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What Are Orbs?

orbsOrbs are essentially energetic spheres of light. You may have noticed them appearing in your photos, seen them during meditation, or you may caught a glimpse of them through your minds eye or with you peripheral vision.

Orbs are typically round, though they can also appear as streaks of light, or other geometric shapes. Sometimes they're transparent, and other times they contain color, an intricate geometric pattern, or even a face within the light sphere.

They are one of the many different signs your angels can use to connect and communicate with you.

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Orb Photography

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Lets first talk about orbs appearing in photographs. People often send me interesting photos they have taken in which orbs have appeared, and they are wondering if they are signs from the angels or angels themselves. Honestly, some of the orbs in these photographs are simply dust particles, or moisture particles in the air…  Sometimes, the orbs are energetic, and they are representative of the energy broadcast out from a persons chakras.

Other times, the orbs are absolutely the energy signatures of angelic or spiritual beings

Types of Orbs

Melanie BecklerOrbs of energy, are orbs that appear which directly correlate to a persons vibrational state of being. These orbs typically manifest near one of the main chakra energy centers. These energetic orbs manifest through feelings of love, positive energy, joyful feelings, and a high vibrational frequency. This type of orb will usually appear near, or in front of the corresponding chakra associated with the feeling. The picture of me meditating on the right is a good example of this type of energy orb.

Every energetic orb correlates with a specific vibrational energy. Some energetic orbs contain the energy of healing, love, tranquility, peace, and others passion, joy, or enlightenment. Some orbs represent open doorways to other realms, or the activation of consciousness to a new level.

Each of these types of energetic orbs are consciously or unconsciously called in by the Self, made up of mind, body, and spirit…

Angel Orbs

Orbs also appear, as a manifestation of the high vibrational energy signature of Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spiritual Beings…

Let's lump these all-together and call them Angel Orbs. While Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides aren't technically angels, they are beautiful beings of light who are quite angelic!

Angel Orbs are typically larger and more vibrant looking than the orbs corresponding with the energy of a person's chakras, feelings, and state of being. This makes sense when you think of the Angel Orbs as being the energetic signature, the aura, and frequency of these spiritual beings from the higher planes of existence. They are vibrating with higher levels of love and light, and so their energy appears as orbs which are especially vibrant.

Orb of LightSometimes angel orbs may be the spirits of your ancestors, and people who once lived lives on Earth, and who are now continuing their journey of soul growth from the spiritual realms.

But most often, angel orbs which are seen in the physical, or manifest in a photograph, are very high vibrational beings like the Angels, Ascended Masters, and advanced Spirit Guides of Love and Light.

There is a great deal of variety in the purposes, missions, and work of beings in the realms of spirit, so the specific purpose of the presence of beings when Angel Orbs appear will tend to vary.

In the grand scheme of things, when ‘Angel Orbs' are present around a person, are visible in a specific location, or manifest in a group setting, it's a sign of the healing, guidance, protection and assistance of these high vibrational spiritual beings.

In addition to seeing the energetic signature of angels in the form of orbs, tune into your other senses to feel, know, experience, and  validate the presence of your angels.

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With love and light,
Melanie Beckler

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