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November 2016 Angel Card Reading

Today we are going to tune into the Angels’ messages for us in the month of November 2016.

We’ll be using the Ask-Angels Oracle Cards to see what guidance, insight, and healing the Angels have for us.

But remember – these Angel Card Readings are about so much more than guidance – they’re about actually connecting with the presence of the Angels.

Let’s Connect With The Angels Right Now…

Take a moment  just to quiet your eyes and shift your awareness inside, focusing on the area of your heart.

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Let light fill your heart as I now ask that we all be surrounded with divine white light, with 100 thousand Angels, and with each of our guides and Angels who can most serve now…

Angels and guides, please connect with us, help us to become aware of your presence, uplift our vibration, and help me through these cards.

Help us all as individuals to tune into your guidance and messages in the way that will most serve, according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good.

And so, it is…

The November Reading

What insight do you have for us regarding the energies of this month of November, 2016?

And now since I’ve asked my question, I’m just going to shuffle light into my cards, imagining and visualizing light all around these cards, becoming aware of the presence of the Angels all around us all.

The first card I’m going to draw is for the energy around the beginning of the month. I’m just looking for a card that stands out…

It’s Time To Relax With The First Card

Okay, so our card for the beginning of the month is “Relax” and we have the Angel of Relaxation.

This card serves as a reminder from the Angels that you’ve been through a lot, that the energy leading up to this moment has been a bit intense.

The Angels want you to really step back and take some time for yourself this week to practice self-love and care, to relax and nurture yourself.

In this card, there’s a beautiful waterfall following around this Angel, so water is your ally in terms of both staying hydrated, in terms of taking a salt bath or taking a shower of light where when you’re in the shower, you just visualize light flowing all around you to cleanse away energy related to whatever has happened in your past, energy related to whatever that has happened leading up until this point in time.

Cleanse your energy, relax, and when you’re clear and when you’re relaxed, you become receptive to the guidance of the Angels, you become receptive to the many blessings and opportunities that are opening for you now.

This is a month of huge opportunities, and not opportunities that come about from force or from struggle or from trying to make these happen. They come about by relaxing.

And just as a waterfall flows in and all around you, you can get into the flow of life, into the flow and into sync with the universe this month to flow yourself right into alignment with blessings and opportunities, and really, so much goodness in your life, again, not through struggle or forcing, but just through relaxing.

And with this Angel of Relaxation with the water, I’m feeling a strong presence of the divine feminine energy. And so, this card is also about nourishing your inner Goddess light, your sensuality, your connection to the earth, your connection to yourself, honoring your soul, honoring yourself, honoring your spirit, loving yourself, relaxing, and through this, aligning with the blessings.

The Second Card – Protecting Your Energy With White Light

Now, moving towards the middle of the month, we have clearing and shielding your energy with white light. So, there are opportunities aligning for you, doors are opening for you. And yet, we live in a chaotic world in chaotic times, and so, the Angels just bring the reminder to keep your energy up, to keep your vibration raised.

It’s so important for you to keep yourself surrounded with light. The important thing to know it that love and joy and light are so much more powerful than any darkness or negativity. And so, if you encounter any negativity, if you find your vibration has dropped or you’re feeling low, just shield yourself, clear your energy with white light. It’s as simple as imagining an orb of light all around you.

And the way this orb works is that any lower vibrations, any negative entities or any dense energies from other people approach this orb of light and bounce off it, are mirrored back and released into the light of the divine.

And yet, this light orb allows the guidance of the Angels to flow in, allows your soul truth, allows your full authenticity to shine through, so you’re able to tune into the blessings of spirit, to the blessings of connecting with others and the world around you without absorbing any harsh energies or toxic energy or negativity from the world around you because we do live in this shifting times.

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And this month, there are some big shifting happening, politically happening, globally. And so, any time there is uncertainty, any time there are large groups of people who are upset about the way certain things are going in the world, you as a sensitive intuitive spiritual being can tune into that lower vibrational energy and it can adversely affect you, but you don't have to let it.

And so, the remedy is to surround yourself with light, shielding your energy, clearing your energy, and just continuing to shine brighter, standing in your truth, in your power. And this keeps you open to opportunities, to blessings, and to the goodness that is in store that’s available this month.

New opportunities for you are in the works, so keep your vibration up through cleansing and shielding, and then as we head towards the end of the month, shine your inner light.

I feel like this card might have come up last month. I don’t even remember. It just seems so familiar and so perfect. And really, this is the be-all end-all this month.

This is why the Angels want you to relax this week and towards the beginning of the month, to get your vibration up, and then to surround yourself with light and to shield your energy to maintain that vibration, so that by the end of the month, you are shining brighter than you ever have, you are standing in more of your full light and truth, more of your authenticity than you ever have.

And as a result of being authentically you, the opportunities, the possibilities, the synchronicity, the magic of life can align with you because you're in the flow and you’re in your power, standing in your truth as an authentic spiritual being in physical form, shining your light.

Shining your light is not about being someone you’re not. It’s not about trying to look a certain way or trying to be seen by others. Shining your light is about going within, tuning into the truth of who you are and being that.

It’s about listening to your intuition, following your internal guidance, listening to the guidance of your Angels, and taking action to birth your dreams into reality because there are huge opportunities for you this month and this is what this card is telling you, to shine, to step into the light. And as a result, so much goodness can align for you by just simply shining.

Connect With Angels Through The Third Card

Now, we have one more card jump out of the deck and it’s “To connect with Angels,” the perfect reminder to wrap up this reading that your Angels are always with you. Your Angels are going to be with you every day and every moment of this month.

Now, that's not like creepy or weird because they honor your privacy and they honor your free will. And so, they’re able to be with you, but from a distance. They’re not spying on you, they’re not reading your thoughts, but when you ask for help, when you ask for their presence, when you ask for your guidance, in the snap of a finger, taking a breath and focusing within, you can tune into it.

That’s what I mean by, “They’re always there.” It’s not that they're spying on you. It’s just that they’re a breath away, a thought away, an invocation or a request away. And when you ask, your Angels are there.

So, ask your Angels to help shield and clear your energy if you need help with this. Ask your Angels to help keep you in the flow of synchronicity, of divine opportunity.

Ask the Angels to help bring healing and love to your relationships and to yourself, and know that in all of these areas in terms of self-love and self-care, in terms of your relationships with others, both romantically and in business or partnership senses, and in your relationship with the world around you, there’s opportunity for advancement, for growth, and for positive change.

So, keep your vibration up, keep shining your light, and ask your Angels for help this month of November and all the time because they’re with you and ready to help.

Remember to ask and then listen for the guidance you receive. When you ask a question, your Angels answer. Go within and listen.

Listen to what you hear in your own voice, this is may be Angelic communication, listen to how you feel, observe what you see, pay attention on every level, and know that your Angels are guiding you, supporting you, and loving you from behind the scenes.

Keep asking for help, connect with your Angels, connect with Archangel Haniel, Archangel Uriel, and your entire team, and know that you’re so loved and supported in claiming the opportunities available this month because the doors are opening and there’s an opportunity for you to live in greater oneness and harmony and love, standing in your light. Will you take it?

Ask the Angels for help. Now is your time to shine and the Angels are with you, guiding you, loving you, and supporting you each step of the way. Thank you so much for joining me in tuning into the Angelic guidance for us this month of November.

Again, these are the Ask-Angels Oracle Cards which you can find on the App Stores, as well as on Amazon. Thank you again. Have a beautiful month and I’ll see you soon!

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With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler

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