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23 Undeniable Angel Signs – How to Know If Angels Are Really With You

Top Angel Signs You Might Be Experiencing!

Angel signs are the signals and omens that signify the presence of angels in your life. Angels are very real, but they are spiritual beings who exist within a different frequency band when compared to humans and so despite their sending us clear messages, and even warning signs… We don't always get the message.

This is why the angels use signs!

It's to get your attention!

Increasing your present moment awareness of the angels is one of the best ways to start tuning their guidance, especially in the moment when you've received a sign of their presence. The more you build up receptivity and awareness of angelic energy, the more you're then able to receive their frequency transmissions, angel warning signs, and message when you most need.

In addition to receiving signs from the angels, angelic guidance of course can and does come in directly the form of channeled messages, through dreams, spiritual downloads, epiphanies and by directly receiving insight… You may receive flashes of inspiration, learn from your angels during meditation, or see and perceive the angels profoundly through your subtle psychic senses.

Guidance from the angels also comes in more subtly, and in many cases when we “miss” receiving the messages angels are attempting to convey, they will use signs and leave clues and hints which serve to nudge us in the right direction and remind us of their support and presence.

When you receive a sign, there's almost always something deeper behind it and signs often come in hand in hand with receiving a flash of inspiration, a message, or getting an aha of understanding and recognition about what will now serve and support you in your life to manifest positive changes and blessings in your life.

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What Are The Signs Of A Guardian Angel?

Signs are all around and can come in a variety of ways depending on your current challenges, next steps, or on the questions you've asked.

Your guardian angels know you, and so they know which signs will capture your awareness, and what items contain personal meaning and significance for you. They can then use these things to help guide your next steps…

Although you've probably already heard and been told some of the common angel signs, its important to know that your guardian angels may use any number of signs and synchronicity to get your attention. I am going to share some of the most frequently encountered signs for you here… But just because I don't mention something below, doesn't mean your angels won't use it as a sign for you. Again, they know you and know what signs and symbols for you will hold significance.

While some of these signs of angels that you will receive may seem small or even seemingly insignificant at first, when focused on, acknowledged and appreciated, the impact and frequency of the signs will likely increase.

Additionally, becoming increasingly aware in the moment that you notice signs of angels, often allows you to more deeply understand the significance and to also then open to the deeper messages and wisdom your guardian angels want to communicate with you.

Learn more about the specific signs from your guardian angel here >> 

Common Angel Signs and Symbols



I've compiled this list of the most common signs from the angels. These signs may be from archangels, guardian angels, or from other angelic beings. All of these signs can come in as a validation or answer to a question you may have asked. Alternately signs may also appear to remind you that you have angels guiding and supporting you in your life, and that they're ready and willing to help you in your life and on your path.

Curious about the most undeniable signs? Click Here!

When you notice a sign that may be from an angel… Breathe, be aware, and thank your angels for reaching out with their love and guidance. As you relax, and tune into the signs from angels, practicing present moment awareness and allowing, you can then become more in sync with your angels, and more open and receptive to the peace, guidance and assistance they have for you.

23 Undeniable Signs of Angels!

Angel signs are the signals, clues and omens that signify the presence of angels in your life. Feathers

Finding feathers on your path is one of the more commonly known signs of the angels. Feathers of any color are a beautiful reminder that your angels are near, loving and supporting you from behind the scenes. When you find feathers in a place which is somewhat abnormal, it is an especially powerful angelic sign. When you find white feathers they're almost always a sign from your angel…

  • Even when you're in a place where white birds are present, a white feather can still be a beautiful reminder of angelic presence in your life.


A sensation of warmth and a flush or rush of warm light energy is a clear sign of angels! When a nonphysical spiritual being begins to move their energy down into material reality, they move through layers of the etheric life force energy in order to manifest. And the first layer of energy that they move through is the warmth ether. And so this is why when an incredibly light and high and advanced spiritual being like an angel is reaching out to you, their presence can be felt as warmth. This may feel to you like the temperature of the room around you is being turned up, or you may simply out of nowhere in your meditation, when you're sitting there journaling feel this warmth, and rise of warmth within you, this is a clear sign of the presence of angels.

Tingling Sensation on Your Skin

In addition to feeling warmth, angelic energy often feels like gentle tingles on the surface of your skin. This is a positive feeling, although it may feel a bit strange. It happens when your vibration begins to raise due to being in the presence of an angel!

  • This tingling sensation is a clear angel sign and may accompany other signs to bring further validation of the presence of angels!

Flickering Lights

Angelic energy is powerful! And so when you're in the presence of angels, the actual lighting around you may show signs of this increase of energy. This angel sign could take the form of the lights around you (like a lamp in your room) flickering. It may also take the form of a light turning itself on with no clear reason for why that should have happened (other than a paranormal reason of course). When an angel directs their awareness towards you, that awareness carries an almost electrical energy, which is why electrical devices like lighting acting a little weird is a clear sign!

  • Flickering Lights can be a clear validation of the presence of angels, as it is one of the top signs of an angel watching over you.

A Gentle Breeze

Feeling a gentle breeze or the movement of air around you without it having a physical causation is another undeniable angel sign. The cause of this movement of the air is the angelic being creating it! This will sometimes happen to me when I'm sitting in a room meditating and it's perfectly calm and still, and I'm connecting with the angels and seeing them moving around me through my inner vision, and then there's also a tangible sensation of movement in the air. This angel sign happens through the sensation of feeling and it is a paranormal movement where you're in a room, it's not drafty, and yet there is a warm draft of energy moving through as angelic energy moves towards you.


One of the most obvious of angel signs that happens through the clouds, is when you see a cloud that looks just like an angel. Your guardian angel may also drawn your awareness towards certain clouds that look like hearts, as well as many other shapes and symbols to offer guidance and validation for you, and to draw your awareness to their presence.

  • Angel clouds may look like an angel, or be in the form of another symbol that has meaning and significance for you.

Lovely Scents

Have you ever noticed a lovely sweet scent and been unable to identify the source? This very well may be a sign from your angels! Angels often love to make their presence known through the power of scent. You may notice the presence of your Guardian Angel through a lovely rich and minty chocolatey smell, or the nearness of the Archangels through the sweet subtle scent of flowers.

Scent is a commonly used sign from your ancestors or loved ones who have crossed over as well… Do you smell your grandmothers perfume and sense her near? Odds are very high that her spirit is right there with you.

  • Do you smell something awful? This is NOT a sign from your angels!
  • The scents that appear as signs from the angels are lovely.

Babies and Pets

Babies and animals have not yet taken on many of the filters which can block people's ability to clearly see the angels. Have you ever noticed babies looking up smiling at the ceiling, or excitedly gazing into the air, or at a blank spot on the wall? They may be looking at an angel!

Or perhaps you've noticed times where your pets' focus is entirely captured by something you seem unable to see…

  • This is especially common with cats!

When this happens, its a sign of angelic presence, and chances are that your pet or baby is angel watching! In the presence of angels babies, small children, and animals will be at ease, comforted… and excited.


I have met several people whose first sign of the angels was when they started to hear angelic music and singing originating from outside the material world. Angels may also communicate with you through recurring songs you hear on the radio. Or by causing you to hear a series of songs, all with a very similar theme. Angels often send messages through music, whether it is through a song which just starts playing in your mind, hearing peaceful tranquil music when meditating, or continuing to hear a certain song on the radio… Be mindful of the guidance which comes to you through music, especially when you wake up with a song in your head which answers a question you've had as this is often an angel sign and a signal that you've had angel visits at night.


Finding coins, on your path or finding currency in general, is a common sign of guidance and support from the realms of spirit. If you find a coin on your path, or perhaps someone gives you a coin, pay attention! Does the date on the coin hold any meaning for you? Have you asked for financial help from your angels? What were you thinking about right before you noticed the coin? When you understand that coins are commonly used signs from your angels, and also from deceased loved one… You'll know to pay attention, and observe what is happening within and around you in the moment you find the coin on your path, so you can then understand the deeper meaning and significance which is often a symbol from Spirit illustrating you're loved, supported and guided.

  • Coins may be signs of angelic beings, or from your deceased loved ones in Spirit.

Sparkles of Light

Angels are beings of love and light and so seeing unexplained shimmers of light, or flashes of light and color around you, or around another person is a clear angel sign! This may take the form of a bright star which catches your eye, shafts of light streaming down from above, a flash of light appearing without an actual light source, light shimmering off of an object in an unusual way, or the quality of air around you just seeming to shimmer and sparkle. Try closing your eyes, and if you still see the light, it's very likely an angel with you. Breathe, relax, and if you're ready your angel may expand the light before you, or envelop you within the angelic glow to bring you healing, upliftment, and rejuvenation.

Seeing Lights While Meditating

Have you even been meditating with your eyes closed, focusing within, and suddenly your inner vision is filled with light and with sparkling glowing energy? While meditating in the presence of angels you could actually perceive an angelic light being appearing before you in your mind's eye, or you may simply see spiraling light energy and sacred geometric shapes of light and color.

  • Seeing lights in meditation is a clear angel sign and in many cases what you're seeing is actually angelic energy.

Seeing Orbs

Seeing orbs of light is another angel sign. Angelic energy may manifest as orbs of light you see through your inner vision and minds eye during meditation. You may see them in the air around you, or even capture photographs of orbs. It is important to know that dust on your camera lens or taking a picture into the sun can cause orbs… So when it comes to orbs in photographs, its good to question the cause of the orb rather than automatically assuming something paranormal has taken place.

Crown Chakra Tingles

Feeling a tingling sensation and warmth at the top of your head, in the area of your crown chakra is a clear angel sign. The reason that crown chakra tingles happens when you are in proximity of angels is because angelic beings exist in an octave above the physical realm. And so the tingles and warmth in your crown center, happens when angels are helping you to open to receive their frequency transmission, downloads, and wisdom. And so not only does angelic energy naturally create an opening in your crown center, but the angels may specifically work with your crown center in order to open up your link with the higher realms so you can communicate with them.

  • Your open crown chakra allows you to perceive in the angelic realm so angels will often work with you to unblock and open it!
  • Not only does angelic energy naturally create an opening in your crown center, but the angels may specifically work with your crown center in order to open up your link with the higher realms.


Rainbows are a common symbol of Divine love. When you ask for angelic assistance and shortly after see a rainbow, know your prayers have been heard and are being answered. If you've been thinking about your angels, or asked for a sign, and you notice a rainbow, it's likely your angels confirming they are with you. A rainbow orb around the moon, a double rainbow, or a rainbow appearing when it hasn't even been raining, are extra spectacular signs from your angels bringing encouragement, and validation from the heavens.

Temperature Change

When you're in the presence of angels, you may experience a change in temperature, which can be a wonderful validation that your angels are with you. You may suddenly feel a warm glowing light around you. Or you may get the chills, or start feeling cold, with some light tingling or pressure in your head or on the back of your neck. This shouldn't be uncomfortable… For me it is an exciting manifestation from these angelic spiritual beings.

  • Note: A cold sensation is typically from ancestral spirits, or the spirits of deceased humans, while angels appear to be warm.
  • Alternately, cold feelings may come about if your angels are helping you to release stuck or stagnant energy, while warmth coincides with receiving the blessings of angelic light.

Feeling Like An Angel Is Near

If you feel like you are in the presence of an angel… You probably are! You may feel like someone just walked past you, when no one is there, or you may get the impression someone is present in a room with you when it is empty. Your angels may reach out to you, very subtly and wrap you in their wings of love, brush your arm or neck, or gently place their hand on your back or shoulder. Sometimes angels will make their presence very obvious giving you an overwhelming sense of unconditional love. Or when you're in a book store, you get the chills, and then a book suddenly jumps off the shelf. Pay attention, your angel is with you!


Another undeniable sign of angels is when you physically feel as though your hair is being lightly brushed or you feel a light and gentle brush of something along your arm and yet when you look, there's nothing there. With this sign, you may have the distinct sensation that a loving being takes your hand and yet of course you understand that no one is physically there. This often happens in situations where your angels really want to alert you to their presence, or when they actually want to send blessing of angel energy and peace to you through touch.

Feeling Joy, Peace and Love

Angels are incredible beings of higher cognition, peace, and wisdom. They are literally the messengers of God, and so an angelic being who is near you or who is watching over you with their awareness focused in your direction has a way of evoking a profound sense of emotional warmth, love, peace, and harmony. When you encounter this angel sign, you feel loved unconditionally, comforted and you feel in that moment at ease, and like all is well. You're able to see and remember good and beauty in the world.

Signs or Advertisements

Another sign of angels often come in the form of noticing a message on a billboard, or a sign for a business. When you ask for guidance from your angels stay open and alert, and you may start noticing a certain word or phrase on a number of billboards, street names, or shop signs. Recently I was in New Mexico and planning to take a trip to either Sedona AZ, or Southern New Mexico… I wasn't sure which option to choose, and so I asked for help from my angels in making the decision (while riding as a passenger in a car). Almost immediately after asking, a huge sign for “Sedona Health and Nutrition” appeared on the street right before me. This was an advertisement for a local business… But I took the hint and ended up having an incredibly magical, and rewarding trip to Sedona AZ.


When you hear a message in your mind, or you hear a whispered voice which seems to appear out of thin air, you may be experiencing the messages of your angels. Don't assume you're making it up! If you can't really hear what is being said, ask your angel to speak a bit louder so you can understand. Hearing the guidance of your angels is a beautiful sign of their presence, and is common when you are in need of comfort, reassurance, or angelic guidance.

Angel Symbols

Seeing images of the stereotypical appearance of angels is one of the common signs of angels when they simply want to remind you of their presence and existence. This stereotypical image portrays an angel as a human type being with a halo, glowing energy, and wings. The angels know that they are commonly associated with this style of imagery, and so they may use it as one of their signs to get your attention. In reality, the appearance of an angel is actually quite adaptable, but they may show you images of angels that match their stereotype in order to help you remember that they're watching out for you, and to remind you of the angelic energy, and support of your guardian angel that is available when you remember to ask for assistance. This angel imagery may also include additional symbols of angels like a trumpet, sword, dove, chalice, or you may just see angel wings.

Angel Numbers

One of the most common ways angels will attempt to capture your attention and guide you is through Angel Numbers. Whether you are sitting in traffic behind a car with 333 on the license plate, you keep seeing 999, or you seem to look over at the clock at just the right time, say 11:11 exactly, or maybe you keep seeing your birthday numbers. These synchronistic times, and angel numbers have specific meanings for you.

Because angel numbers are such a common sign from your angels, I have created a complete guide to angel numbers you can read by clicking here. Trust your inner knowing however as well, because what an angel number means for you, may be a bit different than the commonly interpreted meaning. Awareness is key!

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Contained within these signs of angels is the infinite possibility for growth and positive transformation that is made available when you go beyond seeing a sign and thinking: “that's weird” or “that's interesting” and you remember that you have a guardian angel, and a whole host of angelic beings who are ready and willing to further guide and assist you in your life when you remember to ask for their assistance.

Understand that while angels are always supporting you, there is a limited extent of what they can do without interfering with your free will.

When you however remember to ask for their help… They can step forward in a much greater way which then not only leads to receiving more profound signs of angels, but also the manifestations of support from angels also begins to appear in your life.

The key to going from seeing one of these signs of angels, to then receiving deeper wisdom, frequency and truth is to become fully present in the moment and increase your awareness.

When you're in a relaxed and yet alert state, your Guardian Angel and other angels have a way of making their presence known. Know that you may experience signs of angels that aren't listed above, and if you're ready, your guardian angel may even contact you more directly.

Presence and awareness really are so key because with presence and awareness, you can notice the signs of angels, and then directly tune into the angels who are behind the signs.

How do You Ask An Angel For A Sign?

If you're not getting many of these signs… Don't worry! In reality, your angels probably are sending you signs, but its just that you're missing them.

I do want you to know however, that regardless of what you've been told in the past about working with angels… Right here and now, you can ask for their support, including asking for a sign of their presence.

Clear your mind, allow your heart to open, and then say aloud (or clearly in your mind):

  • “Angels, thank you for the many blessings you've helped me to align with in my life.
  • Thank you for guiding and supporting me .
  • I now desire to connect more deeply with your presence and wisdom, so I may be of service at a higher level in my life.
  • Please step forward to support me now…
  • Bring me clear signs so I may know that you are indeed guiding and supporting me on my path…
  • Thank you… And so it is.”

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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Learn the top Signs Your Angels Are With You so you will know to pay attention when you receive angel messages and guidance in the form of white feathers, coins, butterflies, lights and so much more! #guidance #

Learn the top Signs Your Angels Are With You so you will know to pay attention when you receive angel messages and guidance in the form of white feathers, coins, butterflies, lights and so much more! #guidance #


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