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December 2016 Full Moon Angel Card Reading

Angel Reading With Melanie Beckler From

With the holidays and new year coming up, chances are you’ve been reflecting a bit on 2016 and also planning out what you want to manifest in your life in 2017.

If you really want 2017 to be an incredibly abundant year for you in terms of love, relationships, friendships, finances, and your health… it’s incredibly useful to connect with the Divine guidance within you because it’ll give you some direction.

So if you’re ready to have your most amazing year yet…. Read on to see what the angels have to say about the full moon in the second half of December until just before January.

This full moon is the culmination of the energy of 2016. Now we begin the process of letting go of this year, which in itself has been a year of completions.

Basically this is the completion of the completion year.

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You will receive angelic support in tuning into the powerful ascension energies of December in a way that you can stay balanced, centered and in joy.

We Are Entering An Exciting Time Period!

Don’t be surprised if things are coming full circle, if you find yourself letting go of things, closing chapters and just sitting back a little bit and preparing to enter into the new…. 

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Because 2017 and the next cycle is going to be a huge cycle of new beginnings (but more on that to come).

The other super interesting thing about this full moon is that it happens right after we entered into a crystalline ascension gateway, the ascension gateway of December 12th, 12/12 to 12/21.

This time period is a solstice where there’s a huge influx of high vibrational energy, crystalline consciousness and light consciousness. This energy urges us to awaken, to step into our full light, to step into our power as spiritual beings in physical form.

So with the final full moon completion and also this huge surge of energy and ascension happening at the same time, let’s use the Ask-Angels Oracle Cards to tune into the Angel’s guidance for us right here, right now.

Focus Your Awareness Within…

As always with card reading, join me in focusing your awareness within…

Let’s just take a moment to ground ourselves and let go of whatever stresses or challenges you’re currently experiencing.

Let go, breathe, and relax…

At this time, I ask that we each be surrounded with divine white light, and that each of our guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters who can most serve us enter into this present time and space.

Help each of us to shift out of our minds and into our hearts .

There, we can tune into love, into your messages, into your guidance, and into the incredible ascension energy and frequency available to us now.

I ask that you come in now and connect with me through these Angel cards to help me through this intuitive Angel card reading.

Help me tune into whatever guidance and messages will most serve, according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good.

The Reading

Angels, what do we most need to know for this cycle of completion from this full moon until the new moon just before January?

I’m going to shuffle light into the cards, looking for cards that seem to stand out. We’re going to do a three card reading just for fun!

The First Card – Energy Clearing With Positive Energy

For our first card, we're going to be looking at the energy from the past few days and the next few days following this.

Our first card is… “Energy clearing with positive energy.”

This energy clearing card is super needed, because this is a high vibrational time. We have the gateway of crystalline consciousness and ascension combined with the full moon energy, which triggers release and triggers completion.

It’s so important to keep your energy clear – to release whatever lower vibrations, past challenges, and past emotions which may be coming up for you… because they are coming to the surface to be released!

However, if release doesn’t happen, these energies will hang around in your energy field.

Humanity is still in a huge state of flux and a upheaval. People are feeling challenged, are feeling fearful, and are feeling downright terrified in certain countries and locations.

This is a culmination of all of the challenging energies of 2016.

We’re being asked to let go of these challenging energies and release into the light.

In past times of releasing, we would dump energy into the earth. But understand that Gaia, or Mother Earth, is in transition and ascending as well.

So now it’s important that you release into the light. If you really want to release into the earth, start by visualizing and envisioning a portal of light at the center of the earth and then you can release into that.

But ideally, release into the divine light above, for the highest and greatest good.

Energy clearing, or keeping your energy clear and bright, is also going to help you to make the most out of the busy holiday season.

When your energy is clear, your interactions will be positive and you will be a beacon of light and positive influence to those who you are around.

Because when you’re vibrant, when you’re awake, when you’re charged with divine light that you have access to in an infinite supply from above, every encounter you have becomes an energetic and healing experience.

Every encounter becomes you doing light work, and you then won’t be weighed down in the drama or challenges of other people…

Because you have joy and love acting as a shield and blocking out any lower vibrations.

Energy Cleansing Visualization

Right now, close your eyes and imagine a waterfall of light streaming in around you, completely cleansing your energy from head to toe.

Just breathe and tune into this stream of light flowing all around you as I now ask Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Uriel to please step forward.

These Archangels  surround you in an orb of energy clearing light and cleanse out any lower vibrations, any lower entities, any dark beings, attachments, hooks, or cords… the works.

Step away from your body and release into the light, according to divine will, and so, it is, for the highest and greatest good.

Now, love, joy, and light are taking the place of whatever lower energies, limiting beliefs, or past experiences that you’ve let go of. Release those attachments and let love, joy, compassion, serenity, and light take their place.

Let love and light fill your entire aura, so that you are a beacon of light, you are positively shining, you are vibrant… remember, you are a powerful light being in physical form.

Stand in this truth, claim your power, and keep your energy clear by staying grounded, centered and present. This is going to help you immensely.

Remember – you can always ask your Angels to help clear and shield your energy.

If you feel that this is really a struggle for you, check out my Spiritual Cleansing Sessions that go in-depth about clearing negative or dark entities and all those other nonphysical vibrational things that can get caught up in your energy.

We want to make sure you’re cleansed, bright, and shiny moving forward!

The Second Card – Empowering Your Habits With Archangel Uriel

Okay, moving forward into the middle of the cycle, our card is “empower your habits with Archangel Uriel.” This is speaking to me right away about the holiday season.

Yes, the holidays are traditionally known to be a time to indulge, a time to partake, a time to let go of your normal positive habits, routines, and rituals and maybe eat lots of cookies or drink a lot or whatever.

The Angels are bringing the reminder to be mindful of what you’re putting in your body.

Be sure you’re drinking plenty of water, laying off eating too many cookies and sugary sweets and instead, reaching for healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Drink some herbal teas and really infuse your body with things that are going to make you feel good.

Remember, this is not a normal holiday season.

We’re in the midst of a huge energetic opening. And so, you are shifting, you're changing, you’re becoming more crystalline.

Support yourself in this shift by taking the time to nurture yourself. Take time to:

  • Meditate
  • Rest in a salt bath to further clear your energy
  • Walk outdoors to soak up the sunshine (maybe walk your doggie if you have one)
  • Get your work-out in,
  • Eat healthy in a relaxed way

These positive habits will do wonders for helping you to stay balanced, centered and in a state of love and joy. Being in love and joy is so powerful because this creates a vibrational state of love and joy.

As the law of attraction states, “What you think, you create.”

But the law of attraction is also much more. It’s what you think, speak, feel, and vibrate as.

Your personal energy field is what is manifesting your life, so vibe up by taking good care of your body and empowering your habits.

If you need help with this, just ask your Angels for help.

The Third and Final Card – Relaxing With Archangel Uriel

This third card is going to bring us right up until the end of December.

This card is “Relax with Archangel Uriel” which really is so perfect.

At this point, you have reached the culmination of 2016 which has had so much goodness in it, so many miracles, and so many new codes of ascension and codes of awakening.

But, there have also been some huge challenges globally and collectively. And perhaps in your life as well – huge shifts, huge changes bringing us to this point of completion.

And so, around the end of the month, around the 27th, 28th and 29th, give yourself permission to relax a bit.

Read a good book, listen to some meditations, lay on the couch and just breathe and be and do whatever things really are nurturing and nourishing for you to relax and to rejuvenate.

Get clear about what it is you want to manifest in this next year because it’s a huge new beginning we’re preparing for, and all of the light, all of the codes of awakening, all of the Angels and the spiritual realms are here ready to help us.

These Angels and spiritual realms are literally downloading into physical reality right now –  you can tune into them through:

Relax and let go.

When you let go of tension, when you let go of struggle, when you let go of thought, when you let go of trying to make an experience of your Angels happen, you’re able to so much more effortlessly tune with the magic.

A relaxed state is a high vibrational state.

Relax and keep asking yourself, “How could this be easy? How could this be more fun?”

How can you bring more joy and love and light into whatever it is you’re working on, whatever it is you’re wrapping up and whatever it is you’re beginning to weave thought towards?

Remember These Messages!

We all are ascending and progressing in the direction of the highest and greatest good, in the direction of becoming awakened spiritual beings in physical form.

So keep your energy clear, empower your habits, relax, and enjoy the moment because this moment is where all the power is.

Open your heart, tune into the love and light that is all around you, and remember to think or say:

“Angels, I am requesting your help.

Help me to stay balanced and centered. Help me to be present in each and every moment. Help me to respond with love to every situation.

Help me to fully show up for my friends and family. Help me to bring positive energy and light to every situation. Help me to step into the fullness of the spiritual being I authentically am.

Help me to shine my full light, embody my highest vibrational truth and step into my power as an awakened being, as a conscious co-creator in physical form.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you… And so, it is…”

Remember, when you ask your Angels to be with you, when you ask your Angels for help, they answer and they are here.

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Remember to listen to your internal nudges, your intuition, and your inner inspirations. Act on that intuitive guidance to make healthy choices.

Cleanse your energy, take that salt bath, take a walk, write in your journal, empower positive blessings in your life.

You Are Loved!

Thank you for reading! I hope it was helpful for you.

I did this reading with the Ask Angels Oracle Cards. If you like them, you can order them on Amazon or find them on the App Stores.

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Again, thank you so much, and know that you are so loved.

Have a beautiful now, leave me a comment and I’ll see you soon.

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler




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