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November 2016 Full Moon Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading for the November 2016 Full Moon

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Connecting with the Angels!

Before I start any Angel card reading, I like to ask that we all be surrounded with 100 thousand Angels of healing, love, light and protection.

Angels, please enter into this present point in time, raise our vibration, and assist us each to tune into the guidance, love, and frequency that will most serve us right here and now.

Please connect with me through these Angel Oracle Cards to deliver the guidance that will most serve regarding what we most need to know now at the point of this full moon and moving forward.

Please connect with me through this Angel card reading in the way that will most serve for the highest and greatest good.

And so, it is… Thank you, thank you, thank you…

We’re going to do a two-card reading today.

I’m now shuffling light into the cards, looking for a card to appear, (got one) and just loosely holding in my mind the intention for the right cards to answer our question today.

The First Card: Psychic Senses with Raziel

Our first card is the main message from the Angels, and the card is “Psychic Senses with Archangel Raziel.” Through this card, the Angels are saying that this is an incredibly powerful energetic time.

There are doors opening, there are opportunities appearing, and the Angels guidance for us is to be keenly aware, to step back into the perspective of the observer, to pause, and to enter inward.

Tune into your intuition about what is right for your next steps.

Use your psychic senses to become aware of:

  • What areas of your past are coming up for release now
  • What areas of your life are standing out and asking to be transformed
  • What heavy energies are appearing for you to transform and release
  • What inner desires, what goals, what soul urges are appearing, inviting you to move forward in those directions.

With this full moon energy you have the opportunity to let go of what is no longer serving you.

This includes things from your past and habits in your present that aren’t really serving the ultimate version of yourself.

Let Go And Return To Love

Let go of anything that doesn’t serve the the truth of your highest self that the Angels are encouraging you to step forward into.

What needs to fall away in order for that to happen?
Quiet your mind, focus within, tune into a blank screen before you, and using your subtle psychic senses, become aware of what you need to let go of in order to step into your highest truth.

Become aware and be willing to let go.

Be willing to loosen the grip, be willing to release aspects of yourself that aren’t empowering, things you believe about reality that don't really serve you.

Be willing to let go of areas where you’re holding on, of areas of struggle, of judgment and of doubt. Let these go, releasing them over to the Angels and into the light, so you can in the present moment return to neutrality, return to love, and return to presence.

Then, with your psychic senses, become aware of where your soul is guiding you, where your Angels are guiding you, listening to your intuition which is guiding you in the direction of your highest truth.

Following this inner direction will lead to you becoming more radiant, more vibrant, more centered in love – more in alignment with the highest possible vision for your life. This vision is the abundant, fulfilled, rewarding life that the entire universe is conspiring with you to make a reality.

And that is possible when you listen, when you let go of the old, when you release the need to latch onto chaos, to latch onto drama.

Let that go.

Light and Love Are Guiding You

Let yourself observe life like you’re watching a movie. Set an intention that you’re not incredibly invested in the outcome.

You’re simply observing and letting what is unfolding be, loving what appears, knowing that love guides you through any challenge and obstacle into standing in your power, standing in your light, standing in your truth.

The Orb of Light Is Protecting You

The other thing that caught my attention about the Psychic Senses Card is this orb of light in the center.

Part of your message from the Angels today is to keep yourself surrounded in light, surrounded in an orb of light, imagining that this orb of light is around you, protecting you and uplifting your vibration.

Everywhere you go when you're wearing this orb of light, you are bringing healing, you are raising the vibration, you are doing powerful light work.

You’re transforming the paradigm on the planet to restore peace and love and harmony, to help humanity usher into the new earth, the new awakened paradigm.

There’s tons of transformation needed, but this is the path of awakening that we’re on.

Keep yourself surrounded in light, fill yourself up with light, let your heart fill with light, and let that light and love of your heart overflow into reality, so that your every word becomes an energy healing experience for yourself and for the world around you.

When you’re filled with light, you’re energetically protected.

That means you're not taking on lower vibrations and drama from others. You’re able to stay in your truth, in your high vibration.

You’re able to empower others to positively shift versus being weighed down in drama or tension.

The Second Card: Trust Your Intuition

Our next card in the two-card reading provides additional guidance about the Angel’s message for us right now.

This second card is telling us to tune into our intuition, to tune into our psychic senses, to step back and observe.

And how interesting! The angels already triggered part of this message with the first card.

Because when you step back into the observer position, you detach from the ego which judges and analyzes and critiques what is happening in the world around you.

You step out and step back of the perspective of ego into an open, receptive state where you can receive your Angel’s guidance.

You can understand what your subtle psychic senses are telling you, which are guiding you in the direction of your highest good, of fulfillment of your soul mission and purpose, of greater love.

Stepping back in perspective will also allow you to become aware of where in your life you’re blocking yourself from abundance. These blocks could be beliefs, certain actions you're taking, or certain habits.

Above all, remember this – if anything in your life isn’t serving the highest version of yourself, letting go of it is the most loving thing you can do.

Where is your abundance blocked?

Becoming aware of this with your psychic senses  gives you the ability to release those areas.

Where Are Your Greatest Opportunities?

Be open to new opportunities at this time because we’ve entered into a new timeline.

There’s new possibilities and new opportunities for you now that are different than you’ve ever imagined for your future. But now, when you get those flashes, when you get the inspiration, be willing to shake things up in your life.

Shake up the energy and boldly step forward in a new direction that’s in alignment with love, that’s in alignment with your soul guidance, that’s in alignment with creating positive change in your life and in the world.

You’re improving your life by staying in joy, by staying in love, by opening to abundance. It does have a ripple effect in the greater world.

You are able to create change on a global scale by bringing positive change into your own life.

When you heal and uplift your reality, filling yourself up with light, with abundance, with love and with joy, you overflow these blessings into the world around you.

The Final Piece: Be Open To Healing Energy

A final piece of this guidance from the Angels is to be open to the healing energies of this time.

Step back and observe what areas are coming up for healing, for transformation and for growth.

The core areas for these are usually:

  • Abundance
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Your past stories about your life

Be willing to heal, be willing to communicate, be willing to return to love, and trust that you are guided and supported.

You have so many Angels with you. All you need to do is step back, observe and be open.

Be willing to be patient, remember to stay grounded.

There's so much changing and shifting in the world, but all is well. This is all part of a greater divine plan. And so, breathe, clear your mind, and ground your energy.

You can do this by visualizing roots flowing down, grounding you to the earth in this present moment. Open your heart, observe and return to love.

You Are Loved!

Thank you for joining me for this Angel card reading.

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Have a beautiful right now, a beautiful rest of the month, and know that you’re so guided and loved and supported each step of the way.

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