbs. It was at one am that I was awakened. I saw a bright light in the hall. The light was moving around the ceiling. The light was a gold star that continued moving around in a circle. Then after about a minute another orb appeared. The second orb entered into the bedroom. The second orb was a silver star that was moving around the ceiling. After about a minute the orbs vanished from sight. I felt a calm with seeing the orbs in our house. My mother had passed away on January 7th, 2017. I believe that this was my parents visiting me and telling me that everything was great in heaven. I had a sign of great peace when the orbs danced away from sight.

  24. The orbs I see are like bubbles with metallic spikes in the center that shape shift. Sparkly. They appeared during very sad times for me. I watched as it moved from my doorway to hovering over my head. It seemed completely normal and nothing but pure peace and calm was present within. I fell asleep. When I awoke I realized what I had seen, but while it happened, it was like someone I love and feel comfortable with entered my room. It was then that I heard the name “Jude” I was pregnant during that one and named him Jude. <3

  25. Hi There, really hoping someone can help me here. Had a phenominal spiritual experience Friday night. Lieing on my sofa watching tv and subconsiously thought about how i would handle a fire in the house. We recently moved home to Scotand and live rural meaning emergency services would struggle to find us quickly. I honestly dont know why i began to think about how i would handle a fire it just happened. Low and behold we had a house fire about and hour afterwards. I was in the house with my sister n law and our 4 kids. My husband was out and my sister made her way outside with the kids. Usually i am am absolutely useless in emergency situations but this time i wasnt. I managed to fight the fire and put it out. Everyone was fine although i did end up in hospital as whilst running between the dining room and kitchen collecting huge pans of water i kept falling. I am 8 1/2 pregnant so as you can imagine the falling wasnt too good. But again everyone is ok! So i got out of hospital and was lieing in bed trying to sleep but as you can imagine sleeping was hard. A purple orb appeared behind the back of my eyelids. It floated about a bit before coming closer and closer and then changing into a purple figue type thing with wings. I know i wasnt dreaming and i know i wasnt in a semi consious state as i would be had i been trying to induce lucid dreams. This was fully consious, fully aware of my surroundings and thoughts. The winged entity flew about the back of my eyes lids a bit and then i opened my eyes. I felt amazing, it was an amazing experience. Can anyone explain any of my experience to me? Cheers Gemma x

    1. Mine are bright white-ish yellow. Sometimes mine come in multiples. I can totally relate to how yours made you feel. I like to watch them move about. Some people have said it’s just blood vessels and light. But it’s not that for me. They are mystical and calming. Almost like a kaleidoscope of angels drifting about dancing with my energy.

  26. I was warching TV in a chair next to my bed. I kept noticing my blanket moving at the corner of my eye. I just thought it was my dog in my bed he is very small and goes under the blanket movies around so at that point I think it’s normal I look over directly at the bed and realize my dog was actually still in his dog house in my other room and at that moment I saw a clear (see through) figure move slowly from under my blanket bending over the edge of my bed and slowly creep under a table out of view. It had distinct edges about 2 foot long and two inches high although see through it had a blue tint and resembled water. Other times when my dog was in the other room in his house I was laying in bed and felt tickle on my back like my dog does but i know he has in the other room un his house. i know because his house has a door which requires me to open to let him out. Based on all my research I think it’s my dogs energy or Ora out of his cage while he’s still physically inside that’s my best guess

  27. Last night while watching A.D. The Bible Continues, I saw a white light orb above my husband’s head. The only way I can think to describe it was like a ornament with smooth white light with a golden glow. Around the orb were two silver rings that intertwined. I only saw it for a moment before it was gone but it definitely left an impression! I can see it clearly in my mind still. Tonight at bedtime our 2 1/2 year old daughter announced that she saw the same light over DaDa last night and told us what it looked like. She mentioned that she had seen this same light in her Grammy’s yard when she looked out a window and that it had a trumpet. We don’t know what to think. My husband gets Migraines and was getting over one at the time the light orb appeared. Could it have been an angel bringing healing? We would love to know if anyone else has seen anything that resembles this orb.

    1. Hi I see orbs almost every night , some white , also orange streaks But some months ago , the front of my body lighted up . The light moved along the bedroom and all I could see was a massive blue orb . Moving along the bed , and disappeared. At that time I was waiting for a operation on my shoulder. Few days later all the pain had gone. I cancelled the operation. The doctors are baffled . I feel I was healed bye the orb . God bless them . Jean

  28. I have a question, if you don’t mind me asking. I’ve been seeing what I think have been orbs for almost a year now but I’m confused whether it’s just my brain playing tricks on me. You see it’s because when ever I see the orbs, and try to look at them directly they ‘jump’ away from my vision. So for example, if I see an ‘orb’ in the mid left field of my vision and then I try to look at it the ‘orb’ jumps more to what is now my new mid left field of vision. I’m quite confused because I don’t know if it’s just my brain and eyes, like a neurological problem or it is something else. I also have somthing called visual snow, and I see ‘snow’ or ‘static’ wherever I look, even when my eyes are closed. Am I seeing energy or is it again another brain and visual cortex neutological symptom. I’m very confuzzeled. Thanks so much, I really hope you’ll be able to reply as soon as you can, because I’m really confused. Thanks.

  29. I have a lot of your books and your cards and love them. I see white and gold sparkles and I see colbalt blue lights. I see them with my eyes open. Sometimes they are large, most of the time they are small. Am I seeing angels

  30. When I was around 12-14 years old, I had witnessed for the first and only time in my life an orb. It was a bright white and about the size of a dime. I was laying in bed and it appeared to my left, just hovering about slowly. I had no idea what to think of it so honestly I just ran right out of the room scared and baffled at what I had just seen. I know to this day out of all the research I have done on orbs many people believe them to be angelic of sorts like a guardian angel. Although because I have no proof or evidence of such claims I still wonder what they are. I have many theories on these kinds of things experienced in life, whether they are some sort of spiritual aura, possibly a ghost in a sense (bad or good I’m not sure so it’s still unnerving), or maybe even some sort of extra terrestrial life/technology, etc. I’m not one to be so gullible as to believe in anything without truly trying to understand it, therefore I do not know whether or not ghosts actually exist or not. Or an afterlife at all for that matter. Same goes for some sort of angelic beings that may present themselves in that form of a presence. I’m sure in this massive universe and beyond there is alien life out there but who knows whether or not that’s what these orbs are. Maybe they’re really are many different kinds of orbs. I’ve seen plenty of videos and photos depicting these orbs or other types of lights in the sky that often move fast and sporadically in odd formations and usually just last long enough to move in their patterns before disappearing. I’m sure most of these sightings are very real although many accounts of these unknown things are simply dust particles and moisture in the air on the lens of a camera of course. For me what I saw wasn’t through any lens though it was with my naked eye in person so it was different for me. Maybe I did see it with my so called minds eye (pineal gland) and maybe it was some sort of vibrational energy I was giving off. Maybe it had nothing to do with me, I’m not sure but I know what I saw, I just don’t know exactly what I saw if you know what I mean. So I’m still on a journey to try and figure it out although I may never know, many people have their theories as I’m not alone in this. It is very real whatever it is and honestly it may be a very easily explainable phenomenon. Such as a natural part of science, like physics that we just haven’t been able to study enough or understand yet. Whatever it is, one thing I’m certain of like all the other unknown great questions of life and such is that I don’t believe we truly know what all of it really is or means. I’ve never seen it in person since then, again I was relatively young and frightened for I didn’t understand what it was. I hope to reveal the truth of it all some day and give my minds eye a rest for it is set on discovering exactly that. The truth. I’m not religious nor am I one to give into so many questionable beliefs as do the many other susceptible minds I know. Although as far as an afterlife goes and beings therein lies such as ghosts, spiritual beings, etc. I know that life is simply energy which what we consider our souls to be, or our life forces if you will. And according to the law of conservation of energy, energy is never created nor destroyed therefore our energy does live on in a sense whether it belongs to a collective consciousness or not or possibly isn’t what we really believe our individual selves to be in all reality such as our thoughts, memories, feelings, etc. What I’m getting at though is I have a fairly positive feeling that these orbs could very well be some sort of spiritual essence or possibly otherworldly matter. All in all I just don’t know…yet. Let’s find out.

  31. I live in a basement full of orbs. It is unbelievable the amount of them in the room we refer to the furnace room. Some of these orbs appear to come straight out of the floor. I’ve seen all different sizes and have seen orange and yellow orbs. Some of the bigger orbs appear to have some blue and/or purple. In one 4 minute video I counted 189 orbs. Why would so many be in one place? Do you think it is maybe a gateway of some sort?

  32. I wish I had my photo album we lost it after my accident I never new about orbs when me and my brothers took the pitchers when we used to go fishing the orbs in a lot of the pitchers was increadabel when we leaned about orbs so meney of the pitchers had so meney orbs they where at night I will never forget them. Thanks so much Kevin

  33. I have set up a security camera because of break ins. When reviewing footage, I have caught orbs on 3 separate occasions. This is while I am not home. I have 9 cats and a dog in the home and you can clearly see them on the video but they are not disturbed in any way. I have lived there 1.5 years. Just before purchasing the camera, I witnessed my toilet paper unroll its self in front of me. This has never happened before. Now I am seeing these orbs. I can only believe they are angels or I am moving! LOL! Id be more than happy to show you the videos. There are 5 on one, 6 on one and 3 on one.

  34. One day I was taking pictures of my self so that I could send then to a guy I liked. He is the one that mentioned it to me about the light, orb or what ever it was in all my pictures. It actually looked like I have a white light completely around my head and it is like the sun, by that I mean it isn’t like it just had like a sharp edge when it stopped. By the sun I mean it was like rays or something. But it was in multiple pictures I took that day. I took them by my self and holding my yorkie. And that bright white light was the there in every picture. I my self had no clue to what it was or didn’t even really pay attention until he said something to me. I believe in god, so I don’t know what this could truly be. I know that God has been with me many of times and even has spoken to me. Yes I’m sure there will be people that will think that I am nuts or something but that is there opinion. But I know and god knows and that is all that matters. I wish I knew how to Send a picture of these pictures. I know the Bible speaks against tarot but I did go and have reading done in 2015 and the lady said I was very close with god, spirit. And that my daughter and I brought in many people with us. She told me I have a gift but I’m scared to use it. Then a friend and I went to one the end of 2015 and she also told me I am very close to god, spirit. I did tell her that I know and that he has not only spoke to me but has been with me many of times. I am confused because the Bible speaks of tarot or as in not knowing the future as in not to mess with it. But then why would he speak to me. Why would he tell me things and then they come true. Why would he let me dream things and something scare me out of my sleep and it come true and if I truly understood what I was seeing I could have prevented something from happening. But even though it was bad as it was, she pulled through and the Dr’s were amazed and it wasn’t short of being a miracle. I don’t know , I wish I had answers but I dont. If anyone might be able to help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and god bless.

  35. One day i was looking in the Sun more that i usual do that. So when i closed my eyes i saw something violet balls in the air. When i opened my eyea again i realized that something was there , At first i was thinking maybe i have eyes problems but this One that i began to see was playing in the air.
    I didn’t knew what happend to me so i was asking people but they said me maybe i am a little bit “crazy”, how can i see things that the others cannot see.
    So I start to search in internet what is this “ball” with powerful colors inside that i see. So i found out that this is a Orb , but this is a very special One.
    His changing his colors , sometimes has green with violet, sometimes hast blue colors , and sometimes becomes like something electric is inside of him.
    he is always with me, in every direction that i look between me and that thing , he is always there.
    And when i am sad or angry or i don’t fell good at all, he started to play in the air and in that moments i forget about everything. Is something like meditation.
    At the moment he is my best friend 🙂 i am so happy that he is always with me. And i can see him with naked eyes and also when i close my eyes. That is very nice ☺
    sorry for my english

  36. I have had many instances in my life with seeing spiritual things…..but the orbs. I have a video recording of my daughter playing her keyboard and while she is singing an orb of light comes out of her lower back and flies towards me but shoots up to the ceiling. And 2 years ago, I was raped. While I was praying (I am a Christian) and crying uncontrollable….an orb of light a little bit bigger than a basketball came through my ceiling towards me. But I freaked and immediately said “God,I’m not ready.” And it was gone. So I thought. Though I could no longer see the light….it was there. As I shook off my fear of the presence of this orb, I continued praying. Half a minute back into prayer, I felt what felt was like an arm embrace me from behind as this arm was on my back as if to give me a hug for I was in pain. I still couldn’t handle even that and ran to my couch and apologized for not being able to handle such things. 🙁

  37. I have photographed orbs for the past five years. I have one truly intricate orb that I feel and have been told is Mother Mary. Currently, I have nightly Orb action on video on my iPhone. For the most part, they are extremely fast moving and difficult to capture in stills. They are always white. Not sure if they are angels or created from chakras. The phenomena or the fast moving orbs started in August and began when I asked a nonverbal autistic friend to bring them in. A week later, I asked him to have his friend Jesus assist him in bringing in the angels. The speed was particularly frenzied before the red moon. My non verbal friend had been raising his shirt and putting his hand on his solar plexus of late, which made me wonder if they were chakra orientated. They also appear now when he is not here. Just curious???

  38. Good Morning,
    I just videotaped my cat, she was in the kitchen and there are fast moving lights that she’s trying to catch. Do you think it was orbs? Is there a way I can send you the video?

  39. I have been seeing orbs for the last few years and have learned how to contact them and “summon” them whenever I desire. They show up nearly every time and I am now seeing them (with my naked eyes) nearly every night. I have also photographed them. I get an overwhelming sense of love and comfort whenever they are present. I don’t what or who they are but they are real and they respond to thought commands. A few weeks ago, whilst outside, a bright white orb in the night sky kept following me about. It changed direction when I did and kept on track with me. When I went home it followed me and stayed above my house while I went inside! At first, I thought I was seeing UFOs (which I have also seen and “summoned”) but these orbs are different. There’s something deep, mysterious and profound about them but they are also very beautiful.

  40. Thank you for this posting forum on orbs. I have several photos of when i purchased a new home. Not knowing anything about this place other than it felt right, and there was an overwhelming sense of peace and welcoming when i first entered. I asked my brother to come over to check it out with me and took pix in each room. The one of him in front of the gas fireplace had tons of orbs all over the front of his black t-shirt and around the fireplace opening. In the guest room there were orbs at the corners of the room. Those were the only two pix with orbs out of the whole house. I continue to love living here after almost 7yrs, and consider it a house of peace and love.

  41. I see orbs in front of the stars at night. I have been noticing them for about 1.5 yrs. now. Sometimes they are about 100-200 ft. from the ground and sometimes they are closer. Why are they there? Are they watchers? Are they there for me?

  42. i set up a Foscan camera in my basement to figure out which one of our cats
    was missing the litter box. the camera has motion detection and is infrared.
    the basement is pitch black, we have recorded over a dozen video’s of Orbs racing
    around the area that we use as a gym. have not heard any noises but these things
    set off the motion in the camera over and over. they are all white and some brighter than others. my son who’s playroom is down next to the gym is terrified.
    I have the video’s if you would like a look. any advice? should we be concerned ?
    we built the house 30 years ago on farm land, shouldn’t be any past problems. thanks

  43. Great site you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get feedback from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

      1. My daughter was 31 and past away over a year ago,used to tell me she saw an orb? I never understood what it was and didn’t want to inquired because it felt unnatural…last week I was driving aroung 7 am to go hiking to runyon canyon on the 10 freeway y I noticed clear sky, small clod with a dark side in the center of the dark it was this bright light, I thought it was a reflection of the sun hitting a plane going coming to lax, and I will see past the cloud, which was small, the bright light turned into a circle…I brilliant light circle…I wanted to stop to take picture but I was on the freeway and wanted to keep on eye on it…but suddently disappeared? when I got back home I was puzzled
        and all day I was nervous and out of it…thinking what was it?????????

  44. I have a tiny bright light that flies around in front of me. I notice it when taking videos or pictures. I thought it was dust but it is only one and it appears all too frequently. Just yesterday it appeared as a streak of light across a picture I took of my daughter. I took the exact picture again with no orb. It is very tiny and by all appearances flies quickly in and out of view but never leaves me. Multiple videos, pictures and persons have viewed this. I am not afraid of it at all.

  45. I was happy to find your article. There have been many times through my life I believe to have experienced Angels. Dreams, photos of orbs that may or may not actually be…my Mom’s perfume is my favorite…always in the places she would have like to be with me…xo,
    OK…well one month ago while in Fire Island NY I was sitting out on the deck early in the morning and was thinking of my family…saying little prayers and was rendered breathless when a round ball of golden light appeared across the walk and moved slowly then faster past me till it vanished with a tail of light. This path takes you from the ocean to the bay….and the light was moving from ocean to bay about 4-5 feet from the ground. This vision made me feel as if I was in the presence of an Angel and brought me to tears.
    Thank you for giving me a place to share this.

  46. I have seen orbs many many times … With my own “EYES”, Very beautiful Golden Yellow…Some are Blue violet but I have seen them in all splendor and brightness … I have no idea what they are .. Perhaps, they are attracted to a persons Spiritual Energy ….

  47. I remember seeing a group of orbs when I was a child, at dawn… The colour was a sort of “electric” deep sky blue (like the colour of burning gas from the hob in the kitchen) but they were also sort of see-through like soap bubble: they were floating in the air, spinning.

    It is a clear memory that has stayed with me for years, although I never inquire what they could be: I just thought they were some sort of scientific phenomenon…

    Today, I still don’t know what they were: when I research the word “orb” on the internet, I seem to only find articles about orbs in photographs, or anyway different from what was my experience…

    Has any of you experienced anything similar, or heard of anything similar? I’d appreciate any info!

    Thank you Melanie for this topic!

  48. I have been able to take photographs of orbs or what I have thought to be souls for most of my life. I didn’t know what they were but felt they were angels watching over me. At first I was told it was probably problems with the cameras, (I have used many.) Film companies would get a hold of me asking where pictures were taken, and what type of camera I was using. Then I was told it was reflections, then I was told it possibly could be dust particles. What eliminates the dust is in previous photographs just before or after they do not appear. I have had the experience of having 2-3 in a photo, and as many and 50-100 in a photo of all different sizes. While a student at ASU in an American Folklore class, I took my photos in a historic town with recordings of sound. When my soul/spirit/angel orbs appear, time stops for me. I have believe I am channeling as people tell me their history, I have been able to fill in the gaps with important. My semester project was about the myth or reality of a old west town in that state flurting with the idea what was keeping it alive the historical value of the city, or was it the souls/spirits/angels that occupied the space. ASU HIstorical department and parapsychological department tried to confinscate my videos, my tape recordings and my paperwork. I was able to prevent them from doing it. A doctor at main campus wanted to include my findings in his book. My only requirement was that I be mentioned in the forward of the book as providing pictorial/video recordings. He refused, so I also did also. I didn’t want him to change content of materials I collected, he stated my work belonged to ASU. This was just before Ghost Hunters came out. I was told I was not supportive. I gave them a written copy of my report, held on to my audio and visual. I didn’t want them to take the information learned out of context. I have many gifts, and I keep it to myself as growing up I was ridiculed and continually harassed for making up stories, but they always came to pass.
    As for Angels, I have believed in them all my life. At age 4 had a near death experience and an angel rescued me from drowning, saying I had many things to do, it was not my time………
    I have been wanting to open this door and honor this calling but I am not sure where to begin. Since age 5 when afraid, and alone I have asked St. Gabriel and St. Michael to stand at the head of my bed, and St Gabriel to protect me in the night from any bad/unkind spirits that would harm me in the night. I have asked for their light to surround me in my home and prevent this from happening. When I feel there presence, I then fall asleep.
    I dream and have telepathic contact, while I sleep. I and shown dreams of past, present and future. Of people I know, and of people I have never met places I have never been. I am an observer in this dream state, watching events taking place……It is a gift and a burden at times. I have used it to help find lost family members of people I know and I have never met. And have given important messages from angels who have passed on this earth.
    I have enjoyed reading your information. Much of what you write is what I have felt/known intuitively for a very long time……

  49. Hello ! I have some months, more then i can remember, since i am seeing orbs of light! I see mostly white orbs but i also see golden orbs sometimes ! It’s fun because i did not even think about them, i even really did not know about them too much before they appeared in my life, but i do have them in my life ! I must say that i do love angels and since like a year ago(since i discovered my beloved AA Michael) i began to see his blue light like everyday around me(flashes, lines, orbs) and after a while i began to see white and golden orbs….but for years i was seeing flashes/lines of different lights around me, but i never associated them with angels…so, how cool is that :)…and thank u angels 🙂

  50. Thanks for your articles. Very interesting. I have always been amazed by orbs.
    I oftn see a cobalt blue orb that just comes n goes in a second.Perhaps u cld tell me abt this orb that suddenly appears n then vanishes. I always thank it but it wld be wonderful to know abt it. Sometimes i do see white orbs as well- like a twinkle. Its awesome. Thank you my dear

  51. I totally believe that orbs can be passed family members appearing so we know they are still with us even though not every one else does believe. Through out the time my 5 siblings & I spent together at a family reunion a year ago I mentioned numerous times that our parents were with us. My older sister kept constantly denying any such thing. On the last evening we spent together there was a picture taken of the 6 of us siblings by the beach. Well lo & behold there is beautiful orb above my head which I know is my mom who I knew was with us at that time & is constantly with me now. I love being a believer!!!

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