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Use This Week to Prepare for Greater Light, Creativity, Passion and Awakening

Enter into This Present Time and Space

Before doing any kind of Angel reading, it’s key to shift your awareness inside, around the area of your heart. Imagine light all around. I then call upon the Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters who can most serve here and now.

“Enter into this time and space, assist us in quieting our minds, opening our hearts, and tuning into your love, guidance, wisdom and healing frequency that will most serve us this week. I ask that you please connect with me through these Oracle cards. Help me to draw the card that will most serve and tune into your direct guidance. I ask this according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is.”

Healing Light with Archangel Raphael

Healing Light with Archangel Raphael Our first card for the first week of February is “Healing Light with Archangel Raphael.” Go ahead and tune into this light. Focus on your heart and let your heart light expand around you as Archangel Raphael steps forward with healing light and.

I’m getting the specific insight that this healing light is helping you to raise your vibration and let go of old and outdated emotions, stress, trauma, and energy. It’s okay that you're still carrying some of these things in your body and energy field, but Archangel Raphael is surrounding you with the most vibrant healing light to help you let it go.

You can literally raise your vibration higher than the level at which these lower energies operate so that you're no longer a vibrational match. Elevate your vibration out of the range of fear, density, and pain, so that you are vibrantly shining in your awakened truth.

Healing Light Practice

Imagine golden healing light all around you. It surrounds you in an egg and flows out from your heart and pineal gland. This light is divine. Inside this egg of healing light and energy, your vibration is growing brighter. As the frequency is stepped up, notice anywhere in your body that seems to be holding on or has tension or pain.

As the vibration rises, it becomes so apparent where your energy is stuck. Now breathe light into those areas. Whether it's your neck and shoulders, back, or your abdomen, breathe light into that area. As you exhale, let go and release emotional pain, tension, stress, negativity, doubt, physical pain, or whatever is coming up for you. Give it to the Angels. Let it go, so that you can shine brighter, in your truth.

This healing light from Archangel Raphael is also a reminder to nurture yourself. This week offers incredible healing energy. They’re all around, they’re available, but it's up to you to tune in. Nurture yourself with positive thoughts, habits, and intentions. Self love and care is key to tuning into the healing light of Raphael and all the Angels.

Release Fear and Embrace Love

Release Fear Our next card is, “Release Fear and Embrace Love.” How fitting! The Angel in this card is actually holding the earth; Gaia. The Angels are saying that right now there is so much collective fear rising to the surface and appearing in the collective consciousness. It’s coming up now to be released and resolved because for so long, humanity has been stuck in a lower vibration.

The healing light of the Angels, the waves of light and healing frequency, are pouring in now to cut the chains that have been holding humanity down in a lower vibration. This way we can ascend into the light. But this has to be our choosing. As humans, we have to be willing to let go of the old paradigm of fear, doubt, manipulation, drama and negativity.

There’s so many opportunities to look at what's happening in the world and worry.

Do we tune into that mental spiral of “Am I going to be okay? Am I going to be safe? Are things going to unfold in a positive way?”

Release the fear by practicing divine surrender. Release the outcome to the divine and to your higher self.

Step back into the position of observer to view the world through the lens of divine neutrality. Understand that all is well and that everything is according to divine will in order to awaken humanity from its slumber.

Release Into The Light

Release Into The Light Our final card for this week’s reading is “Release Into The Light”…

Let’s practice this now.

Open your heart and let your heart light shine around you. Tune into that energy of golden light all around your aura.  This is the light literally shifts your vibrational resonance, so that you are no longer a match for the fear and drama. When you do this, you may find that initially, fear and worry and ego rises to the surface. It’s almost like a freak out as these things come up.

They're being pushed out with the light. When it emerges, love what appears. Love the part of you that’s afraid, the part of you that’s angry. Say, “I love you. I'm here for you.” And then ask yourself., “Am I willing to let that go? Am I willing to let the worry, fear, or density go?”

Refocus on love by tuning into divine neutrality and the enlightened awakened perspective of your higher self. Understand that all is well and there is truly a beautiful plan unfolding to bring greater joy and love the surface.

The Revealing Light of Next Week’s Eclipse

Next week is the start of an eclipse cycle. Eclipses are historically feared, but this eclipse cycle is like a light being revealed. This first week of February is very much in preparation for this wave of light, creativity, passion and awakening that’s coming.

For now, take small steps and know that you’re guided and supported. Know that all of the Angelic realm is on your team. Call them to support you in releasing what no longer serves you.

Shift your awareness within and ask. “Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters, help me to tune into something that is less than my highest truth, something I’m carrying that's not in my highest interest. Help me to tune into this now.”

Whether it's physical, density, pain, or a belief, tune into that now. If it's emotion, let yourself feel the emotion. If it's tension in your physical body, feel the tension. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What color is it? Feel it.

Are You Willing to Let It Go?

Imagine that this lower vibrational energy is placed in a balloon of light and you release it. The balloon is filled with helium a and with light of the divine. It effortlessly releases up out of your energy field, out of your body, and into the light of the divine.

To fill the void where any pain or tension or negativity was held, visualize a waterfall of golden violet, platinum, diamond crystalline light pouring in all around you. Breathe in this healing nurturing light so that you are no longer a vibrational match for lower frequency, lower energy, or lower negativity.

Increase your vibration to the point that when you encounter negativity in the outside world, it is repelled and released. And if you do take it on, you’re able to notice, surround it with light and release it into the hands of the Angels. This way, you can more effortlessly stand in your truth and authenticity.

This is so powerful this week. It’s going to prepare you for the wave of light that’s coming. And quite honestly, the wave of light is already here! There is so much light, love, and frequency all around. It’s part of the divine plan of ascension; of raising the vibration of humanity and earth. Tuning into it is lifting, elevating, opening, and expanding. It’s also letting go, releasing into the light, releasing fear, tension, the lower levels of ego, emotions, and mind.

When you fill yourself up with light, you’re able to make a positive difference in the world. You can't truly help others until you are vibrantly shining in alignment with your authenticity. Keep calling in your Angels for help in identifying where you’re still holding on. Then ask them to you let go and replace those lower energies with love and light and positivity.

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With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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